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Manuel Vega (22 days ago)
I think you are so cute.
Manuel Vega (22 days ago)
Love me back,!
Barry Durrant (1 month ago)
haha not today suckers
Rahul OG (1 month ago)
The video starts at 2:51.....u will thank me later
panna bhandari (1 month ago)
Roses r red Apple too I saw I got like But why its blue
Λουκάσ SRB (2 months ago)
You two are actual soulmates🤣🤣
Vinnay Nahar (3 months ago)
I swear this is a rip of Superwoman Lilley Singh channel?!
Roger Stokes (3 months ago)
Wow, that was boring!
M G (3 months ago)
Wish I can give more than 1 dislike
dave c (3 months ago)
New comment: I love you simmi. Big fan more videos please great woman. Bye. 😘.
Santino Montalvo (3 months ago)
click bait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺
Elizabeth Jegede (4 months ago)
My whole Watch Later is Simmi's Videos! Lol!!!!
nazeem md (4 months ago)
Don't show fake profiles pic of video
Roy Pitts (4 months ago)
Bullshit clickbait bitches
doobiewah357 (4 months ago)
Annmarie Alexander (4 months ago)
They faked it
William Meadows (4 months ago)
This title is totally misleading and deceptive. There is no stripping on the beach in this video. Bad video.
Womble Stacker (4 months ago)
No you didn't strip
Idle Onlooker (4 months ago)
So where's your tits? Oh! That's right! You two dykes don't have any!!
Sean Wallace (4 months ago)
Your video sucks stay off you tube
SOUTHPAW731 (4 months ago)
each of you eat the others turd
Sammy D (4 months ago)
Bullshit video. Fuck off
Nikhil Sharma (4 months ago)
Muhammad Ilyas (4 months ago)
Bitches on the beach. 😜😜
Eddy Edwards (4 months ago)
So bored of these bitches 👎👎
Robert Lis (4 months ago)
You lied you didn't striped on the beach
David Radel (4 months ago)
2 lesbians at beach.
Avoidance Technologies (4 months ago)
"Peoples decision making when it comes to living in India".
Jim Yost (4 months ago)
One thing I've noticed is that no exceedingly beautiful women do this, because they know they don't have to in order to command attention to themselves.
jabbard gilstrap (4 months ago)
Miss Bhardwaj (4 months ago)
I wish this girl was my friend..it would hv been so Much fun💖
invincibles 04 (4 months ago)
Dont go blaming the sun..lol and you dont need any chill vibes either, you just have to enjoy yrseves!!
Dominique Tamer (4 months ago)
For people who clicked, and will read my comment: every beaches should be nude beaches. For swimming or sunbathing, what's the utility of a swimsuit? Which pleasure could it bring to us? From the origins of humanity until quite recently (the swimsuit has been invented in the 19th century), people used to swim naked, only naked, all over the world.
David Colantuono (4 months ago)
Not just every beach, but I wish every public place would be all nude. For hygiene reasons, they can bring towels to sit on so others don't have to sit on stained seats. That's been a popular argument people bring up why they think nudity is a bad idea in public. The nude human form is not vile, disgusting, obscene, offensive, shameful, or illegal. People just think it's those things because they automatically associate it with such things. Sure, the laws say it's illegal. But, who made up those archaic laws? People, hence my statement that they just think it's illegal, among other things. About a hundred years ago or so, female ankles were also once illegal. Ankles, mind you. Today, ankles are quite a common sight, but if someone (especially a female) nowadays went back a hundred years ago, they would be arrested for showing their ankles in public. Perhaps in a hundred years from now, future generations will look back at our time and laugh at our silly laws forbidding nudity, just as we do when female ankles were once forbidden. What I can't understand is why people are so afraid to question these laws that forbid it and overturn them. If people were like this back when female ankles were illegal, they would *STILL* be illegal today and we'd be fully dressed from head-to-toe, no matter how uncomfortable it is. People fought for their rights back then...and things changed. People adjusted after a while to seeing bare female ankles. Decades later, males fought for their right to be topfree and finally won the right in the late 1930s. If females had fought for the same right back then, seeing them topfree would be completely normal, just as seeing males topfree is completely normal today. It's high time the human body stops being taboo and illegal. It's time for people to fight for this last right. Granted, there are nude beaches, resorts, clubs, etc., but they're all secluded and private so as to make them seem to live like rats or lepers. There will always be some people who don't want to see naked people. You can't please everyone. I suspect some people thought the same about female ankles and topfree males back when they were once taboo. We need to break this taboo...and fast! I can't do this by myself. I would need a *LOT* of backup from other people who share the same mindset. The more nudity stays taboo, the more people are going to lust and yearn for it. Why else do you think pornography is a big thing? People seem to want to see nudity only in porn or in sex scenes, but heaven forbid people see real nudity in casual, non-sexual settings. When will people grow up and stop associating nudity with negative things?
