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Quietest Motorcycle Helmets

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Silence is golden, especially when riding. We try to keep the road noise in our helmets as minimal as possible - just enough to be aware of our surroundings. RyanF9 shares his selection of the Quietest Motorcycle Helmets. Quietest Motorcycle Helmets links and video timestamps: 0:10 - Schuberth C3 Pro: https://frt9.co/lqw8wj 2:46 - Shoei Qwest: https://frt9.co/dphhun 4:36 - Schuberth S2: OUT OF STOCK 5:57 - Shoei’s RF-1200: https://frt9.co/axv9gw Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada
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Froosi Froosii (14 days ago)
Thumbs up thanks for sharing So I would like to get the Second Shuberth S2. Because of more Airflow. How big a difference between the Two in Noise? Peace
josh byington (27 days ago)
bought my rf1200 after seeing this video and it's unbearably loud
josh byington (18 days ago)
@Roni92pl noise is present on my naked bike, sport bike, and touring bike
Roni92pl (22 days ago)
Fix your fairing/windshield
Mr. Wilson (29 days ago)
spondered by schuberth/s
yulaw5110 (1 month ago)
Yea the only thing the vent does on it to take water and crap and throw it onto the pinlock. I do like it tho very happy with it
potatochobit (1 month ago)
what's the new Shoei model to replace the Qwest?
JSR (1 month ago)
Who pays $1000 for a helmet?! Me. That’s who. Not really.
kamil f (1 month ago)
Thanks man 👨 love ❤ all your videos Thumbs up 👍 Peace
Ef o'Vex (2 months ago)
Missing the Shark Spartan. Very quiet and comfortable helmet.
Tiger1 (2 months ago)
A helmet testing mob in Australia rated the Airoh Movement S as one of the quietest helmets, is this true?
MGTOW DIRT BIKER (2 months ago)
I wear these helmets while fucking your mom. The implication being shes as annoying as she is filthy
usbsol (2 months ago)
Make an update, pleeeaassseee wirh sugar on top 🤗
Pierre Simard (2 months ago)
Très instructif et parfaitement bien fait. Vous parlez très bien et clairement. Bravo !
kawi lifezx10r (3 months ago)
Cant hear the road noise with my sena s20 blasting my music anyway no need for ear plugs.
Torque of the Devil (3 months ago)
Ear plugs will also save your hearing and stop you going deaf from riding
rocket H (3 months ago)
Both my Sharks wipe the floor with all my Shoei's acoustics
G Man (4 months ago)
Got a round ass head no Shoei for me.
stormfront (4 months ago)
What up Youtube great motorcycle helmets at https://www.motorcyclesclub.net, I spoke with service reps there, and they got me a badass deal I'm also a big fan of RedBeard Leather Craft best moto seats you will ever lay your eyes on.. great experience Motorcycles Club, two thumbs up... your welcome in advance
Connor (4 months ago)
Can we get a 2019 version of this video? Maybe some cheaper lids or at least ones that aren't discontinued?
Simba Kim (21 days ago)
By the mercy of F9 please yes :D
Harry S (1 month ago)
yep, i would appreciate this!
stormfront (4 months ago)
Yo guys great unique helmets at https://motorcyclesclub.net, I talked with the grease monkeys there, and they hooked a great deal I'm also a big fan of Red Beard Original best custom seats you will ever lay your eyes on.. great experience Motorcycles Club.Net, two thumbs up... your welcome in advance
MOTAZ ABEIDA (6 months ago)
Is this king joffry??
2GRIPZ CRUISER (8 months ago)
The only thing i want to hear in "Grams" is wxxd this sux👎
Alex Nather (9 months ago)
Wow ur ugly
DUCzilla (9 months ago)
ever test an cms gtr-s helmet, i think its very quit!!
R J (10 months ago)
SENA noise cancelling
Edward Valentino (11 months ago)
You should think about subtitles with standard measurements fo your viewers who don't follow metric measurements
Robert Plank (11 months ago)
Favorite motorcycle videos on the planet.
David Womack (11 months ago)
Any updates to this video based on 2018 helmets?
Mark Jones (1 year ago)
“Airgo!” I see what you did there.
