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Secretary in water and mud

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After a long and hard working day Maria decided to take a break and went outside the city for a walk. She also take her favorite pair of Hunters for a wet and messy journey. "Hunger" of being wet takes control on her mind and she starts her fun immediately... We publish here a trailer of our wet and muddy girls in wellies. Full video in HD (which lasts about 10-20 minutes) + photoset you can see at our site. Link in the end of the video.
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dock inhose (3 years ago)
wow, love the wet stockings
Phil Mcintosh (3 years ago)
awesome footage ! id love to drink from marias hunter wellies...............
Adventureinwellies (3 years ago)
Jannet Hudson (3 years ago)
hey! Thanx heaps for ALL ur SO AWESOME Wellies vids! I've love to buy this clip, But, I've just looked on that site and this clip isn't there! WIll it be upload there soon I hope!

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