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Wearing $5 Clothes From Wish For A Week

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I wore discounted $5 clothing from the Wish app for a week! I've been dying to try out Wish clothing, since it all seems too good (and too inexpensive) to be true. So I bought 7 full outfits from Wish and wore them to see if it's a style scam or a fashion fairytale! I hope you guys enjoy the latest addition to my "Internet Haul" series - and hope you enjoy the new intro song!! Hehe. Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications! This video is NOT sponsored! Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiya IG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/ MUSIC Safiya's Jazz Intro via Androz Guitar (Fiverr) The Gang Uncomfortable Questions The Sizzler Shakedown Gypsy Sailor Romani Beats Guilty Pleasures Take You Away Bossa Boogie Glitterball Romani Reggae Black Cat In the Sun Don't Hold The Feeling Good Time Its On You Got To Intensify I Want Action Oohs And Ahhs Ride It Out Light On Your Feet via Audio Network SFX via AudioBlocks
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Safiya Nygaard (1 year ago)
THE NEW INTRO SONG it's aliiiiive! haha u guys wanted me to use it, so i did! maybe i'll keep using it for these internet hauls, eh? Tune in for one last post-vidcon collab this weekend :). Much love, Saf
Katie-Louise Hardisty (5 days ago)
Safiya Nygaard Hiii
bookworm (5 days ago)
Safiya Nygaard so I found this suspicious dress website called veaul.com... review video?
Pasta Chocolate (6 days ago)
where in california are you Safya? what city
hi 1 (6 days ago)
Safiya Nygaard wow you wore $5 clothes wow that’s so cool I’m glad you Filmed yourself doing this it’s so powerful and educational to watch. Bless you thank you omg I needed this xoxo yes wish thank you for helping her find these cheap clothes amen to wish lol somebody get this dumb ass bitch in this video a fucking life
NesaFashion Channel (1 month ago)
Oneil Rodriguez (30 minutes ago)
this video was great! I've gotten a few things from wish, you are right about the even if its what you thought you got theres always a little something off. out of 4 things I've recently purchased only one thing had me feeling a bit depressed lmao. but over all i was able to get a few things cheaper then i would of anywhere else so for that id say i would still get some random things from wish here and there but not all the time ..
Yana Georgieva (2 hours ago)
Girl, NOOO, you need to wash all clothes after buying, especially from such websites - all clothes, even the ones from the mall, have been produced in a not so clean factories, where there is highly possible to be rats, mice, dust. And to think of all the things and people that the fabric I put has touched, I always wash every new item of clothing before putting it on.
Neodymium144 (4 hours ago)
Has anyone had the shower steam trick actually work for them? I haven't.
TeeBrady (14 hours ago)
When it comes to clothes with Wish, it really is a hit or miss kind of thing!
Sara Rolsen (16 hours ago)
Do a YouTube add haul! Like the ones under the videos.
Aim T (1 day ago)
You can always ask for your money back if your product comes not as advertised or not the right size. For any reason and they do not make you pay to return to China. They just refund you money. You have to send a picture of it and explain your issue. I’ve done really well on Wish but have also got a handful of things in horrible materials or not looking like the product. They were awful, but I got my money back. And it worked well. I have found some amazingly comfortable shoes and really cute tops. Most pants I have tried have been what came the bad materials and not looked like what i ordered. Defiantly always order up because they are all Asian sized not sized the same a in the US. So I usually always order at least 2-3 sizes up. It’s an addictive app for sure!
Kellie Spencer (1 day ago)
Ok so I'm a avid wish shopper I have bought over 200 items ... Now in those items I've bought jewelry, hair clips, nail polish, MP3 player, step counter, and much more I also brought clothes all the clothes I purchased I loved great quality too ... I will say it is hot or miss but u can read reviews and see what other people have said the only " bad" item I got was my step counter it was way off but I love wish
Zoe Reid (2 days ago)
Do you ever review the products on wish after you buy them as just like a clip of what is in your video
Bella Carter (2 days ago)
You should order wish shoes if you haven’t akrwady
Keira Miller (2 days ago)
Tianna Rojas (2 days ago)
I really wanna know where u got ur shirt at the beginning
Imseneeme * (3 days ago)
*when u watch it like 5th time and just realize that some polish comment sneaked in video*
Nova Alcyone4920 (3 days ago)
7:49 who else remembers Liza Koshy in David!s vlogs with a jumpsuit like that! Liza jumped off the couch and said “flying squirrel” holing the ‘wings’ of the jumpsuit
Jazzy Rea (3 days ago)
"WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS THING...i'm gonna get a large"
Jackie Smith (3 days ago)
I love the long names! 😅 LMAO!!
