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CUSTOM Ultra Boost HYDRO DIP w/ Floral HydroGraphic Print!

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Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Triple White is only $130 w code BMSM18 (ends 11/17) Http://bit.ly/2Tg1gQA Shop best sneaker deals of the week here! http://bit.ly/2kuwqFv See my other HydroDip videos here! https://bit.ly/2yI3EG6 Buy stuff for hydrodipping here: Shop Prints at Kansas Hydrographics here! https://bit.ly/2J0BMBY Painters Tape: https://amzn.to/2BZ69ac Ultra Boost Clima for $83!! http://bit.ly/2OEwGx1 or try https://bit.ly/2PcGE9j or https://ebay.to/2BYGVJa Design your own Miadidas Clima here! https://bit.ly/2zYZyeM Shop Reshoevn8r Sneaker Cleaner & Products (use code HesKicks10 for 10% off!) http://bit.ly/2g7eQBR Nikestore New Items: http://bit.ly/2jQW08i Nike Sale Deals Here! http://bit.ly/2yipKxb Adidas New Releases: http://bit.ly/2hZi9vy Adidas Clearance Deals!: http://bit.ly/2mYBS1s New Hibbett Sports Releases! http://bit.ly/2ijHykX All my camera equipment for youtube videos listed here https://www.amazon.com/shop/heskicks Social Media for Heskicks http://www.twitter.com/heskicks http://www.instagram.com/heskicks Business Contact email : [email protected] About Heskicks: Hes Kicks is a sneaker Youtuber that owns the sneaker blog site http://www.collectivekicks.com. Heskicks reviews sneakers and posts sneaker related discussion videos. Heskicks has been collecting sneakers since 2003, and is an avid fan of anything sneaker related. Products links I post may be affiliated. What does that mean? I get a commission on some of the sales through my links so I can help fund the channel! In this video I customize some adidas Ultra Boost shoes and dip them with hydro graphics. #Hydrodip #Hydrodipping #hydrographic #hydrodipped #Customsneakers
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Text Comments (127)
Bonga Percival (20 days ago)
They are good
305ssmonte (21 days ago)
Looks very cool.
Greg S (22 days ago)
Does dipping work on react foam. Figured ask Dip Central
austin robertson (23 days ago)
i love watching the hydrodip videos, but please add some variety because you're basically uploading the same video over and over again by doing floral patterns..
Heidenhaunting88 (24 days ago)
These look good!
Zair Escalante (24 days ago)
@heskicks you should probably prep the cage and heel cup with some acetone so that it stick to the material much better.
Karl Medina (25 days ago)
the floral is great. simple and minimal
theMurDuck (25 days ago)
I think these are really dope.. I'd leave it personally. If you redo it, I'd leave the boost alone. I know a lot of commentors hate on these videos, but I enjoy them.
anthony G. (25 days ago)
I love your videos man, keep up the amazing work🔥 honestly one of my favorite channels
Goopie G (25 days ago)
Hydro dip this Hes dick next 😈
JA FC (25 days ago)
Another tragedy
ryan henson (25 days ago)
This is how u supposed to do this hydro dip stuff... the other one was wack... this the right way
M. Tang (25 days ago)
Hydro dip the boost. What if you hydro’d the cages in phases, with the seam being at the heel? So medial side first, then retape to do the lateral side. How did the hydro dip take the Yeezy soles?
Regan (25 days ago)
These do look good for a change man
Manbir chadha (26 days ago)
Damn that's nice
Hes Kicks (26 days ago)
Jake Richards (26 days ago)
I think you snapped. The mistakes get lost in the pattern and gives them character. Good job hes!
Yousof Massoud (26 days ago)
Please do not show the final product on the thumbnail. It ruins the satisfaction. You can show the print & the shoes seperately.
Yousof Massoud (26 days ago)
Hes Kicks but honestly it increases your watch time cuz new fans wouldnt stick around to watch the process if they know how it comes out. your call tho. 😊sick vids
Hes Kicks (26 days ago)
good feedback.. leads to lower views too
Chris G (26 days ago)
I didn't dig the Dipping @ 1st but it's grown on me. Props for doing something Original, @ least to me. As a New Dad, paying a mortgage I can't blow the bread I used to on kicks....for the greater good, so it kills me to see some of the trial & errors. Too bad we can't get XJ900's anymore but keep learnin, progressin & don't get too OCD. Tape a few spots & touch these up. Noone will know except you & we've got diapers to change! Shot out from San Franpsyco! Keep doing you HesDogg!
