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Top Overpriced Motorcycle Gear

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A hefty price tag on certain products does not necessarily mean that it is of great quality. Never judge a book by it's cover. Right? Well this time we will judge, because the cover does not reflect the expensive price tag on these products. RyanF9 shares his thoughts on some of the most overpriced items you can find on the market. Top Overpriced Motorcycle Gear links and video timestamps: 0:10 - Kuryakyn Hornet Electrical Deer Avoidance System: https://frt9.co/e1uuf4 2:19 - Klim Adventure Rally Air: https://frt9.co/yfuqae 4:09 - Icon D3O Comfort Insole: https://frt9.co/o2gnul 5:41 - Bell Bullitt Stripes Helmet: https://frt9.co/e35qgt Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada
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Text Comments (422)
Michael Kastner (1 day ago)
When are you doing a public appearance? Track day, adventure ride?
icyhotonmynuts (3 days ago)
I like these to the point reviews. I appreciate you not going into your life history before each video. You made a separate video for that. *thumbs up*
Yuan Dong (8 days ago)
the last one looks like a fish tank
spike001ton (10 days ago)
So there is a No to jacket that is almost to a stab proof vest level
Jonathan Spears (12 days ago)
That helmet is ugly as fuck man who would want that piece of shit on their head.
Hashirama Senju (19 days ago)
That deer whistle could make for a good alarm though
Hunter Robertson (1 month ago)
" oh f*uck thats annoying." Best part of the whole video LMAO
Mr.Fancy PantsSheep (1 month ago)
Might as well join the military if you buy that jacket
Thomas H (1 month ago)
Not to me.
peter green (1 month ago)
yep..me!! Ryan is such a crackup.. love his vids
Sir Guru (1 month ago)
Sooo had to pause at 1:13 just to let you know how funny this shit is ps shit = the good stuff
gheddi (2 months ago)
the bell looks goofy af... theres some retro helmets that look cool and still maintain their protection... but this thing is just useless and overpriced... 500 bucks? hell no
Visionery1 (2 months ago)
Interesting points about the Klim jacket.
Larry Skachenko (2 months ago)
I have been riding to many years. What happened to leather!
Pusher _13 (3 months ago)
That jacket costs more than my bike.
Karam Singh (3 months ago)
Somebody needs to lift
Defectordrunkzone (3 months ago)
1:03 I lost it
Will Elliott (3 months ago)
FWIW, I am reasonably happy with my Motoport kevlar mesh gear, had it for around 8 years.
Will Elliott (3 months ago)
Now let's talk about overpriced and yet unreliable bikes.
IQToms (4 months ago)
What do you mean deer whistles don't work? Next thing you're gonna say $50 a quart motor oil is functionally the same as the $5 stuff.
TheAegisClaw (4 months ago)
The deer whistle upset my cats at least. Maybe they should sell it as a cat whistle...
D L (4 months ago)
I've got a few bikes I'd like to put on your list. I won't mention them here. It'll only start a fight.... :-)
Sandra Archer (4 months ago)
If you feel you need that Klin jacket, you should probably drive a car...protection is good, but when you get cooked inside your shell, don't you die as well?
Daniel Pedraza (4 months ago)
he looked so excited to turn it on then instantly regretted it 😂
Tuco Malatesta (5 months ago)
I own gear from a lot makers; Olympia, Scorpion, Sidi, Alpinestar, Speed and Strength, etc, etc, etc, but I refuse to buy Klim. Just seems to me they are a bit too proud of their stuff, and focus their energies on marketing their next amazing technology way too much and not near enough on the basics of what riding gear is supposed to do. Fifteen hundred bucks for a bunch of the latest hi-tech wiz bangery that sucks at what it's actually supposed to do? Gee, sounds about like EVERY bit of Klim gear. No thanks...
That guys vette (5 months ago)
LOL I like this guy. :)
vyzakas 21 (5 months ago)
i repeted it 100 time and its still funny
vyzakas 21 (5 months ago)
that face wen he turns the dear thingi 1.29 lollllllll
Coconutscott (5 months ago)
That Klim jacket is a train wreck.
Hipster s spend like 2k on there gear and it's not even safe but it looks cool. Hahah.
hillie47 (6 months ago)
I've had plastic Bell deer whistles on my truck for a few years. I've seen deer ignore traffic in front of me, but look up startled and run away from the road when I came closer. This has happened a few times, so I'm inclined to believe they have a positive effect. Of course, these are $6 for a set which I don't hear, not $100 for some electronic gizmo with ridiculous claims on the packaging. Also, it could have been my particular circumstances, I don't expect things like this to work all the time, it pays to pay attention to whatever's going on on the side of the road. In general I think pretty much all motorcycle gear is overpriced.
rover215 (6 months ago)
Ryan- I may have missed it, but have you ever reviewed anything from Aerostich? I have their one piece Roadcrafter Classic and really like it. Has great reviews, too, but I'd love to see you review their synthetic and/or leather options.
