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Flash to Bang

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ryan Jones (4 months ago)
I think you got the most value possible out of Hexmags by using those inserts on your hiking stick. They are also good for practicing malfunction clearances.
luvnews fox (1 year ago)
"sound travels 1 kilometer in roughly 3 seconds and 1 mile in roughly 5 seconds". Flash-to-bang count of 3 seconds means 1 kilometer. Flash-to-bang count of 5 seconds means 1 mile. I knew this when I was a Boy Scout at 13 years of age. http://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/climate-weather/storms/question182.htm
Jolene K (1 year ago)
Couldn't watch in real time. Thank you Lt. for this post🇺🇸😢. Can't help recalling jaunts in the desert and poor sissy's nosebleeds♥️ I'm toasting you with a quad shot of Jack Daniels (old number 7) on a lot of rocks 🇺🇸💕🗽🥃
Erik Reedy (1 year ago)
Acton was enduring a nasty flash flood as you filmed this.
YT8324 (1 year ago)
It's actually approximately 5 seconds per mile, not 3. 700mph ~= 1026fps. 5280fpm/1026fps ~= 5.1mps. Trust me. :)
Paul (1 year ago)
big fan for years, keep sharing your knowledge.
Nuckin' Futs (1 year ago)
Are you accounting for the inherent latency between seeing the flash and the physical lag that it takes for the mind to start counting?. There are other factors involved as in calculating the speed at which sound is traveling such as air temperature, altitude, humidity and barometer.
Matt (1 year ago)
Don't stand near fences in a thunderstorm.
KM Merry (1 year ago)
u da man. I love how you educate your kid. She is about the same age as my grand-daughter. P.S. why would your wife want to come out there and say you are right. (I'm guessing that happens A-LOT). 10 years DSP- great job, you help educate me also my friend.
Ashley Crouch (1 year ago)
I missed this stream😲😔
I.B. Deplorable (1 year ago)
I like the tip about shovel handles; thanks.  Also like the brief history of Bryan Suits' radio career.  Good job - thanks.
Bob Plested (1 year ago)
I remember when the show was called 'Just Killin' Time'
I.B. Deplorable (1 year ago)
speed of sound = 1125 ft per sec.  That is 4.7 seconds per mile (I usually use 5 seconds) ... fwiw
gilbert bel (1 year ago)
Your so funny i enjoy all that yo do stay frosty
sac7000 (1 year ago)
My boy scout training taught me to seek cover when out in the open during a lightning storm. Trees are conductors as are squirrels. Avoid them if possible.
Dave P. (1 year ago)
Glad your on KFI.
Larry Stoecker (1 year ago)
Damn you're a good looking man.
robert hill (1 year ago)
Don't argue with the wife.

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