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HTML and CSS - Embedding Fonts with @font-face

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Demonstrates how to embed fonts using CSS @font-face. Also shows how to download and use free fonts from SquirrelFonts.com Table of Contents: 03:09 - Embedding Fonts 03:31 - Browser Requirements 04:07 - IE Problem 04:28 - Where to get Free Fonts 05:03 - Previewing a Font 05:41 - Download @font-face Kit 06:08 - Reviewing the font face kit files 08:51 - Using @font-face 10:46 - Caution!
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Text Comments (11)
trần trọng pháp (2 years ago)
biết có 1 chút tiếng anh à, không hiểu :'))
Judit Kovacs (3 years ago)
Thank you. The first explanation that is really clear and comprehensive.
Samuel Kung (3 years ago)
didnt find any answers here.. want to place the tiff in the fonts folder then access it through the css...
Jack Lee (4 years ago)
Thank you! This was very helpful :D
swooshsify (4 years ago)
Super tut, I spent all day because I didn't notice the .css file and my font would not display right, thank you :)
Karthi Kesavan (4 years ago)
Nice Post... As well as nice voice... thanks
Daniel Zhao (4 years ago)
very helpful tutorial, thanks so much
DiscountBrainSurgery (4 years ago)
Very nice of you to post this. I couldn't quite get it in my head about fonts and whether or not my website viewers would see the font I wanted them to see. Now it all makes sense. Thank you. One little thing-- Not all fonts offer the at font face kit. Even the Quicksand font is not available. You can't tell until you click on the Webfont Kit button. On many of them, you'll get a generic message which makes you think this video is no longer applicable. In reality, just keep trying until you find one that offers the options she shows you. I looked for a filter. Couldn't find one.
ajingar (4 years ago)
Nicely shown - thank you!
Juan Pablo Karmazyn (5 years ago)
Randy Roman (6 years ago)
Now I don't feel so alone- there is a theraputic aspect to your teaching, don't you know... Thank you Prof. Gustin.

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