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‘Jeon Hyo Seong’ Fascinating Performance ‘Into you’ [M COUNTDOWN] EP.423

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M COUNTDOWN|Ep.423 전효성 ′반해′ 컴백무대!! 남심 녹이는 아찔 볼륨 퍼포먼스! Jun Hyo Seong - Into you World No.1 KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN Every Thur 6PM(KST) Mnet Live on Air 매주 목요일 저녁 6시 엠넷 생방송
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Text Comments (126)
M-K (3 months ago)
2019 💪💪
sebxstian1993 (6 months ago)
She invented dance in heels
Janeth Espinosa (8 months ago)
2018 ♥️
SausageLips_Jae #BAP (1 year ago)
This hair colour really suit hyosung 😍😍🙈💕💕
Weird As Heechul (1 year ago)
I honestly, seriously think she is prettiest idol in the kpop why people sleeping on her
zeynatura (1 year ago)
i'm still in love with that backup dancer with a ponytail, haven't seen him again though
blackjack 1 (2 years ago)
wtf this is not baned but other artist for less or for the fuck word are banned? jajaja i dont understand mnet really
ujuluda (1 year ago)
blackjack 1 u said it already. its about the lyrics
Tsubaki Min (2 years ago)
i am lesbian for hyosung
Adari Amani (3 years ago)
she looks awesome
Terry Zhang (3 years ago)
too much for me to take
king sunny (3 years ago)
it is cindy?
Em (3 years ago)
Her thighs are perfect:D
tmsterr (3 years ago)
I want to be a dancer that grabs her boobs lol
Laila Cabello (3 years ago)
I want to touch that body too. 7u7
Lee Kim (3 years ago)
This girl is fyll of charismaa
Louie Chan (4 years ago)
That boob grab.
ali (3 years ago)
+Louie Chan Lol is it even not disturbing
Hezekiah Pardito (4 years ago)
has a similar feeling with Hot Body by Hyomin but nonetheless it's has a different melody and groove and i like it. Fighting !
Marialejandra Tapia (4 years ago)
Girl crush,
M Rosé (4 years ago)
Her little wink just killed me ><
juno bug (4 years ago)
Does anyone else hear Spice Girls "Say you'll be there"??? I swear....
Ma21 Ma21 (2 years ago)
juno bug That's because it is. lol! :')
Dev Raj (3 years ago)
+Zoey T holy shit u naied it man.. its sounds exactly
Em (3 years ago)
+Yareli Lennon Hell yeah:D
Yareli Lennon (3 years ago)
+Emma Rowley I still like the song tho hahaha :3
Em (3 years ago)
Check Out Dreamcatcher (4 years ago)
How can she dance in those heels! Hyosung is amazingly talented 💘
Ana María (4 years ago)
I really like her voice, so low)? and calm~~ Her body tho, girl haha such a great body
Lauren Vieira (4 years ago)
Her dance, her sweet voice, she is so sexy and this song is so amazing i'm so addicted already... the dance is so powerul when she dances, just wow, Hyosung ♥
Sean Hernandez (4 years ago)
I'm totally down for this comeback! anyone else hear a little bit of Spice Girls "Say You'll be there" in there?!
Nouf (4 years ago)
The live version is much better , she lost so much weight😱
XXcartoonfulXX (4 years ago)
That blond girl who always gets to touch her boobs. I mean she had a better smile this time. But i swear she is so expressionless for someone WHO JUST TOUCHED HYOSUNG'S BOOBS. Like c'mon! If i were her, I would barely be able to tone down my excitement. Lulz. That girl is so unappreciative... sigh
Max ximum (4 years ago)
I love Hyosung . I alway support SECRET and other members of SECRET . SECRETTIME FORM THAILAND !!! Fighting Hyosung
Vanessa Periñan. (4 years ago)
girl groups trying to be sexy are like kids next to her!! She got the body, the movements and the charisma to be sexy, not just pretend she is! skjhsdhggkskgj
Jongkolwan Thitivet (4 years ago)
Beautiful~~~ Good Dancing~~~~
If only hyosung can hit deym high notes, she would totally be the ultimate perfect girl out there (not that she's not perfect. She's perfect just the way she is). I mean she can sing, dance, rap (sort of), she has a nice and gummy smile <3, a nice body, and she's an awesome leader. What more if she can hit those high notes? FIGHTING, Hyosung!!!!
