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DaveControl - 5 Years Q&A

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Full 1 hour 40 minute video: https://youtu.be/6pMxdDdWOQA As of July 4, 2018, my channel is 5 years old! That's right, my birthday is the same as America's... for whatever reason. It just happened that way. DaveControl: July 4, 2013-?
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DaveControl (10 months ago)
Full 1 hour, 40 minute Q&A: https://youtu.be/6pMxdDdWOQA (Plus song list)
pan liška (2 months ago)
holy shit thats only 2,8 K views , how
zanychelly (5 months ago)
Hey, Dave. There is a bunch samurai games coming, like: Tales of Ronin, Bushiden. The messenger is already out, for the Switch, seems cool ( I hope it comes to PS4 )
DaveControl (5 months ago)
The Messenger was sick! :) I'll have to look into the other 2, though!
JJ souls (7 months ago)
Lol good ok Dave. I'm sry here but I'm on a new profile. The ds 1 lore is when I first showed up. I still watch them
Massive Douche (7 months ago)
Are you gonna get Dreams? Having a double major in game design I'd love to see the crazy stuff you could do with it.
ihaveasnake (8 months ago)
Suuuuuuuper shooooowwwww
DaveControl (8 months ago)
ihaveasnake Tomorrow. 😉
Arjun Chakraborty (8 months ago)
Shit, I'm 30, and I can't beat Mega Man 2.
Spartan 69 (9 months ago)
You should do more gaming videos!
Spartan 69 (8 months ago)
+DaveControl in general! Haha but I would love to see a let's play of you doing symphony of the night!
DaveControl (8 months ago)
Spartan 69 Let's Play channel gaming videos? Or just in general?
Elio G (9 months ago)
We want more!
Arjun Chakraborty (9 months ago)
I'd be keen to watch you play FF, especially the mid-older ones like 6 through 9. :)
punipunipyo (9 months ago)
Kanista17 (10 months ago)
Okami - Super Show any time ?
Aleksander Gąsiorowski (10 months ago)
Hi Dave! Have You ever considered making a "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" Let's play for Your channel? I'd guess You are asked a lot about and I'm not trying to suffocate You with spam or anything like that, but I can't recall You ever mentioning thinking about doing it (Unless You did it in the longer Q&A which I wasn't able to watch yet). I would immensely enjoy watching You cemplete it :D. Keep up the great work and I wish You all the best in any future content creation.
ZWICK 6 (10 months ago)
Thanks Dave for all the great content over the last 5 years- you always make me laugh (and learn a few things)
K1773R Bro (10 months ago)
Dude, im a huge fan and you didnt answer my question :( sad me.
K1773R Bro (10 months ago)
DaveControl lmao, thx man. 🌝🌝
DaveControl (10 months ago)
I did answer question in the full length video (link in the pinned comment/in the description). https://youtu.be/6pMxdDdWOQA (Around 1:14:00 into the video)
Kiran J. (10 months ago)
I just discovered your channel a week ago through the dark souls 3 dlc three man army on Terramantis channel. I just loved you and your commentary and a lot of views on that video are from me because of you. Had to subscribe immediately and now that I've watched this video, I'm definitely looking forward to binge watching your uploads :D :D Your acrobatics are really good! Respect from this couch potato! :D
BallotBoxer (10 months ago)
Been subscribed for 4 years and I am yet to see a video that wasn't funny, interesting, or entertaining. Every upload notification is a delight. The care and enthusiasm just adds up to top quality.
Brian Dufelmeier (10 months ago)
I would absolutely watch and LOVE any let’s play series you did on any of the final fantasy series! Especially the ones you mentioned here in the video (6,7, and 8). I wouldn’t mind watching the grinding and me, personally, don’t mind if you do voices for each character (although it is a welcome and lovely additional touch). The quality and effort you put into your videos means they would probably be the definitive let’s plays for the ones you do. I look forward to all of your upcoming From Software let’s plays and lore videos for the upcoming games. I consider you to be the authority on From Software lore. I try to watch other people’s ideas and end up thinking “nah, Dave’s interpretation is better and makes more sense”. Please keep doing what you do! Also, if you want to branch out, a Legend of Dragoon Supershow would be kinda cool!
1128nesecret (10 months ago)
Dang been a long time since the nito lore video! Haven't watched in a while but still hold you in high esteem amongst the souls content creators. Keep making good content souls or otherwise and others will come. Congratulations and may future successes be plentiful.
MadPaint333 (10 months ago)
Congrats on five years!!! You actually said my LAST name right, you have no idea how many people butcher it. You should definitely do a longer video on your spooky "ghost" stories!
