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Building a twin pair of Thinline Telecasters

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The building of a twin pair of Thinline Telecasters Thank you Rik for being so kind to test this guitar! Thanks Eugen, owner of Gun Guitars, for making these magnificent sets of Gun-T-Style pickups! http://www.gunguitars.nl You can find more soundsamples of these guitars on my channel, including some tests during a band rehearsal. Filmed with my Canon A470 photo camera, so don't mind the sound quality Specifications: Body: Laminated Tatajuba and Padauk with Padauk top and White pearl binding Neck: Laminated Tatajuba and Padauk Fretboard: Ebony, 12" radius, 6120 style fretwire, pearl dots (mop), side dots white Tuners: Kluson Roundbacks oval Nut: Bone Pickguard: White pearl 3ply Pots: Volume CTS 250k log, Tone CTS 250k lin, Dome knobs Pickups: Handwound Gun T-Style single coils Bridge: Wilkinson compensated tele style More: Dual action truss rod, Vintage style string ferrules, Schaller style strap locks, Tele style input cover, Roller string trees
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Text Comments (29)
Peter Matthew (27 days ago)
holy cow man those look sweet
GuitarMD Pittsburgh (8 months ago)
Real clean build!
JurNL80 (9 months ago)
Waar haal je het materiaal vandaan voor de pickguard?
murph murph (10 months ago)
Fine job! building a guitar is highly commendable
Andy Horka (1 year ago)
Wow! Beautiful work. Sounds fantastic as well!!!
Jason Christopher Uy (1 year ago)
return the bone when you finished using it. the dog might need it
Ian V (2 years ago)
looks very good! may i ask how you made that thin white line around the top of the finish on the body?
Jude K (1 year ago)
it's called binding. It's usually plastic that's wrapped around an edge that was routed.
My Fingerboard (2 years ago)
Andrew Darnley (2 years ago)
Really great to see some exceptional work. The neck jig is very nice I'll have to make one.
Aiko Timmer (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Scott Hornsey (2 years ago)
do you make guitars for sale or just personal use
Aiko Timmer (2 years ago)
Just for personal use
DrummerDm10 (2 years ago)
j1nt3tsu (2 years ago)
thanks for the tip on the bone nut.
Дети Солнца (2 years ago)
Great work!
Marc Spence (2 years ago)
Great looking build! Very classic and classy. Quick question for the one I'm starting if you've got a sec - when finding the distance for the bridge, did you have a full sized template or just bass it from the distance from the neck slot? Thanks mate
gRosh08 (3 years ago)
Very nice!
gvanha41 (3 years ago)
Gorgeous guitars man, sick tone!!!
Sega Zu (4 years ago)
What what the reason of building twin Tele? Why not play with diff materials, fretboards, body wood...?
Brandon Callaghan (3 years ago)
+Aiko Timmer Hey, I know this video was posted a while back but I'm curious. What did you finish the guitar with? I Know Padauk is very oily and doesn't take Poly very well from what I've been reading. I'm planning a build with a Padauk top and I'm not very experienced. Also did you fill the top with Zpoxy as well or something else? Thanks!
Sega Zu (4 years ago)
Ok. They both are great
Aiko Timmer (4 years ago)
One of the guitars is for my son, the other one for myself. I liked the idea of having two guitars looking exact the same!
Gimmee Inboxback (4 years ago)
I'm curious if there is any reason not to simply glue an oversized top to the body blank then route the top to match the body and then route all the cavities in the top and body at the same time?  Most drop tops I have seen have been done with the method seen in this video. I'm in the process of building one and could certainly use some advise.
B0rnles13 (4 years ago)
Brilliant guitars, and a good sound that makes me want to play along to, better wait till daylight or put the headphones on, I love that kind of blues guitar, it's like what I will play when I get better
John Willis (5 years ago)
Very nice work and innovative jigs! May I ask what the deal is with the chamber behind the bridge? Is it just too save weight without any resonance worries? I did a full "canoe" carve on my mahogany Thinline build & took all the wood behind the bridge out. Your method looks a bit less radical, tho I had no issues with mine & sounds fine. Great work man. Cheers, John Willis.
Chris Thomas (6 years ago)
I always make a few new jigs when I build something new. I few here and there. Thanks for the tip on your channel. I'll be back.
Aiko Timmer (6 years ago)
Thank you Chris, In my channel you can find a couple of videos explaining how some of the jigs are made. Feel free to check in and steal any idea you can use :-) I've used temporary jigs in the past but I discovered that the time invested in good, lasting jigs is a good investment. It will save you a lot of time while in the guitar building process. Have fun!
Chris Thomas (6 years ago)
NICE!!! Quality build indeed. I'm envious of some of your jigs. I think I'll be checking back on this one again to steal some ideas. ;)

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