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↓ OPEN THIS FOR MORE INFO ↓   10 FASHION MISTAKES WOMEN ALWAYS MAKE! Many of you enjoyed my ’10 WAYS TO ALWAYS LOOK EXPENSIVE” video…so I thought I’d follow it up with 10 fashion mistakes I always see women making! Hopefully you enjoy these styling tips and tricks :) SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE: http://bit.ly/2jly5Nd (We’re almost to 100k…OMG!)   ------------------------------------   JEWELRY I’M WEARING Kingsley Necklace: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/necklaces-1/products/kingsley-necklace Hailey Necklace: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/necklaces-1/products/hailey-necklace Liv Threader Earrings: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/earrings-1/products/liv-threaders Kierza Threader Earrings: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/earrings-1/products/kierza-threaders Carina Ring: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/rings-1/products/carina-ring *Use code SHEA to save 10% on your order & get free US Shipping!*   SHIRT I’M WEARING: http://bit.ly/2v9JYqO LIPSTICK I’M WEARING (Slow Burn): http://bit.ly/2uQSSyf   ------------------------------------ FOLLOW ME! Lots of luxury bag and outfit posts! INSTAGRAM – @Shea.Whitney https://www.instagram.com/shea.whitney/   EMAIL ME! [email protected]   WRITE ME! PO BOX 136 West Sunbury, PA 16061   ------------------------------------   FILMING EQUIPMENT USED: Canon 70D: http://rstyle.me/n/cbpbnnb8fn7 Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Lens: http://rstyle.me/n/cbpbn5b8fn7 Studio Box Lights: http://rstyle.me/n/cbpbqib8fn7 Microphone: http://rstyle.me/n/cemjjnb8fn7 Editing: Final Cut Pro Music courtesy of: NoCopyrightSounds - Youtube *Konac – Home   *Disclaimer: I use affiliate links.  As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support in my channel!
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Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Hey guys!! Just in case anyone is wondering - I will definitely go back to my normal background, but I thought it would be fun to switch it up to something white & clean. I love channels that switch up backgrounds, filming angles, etc! I really enjoyed editing this video too. So thanks for watching XOXOXO
Dwayne Beard (1 month ago)
Cool Also see the top 13 women classic watches https://www.bestofthetop.com/top-13-women-classic-watches/
Neko Fenrir (1 month ago)
+Corrigan Davidson you make make a lot of amazing clothes with cotto crinkle fabric tho.
Corrigan Davidson (1 month ago)
I am very neurotic about wrinkly clothes and lint, so when you said "lint roller" I knew I was going to like this. 😊💕
Shelby Hutchinson (2 months ago)
Lol! Soooo...hate to break it to you, but you DO NOT have a nice butt. There is nothing there. It's flat. You need to get off your pedestal. You are nothing special and typical looking. Move along chatty Kathy.
Neko Fenrir (2 months ago)
As soon as you said "fur or lint" I looked at my fat orange and white cat 😂 Surprisingly tho I don't get much cat fur and or dog fur on my clothes even with my cats sleeping on my bed with me. My blanket may as well just be called my fur.
L B (2 days ago)
If you're going to wear open toed shoes PLEASE paint your nails and make sure they aren't all full of crusty bits. YUCk!!!
Pluttskutt (5 days ago)
I have back problems, so that makes me have feet problems, neck issues etc. I never wear heels because of this. The shoes I have to buy are expensive so I don't replace them just because they're dirty. I also like the worn out look on certain shoes but it's my style. I lintroll when I remember, esp dark outfits because I wear mostly black. My nails are always chipped! I don't know how this happens. I've tried those gel nails and stuff but they just break and ruin my nails more. I fix my nailpolish at home 1 time each week so the nail polish remover won't ruin my nails too much. I like to wear loose fitting clothes but I try them on many times before deciding. I want them to look loose, not too big (unless it's supposed to) Honestly I never iron my button down shirts. I only go to school and they're flannel so it doesn't matter. I only have backpacks. I've tried handbags but they're super bad for my back. I do switch them out tho. Thank you for all your advice! ^-^
Bridget Caloroso (6 days ago)
I started acrlic,but 20 to 40 bucks adds up in the months.I stoped id rather do my own.
