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Holiday Gift Guide for ADV & Dual Sport Motorcycles

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Finding the perfect gift can be somewhat of a challenge during the holiday season,especially if one of your loved ones is a motorcyclists. What if he's an ADV & Dual Sport rider? What should you get them? Well RyanF9 has a few ideas that is going to help you narrow down your search on his Holiday Gift Guide. Holiday Gift Guide for ADV & Dual Sport Motorcycle links and video timestamps: 0:25 - Oakley L-Frame MX Goggles: https://frt9.co/3fs6qp 1:36 - Stop and Go Portable Mini Air Compressor: https://frt9.co/jak3ye 2:43 - Long Way Round Dvd Set 3:05 - Scott Dual Raid Gloves: https://frt9.co/wkgjgg 4:11 - SPOT Gen3: https://frt9.co/t9ivni 5:20 - Klim Krios Helmet: https://frt9.co/8rz1lh Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada
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Text Comments (87)
paul bryden (1 month ago)
SPOT Gen3 ah thats what that wee bugger is been driving me mad trying to work out what it was lol
Christian Paniccioli (1 month ago)
Can you give me a free motorcycle :]
An Bui (1 month ago)
"And lastly, ITS LOUD AS SHIT." Lmao. Love your vids. Probably watched half in the past 3 days.
James Lawton (2 months ago)
Incase anyone is arsed, long way round is now on YouTube
James Lawton (2 months ago)
Treat yourself to it for free
Zerzil (3 months ago)
So, the 100% goggles I got from FortNine are crap?
Mike Skidmore (8 months ago)
Good Video I watched the whole thing to figure out what the Orange Device was .. I have seen it before .. I should get one soon ..
Stephen Petersen (9 months ago)
Or 1.3 kilogrammes
SatansSpatula (9 months ago)
Fuck Klim.  All they do is spec products for Chinese manufacturers and sell them under their own pretentious label.  Did I mention fuck Klim?
in4moon (10 months ago)
your SPOT Gen3 link doesn't work outside Canada :/
David H (1 year ago)
You PAY for air at the service station?? I have never once seen a service station where you had to pay for air here in Australia :O
Teun Segers (1 month ago)
Don't know about Canada, but most petrol stations in Europe will now charge you for air. There are some exceptions like Q8.
CrazyDuck99 (1 year ago)
Honestly I love the way he does his rotation when showing off gear
Benjamin Kelley (1 year ago)
I'm an engineer and have done compression experiments with foams, and used the Oakley goggles for off-roading, and that is definitely not a closed cell foam. Good goggles though, would recommend.
1N - UP (1 year ago)
I love the EXTREMELY distinct shape of the xr650L. Obviously the "dual sport" in the beginning was an xr650L. The shape is so recognizable. Plus if you own one like me and ride it everyday, you can spot them from a mile away.
A M (1 year ago)
Girlfriend made me take a SPOT locator she bought me on a 16,000 mile trek. Luckily I did. Or, I'd be dead right now.
Khotta Bogard (1 year ago)
I thought your hands would be bigger than mine since you're like... 1.90? 6'3 I'm 5'10 and my hands are 9 3/4, tho I've always know i have big hands for my height. My point is, i have to look for XL gloves and not all brands have the gloves i like in XL.
Badger0fDeath (1 year ago)
Why do adventure bikers need a different style of helmet?
Octavio Alcántara (1 year ago)
Hi Ryan, please may you show or post a picture about how you mount/hold your Spot3 in your Jacket..? I will thank you a lot. Regards from México.
Aras Mich (1 year ago)
Klim helmet is based on nishua carbon enduro which is well cheeper and still very good crash helmet.
Supernova12034 (1 year ago)
My friends are worth about 25. 50 If they real good
Kate Amber (2 years ago)
(where can i buy klim krios Adventure Motorcycle Helmet in Canada?) Thank you,
FortNine (2 years ago)
From FortNine: https://fortnine.ca/en/klim-krios-karbon-adventure-helmet ~RyanF9
Gary Rosario (2 years ago)
Good reviews. Please do a review of the best/economical GPS trackers.
j (2 years ago)
"the long way down" is on netflix. so theres an option too
Edison Alvarez-Morales (2 years ago)
love the Z in the back ground!!
Duc Ati (2 years ago)
Klim Krios is only $550, not $750.
