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Why Gothic Architecture is AWESOME

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What's the difference between castles and cathedrals? What are the classic design features of Gothic style architecture? Watch to find out.
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George Alderson (14 hours ago)
Very informative. Thank you. Just a shame that the wind spoiled the sound
Rebecca Baldwin (10 days ago)
sweet asmr when he whispers "huge load" in ur ear
Here in Australia we don’t have any castles (cut section of the video showing Shad sobbing loudly for ten minutes)
deplorable infidel (21 days ago)
difference about gothic is thinner walls to accommodate the windows you are clerestory - triforium. gothic architecture has pointed arched to distribute the load to the ground while if you try to see the romanesque architecture those are the structures that has massive walls plus less window. if you happen to see the interiors between gothic vs romanesque, gothic has a more natural lighting while romanesque are using artificial lighting. gothic has buttress while romanesque has massive walls.
Black Republican (1 month ago)
They're was time in my life when I couldn't swallow the fact of knowing Europeans were actually real..I was thinking Europe isn't a real place.....Europe has castles and people with different phenotypes walking around. That's a dream dude....
Music of Melkor (2 months ago)
the Gothic Cathedral style looks more like a big furniture set. I prefer more solid castles, real castles :)
Dalton Brown (2 months ago)
FINE! I'll subscribe. you happy?! truly a gorgeous church.
Darth Noòx (2 months ago)
Shad being at the location to explain things... It is absolutely beautiful
Mama (2 months ago)
Belle architecture merci
Dan Witzke (3 months ago)
Shad this video was incredible, thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm. Also, as a Catholic, I appreciate your respect and reverence while filming the interior. Religious structures of any kind command respect. Also, what an extraordinary building. Thank you again for sharing.
Lord Verus (3 months ago)
That is a beautiful building.
Lord Verus (3 months ago)
Lord Verus (3 months ago)
Take shot at 11:21 Just compare those two buildings. St. Patrick's with that... thing to the right.
Royston E. Smythe (3 months ago)
I hope Australia is able to keep it's Western European settler culture for a very long time to come.
SSchithFoo (3 months ago)
Couldnt u find a Koala to wrap around ur microphone?
Blits Riderfield (3 months ago)
This architecture drove the development of music at the time
AdonisGaming93 (4 months ago)
Is shadiversity from Australia???? this whole time I thought you were British. I'm curious because you said in Australia WE don't have castles.
Nexfero (4 months ago)
My church was built around the same time in Alabama (1860) but has more castle-like features, like crenelations. It also has a copper roof that is flatter and weighs less, so flying buttresses are not needed, but its got plenty of angled buttresses.
Bryan Dov Bergman (4 months ago)
MOdern art and architecture is pox on humanity!
Rainer Vilumaa (4 months ago)
I am very fascinated to see neogothic architecture in Australia, a subject I know prescious little about. The building in question seems to be an interesting amalgamation of many medieval styles and concepts. The overall layout with its trancept tower looks quite English/Norman, whereas the Western towers come off as French. The spires look rather Germanic. But there is one element I quite despise: different coloured stones used for windows and the rest of the building. To my European eyes that looks wrong.
Evil Paradigm (4 months ago)
Why is Gothic architecture awesome? Because SHAD is talking about it! Also because it's awesome.
Rad Bones (4 months ago)
Look! A Emperor class dreadnought has crashed on Holy Terra!
Hyde Matsumoto (1 month ago)
are you is that not imperator titan
Aaron Reichert (6 months ago)
Red Knight 2014 (6 months ago)
Nice building!
roadhouse699 (7 months ago)
Skip to 12:15 for architectural ASMR
roadhouse699 (7 months ago)
"Catholic churches have the most rad gothic architecture, and bitches love gothic architecture." -Maximilian Uriarte, Artist, Writer, and twice-deployed Iraq Veteren (USMC)
Charles Hernando (7 months ago)
I remember tackling about this in art history and it was boring as hell but it always gets lively when you talk about it! Shadiversity>University
Churck (7 months ago)
I always have been more of a rural guy and I prefered roman architecture for its piety but I have to admit how gothic is magnificient.