jammy46235 (4 months ago)
Click bait smh
L B (4 months ago)
no tits here. jerkoffs be gone ! 5:45
panda blox (4 months ago)
Rahul Narke (4 months ago)
dave c (4 months ago)
Hi simmi. First time I saw your video. Wow how are you. Love your face. Beautiful mouth and teeth. Incredible cheek bones. Pretty nose gorgeous hair. Wow. Beautiful body you have very pretty features my dear. Total babe. Bye.😘.
dave c (2 months ago)
@Miles Morales uh thanks. Not creepy why. Please explain. Bye-bye.
Miles Morales (2 months ago)
Totally not creepy.
Medha (5 months ago)
Yes mercy!!!
thinkzpace (5 months ago)
lol u couldn't do a single chin up with that bar
Michael Naisbitt (5 months ago)
there are no breasts here just clic bait
Sukhwinder Sidhu (5 months ago)
simmi tuc bhot nice ho suchi
Will Will (5 months ago)
Noisy (5 months ago)
#Noisyvlogs plz check out
Stephanie Head (5 months ago)
Gold Digger (6 months ago)
Your face look like karaila 😊
A1Tiger (6 months ago)
Why did this make me cum?
Raihan Zahir (6 months ago)
fuck you ....misleading indian cunt
Kilgore Trout (6 months ago)
If I didn’t like you so much, I’d scold you for clickbait
*I liked this Vid but u should really strip n upload d Vid now...as what u hav said n cheated us*
1K Subs no videos 1K (6 months ago)
Forgot to say no homo
francis chua (6 months ago)
fuck you simmi,you didnt strip.clickbait.fuck you.
Matthew Fowler (6 months ago)
What a fucking stupid video!!! Give up now ffs
youtube id (6 months ago)
U will still look ugly aftr strp.
Proud Veteran (6 months ago)
put your clothes back on yall be two ugly bitches
tony radosevic (6 months ago)
you want a threesome on the beach
Geoffrey Hattersley (6 months ago)
Well guaranteed to get a click to watch 2 gronks being fucking stupid!
Richard Parkes (6 months ago)
You didn't strip
HD VLOGS (6 months ago)
MegaJohnhammond (7 months ago)
should have called it, "Cunts in a car". Fuck you
kovolo (7 months ago)
You tube miserably
Gerry Wood (7 months ago)
A couple of bitches is what I see
MrBrad612 (7 months ago)
Stop the madness! Get rid of the Republicans so Trump can be controlled.
What a load of crap.
kola productions (8 months ago)
Dose anyone wonder if she is related to superwoman :lilly singh
David Forsyth (8 months ago)
A couple of crazy ,free, wonderful spirits. Delightful and refreshing.
stop stop (8 months ago)
Roses are violet are blue i just got click bait and so did you
Bali Praia (8 months ago)
Zara Hill (8 months ago)
I clicked on this video right after she didn't pause and say... ninky minjaj
Alyssa Murphy (8 months ago)
Random Platinum (8 months ago)
I fucking triggered lol
Alfie Qureshi (8 months ago)
wendell worth (8 months ago)
And immediately cleared the beach.
tectorama (9 months ago)
Yes, usual clickbait by a couple of silly little girls....Still I suppose they get a thrill out of it.
donny blondy (9 months ago)
rose are red violet is red distracted driving will end up people dead!
Carla Dinsmore (9 months ago)
Clickbait, clickbait, can't get a date so you post CLICKBAAIIITTT!!!
Love Dhingra (9 months ago)
Sim u r awsome even u also singh and i m singh and singh is king hahaha
Ancient Knowledge (9 months ago)
You guys have nice tatas trust me I don't need to see em to Kno lol 😉
Valencia _YT (9 months ago)
I wanna see you have sex with my brother in real life
justin case (9 months ago)
I like when she said fuck, an it feels so good....