John Doe (1 year ago)
Both Schuberth's; Only 3 stars on SHARP and Red/poor rating on the temples...
jeevespreston (1 year ago)
Windshields are fairly common accessories, do the sound characteristics of these helmets change when the airflow is altered by a windshield? Thinking about the RF-1200... At 61 years old, years of riding, years of rock and roll, and years of war video games, yes I have tinnitus, it IS real, it's permanent, AND annoying as hell!! Protect your hearing, you can't trade your ears in on a new pair...
Johannes Carlsson (1 year ago)
How does the Qwest and RF1200 compare to the GT-Air?
Bob Wilson (1 year ago)
Is it safe to buy an old new helmet like the qwest? I hear that when it was produced , after 7 years it’s worth getting something new. So would you recommend getting an old lid like this.
Quintin Dodds (1 year ago)
ive never had an issue with noise bothering me, i use a basic icon helmet with no ear plugs. im confused by all these people wearing them and saying they are needed, ive never seen a single person around where i live use them and no one suffers hearing loss.
Richard Emerson (1 year ago)
I left my NoNoise ear plugs (small - ahem - plug) out so I can hear you once again deliver a good video. Thanks for all of the good work. Even if we in the States can't buy stuff from your lords and masters.
Matthew Barger (1 year ago)
you know i never tire from watching your videos. very articulate, comical and intelligent with a flare for the dramatic and never boring. so when do you make your first television or Broadway appearance? gotta get tickets for that
Jonas Foellner (1 year ago)
My father bought Schuberth for years, until recently because of the price. I want to keep up familiy tradition but changing from a modular to a s2 sport although i wear glasses
Alec Cox (1 year ago)
I just want to know where I can get nice, 5x helmets for my fat head.
rlui0514 (1 year ago)
Time for an updated video Ryan!
Vlastimil Simcik (1 year ago)
I would recommend to try Shoei GT Air, recognized as Shoeis most quiet helmet. It's excellent to be honest.
nuno santiago (1 year ago)
I always wear ear plugs so it doesn't really matter how silent the helmet is.
benjahnz (1 year ago)
These vids are great if you can battle through the 'know it all', smug mug thing.
Greg Jetnikoff (1 year ago)
Need to redo this one. I went looking and most of these helmets are no longer available.
FortNine (1 year ago)
Yeah, sorry about that. We'll make an updated video with current lids. ~RF9
chutta woolco (1 year ago)
Wind noise has gotten painful as the auditory canals now double as an internal crossvent. Plugs are a must to stop the draft
Mark S (1 year ago)
I wear a half helmet with ear muffs. So beautiful.
0Zolrender0 (1 year ago)
all of your content is well reseaarched, well presented and very informative. Please keep up this standard.
TheOritek (1 year ago)
Definitely ear plugs and also a scarf or something on the neck line to block wind from underneath. Not cool looking but my hearing is worth it....
John Skinner (1 year ago)
I got a Harley helmet that is a modular design with a drop down spring loaded sun visor that has the best of all your top picks for only $250.
Rene Van Eynde (1 year ago)
After three Shuberts and one Nolan, I am now very fond of the Shark spartan carbon. I have the impression that this is the quietest I ever owned.
Rey Coen (1 year ago)
Wind noises in a normal motorcycle helmet can go as high as 110 decibels, anything above 85 db can cause a hearing loss. No rider wants this. After a thorough research and testing, here are the most quiet motorcycle helmets https://snippingtech.com/most-quiet-motorcycle-helmet/
michael tubbs (1 year ago)
I know this is old news but if you wannnnttteeeddd to do a durability test on the qwest I know I would watch it.
Maxim Podkolzin (1 year ago)
Amazing review! Why didn't you include GT-Air, it's quiter than Qwest
ARK (1 year ago)
okay so I have an SOL Metalman helmet. It's pretty noisy at high speed. So I am thinking about putting on ear plugs. But I also use a Bluetooth communicator in my helmet and listen to songs while riding. Wouldn't that cut out the sound from it as well?
Jake Fejer (1 year ago)
My dads rf-1200 is really quiet
turtlepowersf (1 year ago)
Jake Fejer yeah my head is pretty neutral and i fit fine in a variety of helmets. Problem is I dont know how bad the wind will be until i hit the freeway. My rf1000 was quiet enough for me at the time, then i bought a Suomy that had a lot of ventilation and was too loud for my liking. That was also on a sportbike so my riding position was different than how i ride now. I ride mostly in the cold so im not looking for a lot of ventilation, just primarily low noise and comfort.