May Huynh (4 years ago)
I keep getting afraid that she will slip in those heels with this dance
Minori (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks her dancing is really messy? Like, I know she's a talented dancer and she's also singing at the same time, but her moves aren't precise at all and look half-assed most of the time. That said, I totally love the song and her outfit!
Alex Papera (4 years ago)
Hyosung looks like Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII here. :)
Fredric Leysa (4 years ago)
Why can't I find her music video??? Gaahhh!
G (4 years ago)
Its not out yet
Marshall Jones (4 years ago)
gotta eat the booty like groceries
MaytheRoseBloom (4 years ago)
Is she really able to sing and dance like that??...
jinlissul (4 years ago)
i love when she flips her hair at 0:53 ugh gives me so much life
Lim (4 years ago)
This is hyosung right?
Randy Bui (4 years ago)
The outfit seems so uncomfortable on her...
catstar14 (4 years ago)
Nice, nice body....
Tiny Teeny (4 years ago)
The more u listen to the song the more u get addicted XD
Tina yang (3 years ago)
Wuauuuuuuu She is te Best o.o Es muy buena bailandooo
myuumarii (4 years ago)
She has such strong vocals, and she never uses them on her solos TT But this is a great song, and she is so sexy OMG <3
AOA YUNARIA (4 years ago)
more hyosung please!! ^^ <3 x)
imen0312 Inspirit (4 years ago)
Avery (4 years ago)
I really love the song too
zom ahhz (4 years ago)
I can't wait ><
Avery (4 years ago)
Honestly at the teasers I thought the chorus sounded like nice body but with the whole song it actually doesn't
Frontliner (4 years ago)
She is slaying my heart she is just too good
Lindsey Elizabeth (4 years ago)
FUCK ME YES KILLING THAT CHOREO!!!!!!!!! She looks stunning! That outfit, that hair!!! Oh my gosh!
Yasmin H (4 years ago)
Agree! I have no complaints at all, love hyosung so much !
BAP's FAN (4 years ago)
cheer up, Hyosung ~
Pinsuda Sinthuwarakul (4 years ago)
she remind me of scarlett johansson
Aishah Husin (4 years ago)
+Pinsuda Sinthuwarakull If I'm not mistaken, she's been called as Korea Scarlett Johansson.. as well with Korea Beyonce in terms of her honey thighs and dance.. Well She Korea Hyosung and the only one Hyosung. the only one who can pull off Sexy and Cute at the same time :)
P K (4 years ago)
My idol -/////////-
Tiny Teeny (4 years ago)
I love it XD
Daniel The FANBOY (4 years ago)
Wheres the mv!!!!!!
Daniel The FANBOY (4 years ago)
+mrVerbalCriminal ohhhh whyyyyyyy I was waiting for it tho.........
mrVerbalCriminal (4 years ago)
+Daniel Correos mv realese is on may 11
AOA YUNARIA (4 years ago)
=) ^^
Remi Gemini (4 years ago)
this song is a disappointment
bantan Anonymeboys (4 years ago)
I hope the physical copy for Fantasia is as pretty as top secret. Top secret is esthetically the best album I possess.
bantan Anonymeboys (4 years ago)
This song is so good. Every time a secret comes back,when get an awesome song. I hope after Secret comeback Jieun's second mini album will be on the way. Btw I have to get this album!