Daubeny Shaubeny (9 months ago)
4:44 How many fucking times has the guy in the black shirt and cap passed you in the pass few mins like dfc man
WorkingClassMan (9 months ago)
shut the fuck up
semura 81 (9 months ago)
Mr. Blitz (9 months ago)
Bescheuert !!!
Virtual Admonisher (9 months ago)
Click bait
Jeremy Davis (9 months ago)
I ❤ya
Tyrel J. (10 months ago)
No one wants to see these ugly whores
Alyssa Murphy (10 months ago)
Your wearing clothes you didnt strip
Geoffrey Hattersley (6 months ago)
That would be fucking obvious then. Their idea of stripping would be taking off their shoes
Alyssa Murphy (8 months ago)
@Random Platinum Pause a 2:55 that doesnt look like stripping
Random Platinum (8 months ago)
So true
Travis Brown (10 months ago)
DarkSoul (10 months ago)
BlackFalconZ850E77 (10 months ago)
Simmi you're funny as HELL! Hahahaha!!!
Logical Guy (10 months ago)
Jason Simmons (10 months ago)
At 4:16 still clothes on.
Milky Bar (10 months ago)
Click bait. Waste of time
0:45 OK, ladies, here's why you have to ASK us if we "care." 1. We men start trying to BEFRIEND you, and you play the "I'm married/I have a boyfriend or girlfriend" card, UNTIL we ride past you in fancy cars. Then, you drop your lines and play the "it's not serious" card. 2. Like #1, except we don't drive past in a better car, and you play the "eww, eww, get away from me, you pig" card. 3. Worse yet, we actually get involved with you because you seduce us because all we are to you are penises with paychecks. Then, when you give birth to our offspring, off you run to the battered women's shelters and the family courts, screaming all the way that we men are evil, sick, ugly, and abusive. 4. Let's say you become pregnant after said seduction, and you decide to abort that baby. We men still pay for that train wreck. 5. Let's say we cohabitate, or even get married. You women rifle through our possessions, and somehow force us to part with them, because they don't meet with your approval. You bitch about our clothes, the books we read, or our selection of recorded music, or our decorations, and tell us that we must throw these out lest the relationship die. Hint: it's called "crap testing" or "jumping through hoops," and even if we successfully negotiate these, you still don't want us. We jump through those hoops, and you put up more hoops and set them up higher. Clue: if you wanted us men anywhere near you in the first place, you would tolerate our possessions and behaviors just as we tolerate yours. 6. Finally, there are "family courts" and "domestic violence" issues, including the "Duluth Power and Control Wheel." Men who are reading this: it's not a specialty part you buy for your car at Auto Zone or Pep Boys. It's what you women skillfully use to steer us into the court system by merely claiming we're abusive control freaks without one shred of real proof. 7. You tell your blood relatives that you feel creepy when we men even look at you. They then inform us about that. Women, you ask men whether or not we care about you, much less care for you. Truth be told, you seduce us, and reward us by emasculating us when we show any interest in you. You marry us, then walk off with half our possessions and income within the first four years, totally unearned, after the divorce. If you deign to carry our babies to full term, you raise those children by filling their heads with dung about how men are abusive rapists, and then turn around and date deliberate abusive rapists because that excites you. Now, you have the unmitigated gall to STATE that you shouldn't have to ask men if they care about you. Well, the polite way for most good men to respond is to say as little as necessary to women, and walk away from women. Thanks to #MGTOW - Men Going Their Own Way - we can walk away from women unscathed, with our own money and possessions intact, and with no civil or criminal cases against us. Ladies, the greatest expression of care most men can show you nowadays is to get away from you and look in another direction when you approach.
Doodlyscott (10 months ago)
Very pretty but way too obnoxious
Luag Gaopoa (10 months ago)
Beautiful lady
Harper Dada (10 months ago)
Capitalism == Women are sluts, men are assholes.
Ritso mero (11 months ago)
That what u go strip?? What the fuck
k b (11 months ago)
Amazing sim want to see again video like this, with lot of fun in beach n they way you enjoy singing in car ☺️☺️☺️☺️love uuuu muah your fan from India, (Punjab)
Johnny Clean (1 year ago)
Oh god your gorgeous !! Okay you got me 😆😍❤👍

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