حسن يونس (6 days ago)
What spek
K S (7 days ago)
Ok, but I'm a butch lesbian.
K S (7 days ago)
Also, lint is the height of fashion.
olivia tran (8 days ago)
the “dirty shoes” one is actually a trend. especially with the white converse, which is the example u gave.
Madison Cawthon (8 days ago)
If you have young kids you can't wear jewelry because you're kids will pull on it (I am not a mom but I babysit constantly)
Caylus Losi (10 days ago)
Who want to be whit someone that look how someone wear their cloths and more...? I mean i want to be whit someone that dosent care what you wear..., and only cuz you have been told some kind of diper but or whatevs it dosent mean you should look down on someone else, how old are you ?
Caylus Losi (10 days ago)
Soooo you littary go around looking how others wear their cloths? Well i think that make everything worst.
Lori Ann Murphy (10 days ago)
Maybe add a section on panty lines! Ewww, to me, there is nothing as gross as walking behind someone with obvious pantylines. Learn to wear a thong, woman! Or brightly colored panties with thin, light-colored pants/skirts/shorts.
Sport Pfeife (17 days ago)
Thank you. Very helpful information, I clicked on it because I used to be very lazy and now want to look better „put together“. Don’t listen to the judgy people who judge you by judgementally screaming out „judgemental!!!“.
Loner Laura (18 days ago)
The hate on this video is really surprising to me. They were just basic everyday tips. Of course fashion is subjective.
JUNE (20 days ago)
I really wanted to listen but you speak too loud and way too fast. Slow down and just speak normally
LustyVictoria (20 days ago)
Cat fur is my favourite accessory 😁😁
Misty Rain (20 days ago)
Great tips! Just subscribed!😊
Amber G (22 days ago)
Not sure if this is fashion but grown out roots (if not intentional) my friends and I have coined the term "trailer park roots" (mean I know) but when you see them you'll know.
Iyisha Rose (23 days ago)
who else doesn't care what everyone else thinks? i have no idea why im watching this
Yashveen Sangwan (23 days ago)
Girls New York's SUPER EXCITING TRENDING fashion SALE http://bit.ly/2Ri8aGF
VitalExistence (25 days ago)
11:29 lol your face, you're funny
Annette Wilson (26 days ago)
please talk about leggings women think aren't see through, and don't fit well great advice thank you.
Emma Nuttall (29 days ago)
Guilty of the following : Diaper butt or nappy butt (I'm British) chipped nails. (when I can be bothered to paint them, not cleaning my shoes, lint on my coat, I've only just stopped wearing big earrings and necklace at the same time but certainly go out with no jewelry at all But I always make sure my bag matches my outfit. 😁 Would love it if I was more put together. Just the motivation and willingness to put the time in would be nice. I can live with it or I could become super human. It's helpful advice though. Also how to carry yourself in whatever outfit you put on. How to treat others despite their appearance and show off the best accessory in all it's polished glory; your spirit.
Susie Lvovna Wald (29 days ago)
You are so relatable and truly a breath of fresh air. I love watching your videos ❣
Alexandra Premereur (30 days ago)
If we have to have clean shoes then how do we get them perfectly clean?
Alexandra Premereur (30 days ago)
You still wear ugly jeans I'm sorry watch a video all about jeans and then you'll get me
I want to die (30 days ago)
these are the people you should avoid when you're trying to build confidence. she is being really judgemental and shallow.
4 sounded like she said cat hair
Lauryn Gray (1 month ago)
i love ur makeup and oufit
kayla smith (1 month ago)
wow your kinda being very rude and bragging 😑
brianna Lawson (1 month ago)
You do realize not everyone has money to spend on jewelry expensive or not not every one has the time to spend lent rolling there whole outfit Bc the have a job
Dwayne Beard (1 month ago)
Cool Also see the top 13 women classic watches https://www.bestofthetop.com/top-13-women-classic-watches/
Flipping Lizzie (1 month ago)
I have guinea pig who is black. So light clothing get hair on it
New fashion 2019 (1 month ago)
Sliver . Io And fun (1 month ago)
I 💗your vids 💗💗💗🐶📱😇✌️😋
i Amhere (1 month ago)
Talk less you people
Tabitha Danek (1 month ago)
I have a huge dog wich is mah profile... Im nv wearing black again
VICKI YOUNG (1 month ago)
I hate to see lipstick smudged and especially on teeth!
katelyn schnering (2 months ago)
Blouses from primark NEVER wrinkle! They just make you staticky sometimes 😂
MaaNey (2 months ago)
Thats good stuff
Victoria Marie (2 months ago)
Hey you, yes you. Youre beautiful just the way you are. The way you look doesnt matter, and neither does the price of your clothes.
