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Check out how the Alpha Male handles eye contact and see if you show the signs of beta eye contact. As you begin to master eye contact, you can let a girl know you like her with your eyes. Learn how The Alpha handles eye contact in: 1-on-1 conversations groups and defensive situations
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Wali Hamid (1 hour ago)
The first half of the video is fucking explaining the same thing, instead of saying what the fuck to do. I feel like I’m watching an ad about how to be some a millionaire by selling spatulas with 3 simple steps instead of a fucking video about eye contact.
Wali Hamid (1 hour ago)
He says the same thing over and over again, anyone else agree.
erwin gomez (6 hours ago)
what if I sympathize with beta people , and like being beta, after all you humans are quite overrated , you can't seem to be able to take care of your planet. so , what's the point monsters?
Anthony Bunch (2 days ago)
I feel 80% of this is accurate and on point. What's crazy is I don't know instinctively where I picked up the skill or traits but I LITERALLY do everything he said, including the death stare Lol. But here's what I feel is the imperfections of the video: I naturally have a high self esteem based on my Advanced intelligence, Good physical looks, and having what has been labled as a profound creative ability (but honestly I have a few insecure things not so confident about like every other honest human being... Just to clarify that) But it's as if I project all these things with my eyes because ITS REALLY HOW I FEEL! The eyes are secondary to the emotional state So he you have very low self esteem this shit ISN'T GOING TO WORK. you can experience some small hacks and such, but this info is for the Alpha to become more aware of tactics he already uses to gain mastery, or for someone who crossed the beta threshold to a huge degree with High self transformation. You can't just take a weak, "Slumped shoulders" Meek beta, tell him to practice this and that his life will be transformed... ABSOLUTELY NOT!
crucify wolfy (3 days ago)
ha i swear a fuck face stares at me on sight ! give them eyeballs ha come at me thinking im weak next thing u cant even see hahahahha
Bogdan Popa (4 days ago)
Its all about confidence, if you have it then the eye contact and everything comes alone
When you sign your eye contact to girls in middle countries , they think that you want to rape.
José Angel Esparza (12 days ago)
I can't make eye contact because I get distracted when I speak... it's weird..
SlightyContest (13 days ago)
This shit comes naturally bruh. All these betas thinking they alpha now🤣 nah nigga you fucking omega
Seebob86 (13 days ago)
the distinction between alpha and beta is a whack concept,which fails to meet the aspects of human individuality
Aric Hudson (17 days ago)
Very helpful thanks! I will no longer be a Beta.
Phantreem (17 days ago)
He is the type of guy to teach us how to breath to project confidence
Hugo Posh (18 days ago)
Gotta have charisma and a personality as well. Being a leader, stand in the face of tough situations. Eye contact is key when in confrontation, people can tell your not fucking around.
J•M •D (20 days ago)
Im the type of alpha who fucks bored housewives who have boring successful husbands.
J•M •D (20 days ago)
Lol ive ascended from being an alpha. All of ya’ll are jokes.
Siddhesh Khatavkar (22 days ago)
Just do nofap , you will notice these things happening
Wanda Cagnina (23 days ago)
Not the face you fuck,it's the fuck you face !
Ali Malik (25 days ago)
Blind men are *SHOOK*
Jake Green (27 days ago)
So I been making eye contact with this girl for quite awhile now somedays she smiles other days she doesn't never talked to her before but its getting kinda awkward now
firstname lastname (1 month ago)
Biggest pile of shit I've heard in my life
Devlins10 (1 month ago)
This is probaly the most important thing in gaining confidence. Once you get comfortable with this everything comes with it.
pics nics (1 month ago)
0:12 Two little balls of flesh??? Those are down there dude. Don’t look at a girl’s eye like two balls of flesh, you will come across as gay.
Wolf Pack (1 month ago)
This is the most moronic shit I’ve ever seen... good job not understanding human women... PS: if you use this techniques i will just asume you are an asshole and proceed to enjoy my night without you.
Binky Bones (1 month ago)
Im not saying I'm Harambe, I'm just saying that no one has ever seen Harambe and I in the same place at the same time.
Mister M de Maria (1 month ago)
I suddenly developed eye contact phobia in 2016, it gets me pissed off because there's no trauma, there was no bullying, no reason at all, it's a mecanism, if it only depended of my mind's will I wouldn't have any problems looking at others, but I just can't get over it, and I wonder, is there any kind of treatment for this god forsaken sickness? Really, I am considering suicide because of this because for me there's no reason to keep moving in life if it's like this.
brunojake099 (1 month ago)
Please for the love of god don’t train yourself to look at people a certain way... make eye contact sure it’s good communication but a REAL alpha clearly wouldn’t care to look a person in the eye sealing approval that he is an alpha!
