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How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

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If you're considering purchasing a new trimmer or brushcutter for your property, with the STIHL product line-up, there are several models that can help you get the job done. STIHL Trimmer Product Selector: http://www.stihlusa.com/products/product-selector/trimmers-and-brushcutters-product-selector/ The STIHL how to series provides a few tips to help you get started and making the choice that's best for you.
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Text Comments (128)
heavymechanic2 (3 days ago)
Have to agree with some of the comments that reflect this woman is very attractive and those shoes look painfully uncomfortable.
Michael Hall (22 days ago)
C-Bomb (2 months ago)
Stihls are good, but for when you want REAL power, i use the Binford 3000 😏
Jamie cool (2 months ago)
Fuck that curved shaft shit
Mon Nimsoongnern (4 months ago)
Mon Nimsoongnern (5 months ago)
C xxwwp oot
ortizcarrera (5 months ago)
Very well explained.What I like to know.How do the cordless battery last?Thank you.
Doug Dickerson (6 months ago)
Those shoes look really uncomfortable. Lol
Leo Hogan (6 months ago)
Mister Wirez (6 months ago)
I like Echo products, myself.
heavymechanic2 (3 days ago)
I got fed up with the consumer line of trimmers from Lowes and ordered a SRM-225 from Home Depot. Have not used it much but I'm sure its a decent trimmer for the $$
C-Bomb (2 months ago)
Mister Wirez then dont click on a video showcasing Stihls
Pat Kuebler (7 months ago)
She is a beautiful woman. Don't talk like that. PS the busher the better.
Pat Kuebler (7 months ago)
I would love to marry that fine stihl woman.
Sir MetalVamp (7 months ago)
I own a FS-38 and its truly an amazing trimmer. Owned mine since 2011 and its been revving and cutting just like the day I bought it
Dave Taylor (8 months ago)
What trimmer would be recommended for a 5ft 10 guy. Mainly doing edges and borders and light brush such as brambles etc. Want something good as currently got a titan which has the vibrations of a v8 running on 7, and its cheap garbage
Bryan McCauley (8 months ago)
I’d fuck her
Gerald Dixon Cummings (9 months ago)
Smells like fresh cut grass & soap.
Brando Guy (9 months ago)
Great machines lots of nut
Gerry Ottersten (10 months ago)
I have the FS 56 C-E
Drew Messmann (10 months ago)
Are those Stihl approved heels? I think you're going to be aerating the lawn WHILE you trim.
Doom_559 (11 months ago)
My God that is the hottest girl I've ever seen! I can't even concentrate on the products....guess I could watch it blindfolded.
ElectraRC (11 months ago)
Well Done young woman. Great Job.
Dian Kostov (11 months ago)
Can I use the grass cutting blades, which are shown on the video from 2:57 to 3:10 minute, with STIHL FS 70 C-E! Thank you!
Brian Medeiros (11 months ago)
Wayne Huber (11 months ago)
Nice but she did not answer my question. What are the relative advantages of chord, battery and gas trimmers. ?
TheStrangeOne (11 months ago)
I need to start saving money
Sularno Londo (1 year ago)
Belinya dimana alat tsbt di toko alat pertanian di semarang
Bobby (1 year ago)
What about a speed feed head? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWcM9KmJwmE and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqO3kKZttWc Mt Ryobi has a similar system. I went to the Stihl store and they didn't have an up to date head for easy threading. These adverts always forget to mention the obvious. Show actually starting the motor & show threading the head. The Stihl cutter was too short for me & they didn't have a longer shaft - the guy never mentioned it - probably because he didn't have one and didn't want to lose a sale. Advertising is always about selling dreams not reality.
Danilo Hermoso (1 year ago)
I have a Stihl FS55 (with bike handle) using an Autocut 25-2 cutting head. I just curious if using a metallic, radial blade would produce a more even cut on the lawn than the Autocut 25-2 --- a cut similar to that of lawn mower? I would appreciate it very much if you could provide your expert comment on this. Thank you.