Sand Summerstorm (2 months ago)
Thanks for the jeans advice :)
- Adéla - (2 months ago)
What I learned: Be rich so you could buy expensive stuff "Cheap things from H&M". I mean for me even the things from there are expensive, not everyone has the money to shop at Gucci. I know you meant well probably but those things aren't fashion mistakes but a result of people's lack of time and money to spare on clothes. You shouldn't have been telling us what to wear but how to wear it instead, for example which things or colors not to pair together, that would actually be helpful. Trust me, if people had enough money to buy expensive things and didn't need to spend time by working extra hours to make some, they would all follow the rules you gave without even hearing them from you
Sahana K (2 months ago)
For everyone that’s offended You clicked on the video... Yes you can wear whatever you want and yes these might not be practice for everyone. Yes these require money and yes they may not be practical for everyone. You don’t have have to follow these rules all the time, but it’s nice to know these Incase you are going somewhere special or want to feel better. Again... you clicked on the video so stop being so offended.
TwilightEverlasting (2 months ago)
girl these arent mistakes wtf these are pet peeves super opinionated, just saying
Shar J (2 months ago)
I have a different experience with jeans. I find nowadays jeans shrink in the dryer even when following the recommended tumble dry low on the tags. If I buy something a bit tighter, for sure I won’t be able to wear them after washing a few times.
Jack C (2 months ago)
Your man totally did not create "diaper butt" i've heard it a million times before you even decided to whine on youtube. wearing a shoe size a half size larger will leave room for swelling (the women in the British royal family do this), your message is totally wrong, you come across as an entitled perfectionist. you are totally what is wrong with todays society, making young girls feel like they have to be perfect from head to toe and they will be a better person. also, your "Non sponsored" jewelry is ugly. that's all.
dianerdey (2 months ago)
seriously tho, i regret to watch your video. this is completly wrong. fashion is freedom, no one at all should make a stupid rules like this. im sorry but i think you are just not a type of people i want to be surrounded with, it's so judmental,and your opinions are kinda toxic. it really is obvious that you are having uncertainty or anxiety about yourself or i would say "lack of confidence". so insecure..
Sharon Reich-Graves (2 months ago)
She isn't judging, but giving her opinion. I loved this video and have offered additional information below. I am a HUGE bargain shopper and here are some tips if you are interested. I've seen women who wear their sandals with their toes hanging off the end or the pinky toe off the side. Please please don't do that! Can't begin to imagine how uncomfortable that might be. Handbags, if you are on a budget, you can purchase high end bags at consignment stores for more than 1/2 the price. My mom just bought a cross body bag at Stein Mart in Dallas for $14.00 on sale and it's a fantastic bag for shopping and not having to carry the weight. You can also purchase new or like new at Poshmark. If you want to clean out your closet, post your items on Poshmark as well. Perfume, there is website Scentbird that is a perfume club where you can get a different scent every month for 14.00. 1 year will hold you over for a while and you pick the ones you want to try. I went in blindly choosing what sounded great and I literally love every single one. Don't buy shoes in the summer to wear in the winter. I did that prior to going on an Alaskan cruise and at dinner I put on these brand new pumps and they were way to big. But I had nothing else. So, I lined the shoes with Kotex (yes, I really did. Genius, huh?) and went on about my business. It was ok, but I will never buy shoes the wrong time of the year again.
Lesa P (2 months ago)
You get little sizes for your car. Fur goes into your car as well.