FortNine (2 years ago)
CAD, eh. ~RyanF9
Alain Baribeau (2 years ago)
Again... informative, well researched, and... even, pleasant to watch, ... I am heading to the store Merry Xmas
isottatokio (2 years ago)
you canadians, know how to make good youtube videos. cheers.
cris rose (2 years ago)
oooo kawasaki for christmas? lucky XD
Raka Darmawan (2 years ago)
hey guys, can you do a review of R1200GSA? i would love to see that dreambike on your channel!
FortNine (2 years ago)
Hey! It's pretty high on my to-do list. Hopefully we get around to it when the snow melts. ~RyanF9
North Explorer (2 years ago)
Great video! Maybe i wil give to myself some of those gifts for Christmas !! :-)
Alex McLeod (2 years ago)
Hey Ryan, how warm is that Scott glove? I need a glove for mostly off-road but 20 miles to get there and my digits are numb these days. Temperatures between 0 and 5°C typically. But naturally I don't want the bulk. Fox PolarPaw? How does this compare? Thanks
FortNine (2 years ago)
Hey Alex! The Dual Raid is not very warm. Fox PolarPaw is much warmer, but not nearly as protective (no leather palm, no proper armour). Check out the Alpinestars Yari (https://fortnine.ca/en/alpinestars-yari-drystar-gloves). That'd be my first choice for a cold-weather dual-sport glove under $100. It's insulated and *waterproof*, with knuckle armour and leather on the palm which is good for your 20 miles of pavement. Also Alpinestars used a lot of spandex on that glove, which keeps it quite slim and not bulky for a glove so warm. Cheers! ~RyanF9
W&V (2 years ago)
its weird that you don't have more subscribers
Mwmen Shaker (2 years ago)
Ryan,there's a fancy helmet brand it's called Ruby,you might heard of it.anyway,I was wondering if you could review their full face helmets! I mean they look awesome and great but I don't think they're really safe!
Mwmen Shaker (2 years ago)
FortNine great!!cheers!
FortNine (2 years ago)
Yes I do know Ruby! Very haute couture. I'll see if I can get one to review sometime in the new year ... not sure they'll send one to a guy like me though! ~RyanF9
Francisisme I (2 years ago)
Sign my helmet !
MotoMatt (2 years ago)
I love the look of that helmet but why is it so pricey??
FortNine (2 years ago)
Carbon fibre and a Klim sticker. ~RyanF9
ryanbox30 (2 years ago)
If I had 750 bucks to spend on a helmet I would buy the Schuberth E1 instead of the Klim. It's less noisy, it has more options like a sunvisor and the vents can be closed. Check it out F9 I think you'll like it.
Doticaster (2 years ago)
Coolio toys man. I like the spot tracking, I think what I'm wanting really is more for if the bike gets pinched but would double as a tracker for my person as well. Think the one I mentioned in the message I sent you would do but not sure. I got my stop and go pump and repair kit the other day, it's great. I was loving that helmet until you mentioned the noise, I bought the Klim badlands suit yesterday it'd have gone nicely with with it. Tcrs fella✊
HIGHDEFMOTO (2 years ago)
I'll take 3 of everything 😼
Rick White (2 years ago)
"Without wasting a dollar at the gas station" You really have to pay over there?
Paul Morris (6 months ago)
Haha free air is rare ps im usa
FortNine (2 years ago)
Yes! Usually air is free in the friendlier small towns. But at the big gas station chains... nope. ~RyanF9
Daniel Kemnitz (2 years ago)
"In the land where petrol is cheap but air is not free"
robert nice (2 years ago)
I watched that series long way around. Very good watch.
Lytle Brown (2 years ago)
Always enjoy your videos. In fairness to Klim, I have a Krios and love it. It is very quiet, quieter than my shoei gt air. That is up to about 85 mph. Either my vents don't work or yours are screwed up. Oh well. Keep up the good work.
FortNine (2 years ago)
Interesting! Maybe I got a bad apple. I do like my Krios too... just not acoustically. ~RyanF9
Brent McNicoll (2 years ago)
Where you riding a dirt bike on Henri Bourassa today wearing that noisy helmet ?
Brent McNicoll (2 years ago)
Looked like your kit :) . I was walking after dropping off my Van to have winter tires installed . I enjoy your video's ,keep up the good work .
FortNine (2 years ago)
Wasn't me! ~RyanF9
Ryan Kanahele (2 years ago)
I like the z125 in the background. Nice! 👌🏻
Eric Morin (2 years ago)
BTW the Spot Gen 3 has a 50$ CAD rebate at the moment on the company's site. Any way to get that rebate at FortNine? I would order from you guys instead!
