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How to Wear a Suit Jacket as a Blazer?

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Evan W (1 year ago)
I'm 6'4 slim athletic build.. I have longer legs / short torso.. should I be wearing a longer blazer to balance my body proportion out?
Hans Klein (1 year ago)
This man is more than capable of doing a Christopher Walken impersonation. So close already.
Hatice Nur Külci (2 years ago)
Blazers have metal buttons tho...
Karim Karimous (2 years ago)
1:26 Nice Voice Crack BTW
Sir. Boaz Mutatay (3 years ago)
Bruh you gonna make me empty my bank account by tomorrow
Micah (3 years ago)
Where's dat belt?
ConspiracyXClan (4 years ago)
Where did you get your shoes?
antonc108 (4 years ago)
1:26 how to pronounce split? :)
Lionel Giron (4 years ago)
ok so maybe I'm lightyears behind but I've recently dropped the baggy jeans, skullies, and timbs and started changing my image completely but some of the patterns id like to buy I just don't know the names of...any help? maybe a breakdown of the most popular pattern types or a list of pattern must haves? thanks in advance.
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
+Scene One haha dont worry you're not alone here. It took me a while to learn all the pattterns myself. I think a video will best explain this to you. stay tuned for it!
Giupetto Ventelucci (4 years ago)
Hey TMF what is the general difference between a blazer and a suit jacket. Does this mean as long as my suits fit well and have a decent short length, they could all be worn as a blazer?
Fabian Au (4 years ago)
I had a tailor make a black suit for my prom but now I have no idea how to pair a black jacket with other things. Any tips? Thanks in advance!
LateToTheParty7 (3 years ago)
+Fabian Au More or less, never try to match black with other black as with suits, the jacket and pants are made to be work together and are actually made from the same piece of cloth. Black is a pretty versatile color and can match a lot of things but may err on the side of being more formal than the look you're going for.
Dylan Martino (4 years ago)
What are you whearing in this video a Blazer or suit jacket 
ERGC5 (4 years ago)
Dude.., those advices were great. Let me point out that these channel is really helpful, congrats TMF.!!
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Thanks man!
Aston Grad (4 years ago)
Hi guys, firstly, great work, I regularly watch your videos and they have been a valuable tool in helping me develop my style. In preparation for winter, i'm contemplating buying a long woolen coat, I haven't bought one before and it'd be great if you can do a video regarding this as i'm need if of a little guidance regarding what to go for. Thanks
Henrik R (4 years ago)
I have a video request for you guys; How to cuff your trousers ! I'd like to learn how to do it without going to my tailor :)
Henrik R (4 years ago)
+Teachingmensfashion Thank you kind sirs, btw I really enjoy your videos and good luck with Estuniga !
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Huh this is a pretty interesting idea! Well do our best to bring you this!
iiAmJayo (4 years ago)
Thanks Jose and Juan!!! These are the type of videos I fondly enjoy watching. I owe a lot of my style and taste to you guys.. Keep it up. By the way I just wanted note but without putting pressure on you, that I'm really looking forward to the 'fitness videos' you guys said you'd usher! 
antonc108 (4 years ago)
Great video
David Baptiste (4 years ago)
To make him dance press 4 and 5 really fast.
TShortley (4 years ago)
My only problem is suit jackets tend to have a slight sheen to them compared to Blazers, does this mean the trousers have to have the slight sheen to make it work?
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Yes you usually want to keep it in the same ball park. But at the end of the day a good hard contrast is always good (like light grey and blue) even tho you can tell they haves different sheen and obviously weren't made together...it works! So it all really depends how your jacket is cropped, and what you're pairing it with.
Style Architexts (4 years ago)
If you jacket has a sheen there are one of two things at work. It's the fabric in which case I would recommend investing more in your suiting (I have some great options in a video on how to ball on a budget) or you're dry cleaning your suits way two much. You should only dry clean them at max twice a season any more than that and you are doing damage to your suit. If you need to just get it steamed (invest in one) and/or pressed. I hope this helps and if your looking to see what your style expresses feel free to check out my page.
Zachary Workman (4 years ago)
Does wearing the suit jacket separetly or pants separately change the color of the jacket or pant? Example if I wear the suit jacket all week. But don't wear the pants all week. When I put them back together will the colors be off? Or will one show more wear than the other?
Zachary Workman (4 years ago)
+Teachingmensfashion ah I see! So basically wear the suit and pants about the same amount of times when you are going to separate them. That makes sense. Thanks!
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Yes many men argue this stance and I think I've discussed it before but I'm not sure lol. However it really only matter when it comes to dark suits and you do it often. If so then yes one will discolor at a faster rate than the other and will end up looking like two different shades. However if you learn how to balance it out and use the trousers equally (as a separate like the suit jacket) they will both discolor almost at the same rate again balancing out the color...hope that made sense lol
That's why you wear blazers an sportcoats an never suit jackets lol.jose I'm not hating at all bro
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Haha yeah you're right, that's the main reason there is a difference. What I wanted to do in this video is help out those who don't have the money to be spending on countless Blazers and suits separately. So with this tip you can just buy suits wisely and double them up as separate Blazers. True versatility!
Michael Garcie (4 years ago)
Great point. Just bought a short suit and it's awesome. Keep up the great work guys. How about a video on picking out the best matches between shirt, tie and suit colors to bring out the best look.
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Thank you! That's actually a good idea! I'll try my best with this one lol Bc I can already imagine it will be difficult with so many combinations
Chino's Corner (4 years ago)
Two parts can't stop LOL 0:19 and 1:27
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
😂😂😂man nothing gets passed you guys. Was hoping no one would notice that second part lol
J. McCardy (4 years ago)
Nicely done, gentlemen. And I respectfully agree that H&M suits are just not a good option. Although certain suits from Zara are pretty well made. It's just a matter of sizes.
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Yeah you're right sometimes zara is cut a little longer and not as constricting as HM. Another key factor is the persons body size. A short person can more easily pull off one of those suits than someone who is tall
Aaron Kelly (4 years ago)
Better watch it before you delete it
YaSsEr (4 years ago)

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