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Wearing $5 Clothes From Wish For A Week

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I wore discounted $5 clothing from the Wish app for a week! I've been dying to try out Wish clothing, since it all seems too good (and too inexpensive) to be true. So I bought 7 full outfits from Wish and wore them to see if it's a style scam or a fashion fairytale! I hope you guys enjoy the latest addition to my "Internet Haul" series - and hope you enjoy the new intro song!! Hehe. Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications! This video is NOT sponsored! Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiya IG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/ MUSIC Safiya's Jazz Intro via Androz Guitar (Fiverr) The Gang Uncomfortable Questions The Sizzler Shakedown Gypsy Sailor Romani Beats Guilty Pleasures Take You Away Bossa Boogie Glitterball Romani Reggae Black Cat In the Sun Don't Hold The Feeling Good Time Its On You Got To Intensify I Want Action Oohs And Ahhs Ride It Out Light On Your Feet via Audio Network SFX via AudioBlocks
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Safiya Nygaard (1 year ago)
THE NEW INTRO SONG it's aliiiiive! haha u guys wanted me to use it, so i did! maybe i'll keep using it for these internet hauls, eh? Tune in for one last post-vidcon collab this weekend :). Much love, Saf
Roseabell sweets (1 day ago)
Safiya Nygaard I looooooooove u
Athena Arce (2 days ago)
Love the intro❤️❤️❤️
Madicine Shephard (2 days ago)
Lol the ad was about wish😂😂
Casey Holmes (7 days ago)
You should go on wish to try wedding dresses. Like sniperwolf did. It was super funny
Rickson gracie (10 days ago)
YAY im late, by two years [`-`]
Indica unicorn (3 hours ago)
Late 2000's lolol
Marie Carter (4 hours ago)
Does anyone else want to know where she got her shirt from in the beginning??
Stacie's Place (10 hours ago)
"It's like doll clothes" ... made me LOL. I love shopping on Wish and that black bra I have and wear often!
Margaret Drew (11 hours ago)
Very interesting video
christine holmes (12 hours ago)
I think you looked super cute in all the outfits. I shop on Wish a lot. It is a tricky thing when buying clothing but so is most online sites you buy from. I have ordered from Amazon and had to send the items back' as well as Dhgate and JJshouse. You have to remember that they are making these clothing but their sizing is different from ours. Children,s clothing are your safest bet. Don't give up on Wish. It's a pretty good site if your looking for something cheap but cute.
Jammie Jenkins (14 hours ago)
Bought a couple fitness tops. They fit well. Bought them a size up of course.
Hollie Evans (18 hours ago)
Loved this video!!
Terri Wilson (1 day ago)
Weeks worth of wish clothes kinda silly. I have a bad feeling they're sweatshop things made by children belonging in school. No sale
xeesh37 (1 day ago)
Arabiom (1 day ago)
I've never bought from wish, but my friend told me a story of how she bought a Batman pillow case for her bed and got a Captain America throw pillow instead.
SHARITA LAI (1 day ago)
I have the strappy bralette and love it
Elle Kelner (1 day ago)
I had also bought the distressed sweatpants as well before you. Oddly enough I liked them more to wear them more than once!
hollz Terminator (1 day ago)
i ordered like 20 things on my credit card and only got 2 back
Roseabell sweets (1 day ago)
Your A Towel 🤣
Star Girl (1 day ago)
I got a Wish ad before watching this video for the first time
Juniper Hill (1 day ago)
So, most of these items are probably made by child labor and/or vastly underpaid adults in Asian countries where there are no worker safety laws, and maybe we don’t really want to support that kind of thing? Or maybe you aren’t bothered. Just a thought.
Juniper Hill (1 day ago)
Buy an iron?
Christine Rolfe (1 day ago)
Im confused out of the package its wrinkled and you hung it up.....or steamed it while in a shower....but didn't wash it? I figured you washed your clothing before actually wearing it...