Overkill00666 (1 month ago)
Who's the girl in the thumbnail? Anybody?
Watson Wallace (1 month ago)
Alpha or fish money is king
Keo TheLeo (1 month ago)
I appreciate that video 💯
Sam Gabriel (1 month ago)
Today I went to the gym and maintained eye contact with every single person I came accross for no reason except to be an alfa... I ended up getting my ass kicked of the gym and my membership suspended... =,="
David Lloyd George (1 month ago)
therefore chameleons are the most alpha of all animals
Lucas Curley (1 month ago)
Can you actually tell us what to do and not what it is
TheGameChick (1 month ago)
If someone starring at me i have to laugh for some reasons
15 seconds of truth (1 month ago)
What if ya only have one eye?
Jordan Cooper (2 months ago)
I purposefully give the beta male eye contact towards women at work. I want them to think I'm dismissive and creepy, I already got a girl waiting for me at home.
flipart leo (2 months ago)
any sigma here? sigma n a leo here
Wayne Beauford (2 months ago)
closed mouths dont get fed
Tammra (2 months ago)
Want a banana
Jeet singh (2 months ago)
My friend is from India He did this eye contact Now known as sexoholic
M B (2 months ago)
OK home boy. We look her in the eyes, then we check out her body and back to her eyes. It's natural for us. It's called gathering more information to see if she has more than just a pretty face. We don't do it because it's on a list of what to do or how to be an alpha male. Alpha males love women (unlike beta males. they love Bernie Sanders) We want to see the complete package and when we look down we are basically undressing them. But as a beta male, you got most of this shit correct. You just don't understand why.
Thadnill (2 months ago)
There is nothing more cringe than this person who always tries go go around and be alpha/macho, and now i know where the source of these people come from...
Proud American (2 months ago)
Genius and true. Love it
Slow&Low (2 months ago)
Make eye contact until you get slapped with a restraining order.
DeanteRocks (2 months ago)
Slow&Low 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 this mans is hip
Demarcus Faulkner (2 months ago)
So eye contact makes people think that your creepy.
JP McPherson (2 months ago)
WTF. Is this advice only for autistics?
Kenny Westone (2 months ago)
These guys who are making these videos just make up things that don't exist so they can get some views. And still sitting around in their moms basement thinking about the techniques they came up with.
Mike Chen (2 months ago)
I activate my supergazer 2000 which will allow me to switch Eye Powers withing milliseconds.
No Ragrets (2 months ago)
I am Sigma Male
Aljeane A (2 months ago)
I tried to be “alpha” and now I got a court date.
Mohan Arvind (3 months ago)
Balls of flesh 🤣
stephen cabry (3 months ago)
Be like jesus like a lion in the desert eyes of the beauty he is Devine my friend follow jesus path u will become extremely powerful and unstoppable
michael wilson (3 months ago)
sorry, but you can't teach someone to be an alpha male. you are either an alpha male or you aren't.
Chris Zablocki (3 months ago)
If you're going to get all psychological about it, then get off my lawn.
No name (3 months ago)
I went walking around Wal-Mart staring at guys in the eyes and ended up getting dominated by all of them. Turned into kind of a gang rape. I think one of them spit in my mouth also while I was unconscious cause I tasted McDonald's when I woke up and I didnt eat mcdonalds.
Island Knight (3 months ago)
Just look at the titties -
OTL (3 months ago)
the fuck? is this teen wolf or some shit
OriginalTharios (3 months ago)
I generally just look through other humans. You're all beneath me anyway.
Jordan Cooper (3 months ago)
Never in my life have I ever told a story to a group of people or even a group of friends and I'm 24
IRE261 (3 months ago)
I gotta poop
Peter Piper (3 months ago)
A lot of people had a bet fuck your bet
Rob shady (3 months ago)
So if we follow King Kong alpha tendencies we will get the white girl 😍😍😍💪🏻😎got it, thanks !! I'm going to be a alpha!!!!!💪🏻😎
Gaba 0731 (3 months ago)
This is only true if the girl is interested in you as well otherwise she'll think you are some creepy fuck.
