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Girl Makes Dolphin Laugh (EXTENDED) ORIGINAL VIDEO

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A human doing tricks for a dolphin! The full encounter from "Girl makes dolphin laugh". Enjoy!
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Gerard Guitarist (17 hours ago)
You mean girl makes prisoner laugh.
Thoreau (19 hours ago)
Fuck the Japanese! They trap and slaughtered these beautiful creatures for meat.
Sarah Sisco (20 hours ago)
Omg! Aren't Gods creatures beautiful <3
judy eason (1 day ago)
Awesome! Sweet video. Thanks for the smiles you gave me.
Inner Voice (1 day ago)
I don't care why this was in my recommended 4 years after it was published. I just need some background in those godamn random videos. Who's the chick, where did this happen etc
Nightplayer 81 (1 day ago)
Plot twist: There's actually comments that aren't plot twists
Mysterious Man (1 day ago)
Aww that was adorable
David G. (1 day ago)
I hope she realizes she's doing a dolphin mating dance.
La Frips (1 day ago)
Poor intelligent creature trapped in a tank. This nice girl made his/her day. 😔
SanFranGirl1982 (1 day ago)
“You mean you humans can move in other ways!?! Far out!!!”
PineapplePrism (1 day ago)
Laura Fradkoff (1 day ago)
He’s mesmerized
Gordon Adams (1 day ago)
The Dolphin smells fish. He got a good whiff everytime she opened her legs. Dude was hungry.
Boku No Pico (2 days ago)
so many dislikes coming from PETA activist
PTM45 smi (2 days ago)
Please set these dolphins free
Robert Decker (3 days ago)
Dancing with a dolphin that's good
toaster strudel (5 days ago)
Wow if you make a dolphin laugh you are iconic
Sharpshooter12345 (5 days ago)
Dolphin; Try that in water
Tommy George (9 days ago)
Almost perfect translation .... always knew I’m not the only one that speaks “dolphin “
Tia Marie (9 days ago)
I can only guess that the only reason this video got so many dislikes is because PETA advocates are appauled by the entrapment of the dolphins 🐬 On the other hand the dolphins are safe and the dolphins smiled
Lord Megatron (10 days ago)
Dolphin was like “dance you inferior puppets dance hahahahaha”
Adamos Antonio (10 days ago)
Ed Wilson (10 days ago)
There's NOTHING cute going on. 'The average lifespan of a wild bottlenose dolphin is approximately 40 years; however, statistics show the average life span of a captive bottle nose dolphin, the most popular species for captive facilities, is a mere 5 years.' https://www.allatsea.net/studies-show-captive-dolphin-programs-shorten-lives/
Nich Olas (10 days ago)
Listen close! she queefs on the glass; that's what makes the dolphin laugh. Adorable! !
hugh scott (10 days ago)
so long and thanks for all the fish
Plot twist: Dolphin thinks it's cringy
Lucy M. Gregg (10 days ago)
Beautiful, these animals
Cheree Lindamood (10 days ago)
How precious was that??!! Great video, thanks for sharing!
Fart Smucker (10 days ago)
"you're such an attention whore" - The dolphin
Kevin Sullivan (10 days ago)
The dolphin is saying please let me out of here. Please
Lantistic Loud (10 days ago)
I thought that was someone dabbing
The Red Panda :3 (10 days ago)
*This made my day*
Bella Ford (10 days ago)
🐬 💖 🧚
Jeff Sulyma (10 days ago)
Dolphin wants to smash.
Mitty Bizzle (10 days ago)
Awwww. So cute seeing those innocent substantially intelligent dolphins held captive in a bathtub size prison cell. Honestly doesn’t that just make you feel warm inside.
paula schubert (10 days ago)
2 angels
ronnie millsap (11 days ago)
go sexy girl!
Outpost (11 days ago)
while in the dolphin's head "I think it is trying to communicate"
Arthur Gomes (11 days ago)
This all supports the dolphin agenda, they want people to do tricks for them!
jonny ruiz (11 days ago)
Cute... Wondering what the dolphin is thinking.
Johan Öhgren (11 days ago)
Tell me again, what's the attraction??😘
Vicki Mickey (11 days ago)
Entertain me, human!
Perry Robles (11 days ago)
Fun. Laughter. Joy is universal. AWEsomness!!!!
Nocturnal Recluse (11 days ago)
And they wonder why they're always getting raped.
Darren Tobias (11 days ago)
Why does that look fake
mavos1211 (11 days ago)
So beautiful but to me it just highlights why these beautiful mammals shouldn’t be in a tank.