Last comment Xd
K truth (1 day ago)
loved all of the outfits on you. I agree sizing up helps on the skirts. When I have something wrinkled and am in a hury; the night before I turn the shower head on and lightly spray my outfit and then shake it and leave it hanging on the coat hanger on the shower curtain rod and in the morning-wrinkle free!
The Weirdo (1 day ago)
I said this on other videos but... PLEASE take care with Wish, AliExpress, whatever. Not only is it easy to get addicted to buying from them, and spending your money on useless junk... the advertisements are always lies. Tech products are all fake, and they might be a 32MB flash drive at best or a fire/explosion hazard at worst. Makeup is dangerous because it could contain lead, alcohol, etc. The clothes are probably the least harmful, you'll just end up buying trash that won't fit (since they're made for Asians, who tend to be slimmer and shorter), or things that will come apart after 3 uses. There was a chain mail going around about a decade ago of a woman who bought cheap flip-flops/sandals from Walmart and got serious rashes. The chain mail was true and she wasn't the only one. They were manufactured in China. Most of the things we consume come from China, and I'm not saying everything is bad, just telling you to beware. These websites are all deceitful in some way and there's a concern that they might support the sweatshop industry. I've even seen the same jacket being sold in several websites - one of them looked legit. The jacket in question was a ripoff/variation of a designer jacket "released" in 2011. Just be aware of what you're buying and if you do get items from Wish, you will get what you pay for, don't expect super amazing things. Although really, they lie a lot, the shipping fee is the real price. You'll often see an item that is like 5$ but the shipping is 20$+. Some people buy earrings and accessories but again that's not advised. With earrings/necklaces there may be the risk of an allergy, and fake sunglasses are harmful because they won't protect you from UV rays. The refund policy is so lax because they know they aren't selling actual good products so they don't really care. You can get a refund on a product that didn't arrive, but if it ever does, then you'd be getting the item for free. Even I got fooled with the advertisements because the photos are all so pretty (they grab these from reputable sellers).
b l (1 day ago)
I'm just ddyyying everytime you read the name of the clothing items!!!💀💀💀😭😭
Hollys Ellery (2 days ago)
In the description It says 'not sponsored' but it says sponsored with the suggested items at the top *jUst SaYinG*
Hannah Banana (2 days ago)
That jumpsuit looks so good on her
Casey's Productions (2 days ago)
No clevege top Ur literally wearing one lol
PandemicPat (2 days ago)
Lol so good and funny.
Bonnie Preston (2 days ago)
Marie Kondo would ask you if the really short skirts "spark joy" .... or if they are all crap and should be donated!! I would suggest washing them and show how they hold up after a washing. I dont think many of your pieces would last. The lace top would have to be hand washed.
gabby tanagon (2 days ago)
You should get phones from wish
Tish Smiddy (2 days ago)
Know your measurements !!! Word from the WISE !!! 💋
LillyinSnappe (2 days ago)
I love using wish although I don't normally use it for clothes because of the reasons you cane across (and my body type is too weird to match online...) so i buy a lot of cheep accessories. A 2 dollar bag is often made of surprisingly high quality material.
B Solomon (2 days ago)
Awesome review! I've ordered some electronic stuff from wish & was very disappointed, mainly because the items didn't come with instructions in plain English. All the instructions were in broken English so you have to decipher what they are trying to say. I've never bought any clothes from wish, mainly because I was afraid the size would be completely off.
Tameka Thompson (2 days ago)
I like wish I just wish they didn’t charge a shipping fee for each item even when u want more than 1 item. They need to change that. The cart can get pricey just with shipping fees.
re.emilija (2 days ago)
oliviaoldaker (3 days ago)
Interesting to see some trends from the 1990s returning. Even the backpack purse
Ghost star (3 days ago)
Me sitting in my room stabing myself in the face with a banana
Gena Harris (3 days ago)
Safiya!!! It would be awesome if you tried following the first makeup tutorial!