Lucy Jones (2 months ago)
Diaper butt. Lmfaooooo Priceless
Jia Drisdom (2 months ago)
Instead of poplin/cotton button downs, I discovered the Portofino top from Express. They never wrinkle, and they look good on everyone. I tossed all my poplin, and other cotton button downs, and bought multiple (and i mean *multiple*) colors and prints of the Portofino shirt. If you've not been exposed to these, grab some. To me, they are so amazing. (Oh, and they do not shrink in the washer/dryer)
Ax-Core Workouts (2 months ago)
I love the top about eyeshadow in the hair. I'm a sports instructor and wear a point tail everyday. My hairline is further back then it was. This will help me look better. Thanks.
scott English (2 months ago)
Well I can not understand why you have so many subscribers if you are like this in your videos end of the day it's life your out your nail chips your late for work so have to wear a slightly creased top we haven't got all day to sit in front of mirror and perfect our selves it's women like you that give others anxiety of how they look when you are nothing special your self grow up and stop looking at other women you don't know what stress they have everyday or depression silly cow concentrate on yourself
Closet Reboot (2 months ago)
I'm with you on the nail polish - same for toes. Good point about neutral nail polish looking good for longer as your nails grow out though - hadn't thought about that, but so true!
Lili Montes (2 months ago)
I love the advice! These subtle differences can really add up to create an overall great look!
Emma Knox (2 months ago)
I’m not trying to be rude but your hair looks uneven
Felicia Hames (2 months ago)
This is how i was raised, women need reminders because most times we're putting others first...
Monica Rosenberg 2017a (2 months ago)
This sounds crazy, but honestly try feeding your cat liquid fishoil. Just as much as a teaspoon in it's wet food once in a while.  We did this with our cat, and it nearly eliminated the fur-shedding.
Liz Skelton (2 months ago)
Or just leave your nails natural. I only buff my nails, they are so much healthier and more beautiful than before! They also grow ridiculously long.
Trin Murray (2 months ago)
I have too big of booty. I’ve never experienced diaper butt. I have many other problems but diaper butt isn’t one.
Cat Koch (2 months ago)
I always leave with cat and dog hair on my clothes. It's my type of fashion. Lol!
Jazzy Rose (2 months ago)
People have their own fashion
Maleeha Rana (2 months ago)
Ana Baird (2 months ago)
Listen Shea, although shellac or gel nails are pretty, I prefer not to wear them. They ruin your real nails, they start breaking up, and it’s very unhealthy. I prefer to grow them out but not too long, and color them in any color you wish that will last maybe one or two weeks no matter how expensive they are. Wearing cheap nail polish, though at good price, will make your nails chip away anyway. I prefer to buy expensive nail polish than go to the salon and get gel, shellac, or fake nails that will damage my nails, maybe even permanently.
Neko Fenrir (2 months ago)
Thing is i hate it when you look good leaving the house but after 30 minutes your clothes move and shift and you look like a mess in the end anyway. 🤣
yellow duds (2 months ago)
Why do you judge people so much ??
Barbz Losowski (2 months ago)
Ok, so I understand this video was supposed to be educational, and helpful but you actually just came off as judgemental and shallow. Some people don't have the money or time for these things. If they want to wear a lot of jewelry, I don't see anything wrong with it.
glen adams (2 months ago)
CardsAndCups (2 months ago)
Screw ironing. Use a mini steamer! It’s so much easier.
Nora Gomez (2 months ago)
1:05 no honey stop
kattemos 03 (2 months ago)
Hahahhhahahahahhahahahhaha dirty shoes lol thats meeeeeeee all equestrians gets it!!😂😂
kattemos 03 (2 months ago)
Lol, i have like a whole farm on my clothes cuz i have like a donkey, a cat , 4 dogs some cickens n quails and 23 rabbits so i am aaaaaaalways furry😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Curly (3 months ago)
I agree with bold necklace, skip earrings and vice versa. When it comes to jewelry in general very dainty pieces look lovely on a very petite woman like yourself but on larger women may get lost.
DJ Jones (3 months ago)
your hair color looks like a total nightmare
DJ Jones (3 months ago)
oh my lordddd wtf happened to your beautiful hair?!?! ahhhh no offense and strictly in MY OPINION ONLY, you looked way better before going orange blonde
Kate Yare (3 months ago)
Apparently, too much makeup is not one of her pet peeves.
