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Text Comments (118)
November Babe (8 months ago)
Ew they're such creeps. Honestly If I was you, I'd trot up to them in my nude glory and kick their nuts into their throat but that's just me ;D
Pro BB gamer * (1 year ago)
Bab ass
Jourdan Jones (1 year ago)
not our faults have hormones. As aa matter of fact ive seen more girls take pictures or stare more at guys naked than girls.
George Cutler (1 year ago)
people stare at boobs on the beach because it's not a usual thing to see.
Alf Mil (1 year ago)
Beautiful girls and stupid men's...Poor guys who have never seen a woman
Pep Pop (1 year ago)
Give them that right :D
Alesha Harrison (2 years ago)
Been there, done that. You sunbath topless on a public beach you'll acquire an audience, I sunbath topless on the beach occasionally and I've gotten gawkers, so what else is new, I just ignore them.
MEDICUS (1 year ago)
So am I a pervert if I enjoyed your 2 videos? Just some advice, first of all use a better camera. I have a 4K camera, better artistic skills and better editing skills, you need more professional looking videos. And yes, ignoring gawkers is the way to go.
Dario Western (2 years ago)
It's because American society is so racist, sexist and homophobic that you get the gawkers.  On European beaches and a lot of Australian beaches, sunbathing topless is no big deal.  Guys just see and move on with their business.
Dario Western (2 years ago)
Curse all guys who disparage the "Free The Nipple" movement, and who hate women.  May they be made impotent in the name of Jesus!
CLASSIC (2 years ago)
Yeah but, wouldn't you want to look at undressed men and enjoy it ? it's a double standard right ? keep doing it, the novelty will wear off.
so if i show my dick ill be cat called ... mmm
Cherry Poppers (2 years ago)
Click bait to the extreme
Brian LIbby (2 years ago)
I thought i was actually gonna see some titties when watching this.. :(
TommyGamerV12 (2 years ago)
That bus station is... I mean... They were playing Sledgehammer from Fifth Harmony!
Tammy Corbin (2 years ago)
Kylie Healey (2 years ago)
Hey Heyna, what's the name of that beach? I really liked it.. I had a very cool experience surfing there!! Yes the bus station is hell, I have nightmares about that place and I live 15,000kms away!!
DS MakeUP (2 years ago)
בבקשה תעני לי את חיה בישראל או איפה ?
Afonso P (2 years ago)
You think you are some sort of overlord, such that if someone is looking at you that constitutes harassment and should be prohibited? If it's ok to show, it's ok to look at. Tone down your creepy demands, girls, cause its gotten to such an absurd level that guys are starting to stop just giving in to all of them. Start being more reasonable, its starting to backfire and you will start losing your priviledges. Like a guy who stays for some days in a friends' place until he gets a job, but then asks to stay for a week, then for a year... If it starts getting absurd, the friend will kick him out. Be reasonable and stop behaving like a superior race, like royalty, or something like that. Oh, and everybody shits too. That is not an argument to say that everybody should shit in public. Grow up.
SPEEDOF1000CC! (2 years ago)
Did you, stupid feminists, know that a boob, or a nipple is a sexual part of the female body?? And that's the reason when you get aroused and turned on you touch and rub your tits and nipples. No man does this thing. That's why men are allowed to go half naked at the beach and women don't. Because it's a fucking sexual part of women. And that's why these men were looking.. Maybe they were thinking how much of sluts most of you are. So stop bitching around about it fucking crybabies.
SPEEDOF1000CC! (2 years ago)
+Kaela Cadence​ I mistreat women??! Bitch, you insulted me first, watch the ending of your first comment. So, with the same logic, asses should be shown as well? (both males and females )
Kaela Cadence (2 years ago)
Explanations? Uniformed? Can you see what you're saying? You sound so uneducated and stupid beyond belief. Many females are not aroused by their breasts being touched whatsoever, or if they are, it's the same as their neck, arms, legs, etc., being touched. Everyone gets turned on by different things. Many girls fake it when they say it feels good to have their mammary glands touched, I know I don't like it. People get turned on by different things, guys can even get turned on by having theirs touched. Does that mean it's a sexual organ? No. Saying boobs are sexual is like saying legs or asses are sexual. Just because something is deemed to be aesthetically pleasing by many does not mean it is sexual. I'm assuming you're an asshole who mistreats women based on how you're talking to me. Get over yourself and stop wanking off to so much porn.