Andre Luiz de Andrade (10 months ago)
OMG my question was chosen, it was really cool! I love the answers, Especially about LOTR Two Towers, one of my favorite too. PS. Great pronunciation about my name, I am from Brazil, and I Know its sound weird in English, but you did well ;)
Daniel Wheels (10 months ago)
Do another giant Dad lore video
Destroyer2150 (10 months ago)
Fucking hell. 5 years? It seens like yesterday that I stumbled on your Dark Souls SuperShow.
Red Means Recording (10 months ago)
Hey Dave, just wanted to say that I love your work and recognize how much you put into everything. Thank you for your awesome stuff and great attitude.
Clay Shinn (10 months ago)
Congratz dude! Awesome video! You are throughly entertaining!!! Keep up the awesome work!
D. K.O. (10 months ago)
Gratulations to 5 years, keep going because you make me laught, than pee myself because of laughting and still you give a lot of quality content. I realy liked your Dark Souls content, but still watched a lot of games I never played and never regret to invest that time to watch your vids. Good luck for you and your channel!
S.M. Carrière (10 months ago)
Tamora Pierce is a brilliant author. I appreciate you mentioning her.
Kleber Pereira (10 months ago)
Cool video, man! Here's to 5 more years!
Arjun Chakraborty (10 months ago)
I just finished watching the whole video. I never realized how multi-talented you are! Thinking about it, it definitely makes sense though; the quality of your videos and research definitely reflect how driven you are. I think it would be really cool if you did like motivational or life advice videos, too. I think a lot of people would really like to be able to do all the stuff you do outside of video making, but sometimes it's just a motivation thing, too. For example, I can run like 12km, but I'm really struggling to get to big boy plates (22kg) on the bench, at the gym. Anyway, cheers!
Marshall R. (10 months ago)
glorious times.. love you and your content <3
Haitani (10 months ago)
regarding Dragon's Dogma. I also played it a bit and it was "only okay". over time I continued bit by bit, and then you reach a point where you can finally take on Dragons and it feels like the game changes completely then (probably 20 hours in the game), and it was only at this point I really started liking the game :D
MrTheRedDragon (10 months ago)
Squirtle Squad 4 lyf! Thanks for answering my question Dave, and congrats for having the best channel on Youtube for the last 5 years. Can't wait to see what you have in store over the next 5.
SirRedPnda (10 months ago)
It feels good learning some more about you! I'm very excited for the future of the channel! Have a great day
tni333 (10 months ago)
You deserve so much more subscribers. Love your stuff man!
saedt (10 months ago)
Hahahaha here’s to 5 more years!
Memes of destruction (10 months ago)
yo Dave can u please participate on the next "Soulionaire" thing thats going on on Otzdarva´s Channel?? Would be sweet ! love ya . Sorry for my bad english, im from Germany
Memes of destruction (10 months ago)
wow thanks for the answer. goin to rewatch that now !!!
DaveControl (10 months ago)
I was actually on an episode! :) https://youtu.be/FCRL0mL-R-Y Although, if I was ever invited on again, I'd totally do it.
Stephen Almogela (10 months ago)
OMG you box and bboy?! On top of playing video games?!! We need to hang out one time cuz I'm into all that shit too!
DaveControl (10 months ago)
You, sir, have amazing taste. :D
Justin Flynn (10 months ago)
You're Da Shit Dave! Always love seeing new vids. Congrats on 5yrs. If you post it, they will come... lol, just do you man
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Thanks so much! :) I will keep posting! Excited about the new Super Show I'm working on - just finished filming for 4 hours, so should be good. :)
A Deformed Pig (10 months ago)
But.... my question...... not answered..... sad ;-;
A Deformed Pig (10 months ago)
Ah ok thx
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Its' definitely in the other video.
Degni (10 months ago)
Holy shit, you do so much! Even more respect for ya, Dave. Your acrobatics are amazing.
Degni (10 months ago)
As a starving prowrestler that every now and never "attempts" a moonsault or two, you got me super jealous right here! Also, I just spent a few hours watching all the Super Shows I had never watched before and man, what a ride; absolutely loved it. Keep being awesome! Can't wait for the Shovel Knight one.
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Thanks so much! I'm glad you think so. :)
A Deformed Pig (10 months ago)
Dave looks a lot like my math teacher and that scares me
DaveControl (10 months ago)
What a good looking guy! :P
sancturillore (10 months ago)
The Immortal super show is also my favorite one.^^ I re-watch it regularly(about once per 6 months, or so).