Didadida Hong (8 months ago)
11:47 The biggest tower is shaking fiercely. Is there a shock absorber or something in it?
SW PL (8 months ago)
Becouse it is
Ben Leyland (8 months ago)
Next time you're in England visit Lincoln. It has a castle AND a gothic cathedral within 1000 metres of each other. You'd enjoy it 😊
RR PLANB (8 months ago)
I find the symbolism more interesting myself.
Yaddahay smarmalite (8 months ago)
When buttresses buttress the buttressing buttress they abut up to the buttress's buttress.
Junjun (9 months ago)
Thanks Romans.
Deus Vult! (4 months ago)
Roman architecture was very different from Gothic.
Tim Slee (9 months ago)
Modern architects and developers would plan to destroy all of these buildings if they could. They have no respect for beauty and wan't to force everyone to embrace their terrible ideas of a perfect uniform world devoid of creativity.
Ella Kingsleigh (9 months ago)
I learn a lot more from youtube than I ever did in a classroom, things are just way better explained on youtube... AND, it is way better to comprehend when you can actually see what is being taught to you. Thank you!
Stuart Morrow (9 months ago)
I mean, Steven Pinker wrote the praise for Peter Gray's book against compulsory schooling. Can't argue with that.
Stephen Baldassarre (9 months ago)
Man, I was THERE, all the way from USA, like a month before Shad's video!
AvailableNameForMe (9 months ago)
i probably know what you're gonna say about this topic already, but i'm still gonna watch this vid :D" because it's awesome
carlos bowe (9 months ago)
I wish I'd seen this sooner; I could've told you to visit the Cathedral of St John the Divine on 110th street--it's the largest Anglican cathedral in the world, built in the High Gothic style. The ceiling is 127 ft high and the nave(the bottom leg of the cross) is 230 ft long. The internal columns and buttresses are astonishing...
Spunky McGoo (9 months ago)
Ozzie La (10 months ago)
Background noise is really annoying
Manny Hatz (10 months ago)
Great explanation! I’ve always loved Gothic architecture.
Alan Fox (10 months ago)
The lantern next to the entrance is LED. 4:10
gantmj (10 months ago)
0:10 They should rename that Eye and Ear Hospital in the background to the Ear and Eyesore Hospital. What a terrible thing to build in that old neighborhood.
Michael James (10 months ago)
That church is absolutely stunning!
JonFromBuckland _ (10 months ago)
pokekitty1 (10 months ago)
do you ever get mistaken as a tour guide when you film in the field
Je suis grenouille (10 months ago)
Proud of my European heritage and ancestors.
Ubeogesh (10 months ago)
need more vids like this - outside and showing real things
Wowo Mah (10 months ago)
It really is cool to see how the load is distributed on those buttresses.
Rangermsg 04 (10 months ago)
I personally think gothic cathedrals look like big ugly grey buildings that have spikes.I love Renaissance and roman architecture much better.
Stephen Patterson (10 months ago)
beautoful i love it
Uryendel (10 months ago)
All cathedrall in french are named "notre dame", not only the Paris one you was refereed. Also cathedral doesn't refer to the architecture but to the presence of a cathedra, so a simple small church can be a cathedral. Last point, all catholic church are cross shaped, at least on the internal layout.
2712animefreak (10 months ago)
Not all of them, some modern churches aren't cross shaped. Also, not all of the cathedrals in France are Notre-Dame (Our Lady), but many of them are. A quick search gives me, for example "Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Toulouse". On the other hand, yes, some cathedrals are very small.
Facundo Cristiani (10 months ago)
i loved the video, and learned a lot! Thanks Shad!
Suzie Ayers (10 months ago)
I love how he ends the video!
Suzie Ayers (10 months ago)
Archways, Archways Everywhere!
javeria ali (10 months ago)
anyone answer critical analysis of gothic art?