SPEEDOF1000CC! (2 years ago)
+Kaela Cadence Actually you are so uninformed, that you don't deserve any explanations. But, just keep in mind that females get aroused by rubbing their tits.Also they want men to suck their nipples because it fucking turns them on. No man likes this shit. It's not the society, but nature who "sexualized" it. That's why it shouldn't be shown. Just, put your fucking tits back in your bra and stop thinking like a stupid whore.
Kaela Cadence (2 years ago)
+SPEEDOF1000CC! Actually, no. Breasts were made sexual by society. There are numerous people who do not see boobs as sexual organs. Their function is to feed infants, nothing else. You don't see other male animals freaking out whenever they see breasts, and many people think that all of these societies that sexualize something that is made to nurture young humans are wacked out of their minds. Boobs are not sexual and never have been, standards have only raised us to believe such a thing. People are weird, I swear. Claiming cow milk is for them instead of baby cows and sexualizing things that shouldn't be, like mammary glands. Hanging out on the beach naked isn't an issue, either. The only issue is the people who feel the need to stare and freak out. In many countries there are nude beaches everywhere and people are mature about it. Get over yourself and stop thinking the world revolves around your penis, thanks.
Richard Gray (2 years ago)
Lemme get this straight. You have the right to expose yourself in public, but I don't have the right to look? Screw that.
November Babe (8 months ago)
It's very uncomfortable, I'm a naturalist, and I'm usually used to people looking but like idc, but one time a couple guys thought that it was okay to give me bear hugs or try you like, play with my bum. This is at a beach. Yes, look, idc but show some respect in a way
November Babe (8 months ago)
Richard Grey I wouldn't care people looked, men will be men it's fine whatever, but they were like literally smothering her to see her breasts and bum. At that point no, it's not acceptable
afdan ul Haq (2 years ago)
it's stupid to defame people publicly! If you have problem, just go and talk to them. I find its normal to look at boobs.
oliverupload (2 years ago)
thanks for the video/ sharing your life! Very authentic feel
KommenSieSpielster (2 years ago)
Does anyone know the name of the song that plays around 4:45-5:00? :)
KommenSieSpielster (2 years ago)
You and your friend handled those creepy perverts really well! It's best as women to just ignore them and not give them the time of day. Such pedo-bears on the beach in Israel lol... it's the same over here we have creepy lookers too. XP <3 You Henya! <3
Lily Pountney (2 years ago)
what's her instagram account
jessica paley (2 years ago)
girl your crazy i love it just turn that camera around on the culprit and call him out lol your a inspiration :)
Fobro 123 (2 years ago)
Bring those boobs😛😍
shoam demri (2 years ago)
חניה כמה זמן את בישראל? ועוד כמה זמן תישארי פה!(ישראל)....
Phoebe Sinclair (2 years ago)
Henya your videos inspire me so so much, you and Jason are the reason I'm vegan! seeing your passion is so motivational! #veganforeverything
carmel_kt (2 years ago)
Are you seriously surprised that people were staring ?! First of all, they're Israelis, so they'd stare anyway. Cuz that's what Israeli people do, they stare. And if your friend wants to lay naked at a beach in the middle of Tel Aviv, she's gotta take responsibility for the consequences. And one more thing, your friend laying naked on a beach that is NOT a nudist beach, can also be harassing to other people. So your friend is not innocent like you're trying to make it look. She's basically asking for these 'harassers' to gather around her.
Bob Builder (2 years ago)
Did I die and wake up in a world where breast aren't a natural aphrodisiac to men. If you don't want guys to look keep them covered. I can't just walk around with my balls slapping off my knees and without getting in wanted attention.
Sarah Loves Veggies (2 years ago)
+Bob Builder I agree with you Bob.