MutantFoodStamp (26 days ago)
You should really try and dip a pair of Foamposite's
Neiman Simmons (26 days ago)
Shit looks dope
harry doble (26 days ago)
Nice video bro!
luxury fashion TV (26 days ago)
love this video, love you're style fam..
erich liese (26 days ago)
These shoes are awesome! I wish that came in size 13. Very clean and all the details are accurate. I will buy again from this seller…On B u y s 9 . C o m
Joshua Waxman (26 days ago)
I had no problem with my package…By soletrendshoe_com
Anthony Marcano (26 days ago)
Hey Hes u doing all these Customs throw some Asian in it ok 👌 an start Sewing 🧵 on some leather lmaoooo
O C (26 days ago)
Those are beautiful . on camera you dont see the flaws. I would love those for myself.
areksoo (26 days ago)
I would stick to 1 sheet for 1 side of the shoe only. Or use larger sheets.
J Ambitious (26 days ago)
Love the creativity. #Creators create 🔥🔥keep doing you fam
IanIs XD69 (26 days ago)
Yaniv M. (26 days ago)
We need content other than dipping..... seems like this is every other video
Mkhitar Khodaverdian (26 days ago)
ultimantninja375 (26 days ago)
That is clean! How'd you tape up behind the plastic mid area?
Anony Mous (26 days ago)
Do hydro dip sunset
Ryan Loomis (26 days ago)
Picked up a pair of UltraBoost ST's from Amazon for $12.00. They cost $112.00, but I used a $100 gift card that I was given so I only ended up actually paying $12 can't wait to wear them later today to see how they feel. Amazon is killing it with the deals on shoes, also picked up another pair of EQT 93/17s for $54.00 gonna dip dye them black.
Rust Am (26 days ago)
Man 3rd or 4rd video about this. Stop dat shait
Ricardo Colon (26 days ago)
They look fire nice job keep up 🙏🏻
MarkParks HisCar (26 days ago)
I think some white nike sb aj1 or af1 would be sick to do
Sahij (26 days ago)
Enough of the hydro dips bro...
Leo (26 days ago)
Leroy Eli (26 days ago)
Brooo, the floral pattern came out legit af !! Wondering how the turn out would’ve been if you had done the boost as well. 🤔 I’d honestly buy these quick !!
Bape hydro dip yeezy I can donate pair
Diggy (26 days ago)
Dip the fronts of some shell toes or chucks. Maybe some sort of posite Nike.
Ian Ramos (26 days ago)
You should hydro dip your body
Draz'Gul (26 days ago)
This man needs to be stopped lol
IMASAVAGE (26 days ago)
I was able to get a pair of UB 4.0 at the adidas store for $48!!
George Whorton (26 days ago)
The dopest of all. Kudos
The Seventh Gamer (26 days ago)
This look dope. Again not a big fan of flower prints, but these ones I might rock.
GreekSneakCollector (26 days ago)
Oh you Adidas murderer! www.GreekSneakCollector.blogspot.com
Andres Miranda (26 days ago)
I'd like to see a jordan 11 or 12 hydrodipped
Andres Miranda (26 days ago)
Leave it it looks great
Zebrapetey (26 days ago)
The "on feet" look is certainly dope. It's a learning process and, that's what I like about this series 😎🇨🇦
Jerome Kelly (26 days ago)
Adidas should actually make those, they are so nice
Ahhh you should make and sell these!
Jacob Olvera (26 days ago)
Bro! These came out insane!🔥🔥🔥
Hes Kicks (26 days ago)
thanks! just wish it was a bit cleaner!
Tristan Domingo (26 days ago)
not gonna trend tho
Soy Boy Ahoy (26 days ago)
Love the look man. I’d redo the small spots tho but I love that floral pattern. I wouldn’t do the boost too tho. Too busy at that point. Also maybe you could dye the show a color, then do a hydro print. That be dope. Doing a print on the bottom of a yeezy 700 would be dope, maybe on a fake pair tho. Lol
Matthew Scott (26 days ago)
This is sooo dope
Stan Yiu (26 days ago)
Man that looks fire!!!!!
Dino Chavez (26 days ago)
why haven't you done this with a foampostie?
swish1onu (26 days ago)
Hess.. maybe you should make a channel with content exclusive to customizing.. you can call it "HES Dip Kicks" or "HESTOMIZED".. or "HES Dye N Dip Kicks"
Aa AA (26 days ago)
I’m sure adidas is monitoring ur channel:-)
Aa AA (26 days ago)
Bubbles? Like who’ll inspect that from a distance? Kinda like looking at a painting but u r just looking 4 bubbles.