Ramon Ramonet (11 months ago)
CATHEDRALS GOTHIC VAULTS SHOW SUBLIMINAL FACE and who will have read me, never get inside and will continue seeing temple as before. WAS TEMPLAR MONKS INITIATIVE? https://youtu.be/OQG-uRhV3aQ The cloisters also has symbolism. https://youtu.be/mur6yQSoyD4 Las bóvedas de las catedrales revelan la cara de Cristo en esquema. Es “Luz del espiritu” según la Biblia. Al conocer mi investigación, no entrará en una catedral gótica viéndola como antes https://youtu.be/OQG-uRhV3aQ Los claustros también tiene simbolismo https://youtu.be/mur6yQSoyD4
Ess Ess (11 months ago)
I’m doing some architecture studies and this video was so helpful!! Thanks Shad !
pRahvi0 (11 months ago)
Me seeing the title: "Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well."
Matthew Burger (11 months ago)
40k got one thing right, we will return to gothic architecture
Algrim Kurse (11 months ago)
Thank you. This was really well done and helpful to understand the subject manner.
Reggie (11 months ago)
With the incrementalisation of features, you actually get a very basic fractal look withe Gothic architecture.
Jacob Roberts (11 months ago)
Karina Nalbandyan (11 months ago)
I absolutely love Gothic architecture, and neoclassical style architecture as well.
Springbok (11 months ago)
What is the Cathedral at 10:02 called and where is it? It looks much much taller yet smaller than all the others.
arokh72 (11 months ago)
Shad if you want to see some really gorgeous neo Gothic architecture, I was also suggest visiting the University of Sydney.
Insatiable Chaos (11 months ago)
My school used to be a cathedral. Every day feels like I’m walking into a Wizard Academy.
Hobgoblin (1 year ago)
One of the most interesting videos in all of YouTube lore...
Martin Hartley (1 year ago)
You should come up to Sydney and do a similar survey of St Mary’s. Contact me and I’ll tell you a bit about the perculiarities of the place.
Henrik Larsen (1 year ago)
I hate myself for laughing at the last remark about children, sooo much!!! Good video, subbed!
T.W. M. (1 year ago)
this is what makes us better and more life-worthy than any muslim who has ever lived. Eat it.
Mohan Dave (4 months ago)
Exactly! Muslims copy everything from Christian domes, Byzantine arch designs, and columns! They even covered their filth on the roofs and walls of Hagia Sofia!!
Paul Pasche (6 months ago)
T.W. M. You should check out the "dome of the rock" in Jerusalem. Don't be so quick to be snooty.
Bo (1 year ago)
Nacherel Jesus (1 year ago)
The design is not as practical as you imagine, the main function is Beauty. For example, the Windows are not to reduce weight, that may be a good side-effect, but first and foremost, the Windows are Aesthetic in design.
Chris Musix (1 year ago)
ravissary79 (1 year ago)
YAY FLYING buttresses!
XplaneZ (1 year ago)
it even has ARROWLOOPS!!!
Jutnik (1 year ago)
Why Gothic? You may ask. Because the Imperium of Man demands proper architecture.
Lapis Septo Flufftail (1 year ago)
a long segment whispering, then suddenly SO THERE YOU GO
Tanker Templar (1 year ago)
Very cool TY. Question though, how do you get into the towers? The vaulted ceiling only goes so high, so there is still a room up thier but i saw no stairs.
Celtic Templar (1 year ago)
Hey Shad would you look at this video on Medieval Churches, for it talks about how Gothic Cathedrals were created. And the Host even talks about Medieval Castles as well, so you might like that as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZpOd2pHiI0
Vlad Crișan (1 year ago)
I swear whenever I see those windows I know it’s a methodist church
Not Steven The Beaver (1 year ago)
Did not see that ending coming👌
Espen Sales (1 year ago)
I have to agree this is a beautiful piece of art. Great video, and your passion is contagious!