Rosalie O'Donnell (3 days ago)
I went on a Wish buying binge several years ago and definitely found some winners. Jewelry making supplies were a hit, and I got quite a few rings. I have no idea how real they are, but they're kind of cute. Great stocking stuffers. I would advise against buying shoes, and I didn't have good success buying electronics accessories (charging cords, etc.). Better than going to Salvation Army.
“I was searching for a hoodie dress at some point in my life” 😂
Shila Iris (3 days ago)
No Wish for me. Too cheap looking.
ItsNoa (4 days ago)
Animal Lover (4 days ago)
6:15 RAWR
Maggie T (4 days ago)
Now if you ordered from Ali Express same stuff and you get a 3% rebate from E Bates. :)
Sarcastic Werecat (4 days ago)
MeganDean (4 days ago)
IncompleteMadness (4 days ago)
I want that bralette. Its so cute!
bowtacks (5 days ago)
Omg when the ad came on it was a wish ad and this video is about wish !!!
Patricia Kendall (5 days ago)
hey love your shows bought a cat face fuzzy blanket from wish got a kind of cat like pattern blanket ? go figure, took a shot. keep up the good work Safiya
American Patriot (5 days ago)
I really hope you washed the garments twice before wearing 1/2 my family was involved in the carpet mill industry and they sould 2NDS (detective fabrics) to a major clothing manufacturer that was very popular at the time and I'm not legally allowed to tell you who that was. By the way you're allowed to use chemicals in carpets & textiles and that you're not allowed to use for garments.
Kaycee Nicholson (5 days ago)
I've delved into wish a few times. Items usually are cheep knockoff materials. I bought a salt rock lamp and it came rusted and damaged. salt rock is still good. I took the broken light in it out and put a new one in. clothes are usually thin and not necessarily the right color. I had a purple top that was supposed to have gold roses on it but the roses came in a greenish yellow color. also had a weird shape to it and loose threads.
Desiree Griffin (5 days ago)
My mom order a few things from wish which came and looked as they did in the pictures, but there was also some totally random Barbie sized “Modern Kitchen” set that she did not order at all. LOL!
Kath vdG (5 days ago)
Wish’s shipping is more expensive that the items themselves. What was your total shipping? Thanks!
misa (6 days ago)
how can clothing cost 5$ isnt that a guarantee it comes from a sweatshop?
Lucan Andrews (6 days ago)
They seem to have a good amount of cosplay, but I m wondering if it's actually what's in the picture. Also, same with the wigs... But, the things I have gotten from there were good for the price. I've gotten stainless steel rings, a shoulder brace that was pretty amazing, and got my girl a breast binder for her cosplay for a Noblesse character she loves to dress as. (Tao, I do M-21.) She did have to add her own bit of fabric to the binder to get it to fit properly, but it has held up well for a good three years of weekly wear.
SERENITY HUGHES (6 days ago)
MrsMorrisx (6 days ago)
Do you not own an iron? Just iron the wrinkles out 😂😂
Lisa Gosnell (6 days ago)
Emma Vlogs and more (7 days ago)
I love you not in the weird way but I love your videos
DisastrousPlayer (7 days ago)
I've bought some nice clothes from Wish. But, I bought a pair of leggings and when they arrived they smelled like a hessian bag and no amount of washing has gotten rid of the smell. They are also tight around the thigh and the material is incredibly itchy. But, I have bought some nice things, mainly tops.
Brooke (7 days ago)
I bought an anklet that broke out of the bag (no surprise) then I randomly got like 12-15 pairs of socks all at different times. Kitten socks, poop emoji socks. The bad purchase that keeps on giving. 😼
Mellythibs (7 days ago)
Thank you, I thought it was fishy that everything was super cheap and you helped me determine my feeling towards wish
Ass Burgers (7 days ago)
Butt-clingy is good.