SneakersAndUp (26 days ago)
Those. Are. Flames! Originality, execution and color coordination. Not a fan of UBs, but would cop those!
ryan robicheaux (26 days ago)
I think it looks great. Awesome job. But if it's gonna bother you, redo it The Galaxy dip looks super dope.
sauce961 (26 days ago)
s m u r f a l e r t (26 days ago)
YO ill take those galaxys off yo hands lmao they do look hella sick tho even if i dont get them whoever gets them will be hella happy
hitz_em_up (26 days ago)
Change channel name already to Hes HydroDips Shit lol
Joe Ashmen (26 days ago)
Absolutely love these videos scared to this stuff myself but wondering if paid you for shoe and all supplies and labor would you do, any for your subs? Lol sorry know you prob get a ton of these messages. Don’t mind fails what you did alone was perfect doesn’t need to be perfect. Moving to Hawaii so those florals bring the perfect vibe lol.
Music Playlists (26 days ago)
Yuhki Yamada (26 days ago)
I'm speechless... Classic🔥
SamIam (26 days ago)
Carbon Fiber on the triple Black boost only would be dope.
Mike The Man 69 (26 days ago)
The master of hydro dipping!?!?🔥🔥🔥
duraynoodle (26 days ago)
Redo! Not bad but let's see another go man.
clay pfrangle (26 days ago)
The galaxies turned out sick.
Jeremiah Bisnar (26 days ago)
At least this time, it's really good 😁 Except on those jordans tho 😢
judd liliha (26 days ago)
Sick wit it!!!
UMIunited (26 days ago)
Damn these turned out great! And for those saying he's obsessed; just look at other hydrodip channels who just dip everything :P "but this is a sneaker channel and not a dipping channel blah blah blah" SHHHHH SHHHTT!! There's a soccer cleats channel who dip every cleat
SlippyD (26 days ago)
please do the foams dip soon
WildDanHibiki (26 days ago)
Looks sick, shame it didn't come out perfect though
QQ (26 days ago)
Making the same mistake over and over. Before you pull the shoe out, dunk it all the way into the water. As you slowly, smoothly rotate the shoe to access the remaining paint, when you get to the end of the (smooth, constant) rotation, dip the shoe all the way into the water, give it a swirl underneath the water (to dissipate all the straggling paint on the surface), then pull out.
sen mara (26 days ago)
Pulling out is for pussies
InsanityMilk (26 days ago)
Those are still real fresh
Dj Ds1 (26 days ago)
I'd recommend cutting the pattern down and dip one side with half of the heal at a time, with the busy patterns it makes it easy to cut the design at the skinny back of the heel cup
klingping (26 days ago)
You are overdoing the hydro dipping way to much you need to go back
System 32 (26 days ago)
If i had a penny for every time you did a hydro dip
Michael Chan (26 days ago)
Hydrodip your teeth.
Michael Chan (26 days ago)
When are you gonna hydrodip your credit card?
Victor Murillo (26 days ago)
Dammit Hes
westnile21 (26 days ago)
These are actually pretty dope. But I think you have a little bit of an obsession with dipping. Are you ok Hes? Is everything ok at home? Do you need someone to talk too?
Erick Padilla (16 days ago)
Hes hanging out with Lamar odom
Erick Padilla (16 days ago)
archangel z (26 days ago)
joshua Garcia i heard he shoots it up. Its time for an intervention i think...
joshua Garcia (26 days ago)
He is sponsored
Noah Boock (26 days ago)
I don’t think you should re apply it cuz whenever you wear it the heel cup print is gonna scrape off
jared frodel (26 days ago)
Haven’t you uploaded this video a couple times already
ANTHONY BERRIOS (26 days ago)
I've seen home hydro dipping kits and really wanna try but I'm a little hesitant. Lol Could you possibly do a tutorial on hydro dipping? 🙏 If you can get all white AJ1's and do a floral print on the heel cup, toe box, and swoosh. 👌
Joseph Cepeda (26 days ago)
A pair of dipped foamposites would be DOPE.
Gianluca deFazio (26 days ago)
Sarah Kokopuffs (26 days ago)
So pretty for a girl!
ToxicHD (26 days ago)
I plan to do it to my nmd' s. Which would look dope!
Samuel Tomko (26 days ago)
The left shoe looks amazing. I would redew the right
Hottrods1 (26 days ago)
Marc alhanaty (26 days ago)
The insanity continues!!!! Lol!! We need to do an intervention about this!!!
GodTreeTree (26 days ago)
Those are dope, you really outdid yourself on this one Hes
McFlyYouSlacker (26 days ago)
Beautiful customs!

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