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10 Signs a girl likes you! Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/hHvOf8 Women are from Venus and men are from Mars, this famous tagline has been proved time and time again. However, a lady's secret body language can tell you almost everything you need to know. What do her feet say about how she feels about you? Does dilating pupils reveal more than you think? And what other subtle movements and subconscious instincts reveal that she’s into you. When we like someone, often our judgment attempts to “figure out what it means,” and we misinterpret signs. Navigating the single life isn’t always as simple as it's cracked up to be. We’re here to make you into the Prince Charming you already are. Watch this video to become an expert at reading the intricate signs that woman give off to secretly tell men that they’re into you. You’ll be a female behavior reading wizard in no time. You'll be able to snag up that gal who’s into your swag, just like Liam Hemsworth caught the talented Miley Cyrus.
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Amelia Lasko (1 hour ago)
If girls playing with their hair indicates that’s she’s into you then every girl I meet are into me.
5:08 imagine you kiss her and then she’s like wth there is something on your lips that’s why i looked at them and you’re like oohh🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
In my class 5 girls told me i’m handsome and i’m friends with 6 or 7 girls.oh and on valentine almost 10 girls told me i’m cute😁😁
Fuzzy Assassin (12 hours ago)
Stop exposing us.
Adrian Fray (13 hours ago)
7:40 she went full savage on us😂
Nanz kumar (18 hours ago)
Not entirely true...
Keyser Sozie (1 day ago)
She starts playing with her vagina and ask you if you can help her with this.
dmg12345678 (2 days ago)
Just whip it out and show her how big and thick it is! Your wallet that is.
Life Tips (4 days ago)
Kevin Kimbelle (4 days ago)
If she nods 3 times?? Get out of here with this bogess garbage
DAMI3N (4 days ago)
I like this girl but she is becoming a good friend and I can’t choose between dating her or just as a friend, me and her are so relatable
Play-Doh Halo (5 days ago)
ngl… was hoping this wouldn’t be quite SOOO heterosexual 😂🖤
pavement -chan (6 days ago)
Actually, this video helped me to do these things around my crush. I feel nervous to tell him I like him so if I use the signs or body language he might notice I like him. Thx for posting this!!! Like if u agree 👍
J-Vlogger (6 days ago)
The girl I have a crush on showed all of these 10 signs. Then I told her that I loved her and she just ignored me afterwards. Now she just wants to be friends.
AnimeBro 454 (6 days ago)
I watched this video to know if women like me but plot twist to avoid them cuz I want to die alone and no not in an edgy way.
Laughking Tallent (6 days ago)
All women are basically just sluts when I gets right down to it.. To hell with these whores.
n (7 days ago)
What a load of crap
XIRavenXI (8 days ago)
I alredy knew the mirror affect even though Im a Guy lol
Indrid Cold (8 days ago)
There is no way any girl is attracted to me or likes me. I know no females of the species. Well, I know no males of the species as well. Nobody knows me. I know nobody. It is a very safe, economical, and predictable life style. It may not be perfect but not having friends nor a girlfirend also has the unexpected benefit of making life very affordable as well. Friends are nothing but a drain on finances. A girlfirend or boyfriend is nothing but a future devastated emotional state when they dump you hard. The simplicity of having nobody in my life is far worth staying with no friends and a girlfriend.
Jerry Brown (9 days ago)
She moves her glass close to everyone except mine
Jaden Burns (9 days ago)
How many ads do you need for this video ??
Barbara .-. (10 days ago)
Wtf I’m a girl and I don’t do this what?? Or at least most of it
Ultimate Scythe Reaper (10 days ago)
Hell Nah
Jose Chavez (11 days ago)
I have to agree with the glass moving bit. There's nothing sexier than when you see a girl purposefully move her glass closer with just her fingertips in one smooth motion, and then looking directly into your eyes. The subtle action conveys so much confidence, and submission all at the same time. A girl that has that kind of control of the situation is irresistible. You do get caught off-guard, but in a good and flattering way.
JIG SAW (11 days ago)
Too bad for black people can’t tell anything through their eyes 😢
A Z Z Y Y (11 days ago)
If she fucks you a few times she might have a crush on you
Dazerlbc (12 days ago)
If she trys to scratch your eyes out or if she has her eyes closed, isnt moving and doesnt respond to anything you say she wants the D so go on and put it in her.
David Hoy (13 days ago)
3 Defo's she's thinking about HER, She ask's if you Drive, if you have a Job and if you like to eat out! So if She Arrives in a taxi wearing an Evening Dress and Only orders Champers then calculate the sums 'very' quickly and remember even if her Ass looks good in the Dress there are always plenty more Asse's in the Sea;)
kitti. j (14 days ago)
People are watching this video they are simply wasting there time
George Gutierrez (15 days ago)
So if she bald and starts twirling her scalp, she’s in to me .?