Caroline Erickson (3 months ago)
Did anyone notice that she said her skin is brown 😂😂😂😂
JLA (3 months ago)
I love you and your videos 💕 So much
ωσlғιε (3 months ago)
the one with wrong shoe size.. I heard Megan Markle wears shoes a size bigger for her shoes to be a little comfortable and to not get her feet all red lol
Sharon Mccully (3 months ago)
This is helpful.
young chimney (3 months ago)
People who keep complaining about those being first world problems or about her being judgy - come on it's a video for people who actually care about their outfits. Yeah not everyone has time/money for all those things, hell I can't even afford new clothes most of the time lol. still, it does help to be more aware of what you're buying and wearing. While I wouldn't agree on the jewellery thing either, most of the things she said are true. Some people be wonderin why some people's outfits always look on point then getting mad about listening to how they do it. smh
Raymundo Aparicio (3 months ago)
Your beatiful☺️💗👍🏽👏😍but I am not
Kriss Argueta (3 months ago)
🤨wooow this lady can talk
Mary Stewart (3 months ago)
Molly BeeGolly (3 months ago)
My feet are weird sizes, makes it hard to find shoes Jewelry is eh. I forget it a lot, or if I wear big things. Lint happens Nails. I cant see paying 30$ each time I want my nails done, which by the way I cant wear painted nails at my job. Jeans have to fit my thighs. My butt/waist is smaller Size part is true. And I also think you should iron though I have a cotton shirt that I can iron and it wrinkles.. Dirty shoes could be from the weather.. And I dont have but maybe 3 handbags.. And I dont think it's lazy.
Kathy O'Rourke (3 months ago)
This is pretty funny! Because since she recorded this video, she has gained 400,000 subscribers!! Ha ha on you!
I D (3 months ago)
What...?? But you’re the biggest criminal of tip #2!!
Spaghetti Tosser (3 months ago)
Wow this video make me feel insecure about myself, I don’t think it was very helpful and just kinda rude (no offence)
Hey123 (3 months ago)
Ahhhhh blah blah blah Girl Bye ....!!!
Tiffany Mealy (3 months ago)
Good Video
Francesca Dior (3 months ago)
What is the brand again of your necklace? 😊 Thanks for the wonderful tips 😍
Jewel Esthy (3 months ago)
This video bugged me . I feel this video is way too shallow . Dont judge a book by its cover. I would like to see more of your heart and not your judgement. But just my opinion.
Suzanne Faye (3 months ago)
Pumpkin patch picking 😂 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣
mandy qt (3 months ago)
You sound like you have issues stop it seems to me u don't have a job so u trying to earn some money by finding faults with what ppl wearing. Ppl wear what they r comfy n what they can afford. You are a fake. Take off all that crap n what u get??? Ppl must love u for who u are and what u are.
o0o aamee (3 months ago)
U deserve a subscribe
Alexis Waller (3 months ago)
I see a lot of shallow people
Magan Watson (3 months ago)
honestly, some people wear too much rings
Serite Ross (2 months ago)
I suppose I shouldn't have bothered watching, considering she is extremely polished and I'm nowhere near that kind of look nor do I desire it. I don't do jewelry, makeup, polish, or get my hair done regularly. I'm extremely casual. Also I'm a hard working person, i have to get on my feet and go outside very often between school and work so there's no need to get excessive when cleaning my shoes unless i can just clean them with a wipe. Probably no need to say being outside a lot in the South = lots of sweat, so that compounds how casually I dress. And of course I get the same size clothing, I've hardly grown vertically and horizontally since what... 6th or 7th grade? I'm in my second year of college now. Although I will say I got an extra small shirt that fits more like a medium on me which is extremely weird but I can deal with it, it was a dollar at Dirt Cheap 🙄 thanks for reminding me that spending buckets of money on looks is still useless. I like clothes as much as the next gal, but i like my checks to go to food and bills and other practical things more. I'll make sure to get married to a guy that is equally practical. And really? "Diaper butt", like what the heck yo... I fill most pants easily though so I never have that problem 😂 Btw, you are very pretty.
demon cleaner (3 months ago)
#11 - that ugly clay coloured doily you're wearing as a top.
YTSecret Girl (3 months ago)
Damn this comments section is full of hate. She said exactly what she was going to do in this video, provide tips. I didn’t hear any judgment. As a matter fact I kept hearing her specifically say do what you want, wear what you want, these are just my tips. Use them if you want. Why are y’all so mad? Let this girl live.

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