Ellen Kim (4 years ago)
The chorus sounds like tara hyomins nice body
Ivy Tsang (4 years ago)
Park Catherine (4 years ago)
Why so perfect? T^T
DwwwD (4 years ago)
Incredibly boring
Hyo_gummy (4 years ago)
Then dont watch. Simple as that
Ariaarg (4 years ago)
Gummy smile! I love Hyosung <3
Amberosnd1054 (4 years ago)
Diosa suprema, dueña del universo y mas allá ♥
JooRye (4 years ago)
good song! brings back old school kpop. It reminds me of 90s when i was middle school ^^ hope Kpop have more songs like this <3
SmileyPopPop (4 years ago)
TS ENT need a new choreographer .... i mean it is not bad or something ... but it is always the same ... steps ....
animemadness18 (2 years ago)
I agree with that- the steps here are incredibly similar to "I'm in love" in particular.
Tiny Teeny (4 years ago)
+SmileyPopPop However I think they make it nicely....
leila lzejk (4 years ago)
She killed it !
trang nguyễn (4 years ago)
i like this song better Good night kiss
Me Play (4 years ago)
I love her : )
Amberosnd1054 (4 years ago)
Freaking love it!!! My goddess is back to slay my life!!!
Ghazal Mf (4 years ago)
She looks FANTASTIC and She KILLED it ❤️❤️
MultifanTrashcan (4 years ago)
Them girl dancers touching her body like it's theirs... they know they want it XD
rosih emerim (4 years ago)
+BornFreeCassie LOL I think the same thing xD
mimi (4 years ago)
Yesssssss, Hyosung can pull off so many hair colors! This is such a nice song (I probably like it more than goodnight kiss now lol) :D
minhtien ngo (4 years ago)
rakhmanien (4 years ago)
Its similar to Hyomin - nice body :/
+rakhmanien it kinda is!! Especially the chorus part.
Park Catherine (4 years ago)
+rakhmanien Do you think? Can I ask you why, darling? :( For me it's not even close...
E Srhn (4 years ago)
Yes agree with you some parts are similar but not the whole song
한지연 (4 years ago)
왜해당국가에선볼수없데 짜증나
Raymond Liang (4 years ago)
44 people are jealous of her body lol
Emily Lam Su (3 years ago)
+raymond liang now its 150 :))
RecK1312 (3 years ago)
+raymond liang More like the dislikes are for the shity boring song.
timed wowsecret (4 years ago)
Akiire Sky (4 years ago)
Hyosung!! For comeback !! Finale! So sexy!
Francys Stefany (4 years ago)
Hyo Sexy
M.T.P (4 years ago)
whoooooaaaa so pretty
Javier Loureiro (4 years ago)
best smile in korea
46 (2 years ago)
Gamer Tiff korea hates her she cant sing too
Gamer Tiff (2 years ago)
Javier Loureiro lies Tiffany from SNSD has the best smile especially the eye smile
dave8771 (4 years ago)
Back dancers are so old
Gwi Yomi (4 years ago)
+dave8771 I think they should let trainees perform as background dancer :D (does any company do that, I mean like often? I only heard about a few idols who used to be background dancers)
Jessica Reyes (4 years ago)
+dave8771 i just realize they are old.....before i click on the video to watch her performance i though the males were touching her body i was about to say"what the heck?is that allowed?" lol
Vanessa Lor (4 years ago)
Your dick is old and hairy
Adam Nguyen (4 years ago)
my pussy is old
Diana Hernández (4 years ago)
Your mom is so old
Marianna Sega (4 years ago)
sexy queen in the building
everyday sleepy (4 years ago)
2:35-2:37 :O
ladies code shinee (4 years ago)
MRS (4 years ago)
Go Hyosung♥
Loyal Fans (4 years ago)
Antek 98 (4 years ago)
Qeen Hyosung <3
holicissue s (4 years ago)
I wasn't ready for the jacket to be ripped off! Hyosung slay all of me!!!!
Wong Siuking (4 years ago)
언니 💞💞

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