blue aziz (15 days ago)
Everyday Products (15 days ago)
She will use her mouth.... she sure does
XaVieRYTGC (15 days ago)
Can I just ask to see her peepee
Kristen Tidwell (15 days ago)
If your a guy, don’t believe this. Just bc a girl dose these things doesn’t mean she likes you 🙄
Gabe tha babe (16 days ago)
one of my close friends I met not but a few months ago has been laughing with me so much and I'm not even trying to be funny. not to mention she also comes to me for everything. she also pokes and touches my face a lot along with my hair. I could already tell what this meant but this video is just throwing it at me that I should steal her from her bf 💯🔥🔥
Nina ES (17 days ago)
I'm so mad that this video isn't it 11:00
Zubair Ahmed (17 days ago)
10 hidden signs I’ll never receive or experience
Ella Richardson (17 days ago)
The giggling thing the nodding heads thing the self conscious thing is true AND the nervous thing is true. Girls only play with their hair if they purposely wanna flirt. Like they know if their doing it. if she has time for u hell yea ! High pitched voice is so true. The secret thing is pretty true. The rest... hmmm not so sure
Mochacat99 (19 days ago)
does hitting my crush playfuly with my binder cound as touching in a friendly way?
Spam Soldier (19 days ago)
Don't let a fish tell you how to catch a Fish
Rudy G (20 days ago)
The triangle trick is true. Girls that have liked me in the past would do this while smiling with me.
JJ Wu (21 days ago)
Me watching this.. to know wether he might know that I do like him😂😂
Joe Gamble (21 days ago)
I ain't worried about how some woman nodding all that bullshit. If she wearing some nice g string. Ill hit for the block
Pynaegan (22 days ago)
I laughed, she laughed. I leaned in for a kiss... I need bail money.
David Jackson (22 days ago)
Wow I need to tell my sister to fall back.
Nick Smith (25 days ago)
Stick your tongue in her ear
Clorox lavender scent (26 days ago)
Yeah never had That happen to me. No one had a crush on me.
Bryan Cena (27 days ago)
Instructions uncler got my penis stuck on a toaster.
Zara Khan (28 days ago)
I just realized I do basically 7/10 of these with my crush...
Blackout H (30 days ago)
I accidentally touched her breast all she did was giggle does this mean she has a crush on me too or not
Boxterades Productions (30 days ago)
There’s this girl in my French class who keeps staring at me and I think she likes me but I have a big, awkward stutter and can’t talk to girls properly, yet. Help.
buba dwaht (1 month ago)
turn out the lights they all look the same in the dark
CHA DONG WOOK (1 month ago)
Buy one Ferrari no need sings 😂😂😂
ღLittle SkyShineღ (1 month ago)
I'm a 12 years old girl and I have crush, but I like him because I like his personality, and his eyes...Just woow😍, soo bluee💙 Almost like turqouise, my favourite colour💙😍
Fernando Soares (1 month ago)
How about the signs the male do when they like or want a female?
grizzly Odin (1 month ago)
Lol heres something to get ur brain going what about if ur a freshmen in high school and ur the only one with a beard and people always look at u like a animal in a zoo. And most chicks avoid u b/c of 2 reasons 1. Waaaaay to much hair 2.waay to tall or to scary looking Like I'm sorry I look like I should be in a viking movie or TV show . Also people think I'm a huge hardass but it's TRUE but I have a soft delicate side aka if u want to picture me pretty much a 6ft 2 version of the beast in beauty and the beast
Rickey Bordelon (1 month ago)
Woman just like to play games I'm white n the women I like is black black as oil n to me that's a beautiful color n I live with n her grandmother n her grandmother love me n she been trying to get us together but she talks to friends so u know how that gos but I will do anything for this women I hope 🙏😊 Soo she will see I'm the man for her 💯😇
juan def (1 month ago)
*If she really likes you.. you scratch your ass 3 times and she may mimic you by scratching hers 3 times. You're onto a winner!*
Adrian Ross (1 month ago)
Idk whose teeth those were @ 2:19 but I’d be surprised if anyone liked them lol
MANUEL RUPERTO (1 month ago)
I normally,when i see and cashier attractive girl and they have a tattoo around their hang .i admired their tattoo while i curresing their tattoo area and tought but they allow me as long as i want.its a sign which they like me?
Von Ace (1 month ago)
If she licks your balls while you're balls deep in her mouth, *SHE REALLY LIKES YOU*
Mark King (1 month ago)
Cool,but what does this have to do with me?
Mistah FTM 7394 (1 month ago)
Yall women like myself cool then come scoop myself up. Yall see what haters are attempting to do to myself. Do you not want to be sexually ravaged by a gentleman. Im not oblivious to it.
el oh dee (1 month ago)
this video is so aggressively heterosexual
Clear Gold (1 month ago)
LODisamazing and it’s not even correct. 😂
KEVIN KEDZIOR (1 month ago)
Im 30 and done. I had my fun in life. And my horror. There is only one friend i fight for and yes she likes me back. Probably is distances and few other things. But other then that theres 99.99 % chance i die alone. Like said im 30 not 10 i dont pay attention to none of this and if the women doesnt make the move i will never date. Welcome to the metoo world. Women are never worth jail.
Salvador Pedido (1 month ago)
yes,!slapped her hard,hold her head smashed it to concrete wall,bullshit!