Mawazo Ali Selemani (1 year ago)
Please have you got suply in Tanzania?
Mawazo Ali Selemani (1 year ago)
My choice is easy i chose you!
Allan Dawes (1 year ago)
Thought she was going to cover brushcutters. No matter, stuff I cut needs a clearance saw.
Fisher Adrian (1 year ago)
Get an echo.
John Galv (1 year ago)
the trimmers are good but please Stihl make better line feeders!
John Galv (1 year ago)
stihl bump feed SUCKS!!!! Every time I use, the line breaks and I have to break it open and restring it. JUNK! I'm trying to find a better one and solution to the problem. I have the FS70R / I bought this expensive weed wacker and honestly, my $39.00 trimmer works fine but it is electric, that's why I went with FS70.
John Galv (1 year ago)
I bought the Echo speed feed, Great Stuff! I think Stihl needs to make a deal with Echo and offer it as an option. thanks
Sergio Garcia (1 year ago)
John Galv echo speed feed (you will need the green adapter nut) but the kit comes with like 3 different ones for proper figment on just about any weed eater ... 👌🏻 ebay
jkdbjjconnection (1 year ago)
I wonder if Jen uses a stihl to trim the bush between her legs
Mitchell Baker (1 month ago)
Lmfao dude
C-Bomb (2 months ago)
Really? Jeez
Jamie cool (2 months ago)
I think so
j Eber (6 months ago)
So do you have a straight shaft or a curved shaft?
Pat Kuebler (7 months ago)
Come on
MjBuggies (1 year ago)
GEEZ just because its a girl instructing on these trimmers makes me not like STHIL makes me wanna buy Husqvarna tools or Echo tools it look weak and stupid like its just a plastic tool that is from china that is cheap as hell !
C-Bomb (2 months ago)
Shows how shallow you are
Blue92 2c Oldfield (1 year ago)
MjBuggies it's an American made bullet proof piece of machinery Great tremors my dad has an FS 85 for the past 12 years never has it once broke down I would rather go with us sthil then your Chinese crap
kelvin golden (1 year ago)
How fucking much do they cost aaaaaaahhhhhh
carlos mad (1 year ago)
I Wana see more of her
My Lost Wife (1 year ago)
djGreenALERT 😆 lmao
djGreenALERT (1 year ago)
Watch the video twice then?
Jmichael Isbell (1 year ago)
Good speaker, well done. I do agree work boots would have been even more effective though I realize you are not in the field. Question for Stihl--are there parts available to CONVERT a Stihl? I have the FSE 60 and I have seen guides on some other manufacturer's units which allow the trimmer to be turned up 90 degrees and used for lawn curb edging. It would be so nice to NOT need to buy another unit--an edger and use my exiting Stihl instead, thank you.
Raghu Raghu (1 year ago)
raghu thirthalli
Ulysses Gomez (1 year ago)
wow this girl is so beautiful lol
Gloria Jean Johnston (1 year ago)
I needed to know about the battery powered trimmers.
djGreenALERT (1 year ago)
There is nothing out yet that will give enough power and time usage. I'd give it another 2 years before there is anything likely to give petrol a run for it's money!
Krupp Ratte (2 years ago)
I'm in the middle of making a Trimming Supply Backpack for the Mixed Gas, Trimming String, The Stihl FS-90R Attachments, Tools and Lubricant tube, in case Stihl is interested.
Krupp Ratte (2 years ago)
I got me a Stihl weed whacker and a Montgomery Wards Roto-tiller, I'm proud of both pieces of equipment, they're both good quality machines.
Mawazo Ali Selemani (1 year ago)
Krupp Ratte ...i live in Tanzania but strugle finding stihl dealer any body with information?