Ashly Henriquez (3 days ago)
You should we’re shoes from wish
pariah mouse (3 days ago)
Hahahahaha! You are awesome. That skater dress/crop top was probably my favourite look, and I loved the black lace top. Despite my Wish misgivings I might have to give that one a shot, haha! So here is the origin of my afore mentioned misgivings- I browse that site obsessively, and have so much crap saved to my various lists that it's ridiculous- but I was always super wary of pulling the trigger. I finally decided to try to find a nice beauty blender. I found a set of six, various shades of purple, and this is important, shapes. Like some had flat tops, some were pointy like eggs, you know- and they definitely looked like beauty blenders, not just sponges. And they were $1. And the pictures included with some of the reviews showed those EXACT sponges(sometimes even the review pictures will show a completely different looking product, and strangely no one ever seems to mind. I need to write MY review. I minded...) so I figured it was a safe bet. How can you fuck up sponges? Well, almost TWO months later when they arrived they were NOTHING like the photos. They were all the same, first of all, and very small. They were essentially a pack of $ store makeup sponges. But they were purple, although the shade "variation" was nearly non observable. And they were sponges, so technically... But after almost a month of delay, and endless WAITING, I was just SO pissed not to get what I was expecting. But I can't really complain, because I technically got what I paid for- they were indeed functional purple sponges, just not the exact sponges that had been advertised. Had I paid real money I would have been more upset. Anyway, the point is, I am now scared to try again. Clothes are the biggest gamble, you honestly got pretty lucky, haha! Now "Wish" me luck as I go try to find that black lace top...
araiyamanakis manakis (3 days ago)
You should buy only free stuff from wish
Marie The Hufflepuff (3 days ago)
Lmao I got a wish add
ConfuzzledSwez (3 days ago)
Strawberry Kit-kat (3 days ago)
i get clothes from walmart and the thrift store for 5 bucks and its better than this. also im fucking poor
Coils_n_curls Girl (3 days ago)
Great review.... what I get from this is that wish sucks and you get what you pay for.
Bethking149 (3 days ago)
I live in skater skirts
Mckenzie Durham (3 days ago)
I buy a LOT of clothes from wish. I would say out of the 20+ items I have bought probably a handful of them were not what I expected. In the 2 years I have been using it I have gotten way better at picking the "demimonde in the rough" items than not. In the beginning it was rough, but after my first 3 bad items it got better. some of the items you bought, I have also bought lol like the black lace shirt and the bra thing.
CHERYL WILLIAMS (3 days ago)
Safiya, I have been burned so many times from internet sites. I have opened a PAYPAL account. So I only order from sites that accept It as payment. PayPal policies make it easier to get your refunds from questionable sites selling inferior items. It just might take a bit of time but I've lost less money using PAYPAL. You just have to contact the vendor to give them time to correct the issue. If it isn't resolved then PAYPAL will contact the store and if no response for a period of time your money is refunded to your account .
CHERYL WILLIAMS (3 days ago)
I did get the hang of ordering from WISH and other sites like them. I do look at the reviews and ordered 2-3 sizes up. I feel it is easier to alter the item if it's too big than if it's too small.