Rachel Y (2 years ago)
+Bob Builder Thats a little different, comparing a famous icon to an unknown topless woman at a beach :P If a woman sees a man she doesn't know with a hot body and six pack, she might glance and smile but its not normal to stare and treat the person like an object or a joke or as you say, yell inappropriate things or touch them. I only feel passionately about this because I believe women should be able to breast feed or sunbathe on a beach in public without being sexually objectified or treated badly! :) 
Bob Builder (2 years ago)
+Shefi Karni Hey don't get mad at me it's not like I made men sexually attracted to breast. I don't deny that it's a little unfair but try to imagine If Brad Pitt (or whoever girls like these days) was walking down the street with his shirt off. All types of women would be staring at his body, some yelling inappropriate things. Probably trying to touch him. Because that's what girls(typically) find sexy. guys are just easier to please. When we see boobs that's our brad Pitt lol.
Shefi Karni (2 years ago)
+Bob Builder There is a huge difference between looking and moving on, and fucking shamelessly staring and making comments. you as a man will never be able to understand what women go through..you can show your nipples everywhere, but women's nipples are a sexy filthy shamefull thing we should all hide?
Dorina Roams (2 years ago)
i freaking need to visit Israel for those foods SERIOUSLY
Alex Curtis (2 years ago)
This is so random, but I loooove your nail color
jsr9422 (2 years ago)
You are allowed to show boobs as a nudist on YouTube, just saying to save you editing next time
Charlotte Everett (2 years ago)
Yargh I love the beach in Tel Aviv! 😍 Wish I'd had more time there. Shame about the perverts your friend had to put up with! Men!
Dario Western (2 years ago)
Not all men are perverts, Charlotte.
louise lo (2 years ago)
I love how you say hummus
Yeety Van Jeurgens (2 years ago)
Those guy were only hanging around because they can't get any for themselves
Dream Typist (2 years ago)
You are such an inspiration Henya!! :-))
3695reddragon (2 years ago)
figures you cant even go to the beach and enjoy yourself without a bunch of horny perverts ruining it for you. but im glad to see you still had fun anyway. also sorry ive been gone so long i will be sending you an email explaining everything. you and your man take it easy until then. love you guys and really early happy pass over (love that holiday even though im not Jewish lol.
Steve Phillips (2 years ago)
What was that dessert Henya, you put it in brown paper save sand going into it. Did any sand go into it I am sure never saw you eat it. Cool to see you having a good laugh. You have nice friend she has a beautiful smile. hey you said Hebrew lesson?
ROCK n ROLL CASHIER (2 years ago)
naked girls are cool n all but being a gentlemen is cooler
Simona Šamanová (2 years ago)
Hello to all vegans and of course Henya :D please check out this petition if you want to make Lisa Simpson VEGAN!! :D Ask the Simpsons' Writers to Make Lisa Simpson go Vegan! That would be awesome if she would be vegan! Please share this petition in one of yours video! Lisa would be a very influential character that would spread awareness of veganism! You find the petition at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/549/038/537/  So please check it out! :D Love u :)
Neta (2 years ago)
יואו הציפס ומיונז של זכאים-אחד הטעימים
samantha salmon (2 years ago)
Henya I love seeing you in Israel! You and Jason seem so happy! ❤️
Kristen Leo (2 years ago)
Omg those guys at the beach were CREEPY!!!
Donald J. Trump (2 years ago)
Seriously tho 😂, it's like "omg bewbs I'm in love". The way they were pretending like they weren't interested was the worst part to me 😷...
Finding Fay (2 years ago)
Free the fucking nipple!
Melli Wika (2 years ago)
How to order vegan food in Izrael? I will be traveling to Tel Aviv and I really hope that people over there, speak English, because I can't read Hebrew.
Sara Bella (2 years ago)
They do don't worry
Vegan Jerry (2 years ago)
Vegan guys wouldn't behave like that. We're gentlemen :)
_______ (2 years ago)
*tips le vegan fedora* you utter bender
liz (2 years ago)
its just boobs people. They are normal and every woman has them. Show off that rack!
on a nudist beach, you can! plus, there's already every guyz flashing their tits on regular beaches. don't compare breasts and penis, seriously. at least be honest and compare breast with nipple and pussies with cocks.
can i show my dick ... yes ok ! 😀
Roberta Dittrich (2 years ago)
I mean, I was, now I'm the 99 , mhh
ChloeRoseButler (2 years ago)
Henya I've become completely obsessed with you!!! Anyway, TITTYPOWER
Roberta Dittrich (2 years ago)
I'm the 100 like yay yay
AME C (2 years ago)
How come tits have such a power over people...