Rex Paganus (1 year ago)
Ninjaananas (1 year ago)
Rex Paganus B E A T I F U L E U A F T I I T F A U E L U F I T A E B
artix548 (1 year ago)
Seeing this Cathedral makes me wish that architects would stop trying to make those Le Corbusier abominations.
Tim Slee (9 months ago)
Agreed. Frank Gehry is another architect who makes rubbish. He will literally take a piece of scrunched up paper and try to "draw it" in the form of a building. Absolutely meaningless trite!
Hikouma Music (1 year ago)
Thanks for this. I'm currently studying gothic archetecture and I've learned quite a bit from this video.
Oddvar Stallemo (1 year ago)
I have trouble imagining a church or cathedral that's less than 500 years old.
to stupid for a Name (1 year ago)
the momo audio fucks with my ear
tazfaninafocus (1 year ago)
PLEASE get rid of all the okays, you knows and alrights in most sentences. It really does detract from what are otherwise interesting talks. I literally cannot sit and watch a whole video because of it. I have to watch it in intervals, and quite often, I do not watch it all. It is a crying shame, but the assault on my ears is real. I am a bit OCD when it comes to language, but I am sure I am not the only one who would not miss those over used and unneeded words being used. Thank you.
Alvin Satney (1 year ago)
I hope the next time you do a video outdoors you can do something about that wind, though. some times it was really horrible. come one guess. support the patreon so he can buy a mike with a fuzzy cat thingy.
bullsquid42 (1 year ago)
I didn't expect to learn much, but I did :) Back in art history class we learned all about the identifying features of various types of architectural styles. But I never knew about the logic and physics that went into those things. I've seen most of the great gothic cathedrals of Europe, but I feel I would now see them with a whole new fascination. Thank you.
Christopher Meyers (1 year ago)
I love your vids man, keep up the good work
Utopiar Anaco (1 year ago)
Is that Arabic lettering above the entrance to the cathedral?
fenderstratguy (1 year ago)
Wow....2 minutes of information jam packed into only 20 minutes.
Tim Slee (9 months ago)
Real funny.
Mantas Capskis (1 year ago)
I don't like Gothic style buildings. They're too depressive-looking and only their insides look nice and not the outsides. Byzantine style is better and gorgeos, very colourful too. Most Orthodox cathederals and churches are like that.
EdgarTheRaven (1 year ago)
What I see in this video, is myself when I look at gothic architecture. It's also not an everyday sight to see a person with camera being so respectful to places like this and adopting the customary low voice. Especially on youtube. I really enjoyed this overview of gothic style.
DenseAlloy (1 year ago)
Gothic architecture was an amazing revolution and evolution in design. A few things to point out is that if one was to look at an air view, of say France during the Gothic period, each area had a cathedral to boast prosperity and condense worship. So smaller churches moved the population to the cathedral and since it was a huge financial undertaking it was a centralized building geographical in a community as well as financially boasting the patron's economic might. This economic boasting can be seen across France as the cathedrals became larger and more opulent as each one was built as an attempt to out shine the community "next door". Another fact you covered but should be point out is the openness and the immense amount of light never before seen inside. This much have a truly awe inspiring sight to people who had never seen such height and light in a building. Not only was the cross layout purposely designed. This large amount of light and the height put the congregation closer to God. The smaller windows inside the arches were needed since larger pieces of glass were hard to make and very expensive. Larger stained glass were reserved to the alcoves again due to cost and stained glass is made up of smaller components anyway. Thank you for the excellent video. Your passion is evident and enjoyable, Cheers.
Aysha Jiohan (1 year ago)
if in medieval period they had this knowledge, do you think they could have made a gothic castle?
jakob sors (1 year ago)
pretty church indeed, but no comparison to cologne cathedral ! in my opinion thats the pinnacle of gothic architecture
Radomír Cita (1 year ago)
I would like to invite you to visit Prague, Czech Republic. We have some Proper Gothic architecture in here.

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