LX arts (1 month ago)
Takes deep breath I HAVE A BOYFRIEND
Please dont judge me for watching this :(
heavy metal13 (1 month ago)
She's into you when she flashes you. ..
im1who84u (1 month ago)
3:33 We are talking about the hair on her head........... right?
im1who84u (1 month ago)
IF: It's an odd Tuesday on an even month. The eagle is flying east under a full moon and sees it's shadow and takes a sh!t. It rained the day before. Your mailman's name is Mr. McFeely And......... She has a sudden urge to suck on a Popsicle while scratching her ass in the middle of winter. Then......... and only then.......... she "might" like you. Or it could just be a series of random coincidences. Just saying.
im1who84u (1 month ago)
If she reaches in your pants, grabs your manhood, and starts licking her lips...... That's usually a good sign she's into you. Just saying.
im1who84u (1 month ago)
Usually if she puts her ankles behind her ears......... that's a good sign she's into you. Just saying.
Omega Beta (1 month ago)
Some women are high on coke and their eyes are always dilated.
_CH3F (20 days ago)
High on coke = she’s into whatever you wanna do to her!
Equillizer Armtwister (1 month ago)
None of this is relative, all bullshit. The key is, you can smell their pussy. True !
Andrew Young (1 month ago)
just got past a Michael Hussey ad. What a soft cock pussy he is.
Thor Odinson (1 month ago)
Confident men, men who are happy with themselves, couldn't care less about these subtle signals. A growing number of men are becoming conscious and going their own way -- thus women can do whatever to ensnare a man, but it's not as easy as the good old days when a man's heart danced at the mere idea that a woman was interested in him. Her pupils may dilate if he drives up in a BMW, wears a Rolex watch and bears other accrutiments that indicate wealth. She'll check out your grooming to ensure you aren't slumming -- even though many wealthy people live modestly. If she is turned on by how many gold necklaces you are wearing, you are a rich guy who still feels he has to show off his bank account, and you will get what is coming to you. My advice is stop chasing after people -- particularly women. Don't spend any second thoughts about them because you really have nothing to gain -- a partnership, a wife -- why would you want either of these? In either case they will cause you nothing but misery -- if not sooner than later.
Thor Odinson (1 month ago)
+David Bolha Did I say anything about Fight Club???
David Bolha (1 month ago)
Do not speak of thine fight club o respected brethren of mine. 😉😏
jill coley (1 month ago)
i would tell my crush i like her but at my school she will tell her friend who will spread it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and im 8
leh covington (1 month ago)
I'm not into romantic guys
David Bolha (1 month ago)
Thank you for your input. 😄
Ishmael Carrillo Jr (1 month ago)
Here is a good sign: If she puts your wenier in her mouf.
Carlos Cifuentes (1 month ago)
Hold up it's a woman narrating . Not listening.
Michael Nickname (1 month ago)
One obvious sign: she fucks You several Times a week
Newman Newman (1 month ago)
Be good looking be yourself natural happy. Stop watching this nonsense and follow this advice it make you behave creepy unnatural. Stupid video.....
Rik L (1 month ago)
My girl friend (no not girlfriend) says she finds it awkward to hug a boy, she only wants to hug girls or boyfriends, ehm does it mean anything? 😂
Newman Newman (1 month ago)
True story I asked for a kiss while in the bus. She gave me a bj and left nothing. Best experience I ever had.
Montechoro (1 month ago)
if she is shy she could still like u in my opinion because it is causing u to want two know her more.
Huzaifa Haris (1 month ago)
Naaaah! It won't work where gonna get friendzoned.
Karl von Bahnhof (1 month ago)
Only female friends, who are in relantionship, my friends,are open to me, the other ones get angry when talk to them with my Slavic(Czech) accent, hmmm, ok, I need to change something, the accent would be the best but it's gonna be easier to learn how to play Mozart on piano than try to sound born english
Charlie Cross (1 month ago)
so I'm paying attention to the wrong woman at work?
sean Whittle (1 month ago)
I was with a woman who touch me on the arm a few times and she also asked me to feel her hair. What does that mean if u can txt me back on this one i would be greatfull many thanks from sean
Sourav Banerjee (1 month ago)
Thanks beb
Richard Lewis (1 month ago)
Does this bullshit work for any1?????
Benton Xavier (1 month ago)
urrrgh... I'm just going back to Pornhub
David Bolha (1 month ago)
Look up Maria Rya or Willa while you're up there. 😉😎
Richard Lewis (1 month ago)
iTzSh (1 month ago)
There is a girl that stares at me with big eyes when we go in the same class but she already has a crush
Erik Barboza (1 month ago)
Show your respect, you ain't attractive! Show your money, now you're attractive!
Winter Tarzan Jagrup (1 month ago)
Couldn't you of chosen a more attractive girls picture to use in the display ? This girl looks like 14 or 15 with make up on
Hitono Zhimo (1 month ago)
If ur rich and hot the whole girls will come to you simple
Luz Linares (1 month ago)
I'm a girl watching this just to see if there true ( some of them are) & to make sure I don't do this around him😂
Looks and money. That's all you need.
Lewis Connelly (1 month ago)
0:09 grandpa lemon (annoying orange)

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