Megan Bale (7 days ago)
love your videos, but do you take into account how much these clothes are ruining the environment? What do you do with the clothes afterwards and the ones you don't like?
Kesten Davis (7 days ago)
the only thing that I wish you had. It is what you paid for shipping on each item. Because you paid for shipping on each item that is part of the cost of the item so your $6 skirt if it had $2 shipping would be an $8 skirt and on wish that is definitely something that will impact your overall cost. yes I do shop from wish a fairly regular basis. It does help to know what you're ordering and to check this buyer reviews (which are different from item reviews) and look at which seller you're buying from it's a collection of sellers.
ballsoutballistic (8 days ago)
You have made me laugh out loud fr!
Aubrey Cousert (8 days ago)
Does anyone hear, “This is Safiya’s Nia’s intro sooong.”
crazycatgirl18 (8 days ago)
Why is swimsuit material a bad thing?
Nana (8 days ago)
I think you’re just gorgeous and you make these things fit you nice:)
S Zar (8 days ago)
erin powell (8 days ago)
the outfits arent clinging in the wrong places lol , you just got a nice booty cake! embrace it girl!
Autumn Moon (9 days ago)
Omg. Please do a wish big booty haul. Photo items with them big lady butts. Etc club wear.
YR (9 days ago)
Bought several things from Wish that never fit and ended up going to Goodwill, I offered to friends but none of them liked the material. Recently I read some dog beds made in China were harmful for the dogs health because the chemicals on the materials they were made of and I can;t help to wonder about the odd feel-materials in some of the clothing here.
B N (9 days ago)
Honestly I feel like a lot of those outfits could really be pulled together by a nice Hermès belt or an Alaïa corset, come nice fine jewelry and like a Chanel boy bag or a Givenchy Pandora Mini in black tumbled sheepskin or even a MiuMiu crossbody.
Evan Patula (9 days ago)
Jessi Face (9 days ago)
I bought my pop socket from wish. I love it, and am glad I didn't pay 10 dollars for a pop socket.
MJ Noce (9 days ago)
I love the jumpsuit!
Ronda Jones (10 days ago)
I've always wondered about wish... I like the sweater dress
Matt Marinelli (10 days ago)
Rishitha Sali (10 days ago)
The first thing you tried on....it's an Indian styled thing....the bottom part is called a patiyala
Robyn Elich (10 days ago)
i have never bought clothes on Wish .. only products. i've never been unhappy with their stationary items. so far i haven't gotten anything that didn't look like the photo. However I am waiting on 2 cat t-shirts ... and i'm thinking after this video, i'm glad i sized up
Good Bits6 (10 days ago)
I bought some clothes from some Chinese website a couple of years ago, I cannot remember the name, but after I had completed my order and they took my money, they sent me an email saying that a couple of the items I had purchased were out of stock?! It also took nearly 3 months for my clothes to arrive
Artemis Fowl (10 days ago)
I WISH you people would wash your clothing before you wear them. If only you guys knew the chemicals on clothing. There are more carcinogenic chemicals on clothing than in a full pack of cigarettes. That's all clothing. Not just cheap clothing. All clothing is... oh forget it. Wash your clothes before you wear them. I know your mother told you this. There are reasons for it.
The Courtney Show (10 days ago)
Before the video, I got a Wish ad. 😂 ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💙💚💛🧡❤
Cindy Desjardins (10 days ago)
Have a shot every time she says *wish*
Mamá Tropical (10 days ago)
lo pones en español pero hablas en ingles ....
maddy McCarthy (10 days ago)
Everyone : it sucks dont buy it!!! Safiya : Should I get it in yellow ?
Brylee’s Life (10 days ago)
sasha johnson (10 days ago)
i ordered quite a few things from them before but i never received half of what i bought, so i was actually quite surprised that you were successful in getting 100% of your orders. i personally will not buy again from wish. I would like to see you do a review from ebay next though.
yael assous (10 days ago)
The best is to look at the picture from people who bought the item (you can find it sometime).
Beth Johnstone (11 days ago)
I’ve bought two fake Goyard bags that look exactly like the real thing which is over 2 Thousand dollars and they fool everyone! Paid under $20.00 definitely worth it! Use PayPal!