Alex S (11 days ago)
About time we entertain them.
sam jam ham mammogram (11 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks this could be fake
charjl (11 days ago)
I love it! That dolphin is thoroughly amused
Krumzi (11 days ago)
Plot twist. The dolphin was asking for freedom just like mumble did in happy feet 3.
operationcwaI789789 (11 days ago)
Plot twist: Surprise anal sex
ds2985 (11 days ago)
He just waiting for her tut to fall out.
REALAmERicANTigER (11 days ago)
They don't git much entertainment she did a very nice thing for thos babies
mark smith (11 days ago)
The day we realise our similarities and what connects us to the animal kingdom as opposed to our differences, it will be the day we realise it’s too late!!
David Gray (11 days ago)
Poor dolphin, trapped in a hole of water while humans make fun of it
Firebrand (11 days ago)
...a lovely piece of footage.
Djprojectus (11 days ago)
Silly women!
Ebola Jones (11 days ago)
We need to nuke japan again.
Lisa x (11 days ago)
джерику (11 days ago)
The dolphin is actually screaming for help
Dave Braund (11 days ago)
So long, and thanks for all the fish.
Anon Ymous (11 days ago)
Yo is this girl not wearing a shirt under the jersey? ?
dodi de LARROIA (11 days ago)
Que briza desse dolphin ae,só de olho na pepequinha
Deann Frey (11 days ago)
So cute
This Mystic (11 days ago)
Dolphins ARE pure Joy just as you portray in your acrobatics!!❤️✨
This Mystic (11 days ago)
They Want us to laugh and sing, do cartwheels-maybe this his one remembered it’s life elsewhere....
Carol Kiefer (11 days ago)
So cute
Sillywithscissors (11 days ago)
🍩💩 Poo-poo😃
Kick Saunders (12 days ago)
Am I the only guy here who has absolutely no interest in the girl's shirt and is just here for the dolphin?
Junita Jamil (12 days ago)
V D.O. (12 days ago)
Christopher Hitchens: * TRIGGERED *
Lucy's Underground (12 days ago)
That dolphin is the face of an angel . I love them so much . 😍😍😍😍😍
Dytallix X (12 days ago)
Made me smile
Amazigh Studio (12 days ago)
Louis S (12 days ago)
Wow. I usually hate watch cat videos or "cute" videos cus it's just not something I do in my spare time but this is the most heart-warming and cutest video I've seen on the net. My lawd
127 H (12 days ago)
He was trying to catch the PUH, and yeah... PUH stands for "PUSSY"
This is what you call roll reversal. It helps your acting techniques. The dolphin is an aspiring actor
Evana Rachel (12 days ago)
The dolphins like “ok now do that for the rest of your natural life while confined to a small room”
Suga Army (12 days ago)
Animals are too pure
skankhunt42 (12 days ago)
At this point , just don't wear anything. The dolphin have more cloth than the girl.
Eric Fartman (12 days ago)
Deez f hoomans He's just asking for fortnite burger
Esther Piry (12 days ago)
come to watch the girls entertained the dolphin & this dolphin love it - cz usually we come to see this dolphin entertain us :D it's 2018
alcedo gracie (12 days ago)
dolphin wants to rape her lol
Go's With the Wind (12 days ago)
love the temporarily connection there, but hate to see that the dolphin are in a big cages. freedom 4 all living beings is my wish
結晶月の (12 days ago)
Lucky there was glass separating you both. I’ve seen some pretty rapey videos of dolphins. 🤣
Ognjen Milosevic (12 days ago)
What a beautiful video
Poplion (12 days ago)
Such beautiful creatures
Marie Trujillo (12 days ago)
Wish I could 👍 a thousand times! You made my day 🌻🌞❤
Curtis Tisberger (12 days ago)
simach masgof (12 days ago)
dolphins love sideboob
jasmine miller (12 days ago)
Dolphin: wtf? Wow I didn’t know humans can do trick!! Lamfo Dolphin : hey guys look! Look at this human girl, she is too hilarious! Dolphin2: come on kid, it’s not that interesting.
B R (12 days ago)
CHANDRIKA SHARMA # (12 days ago)
So cute ☺
Bane Pepe (12 days ago)
That's right, perform for me hoo-man!
iplayloud2 (12 days ago)
That a cool hooman !!
Doris Freeman (12 days ago)
Love it!!!!! ❤
ROSETTA WILLIAMS (12 days ago)
Yes, she’s a Dolphin Whisper. Fun to watch!
grodhagen (12 days ago)
I like this trend of trying to play respectfully with zoo critters. They must be bored, so this stimulation is kind.
Lee M (12 days ago)
Purest video
michael A (12 days ago)
The dolphin is like pls take me home and we can dance together
Jesus Christ (12 days ago)
Plot twist: I tried copying a comment and it didn’t worked :’)

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