Clint Walker (1 year ago)
I got a good deal on that Troy Bilt snowblower at Lowes. They had one on sale with about a 200 cc engine for like $459, I looked online and there was a different model on their website with a 243 cc engine for the exact same price. They didn't have it in stock though, so I ordered it. It took about 2 weeks, but I got the 243 cc's for the exact same price. To tell you the truth, I couldn't believe it.
Krupp Ratte (1 year ago)
Cool, at least you got to test it this year.
Clint Walker (1 year ago)
I remember Montgomery Wards, we used to get their catalogue, I don't think we ever got any machines from there though. I don't get to go get a new Stihl trimmer today, something else came up. We have a Husqvarna lawn mower, it's been a good one, but it's getting old, needs some parts and has a flat tire. Yeah, I wouldn't want to get any part in a rototiller, they don't stop for nothing. We got a new Troy Bilt snowblower last year, I only got to use for about 2 hours this year, but so far it looks like it's going to be great also.
Krupp Ratte (1 year ago)
+Clint Walker Yeah, Troy Bilt's also a good brand. Montgomery Wards went out of Business at least 30 years ago, originally made of 100% Cast Iron, including the engine, once I was Rototilling the Garden and got a section of rat wire fence that somehow got crushed and covered in dirt caught in the tines of the rototiller that didn't even slow the tiller down and I had to shut it off after it snapped a board in two, it's got a slow RPM, but I'd sure hate to get any part of my body in it, lol.
MartyMartin87 (2 years ago)
I remember when my grandpa said that his Stihl trimmer is a freak because it has too much power. It cuts more than you want to cut.
Krupp Ratte (2 years ago)
Montgomery Wards was also a good brand, too bad they went out of business 30 to 40 years ago, hard to find parts for them anymore.
Stihl Freak (2 years ago)
STIHL all the way. Love STIHL trimmers.
Stihl Freak σ
ZawAar Haider (2 years ago)
price of brush cutter
MrMbetts27 (2 years ago)
fs 110
avengingknight (2 years ago)
when's the new trimmer models comin out ? the 91's the 111's and the 131's
avengingknight (2 years ago)
yeah they do im just waitin for the season to come in then get one
Matt Fabian (2 years ago)
avengingknight dealers should have them in stock now
William Nowacki III (2 years ago)
I have a FS 130 R I've had it for 3 seasons it's a great machine especially on edging brick driveways. But refilling the trimmer head has always been a challenge I've tried different color lines I started off with the yellow which is one of the heavy duty lines but the holes have to be squared and equally. But now I decided to go with the blue heavy duty trimmer line and it actually works perfectly. I might get another FS130 R or maybe an FS110 R I've heard those machines are very powerful. Thanks for the tips
Bryan Worth (1 year ago)
Have you tried Vortex line by Rotary?
Patrick Vella (2 years ago)
Thanks Jen, enjoyed the video very much and found it informative for my needs, cheers, Patrick Vella,  Melbourne - Australia.
ROnda Charlie (2 years ago)
How come yous ain't got video of a stihl fs120 no video of how adjust idol screw
Jorge Serna (2 years ago)
We just got a Stihl dealer here. I love the inventory they have. I already own 3 saws, 1 trimmer and planing on a blower tomorrow.
Jorge Serna (2 years ago)
+Fresh Lawn Cuts Funny story, Guy walks in store and walks out with a $400 dollar trimmer. All Stihl products now have a chain or steel cable on them. It's a pain to check out the products since we must wait to unlock them. I usually buy several items or compare weight. Now it sucks. End of story.
Jorge Serna (2 years ago)
+Fresh Lawn Cuts I have a video on my channel that shows the Stihl products I own. I can't remember the model but it's a 56?? Blower / leaf shredder vacumm combo. I can't remember the price either but need to make a video of it in action.
Audiofilo (2 years ago)
which blower you getting
Tim Polanco (2 years ago)
"Hi I'm Jen.." Exit
Stephen Mitchel (2 years ago)
I bought the fs450 for a 100 quid or 120euros, equivalent to 30 sheets of toilet paper. best machine I have bought.