Good video
TheLun4tic (3 months ago)
0:35 I definately would not date the right silhouette... ;-)
14Man Dawydd88 (3 months ago)
When I speak to girls and am trying to seduce them i look at their mouth briefly instead of their legs, this works better. Every time I do it the girl gives of a pleasant smile and I go back to looking her in the eye, works every time.
devin (3 months ago)
uhm an alpha wouldnt need these videos.
Cordeiro Ray (3 months ago)
Lucy Hale 😍😍
dilDer droge (3 months ago)
Is it just me, or is 7 minhtes of this video compleatly usless and juat 1 minute hold the info you came for......
Jane Ivory (3 months ago)
So what about assassin eye contact?
Orion Felis (3 months ago)
I have had people apologize for me being in THEIR way. And I look at them like "wtf.. dude I was more in your way than you were in mine"This is a regular thing for me; the timid responses with eye ocntact as well. So much so now I actively avoid much eye contact, not because I fear it but because of the awkward ass responses or body language I observe after the fact
General Mosquito Spray (3 months ago)
For some reason, when I maintain eye contact too long, my eyes get watery:(
Boostedart (3 months ago)
Matt (3 months ago)
Social alpha vs physical alpha is an interesting concept.
Dozier Atwell (3 months ago)
After enough research and confusion, I think I'm Sigma male. I know I'm not an Alpha though.
crazy_gamer6973 (3 months ago)
This is like the one thing that I'm naturally good at however when I moved schools the first thing I realised is that nearly none of my friends hold eye contact with anyone except other friends, especially with teachers. Whenever they ask a question they frequently look down or away and it's so awkward for the teacher, the friend and me if I'm sitting near them so please hold eye contact when asking questions
LoneWolfAlpha (3 months ago)
*Betas will disagree*
KUSAM RAJA (3 months ago)
Time waste
Donald Trump2020 (3 months ago)
This is so gay
ron horne (3 months ago)
This video id a great instructual video on how to killed while tryin to be a tough guy with the wrong Dude. Lol
roy_for_real (3 months ago)
Tip for becoming an ultimate Alpha, don't think about eye contact at all
redslate32 (3 months ago)
"...you could be a master..." I swear you were drawing a pokéball here. ROFL
Douglas Jessop (3 months ago)
One time in particular I did this, did this stare at a beautiful chick she blushed and look down. The part that makes it cool, was I was on a balcony and she was on stage. I felt that energy for sure.
no name (3 months ago)
Fuck eye contact.
Hoe Hunter (3 months ago)
what about if someone has aspergers?
Karna Panjari (3 months ago)
2 little balls of flesh...
Kitsalp Srewolf (3 months ago)
"Hold eye contact with another male for too long, and he might consider it a challenge." LMAAO! (that's, laugh my alpha ass off , in case you betas didn't get it) ONLY a Beta would say something so ludicrous. GUARANTEED if you stare at an Alpha he will consider it a challenge! GUARANTEED!!! Lol, and your beta ass will be handled.
Laurelindo (3 months ago)
I think that it's really exciting to look into a girl's eyes. It creates this intense connection that can quickly become really charged and erotic.
Light Bearer (3 months ago)
Blazing Dragon (3 months ago)
If your hear for females, video starts at 7:00
happydance44 (4 months ago)
haha so I shouldcreep ppl the fuck out w my stare mk & ppl already told me I have a creepy stare becuzI dont laugh when shit is supposed 2 be funny
Tony Iacomi (4 months ago)
Pretty sure that Beta is not weak. In a wolf pack, the Beta ranks 2nd behind the alpha but above most others in the ranks.
Mustard Tiger (4 months ago)
This reminds me of something I learned in psychology class. If you have a hard time making eye contact look at the persons chin. To them it still looks like you are making eye contact, and over time you’ll learn to make full eye contact.
Nick Saxon (4 months ago)
Lmao, I feel like only beta cucks come here to actually learn
Radio (4 months ago)
And these guides make then only arrogant and toxic
thehomiebearfifa (4 months ago)
Kaycee Coty (4 months ago)
All I can picture is a guy trying to be the alpha male, and he just goes around the street making long awkward eye contact and scrunching up his face
Tatsumi (4 months ago)
I need human contact first.....
dunloplego (4 months ago)
What’s with the constant drawing of two trees?
electricalvivek2 (4 months ago)
No beta need to become alpha. Just learn meditation and understand yourself.
D LocK (4 months ago)
Why are you describing me...😭😭😭 i got anxiety just watching this video...

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