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Lily Allen - Not Fair (Style Of Eye Remix)

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Lily Allen - Not Fair (Style Of Eye Remix) Lily Allen - Not Fair (Style Of Eye Remix) Lily Allen - Not Fair (Style Of Eye Remix) Lily Allen - Not Fair (Style Of Eye Remix) Lily Allen - Not Fair (Style Of Eye Remix)
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Text Comments (27)
Jason Olvera (4 years ago)
Still an awesome remix, would love to dance to this in a dark club/environment.
Estevban Deroho (6 years ago)
Learnt that yesterday :P
Tiepster (6 years ago)
That is not the intro of 'Not Fair'. It's 'Retur 2 (Original Mix)'. This is cut from a dj-set.
Estevban Deroho (6 years ago)
That would be the Intro. and that's probably because it IS style of eye :/
DEEravesITT09 (6 years ago)
i could picture myself dancing all night to this same song without even realizing it >.<
Seb (7 years ago)
This is not the style of eye remix.
goatsy goat (8 years ago)
@Barbaroossa soundslike a good trip on good acid
Charlie Brown (8 years ago)
This is boom twat
Josja Fluitsma (8 years ago)
@Barbaroossa More like a good trip on Acid!!
88xMrGx88 (8 years ago)
pfooooaaaa :D ich heb ab :D
LionKing (8 years ago)
5:33 is where I came twice
AggressiveXSubstance (8 years ago)
uh damn this is way too hot, im not sure it can get better then this. Its like the crack of the music world....
Tiepster (8 years ago)
Which track is the first 2 minutes? Very Style Of Eye style.
alonso alonsoalonso (9 years ago)
best remix without any doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cykamourn (9 years ago)
Yea... this is excruciating .
Victor (9 years ago)
soundslike a bad trip on bad acid
Mark-Koster (9 years ago)
Check out my remix if you got some time!! Fresh Progressive House remix
5508617 (9 years ago)
you know alot of my dad that means you are jaloes :)
5508617 (9 years ago)
5508617 (9 years ago)
ifso why does did suck ass ?
Slobodan H (9 years ago)
Alin C (9 years ago)
Style of Eye is amazing!
jaimejames13 (9 years ago)
Claude VonStroke has been hammering this @ many parties. I just never knew the track name. Only the uneducated in proper electronica will think negatively about this remix. Style Of Eye is NOT a commercial or trendy artist, so he doesn't need to include an obvious vocal hook. That's for the cheese remixers who cater to the radio friendly fans, and those that need an easy thing to remember.
besbravo (9 years ago)
the first song seems RETUR 2 ... probably is that...
MasiFantasie (9 years ago)
this is so "out of genres". love it.
A. Tajari (9 years ago)
the first one is a bomb song please help for the name?!!
Virales y Tutoriales (9 years ago)
muy bien para bailarlo drogado jeje

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