Eric Morin (2 years ago)
@FortNine Ok. I'll try to contact them. Thanks!
FortNine (2 years ago)
That's a good deal! Hard to say about getting the rebate through FortNine... we don't handle any manufacturer promotional offers in house. But oftentimes with mail-in rebates, customers can buy from us and redeem from the manufacturer separately. Depends on the conditions of the offer... ask SPOT! ~RyanF9
Texas Gringo (2 years ago)
What's that blue and red helmet on the top left of the shelf ?
FortNine (2 years ago)
It's a Fox Racing V1. Colours have changed a smidge since I got mine, but this is what the new ones look like: https://fortnine.ca/en/fox-racing-v1-race-helmet ~RyanF9
Colton dudeson (2 years ago)
how do you only have 49000 subs! this channel is awesome should have way more! keep up the good work
Soulreaper381 (2 years ago)
$750 lol
Kreeperkow (2 years ago)
how about a schuberth E1?
Qasim (1 year ago)
FortNine Have you guys reviewed the Reevu FSX-1 helmet? The rear view capability seems pretty awesome...
Carl Michael (2 years ago)
I find it a great helmet it you a mix of on/off riding. The ability to quickly remove the visor is great, and it's lack of noise is a great selling point on the road. There are cheaper helmets that are better at one type of riding or another, nothing I've seen that's as well rounded. That being said, if you're a goggle wearer off road, you need to be careful as the eye port is small. Despite it's claimed weight (which is accurate) it feels a little top heavy. http://defylife.com/travel-gear/motorcycle-equipment/schuberth-e1-the-best-adventure-helmet/
FortNine (2 years ago)
If you desperately want a modular ADV helmet or a drop-down sun visor, sure. Otherwise I'm not a big fan. There are better dual-purpose lids for a lot less $$. ~RyanF9
2v1c (2 years ago)
well... it seems that I have a Klim kryos then...Except that it cost me less than 200 € and it has another brand on it.... I was happy with it... and I am now even happier
Javier Prada (2 years ago)
That helemet looks really nice, I might ended up giving it to myself
Alaskan dual sport (2 years ago)
hey buddy great video and gift idea's who doesn't like getting new gear ride safe my motorcycle brother ,,liked ( thumbs up )
Tomos13 (2 years ago)
Ryan check out Scorpion AT 950 helmet. I would like to hear your opinion on it.
Tomos13 (2 years ago)
Eric Morin Cool, I use this helmet for both my adv as well as my sportbike. It's versatile big time, and I love that it's modular. Also I use earplugs so noise isn't an issue. Cheers bud!
Eric Morin (2 years ago)
@Tomos13 Thanks! I currently have a Shoei Qwest. I like it, but it's not suited for ADV. I'm looking for something that would be close in comfort and as quiet (although I would say that the Qwest isn't very quiet, at least IMO). The Scorpion is at the top of my list, for the price it looks like the best choice. I'm looking for ways to get one from a reputable place in Canada, like FortNine... I hope they will get them before the beginning of next season (I'm in no hurry, our season is pretty much over unfortunately)...
Tomos13 (2 years ago)
Eric Morin Eric, I have that helmet btw. It's great, seems very well built. My favorite helmet so far, even better than my Shoei. Just wanted to know what his opinion might be.
Eric Morin (2 years ago)
That's one helmet I'm very interested in. I would also like Ryan's opinion on it. Very well reviewed on different sites on the interwebs... Although they don't seem to have that particular model on their site. Ryan: any opinion, and are you planning on getting that model over?
Relic 422 (2 years ago)
Any FortNine sticker packs coming out for Christmas?
FortNine (2 years ago)
I've been bugging our marketing guru about that... should have an answer soon. ~RyanF9
Windkante (2 years ago)
You should get your own TV-Show one day. Great chanel! Unfortunately, there is nothing comparable in german-speaking countries. Thumbs up for your work!
Donald Trump (2 years ago)
STiCKxaH (2 years ago)
loud as shit haha
Toby Shorland (2 years ago)
Great Guide, Will prob buy long way round for myself.
Kyle Endsley (2 years ago)
Well hello little z125
Kyle Endsley (2 years ago)
FortNine No Doubt!
FortNine (2 years ago)
Much easier to move around in there than my V-Strom, it has to be said. ~RyanF9
Martin Fisker (2 years ago)
I like how you start by defining what an adv bike is - and very entertaining video as well. worth mentioning for a gift: Charlie wrote books from his adventures with Obiwan, and many more
TheHappyRider (2 years ago)
any footage of the group ride

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