M Johnson (11 days ago)
Loved the black lace shirt and olive parachute pants! Win.
Jean Wood (11 days ago)
Hi How do you send them back and get a refund???
Skitz&Sootz (11 days ago)
Ironically I had a wish ad at the start of this video
Mika Madi (11 days ago)
Did anyone else have these books in elementary school like the ones that go 'Once There Was A 😺 Called Crusty And He Loved 🍕 So One 🌘 He Snuck Into The Kitchen And Got A Slice Of 🍕' Ya know those?
harmony love (11 days ago)
i love your videos! your so funny, and your personality absolutely shines through. also you are very stunning girl, definately a naturl beauty! i first found your videos yesterday and subbed straight away, so glad i did. greetings and love from england xoxox
Julie Colleran (11 days ago)
I am surprised that everything pretty much fit. Most all of the outfits were really cute on you!
Christina Bobitch (11 days ago)
I think you might have included how much the shipping and handling costs with Wish, especially with "free" items. Note to self: NOTHING is free Oh, I was wondering your total cost for your seven day wardrobe. But...thank you for your videos! I know that one of the biggest things on the market these days are weight loss remedies. Not that you need any AT ALL And I mean it, but that is something many of us women struggle with, and always wonder if they work before paying out the &!%£# for them. Have you ever done a video on them or know where to find that type of information for those of us unfortunate souls?
Jamine Batay-an (12 days ago)
Rewatching old vids, no new uploads yet
SerenaLily Unicorn (12 days ago)
I am at 4:37 GIRL SHOES
Tina Pennington (12 days ago)
What was the lipstick you had on with your last dress you wore? (The grey dress that you added a belt too)
xoxElli06xox (12 days ago)
How about a fair fashion week?
V (12 days ago)
I bought a shirt and it’s pretty cool.
Viviana V (13 days ago)
I'm loving thissssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cat Mew (13 days ago)
I just ordered a bunch of stuff on Wish. I'm now unsure about some of it. Luckily my fiance wears a med and I bought large for most of the stuff
Er3nSG (13 days ago)
lcrnwqf -50% off for the first order
I think all of those outfits looked great on you! - Lisa
Nicole Anne Chilton (14 days ago)
Check out www.mila-vida.com. love their stuff...they have Brand name and super cheap stuff. So basically they've got anything and everything.
Amanda Beck (14 days ago)
I like everything you chose here, looks good on you.
Karyna Gomez (14 days ago)
Please do a review on a portable washer from wish please pleeaassee
Leslie Rondi (14 days ago)
kids from china are working and get payed barley any money and they work for wish nobody download it!
Yokie Miller (14 days ago)
Suggestion: buy an iron. Wrinkles can be removed....sigh.
Toby Black (15 days ago)
Guys I Swear I just got $3516.on my account from this tool besttoolswork.online/?gRfE7P Great work...
Julyana Hasan (15 days ago)
I have the pants the ripped ones it’s good but the white one you can see through
Queen Idleness (15 days ago)
God, annoying intro and voice. Babble babble, 15 minutes for 1 minute content.
Linda B. (15 days ago)
Just found you today and you are quite entertaining! I have 2 ques. about this video: What about shipping with WISH? And you forgot to say what your total investment was?
Amanda E. (15 days ago)
Lol i bought the same black lace top like 2 summers ago, and i had the same issue with figuring out which is the front and which is the back...
게이 (16 days ago)
I bought cosplay. It always managed to fit perfect! BUT, MY ARMS ARE TOO SKINNY.
Smella Sucks (16 days ago)
Do a free wish haul
RabekaJo (16 days ago)
Why do your videos have so many dislikes?
Laura E.T. (16 days ago)
As much as I like Wish, I find that 99% of things on wish go for the same or less on aliexpress, and most sellers don't charge for shipping or try to pull that "The product this knock off is based off of is worth x amount but we're only charging a fraction of that price!" BS, or change the prices of items when you put them in the cart. Seriously guys, always make sure to cross check prices on aliexpress, they are literally the same items being sold on Wish. (But just like Wish, make sure to read the reviews and look at the user photos before buying.)

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