Riley H (2 years ago)
omg! jason is drinking my favorite soymilk that i was drinking like 5 minutes ago. LOL! good choice. ;)
Katy m (2 years ago)
Those men need to be told to fuck off- seriously 😷😠
Jourdan Jones (1 year ago)
Katy m ok im sorry but if Someone Hot or just someone, anyone whos naked the other or sometimes the same sex is gonna stare. People think its Hot, think its strange. So dont tell us to jyst "fuck off" cause were staring, its not out faults out bodies have hormones.
fatpizzaman (2 years ago)
Agreed, Katy. They are pretty creepy.
MEDICUS (2 years ago)
+Krisalyn Jackson and Katy m's comment suggesting those men to fuck off was classy?
Calysta Velvet (2 years ago)
+Ree Tom aren't you just classy? *rolls eyes*
Mark Kempton (2 years ago)
LOL did they not understand when you were badmouthing them in english? I mean, is it uncommon to speak english there?
RedRona (2 years ago)
It is common but they deserved that..
Vanessa Martinez (2 years ago)
Holy crap man... Some men lose their minds when they see tits. Like, how is it ok for them to stare or take pictures? And the balls to ask your friend out?! It is like seeing tits makes their brains not function. LOL!
Jourdan Jones (1 year ago)
AssenavxActress not our faults have hormones. As aa matter of fact ive seen more girls do take pictures or stare more than guys
fatpizzaman (2 years ago)
Maybe those guys were given oppressive upbringings and were conditioned to believe that a woman is only worth her breasts. :-(
Chris Cross (2 years ago)
♪♪♪ . .her milkshake brings all the boys to the beach ♪♪♪ (the creepy ol' geezers anyway)
Handsome Femme (2 years ago)
What was that music in the restaurant :0??
Chiara E. (2 years ago)
haha well woodkid is playing when she's eating the fries and then James Bay when she's showing the dessert
Handsome Femme (2 years ago)
so who's lying
Chiara E. (2 years ago)
Woodkid - I love you
Alanis Robles (2 years ago)
James Bay - Let it go
Arti Shah (2 years ago)
Where are those sunglasses from?
Ability Extra (2 years ago)
It's a shame some men think it's ok to stare, I feel so uncomfortable when this happens and it puts me off wanting to wear certain things.
Benji Johnson (1 year ago)
More Than I thought Oh 😂 I probably should have read your previous comments and realised the change of tone. Good one.
Turd throwing monkey (1 year ago)
Benji Johnson haha syke. 😂😂😂, sorry, it's the rhetoric of feminists. I was fking with you.
Benji Johnson (1 year ago)
More Than I thought No it isn't, I'm pointing out a double standard in which men are the victims. Women are not always victims in every situation.
Turd throwing monkey (1 year ago)
Benji Johnson that's blaming the victim
Benji Johnson (1 year ago)
Women stare at men all the time as well
Elizabeth Milligan (2 years ago)
"It's just tits guys move on" 😂 love the video today X
MEDICUS (2 years ago)
It's just some guys looking at some naked tits displayed in a public place, move on... no need to make a pathetic video about it,  with a fake, click bait title using words like "nudist", "naked" and "harassed" to attract more views than a title describing exactly what happened in this video would've  attracted... It was only one of them two topless not naked or nudist, nobody got actually harassed so ... pathetic video made by 2 wannabe stars attention seekers...
smiley (2 years ago)
I'd really like to punch these fucking perverts........wow! a naked girl! -> probably the only time they ever get to see something like that in real life .............
smiley (2 years ago)
+thinkofwhy Feminist: the person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.
smiley (2 years ago)
+Ana Moldovan exactly!
jlebrech (2 years ago)
nothing wrong with being attractive girls :)

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