Michael J (9 months ago)
DaveControl please do more obscure games like it
D. K.O. (10 months ago)
I did not even know about that game, but as a Hadcore Dark Souls fan I had to play it after I saw it on the super show. (seems that I am a masochistic maniac XD )
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Nice! It's super cool to hear that. :) I hope to one-day outdo that one.
Arjun Chakraborty (10 months ago)
Hawks! Hawks! Hawks! xD Happy Birthday, mate!
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Thank yo so much!
Cory Baxter (10 months ago)
Hey guys it's Dave Klein you know from Dave control
Cory Baxter (10 months ago)
Dark souls is one of my favourite games um if not my favourite
DaveControl (10 months ago)
The main thing is, I absolutely love dark souls - which is why I have it here.
Cory Baxter (10 months ago)
I actually got invited to play dark souls 2
Dalton Brummer (10 months ago)
Thank you, Dave! Yeah, my favorite arc is the Black Swordsman arc. However, I only feel this way when you consider the events of the golden age arc. It's definitely the arc I read twice when I re-read the series.
DaveControl (10 months ago)
I do really need to go back and re-read Black Swordsman. I loved it as I was reading it, but only read it once. But, for me - since Golden Age is the foundation and reason everything else works so well, that's a big reason I it's my fav. But, the pure rage of Black Swordsman is incredible.
Casey Scott (10 months ago)
You beat Mega Man 2 at years old! Wtf! XD. I geuss me and my brother are just terrible at video games. We couldn't beat any of those games now, let alone at 4 feggin years old. That's impressive.
Casey Scott (10 months ago)
That's impressive dude. Something to be proud of for sure, especially at that age.
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Video games are the only thing I've ever considered myself "talented" at, haha. I never thought it would do anything for me, and in a weird way it ended up working out with this channel.
bloodstone ore (10 months ago)
1:30 is all you need to see, future self
Christopher White (10 months ago)
We love you you beautiful human bean!
DaveControl (10 months ago)
You're my favorite sprout! ;)
Madicus (10 months ago)
wheres my question... at least reply to it lol
Madicus (10 months ago)
DaveControl lol it okay
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Lol. I'm actually surprised I somehow missed it. But, 'ey, there ya go.
Madicus (10 months ago)
...fuck u im unsubing ass is way better lol
DaveControl (10 months ago)
ScreenName (10 months ago)
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Knight1725 (10 months ago)
Awkward... Funny
Beartrap Dan (10 months ago)
Ayyy congrats on five years! Thanks for the amazing content Dave. Also super looking forward to Hollow Knight content.
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Thank you! :D I can't wait to play it, been looking forward to it for a while now!
Ernas 343 (10 months ago)
Also you should post some montages of your gymnastic activities, that could amass spectacles from the remains of Dark Souls community :DDDDDDDD
DaveControl (10 months ago)
I'd like to, just been trying to find places to do it. :P (Plus, get better at the moves I'd want to feature).
Ernas 343 (10 months ago)
Ayyy my comment got featured :DDD I really appreciate the respond Dave, but yeah the very allegation of "style-copying/plagiarizing" between your style from Jontron's (which he himself was inspired by previous existing youtubers) is as much as with the last month's fiasco between PUBG and other Battle Royale TPS Online games, there's little conviction of those allegation of "stealing" is equivalent to something like College textbook plagiarisms, besides most of Youtube contents has hefty emphasis on transformative value and elements which included a lot of factors of each respective youtubers, but alas I can understand with your preference to not provoke with the audiences surrounding other good channels such like Superbunnyhop and other "Video Game analyst youtubers", where a lot of these viewers are very observant about the affairs surrounding this site Regardless of the Tl;dr, I hope for your successes on your endeavours and careers in the present to the future, regardless of any of your trade of specialties, I can gave you an example of perhaps taking views on Yoko Taro games, Hideki Kamiya's careers or something as obscure as SMT games, I'm pretty sure you can bait more from the fandom into your community pool
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Well, I did do my video on "Mirby Odyssey" which was similar in being a very analytical video, and people seemed to really enjoy it. I think it's just a personal fear... so I just have to focus on making it a video I'm happy with, and put in my own style and ideas... and it should be fine. At the end of the day, it's just an analytical breakdown video, and no one "owns" that.
TheJegkkon (10 months ago)
Madicus (10 months ago)
TheJegkkon just do it for jared!
TheJegkkon (10 months ago)
Madicus I can't stop....
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Madicus (10 months ago)
stop thats already a dead meme...
Soul Wave (10 months ago)
Actually nice breakdancing tbh
DaveControl (10 months ago)
Thanks! 😊
Thanks for the answer. :3
DaveControl (10 months ago)
No problem! :)

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