Can you please crash test the alpinestar T-viper air men's street motorcyle jacket
Brian 301 (6 months ago)
I liked the helmet
Manu De Meulemeester (6 months ago)
What would be a hipsterfriendly helmet solution? Safe, functional, practical (modern technologies etc), but still has a classic/retro vibe to it?
theultimateninja (6 months ago)
Im kinda convinced D3O does nothing.
EveryShotCounts (6 months ago)
That jacket cost more than my first bike 😂
Cho Peng (6 months ago)
LOL I wore that jacket AND the pants on a trip through backroads with a friend in South Africa and it was fine. I wear it in Hong Kong as well that's much hotter than Montreal =P I have the non mesh Goretex version too, if you thought the Air was heavy LOL.... I'd wear that in cold Vancouver fall/winter it'd be perfect. Yea it's heavy but I know I won't have a broken back or rib in a spill in Baviaans without cell phone signal: https://youtu.be/5bTy3m4n-Oc
Donovan Patrick Mahoney (6 months ago)
"Oh and it had a brown interior" hahaha mint
Meme Machine (6 months ago)
Most over priced thing about any vehicle is the insurance. For two years insurance I could buy a new fucking motorcycle. All taxation is theft.
BassasaurusRex (7 months ago)
I'd rather drive off of a cliff than listen to that fucking deer whistle for an entire ride.
Barney Betsington (7 months ago)
i love ur video fortnite thats my favrite game
Harold TheTubeman (7 months ago)
did this kid reach puberty yet?
shawnkiller90 (7 months ago)
1-Helmets 2 Jackets 3-Pants 4- gloves 5- boots because companies don't give a fuck if your actually safe they just want your money..........
Josh Pavelich (7 months ago)
love the outro, quick and too the point.
Scott (7 months ago)
The markup on everything is crazy. I paid $100 for a 10L dry bag. Nvm the rev-it sand 3 I ordered. The bike is the cheapest part.
Nick Stevens (7 months ago)
The Bell looks like it was made fifty years ago.
John Deslatte (7 months ago)
helmet looks like it was worn in 2001 Space Oddessey
John Deslatte (7 months ago)
the jacket makes you look like a storm trooper. don't worry your safe, cause you won't hit a damn thing
Matthew Ball (8 months ago)
“Oh $&@$ that’s annoying!” hahahahaha
firewireo (8 months ago)
The bell helmet, are you shitting me?
Joe Milich (8 months ago)
Dude. Do us stupid Americans a huge favor, while throwing out weights and measures, please throw in the defunct American Standard measurements. I hate having to convert everything through Google. Thanks.
GraylyGecko6 (8 months ago)
If you really need insoles look up skateboard insoles, they are made for hard impacts on your feet while still remaining soft!
nixrate (8 months ago)
Turrebo (8 months ago)
Was expecting something along the lines of "every DOT certified helmet".
Enes Ramage (8 months ago)
Oh no dont hate on the Bell 😂
Lukas Bendiksen (8 months ago)
That slow sound sonic generator as a swear word blocker
Vilier Pacal (8 months ago)
Hahaha cool, I was laughing so hard when you started talking about this helmet:D
redgc899 (8 months ago)
that helmet looks like something an astronaut would wear.
busyflyin (9 months ago)
Klim; it's a marketing trick.. Create something that's ridiculously expensive so that the less expensive stuff seems affordable.
Rodney Smith (9 months ago)
Years ago I remember someone looking further into the claims of a deer whistle. According to my fuzzy memory, they do work if by "work" you mean the deer will run. If I'm remembering this correctly the deer do run, but have no clue which way to run. I guess when they say it's more than 70% effective those other 30% of the time the whistle makes the deer run right at you.
Prithviraj Bogati (9 months ago)
Wow the video is quite informative than other channels, can you please make a video of airbag system bike jackets.
MrPoopnoddy (9 months ago)
A close-fitting chin guard (jaw-breaker) is what you should be looking for...a chin guard that's too far away from your fizzog will allow a correctly set chin strap to move too far back (and up) during a decent face-plant. So, would you rather have a sore mouth/jaw or have your spinal cord severed at the base of the brain as the strap rips through?
JSanteri (9 months ago)
"Oh FK that's annoying"
potatochobit (9 months ago)
most overpriced motorycle gear probably, Harley, triumph or ducati? I dont know anyone who owns an indian.
Charlie Lainez (10 months ago)
"Oh fuck that's annoying." 😂😂
Calvin Page (10 months ago)
Deer mate tennis asset living whatever queen DNA assault.