CHERYL WILLIAMS (3 days ago)
Last Summer 2018, I purchased I purchased 3 skirts from WISH 2 of the skirts came rather quickly but both weren't the same size I wanted and the print wasn't the same but it was the correct color. I gave them both to my mother . They didn't fit her but since she was loving the prints, she had a friend to alter both into 2 different blouses. After I complained about the 2 skirts, WISH in an attempt to make it right credited my account for both skirts. So I tried it again and this time I got 2 more but only received 1 of the 2 and instantly loved it. The second skirt never came . So I requested a refund for the one I never received. But I was again credited for 2 . A few weeks later I saw a dress that I ordered from WISH and trying to get rid of the store credits. I recieved it a few weeks later it came but it wasn't a dress. It was a 2pc skirt and top set . I immediately fell in love with it. I still had a credit leftover so near the end of the summer I ordered a sheer maxi dress in black print . My plan was to layer it with a jumpsuit or catsuit and a pair or flats or booties. I of course looked at the reviews and ordered 2 sizes up which was a 4xl and I received it in a week . It was still too small . Feeling defeated I decided to give it to my niece for Christmas. I even styled it the way I had planned to wear it. When she saw it she instantly fell in love with it. But since it's sheer and we live in Chicago, she'll have to wait until spring break in April and wear it during her vacation with her parents to Italy. Hopefully, it's warmer then.
Ashley Albright (3 days ago)
I shop on Wish all the time. I was disappointed on a few things, but in general I knew what I was getting. The shipping is where it gets expensive. Definitely warn your viewers it's not as cheap as it seems.
Allie Drake (3 days ago)
Bought my prom dress from wish for $10, loved it. Completely depends on the item, always read reviews
The Beauty Mom (3 days ago)
I know it's an old video so maybe no one will read this, but, I just realized how much you look like Mrs.Maisel. Your gestures and all. New subscriber here so have a great 2019 everyone!
Fainites Barley (3 days ago)
These are all Chinese/Asian. Poorly paid, teenage labour. Do you have no idea how rich and entitled this whole thing sounds? Seven outfits? $6 is really cheap to you?
Karina Sosa (4 days ago)
i would like to see an update on these clothes 🤔
Jayde Wolf (4 days ago)
My grandma ordered a simple black t-shirt, but ended up with a dildo🙁
Jenna Hitchcock (4 days ago)
Ow Wish you've burned me so many ...two wines and past bedtime. I've ordered and usually only kinda like 1/4 of what i got soooo the discount doesn't apply when you have to give 3/4 away off the bat. You can also look up items on Amazon and get a little more honest reviews. I do however like the cheep jewelry I don't mind loosing breaking. Thanks for the awesome review.
Kara Jarvis (4 days ago)
Wish coms from China
Marli Meyer-Wairau (4 days ago)
it’s literally called an iron
Alex Fierro (4 days ago)
Reviewer: it’s horrible don’t buy it Safiya: I’m going to size up
Gabby Pacis (4 days ago)
I feel like the titles should be in a clothing rap song if that exists
Morgan Pascual (4 days ago)
U should have Tyler do a wish haul
Suzanne Martin (4 days ago)
Wish utilises every marjeting trick in the book, but the translation to english is hirrendous. Best thing is everything is 100% satisfaction garanteed. If you don't receive by the promised date you can ask for a refund. I have quite a few items that get compliments every time I wear them.
Destiny Burkhardt (4 days ago)
8:18 HER TOESSSSS 💀💀💀💀
Stupid Mermaid (4 days ago)
The demon pants!!
RS. art crafts design (4 days ago)
Have a nice day! who is reading. I do some videos too if you have time check my content and if you like it click that red button ;) thank you! P.S. Sorry for advertising myself, but it's hard here for newbies ;)
Christy Loves you all (5 days ago)
Hey Safiyah i don't want to sound like a begger but I just started my youtube channel and if there's anything you can send me to follow my passion for makeup. I will literally be forever grateful to you. If you can't I totally understand. Still your loyal supporter no matter what. Love ya 💜💜💜💜 if you don't mind please subscribe to my channel thank you
Lynae Eakett Greene (5 days ago)
I have purchased on wish before. I have the app on my phone. I don't buy clothing items anymore. I bought a dress for my daughter and it was definitely questionable. the seaming was hit or miss. I have bought hair accessories, crafts, and jewelry I liked.
Paulette Aglet (5 days ago)
“You should do a wish hall” wtf
VeraDonna (5 days ago)
Do you seriously not own an iron? You just hang clothes and wish the wrinkles go away? Also, it's not hard for skirts, dresses and trousers to fit short on you. You're tall and these things are designed and made in China.
