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Ruud Breuls - Metropole Orkest - Chinatown

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Utrecht 2011 - Trompettist Ruud Breuls speelt samen met het Metropole Orkest filmmuziek in Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn te Utrecht. Het concert wordt geleid door Vince Mendoza. http://www.mo.nl/ Utrecht 2011 - Ruud Breuls and the Metropole Orkest (Metropole Orchestra) perform the soundtrack of the film Chinatown in Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn theater in Utrecht. Vince Mendoza acts as conductor. http://www.mo.nl/en/
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eisenhertz (2 months ago)
i love the sound of a good big band!
The metropole orchestra has a way of touching my soul and heart every time I hear them, and they pick only the best songs and soloist every time. Great job Metropole
Ruud Breuls must be an alien or something, because I’ve been playing jazz trumpet my whole life and most modern jazz trumpeters all sound like Lee Morgan and Clifford Brown wannabes. This man is different though, has his own style and one of the most pure, crisp, and pleasing tones I’ve ever heard. Not to mention his chrystal clear articulations. This comes with love for your craft and diligent discipline practice and God
Catan de Lorca (9 months ago)
In my opinion Metropole Orkest is by far the best in the whole wide world… and Ruud Breuls is a one of a kind… no doubt….. you guys are awesome !!!
Marcel Servais (1 year ago)
Mooier uitgevoerd dan het origineel. MO en Ruud...hulde!
Johan W (2 years ago)
het allermooiste van het MO en Ruud Breuls
POLYZENIDAS (2 years ago)
RUUD, you are the man!
Willem (2 years ago)
prachtig gespeeld en een schitterend arrangement
Jim van Hulst (3 years ago)
Zo fantastisch gespeeld en een sieraad voor Nederland. Dank, dank, dank.
joep meloen (4 years ago)
yes yes great thanksss!!!!
C L VG (2 years ago)
joep meloen n
joep meloen (5 years ago)
so good, a big compliment for the metropol ochestra and Ruud, spot on!!!!!!
A. Overeem (7 years ago)
Wonderful playing by Ruud and the MO and great video by Max Boeree!
mtreffie (7 years ago)
I was lucky to attend this concert in Vredenburg. This piece, the playing of the orchestra, and the magnificent playing of Ruud Breuls impressed me very much. Thanks for the wonderful music. Thanks for posting! If I'm well informed the video recording/editing/directing was done by Max Boeree (sax): job well done!

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