Craig Smith (2 years ago)
Nice job Jen,just get you a set of red wing boots for the next commercial :-)
Uun Sariningsih (11 months ago)
Craig Smith on jje Slwnnwnnnclj
Anthony Hardy (11 months ago)
Craig Smith
Raftxz (1 year ago)
Craig Smith i
survivalmentor (1 year ago)
Craig Smith Chippewa boots
Goran Nenadović (2 years ago)
excellent video greeting from Croatia
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
I love my new FS90R! Way to go STIHL!
Dmitrij GP (2 years ago)
FourDollaRacing (2 years ago)
Brushed - pun intended - over the electrics for small lots and noise abatement...
Dibby (2 years ago)
How change streng fs56rc-e
Triggered Scrub (2 years ago)
Stihl is crap buy a Echo. So much better
Krupp Ratte (2 years ago)
I've used both and as Echo might be a good quality brand also, by good quality, I mean that they last a long time, I've found them to be not only light weight, but are weak and that's using an Echo that's more than 5 years old now, I can trim just as much grass in 4x less amount of time with a Stihl as I could with an Echo, I like the trimmer string spool design of an Echo, being able to double the string over, but I also like the power of a Stihl.
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
Oh, then I will never buy Echo! Thanks!
Justin Friend (2 years ago)
You havent the slightest clue about Stihls. Echo have gone to straight junk over the last 5 years. period
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
I have never had problems with STIHL, but I haven't and never will buy an Echo.
Shawn Dubay (2 years ago)
Very good review. very pretty and highly educated woman. I love my stihl FS 250 R trimmer for the horse stable. lots of muscle and very reliable. I have had mine for sixteen years.
gale212 (2 years ago)
Very helpful. Thank you.
Big Nick (3 years ago)
will you please marry me, very good presentation. ps im only joking about marraige im sure your already taken lol
Eric Couture (3 years ago)
can u make a vid on 22t saw sharpening.... plz...  cant find anything on Youtube... ;( if someone knows a good link?
Moritz Schober (3 years ago)
Moritz Schober (3 years ago)
Is echo or stihl better
Chris Lawrence (9 months ago)
TEXAS MADE TEXAS RAISED 806 echo Stihl makes good quality but Echo is easy to start and has a far superior speed feed head
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
Stihl. Echo trimmers are made in china.
Jaemzs (2 years ago)
Dominic Valentine (3 years ago)
Johnny Blaze (3 years ago)
Wonder what Stihl she uses to trim her bush?
Amy Hintze (3 years ago)
do you have the 100 rx
C10KID96 (4 years ago)
Love your stihl trimmers gonna keep at it!!!
bob shedden (4 years ago)
THE NHRA GUY #49 (4 years ago)
get the fs 90.
THE NHRA GUY #49 (4 years ago)
get the fs 90.
Devil Dog (4 years ago)
FS 250 R
Cody Ajersch (4 years ago)
I love my FS 40
kawasakiman jeremy (4 years ago)
That Jen girl tho
横田信司 (2 years ago)
kawasakiman jeremy w
21PilotsPlaneRide (4 years ago)
A-1 Saw & Mower is near me and sells Stihl products.
21PilotsPlaneRide (4 years ago)
did u know that some people called trimmers weed-eaters or weed-wackers no mater the brand?
Aaron Hosein (5 years ago)
i have thick bush to cut i was thinking the fs 450 or 400 help me
Cody Ajersch (5 years ago)
My next trimmer will be a Sthil. Right now i have crappy batery black and decker
backspace4093 (5 years ago)
I have a stihl 250 r and a stihl 90 r. Both are out standing and get the Job done.
MRJOHNDEERE3720 (5 years ago)
my next Trimmer will be a STIHL. :) right now i have a john deere Trimmer. :)
KnorpelDelux (5 years ago)
Any Stihl-Tool is the right decision...*flys away* ;)

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