PythagorasHP (10 months ago)
Good content, very well spoken, and excellent editing but man I just can't get over the fact that you talk out of half your mouth.
SkcuhcL 701 (10 months ago)
Oh fuck that’s annoying ! 😂😂😂
SuperJohn12354 (10 months ago)
designer of the Klim Jacket "i think that jacket needs more zipers" "MORE ZIPPERS!!!"
Richard Porter (11 months ago)
That's the ugliest and most horribly designed helmet I have ever seen IN MY LIFE!
no you cant have my name (11 months ago)
stop talking from the side of your mouth
ecirprman (11 months ago)
How about for the sake of transparency you do a video on mark up values?
David Black (11 months ago)
Disappointed to hear the Bell's a bust! I liked the fact a helmet manufacturer was trying to do something different as I'm bored of wearing helmets and gear that make you look like a transvestite stormtrooper into S&M. Peace and love to all the tranny wannabe stormtroopers out there by the way! As for the hipsters - they only wear open-face numbers so their beard can dangle in the wind and also fit the Ray Bans.
Alexander Gardner (11 months ago)
Love your work.
Steve Utermahlen (1 year ago)
Come from an era when the deer whistle was plastic and probably cost of manufacture $.0001 selling for ten bucks. Waste. He's( or she ) is sitting on their yacht laughing. Love the presentations and candor. Not sure of the rest of you viewing this, but never go away Ryan. Consumer Reports could use a dump truck load of your humor. mahalo
Nick Hechler (1 year ago)
“ oh fuck that’s annoying“ 😂😂
Jason Messerley (1 year ago)
That's the ugliest jacket I've ever seen
Michael Lovell (1 year ago)
#1 should be anything bearing the Harley Davidson trademark...
Darryl Gibbs (1 year ago)
Literally everything on the market
billiondollardan (1 year ago)
I want to buy like 15 of the klim jackets just to make sure they stay in business
This Guy Rides (1 year ago)
Any Klim product can go on this list.
HellishGrin460 (1 year ago)
send the jacket to demolition ranch and have him shoot it!
R C (1 year ago)
The Klim would be good if you try to rob a bank
Mark Jones (1 year ago)
Was gonna buy the bulling today!!not now!!I,v subscribed!! brilliant!!👍
cheva68 (1 year ago)
Deer whistle cracked me up. The sag in the brick wall is totally triggering my OCD. Thanks for all the info.
Concurrent Flame (1 year ago)
Im surprised the bell bullshit made it in here...wait I'm not.
Alen Sacirovic (1 year ago)
I have about 15tkm on my Bullitt and the shield is completly scratched from opening :D And that vent just dont do anything... But I still love it! It is beautiful.
INNOVV (1 year ago)
Good attitude ! Like your share~
Dom Wren (1 year ago)
'The Hornet is not a magical device'
ekim andersom (1 year ago)
Price aside, that deer whistle might help me against stray dogs here in Thailand. There are thousands and some are aggressive.
Jeff TerBush (1 year ago)
Insightful commentary
Austin Martin (1 year ago)
Oh and the face shield doesn't rub on the helmet. Maybe I had a new and improved after your video model?
Austin Martin (1 year ago)
I really like all of your reviews on gear and on anything really and find them all pretty honest but I have a bell bullitt helmet and it is 100% the opposite of what you say it's the most comfortable helmet I've ever owned doesn't let in rain my chin has lots of room and there is no wind noise.
Nit the Liar (1 year ago)
It has been proven that some deer whistles CAN reduce deer accidents by 70 percent. you can thank STATE TROOPERS for those results, you have to get two though, the doe and the buck one. Deer can here the engine, but they don't know what it means. The deer whistle produces a sound that is a warning sign made by deer meaning to get out of the way, predator is coming. I'm sorry but you are simply incorrect.
Eleazar Duenez (1 year ago)
Lmao that was priceless “oh fuck that’s annoying”
Anogoya Dagaati (1 year ago)
I don't own a TV. If you had a TV show and kept to your no-nonsense truth to the heart appeal I'd drive to my parents to go watch you (that was a compliment, lol). I'm sold on you homie! You are doing exceptional work.
stephenmwyatt2 (1 year ago)
worst ripoff ever - Pirelli corsa tires, - https://www.btosports.com/p/pirelli-diablo-rosso-corsa-tire-combo/option/871-1015 or any similar tires made for a new track. The cheapest 185-50-17's are the best deal, and keep new tires with less than 2000 miles on your bike. If you ride all the time, get a Goldwing and go darkside. If you do constant burnouts for street racing, get this for a rear tire (darkside) - https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mtt-6652 a front tire for drag racing cars.
Toby Lane (1 year ago)
Late to the game but would love if you could do a video on where and how to get used gear.
Anubhav Nanda (1 year ago)
Are you British m

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