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Olga Kurylenko On The Jonathan Ross Show Full Interview (2-3-13).

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Jonathan chats to former Bond girl Olga about her new film "Oblivion" her roots and the 5 languages she speaks.
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unicorn lover (2 days ago)
When Olga said I'm a girl because of video games I was laughing so hard I replayed it again. But I'm a girl and I play video games but olga doesnt like video games so I won't stop her from that.
Marisha Cara (1 month ago)
Most beautiful girls are Ukrainian
Calm Pluto (1 month ago)
I like her but I don’t like her viewpoint on just because someone is a female they shouldn’t play video games. That’s really ignorant.
Badlaama Urukehu (1 month ago)
Leave the shirt if you could hun
Badlaama Urukehu (1 month ago)
Secretos roblox Roblox (1 month ago)
Es hermosa
Imane Mourady (2 months ago)
What are you guys talking about she is really ugly and I’m not being sarcastic
unicorn lover (2 days ago)
Get a life she's not ugly she's beautiful
HKim0072 (3 months ago)
*sigh* She is extremely attractive.
Diego Pisfil (7 months ago)
She looks like if Heath Ledger and Nina Dobrev had a sister
JMC RSA (1 year ago)
Oh my word she is drop dead gorgeous!
Jarmen (1 year ago)
tintinesk5 (1 year ago)
Jonathan is good but he can't flirt like Craig Ferguson, none of the talk show hosts can. Miss you Craig!
tintinesk5 (1 year ago)
Sex Godess !
Stephen Tailby (1 year ago)
Princess crowned ^ X producing
coca cola (2 years ago)
Jesus christ shes gorgeous
Alexandra Sinclair (2 years ago)
Coca-Cola is so bad, especially at Christmas! Have you noticed Coca-Cola have the same color as Santa's outfit? In fact, Coca-Cola is responsible for changing the whole meaning of the Christian Christmas, but their devilish power is so great that people can't stop drinking their stuff...
coca cola (2 years ago)
Pardon the blasphemy 🙏🏾
Yael Feder (2 years ago)
I love her English accent impression!
warriorprince101010 (3 years ago)
Carol and Olga 'on the same couch...wow.
Mahmud wali (3 years ago)
I really like Olga kurylenko more an more
OkashiiAmerican (4 years ago)
if she played video games too my head would explode with how insanely awesome-er she would become. Little sad she thinks girls can't game though. She's had some kick butt roles. And actually she played in a video game movie too so that's kind of funny lol
Valerie Bee (4 years ago)
she comes from western part of Ukraine where the majority speaks Russian but this is not a case of the whole country 
Martin (1 month ago)
Ukraine is basically a russian with different accent
Francesco Bonfiglio (8 months ago)
she's from eastern ukraine
Valerie Bee (3 years ago)
you are right, I meant east, should have checked my directions :D. my apologies
DnWn (3 years ago)
+Valerie Bee from the eastern part, and to be honest all Ukraine except for the Western part is Russian speaking mostly.
Pablo Salamone (5 years ago)
She going to be the next wonder woman in the man of steel.
HKim0072 (3 months ago)
Props to Randy on the Gal Gadot prediction. Olga was a bit too old for the role.
thegooseman (1 year ago)
OkashiiAmerican that "skinny wrench" is the definitive Wonder Woman.
OkashiiAmerican (4 years ago)
too bad they didn't see your comment before they picked that skinny wench
strelokblyat (4 years ago)
+Randy Patton Gal Gadot. not even once
Randy Patton (5 years ago)
I hope not.   Gal Gadot would be better for that role.
44excalibur (5 years ago)
Wait a minute...... Olga Kurylenko is Ukrainian, but she speaks Russian better than she speaks Ukrainian? Sacrilege!
Bianca Hotca (1 year ago)
Doesn't make sense
Broken Crab (1 year ago)
44excalibur and I'm sorry if I am sound rude, you just make my brain blows, no offense, k?
Broken Crab (1 year ago)
44excalibur lol, Ukraine is mess is because Ukraine wanted to enter European Union, while east didn't, cause it would crush our economy. And when we refused they called us terrorists and came with weapons, Russia thought that's its good chance to instabile the situation, cause east just on the border with it. They don't care about our land, they wouldn't accept it even if we would give it for free. Surzhik is spelled as суржик and English- Ukrainian transliteration had been changed about 3 times for the last 2 years. And not a lot of people protest, actually, against Ukrainian, our government don't want to make such huge reforms. And u sounds like someone who read about such country on internet and has no idea what's really going on there. Your political opinion is so narrow and one-sided. And all what you saying is complete bullshit. I have no idea why I am writing something to you, proving for somebody who lives in US about MY country. And just for notes, i am patriot of Ukraine, as most of people in east.
44excalibur (1 year ago)
No, my grandmother is from central Ukraine and my grandfather is from western Ukraine. And if so many people in Ukraine speak Russian, then why did so many Ukrainians protest against a Russian language law and want to keep Ukrainian as their national language when the government tried to make them speak Russian? And the language you're referring to is spelled "Surzhyk," and it's a mix of Russian and Ukrainian that resulted from years of Soviet occupation. But since the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukrainian has been the national language there. The Russian influence on Ukraine is mostly due to the time the USSR(CCCP) was around. And what I'm saying is not just about the west, but the north and central parts of Ukraine that want to keep the language. Look at the mess Ukraine is in right now because of Russian interference and Russian invasion. You sound more Russian than Ukrainian.
Broken Crab (1 year ago)
44excalibur and not a lot of Russians live in east, there actually no sense of coming from Russia to Ukraine, usually it's vice versa
Oleg A (5 years ago)
1aldovich (5 years ago)
Im in love with Olga K. and she can hunderstands Spanish, coooool
Aldo Ojeda (5 years ago)
6:04 sorry, then. I guess Olga wasn't for me after all :(
Carlos Saraiva (2 months ago)
The grapes are green, heh?
Izio Shaba (5 years ago)
i would just hug her and be nice to her... oh boy
turbobenx (5 years ago)
she look very asian....tho i kno she aint....
ThaliaGrace15 (5 years ago)
she looks a little like christy turlington
Rake187 (5 years ago)
get a room.
Rake187 (5 years ago)
i want yours.
AwesomeGirlGamer (5 years ago)
I want Her Jumper
Mike Lykan. (5 years ago)
She's really gone up in my opinion. A really beautiful talented and lovely woman...

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