{ Viral } (5 days ago)
I tend to avoid wish just because I really hate the shipping cost system. Shipping should never cost more than the total of the items themselves.
lisa Schorm (5 days ago)
Stupid. Don't buy that cheap stuff. It's being produced in chinese sweat shops that give a shit about labour ethics and working conditions. --> child labour + tons of bullshit s being produced for the dumpster. Very sustainable this lifestyle.
B J (5 days ago)
I’ve had a great experience with WISH. I always read reviews and if something is wrong they are great about making it Right.
Julissa gissell (5 days ago)
Mieke Hermans (5 days ago)
“I have none of that” But how come you’re wearing one like it? Lmao 😂
stinky (2 days ago)
she meant cleavage she said "oh it's a nice little cleave top," and then she paused and said "i have none of that." she was referring to her chesticles
Karen Thornton (5 days ago)
Iron, buy an iron!!!
Jessica Camp (5 days ago)
Blow dry your clothes while you’re blow drying your hair. Saves me every time 🙌🏻
Shanna Brien (5 days ago)
She didn't post the shipping price! That's usually more than the clothing itself!
kimoppi (5 days ago)
I've never purchased from Wish, but this video makes me think it might work out ok. So I made a first purchase. I guess I'll find out in a month.
Catherin Poole (5 days ago)
She looks good in everything
Laura Jenkin (5 days ago)
SugoiRyan (5 days ago)
Also make sure to play Super Mario Smash
Christye Lynn (6 days ago)
I bought 2 pairs of yoga pants with pockets from Wish but they might fit a toddler and the fabric is like a garbage bag without elastic in the waistband.
Cory Don (6 days ago)
awww i love her so much she's so funny and cute, i know we would get along so well!! :)
Madz harshany (6 days ago)
Hit or miss.....
Anya Wise (6 days ago)
I love wish and use it a LOT
Gloria Hester (6 days ago)
Chic In The Woods TV (6 days ago)
Bought stuff on wish but never clothes...does take forever but happy with the products
JOHNNYBOY_RN4L _ (6 days ago)
Have she ever heard of a iron, great video though
Michel Trigueiro (6 days ago)
I order from wish. I haven't order any clothing, but I do love their makeup. I also got makeup brushes through them and they were great too.
Hdaim13 (6 days ago)
Alot of those were cute, if I was alot smaller size I'd probably get most of them lol
Amy May (6 days ago)
And that last dress you had on... so glad I saw this before I bought it. I saw it on Wish a while ago, but it definitely looks like a nightgown and is too short.
Amy May (6 days ago)
I bought I shirt with a kitty cat on it on wish and it was like swimsuit material. I was not excepting that and was disappointed. But it's still cute. I don't usually buy clothes on wish (except that one time). I've bought other things though and been happy, just it takes forever to ship... products mostly come from China. Thanks for your videos. I just recently discovered your channel.
Brittany O'Shields (6 days ago)
what are you wearing in the intro????/
LoveWithHeart (6 days ago)
I have the black bralette and I love it. Definitely had some good and some bad from wish. So the thing with wish is that everything on there is for a reason. Something as small as a stitch was the wrong color or something as big as, it’s awful material (or not the right product at all). It’s a gamble
Gabgengio Luv (6 days ago)
I love Wish! Nice video. 😘
SeaBeam (6 days ago)
Safiya omg I loved the Outfit you were wearing on this vid so much. Keep up the good work 💜
exit13mika (6 days ago)
Monkeys paw
Carrie Spurlock (6 days ago)
I had ordered two pairs of boots and only wore them for two days and the soles came off.
Jennifer Leanio (6 days ago)
You ordered a few of the things I’ve been wondering about so thank you!
Diane Harrison (6 days ago)
Whats your lippy on the last dress? X

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