Jake Fejer (1 year ago)
turtlepowersf go try them on at your local store and see what fits best.
turtlepowersf (1 year ago)
Jake Fejer cool, thanks. I'm trying to figure out what will be best for me. i want a helmet that will be quiet in the upright riding position and I'm not sure which direction i should go. schuberth may be the best option but soooo much money. Costs about 15% of the cost of my motorcycle itself.
Jake Fejer (1 year ago)
turtlepowersf actually a sport touring, vfr 800. We just put on a double bubble wind screen which made it even more quiet because it pushes the wind over you instead of into your face.
turtlepowersf (1 year ago)
Jake Fejer does he ride a cruiser or sportbike?
I'm claustrophobic. As I watch you review helmets is feel sick thinking of one on. What alternatives are to full head cover. And noise low but still can hear sirens or horns?
Louis Gordon (8 months ago)
There's no alternative to a full face helmet. Open Face helmets provide minimal protection and you will lose your chin in a crash.
turtlepowersf (1 year ago)
Patricia Howell after full, there is 3/4 which offers no protection to your face and mouth/chin. then theres 1/2 helmet which is mostly just for show but may help the top of your head, assuming that it doesnt fly off. you should try to find a full face with a wider viewing area so it doesnt feel so constricting.
Wesley D (1 year ago)
Hey! My Shoei made the list! I knew dropping all that cash was a good idea! ... right?
smackg (1 year ago)
Love how you negate the whole video at the end with earplugs. Nothing better than perfect fit, fog free helmet with earplugs.
twistedtech361 (1 year ago)
Thanks for providing the quality videos, Ryan
INNOVV (1 year ago)
It's better to try the not so quiet helmets, because thode riders should pay attention to the enviroment around them when theyride, which includes the sound.
turtlepowersf (1 year ago)
INNOVV have you ever ridden before? no helmet is SO quiet that you wont be able to hear sirens or tire screeches. Also, having a helmet that picks up a ton of wind noise will NOT help you hear the environment around you, because all you hear is wind. A noisy helmet is noisy, obviously.
Gordon Douglass (1 year ago)
When Sena Momentum Inc (with Noise-cancellation!!) comes out. Can you do a review? <3 Please, for me.
ShinyFind (1 year ago)
I like that you dont beg for subs like a lot of other YouTubers
Michael Reed (1 year ago)
I'm a Shoei guy... how does a GT Air compare with a RF1200 and the Qwest (which I've never heard of before) ? By the way I ride a GSX1400 so probably a sport/touring style would be best description
turtlepowersf (1 year ago)
Michael Reed i know their qwest is their entry level. intended for scooter owners most likely.
jothain (1 year ago)
Ones buying a new must always try models before buying. I was going to buy Schubert c3 pro after hearing so much good about them. Got into shop and tried all models they had. Something was way off in them for me. None of them felt comfortable at all. I then tried multiple HJC, Arai and Shoei models and eventually got Shoei as it felt most comfortable and quality made lid. Not saying Shoei is best, but always try models and don't buy something just if you heard ie. reviews are 90% good of a product
Auto blipper (1 year ago)
Ryan, what is your opinion about Shark race pro? I heard it’s also a very quiet helmet?
pro tips : wear ear plugs
ekim andersom (1 year ago)
Schubert is overpriced with all their helmets.
Evo Dingo (1 year ago)
Mayne I been seeing and hearing real good things about the RF-1200
CanzZz (1 year ago)
i want a wind noise cancelling (cheap) dual sport helmet... i dont want it to be quiet i just want no wind noises.... is there something on the market?
Mary Brothers (1 year ago)
The quest I owned for a month, I road a quest I was loud, so upgraded to rf1200.
Geoffrey Carpenter (1 year ago)
Great video
V. D. (1 year ago)
3M 39dB earplugs are the best
CPU UK (1 year ago)
I bought the Schuberth S2... not as quiet as the label says, needs bigger chin curtain and ear padding, which it just so happens that Schuberth just happen to sell as an option ¬_¬ Great summer helmet (unlike the C3), but to much air in cold climate.
Canucker (1 year ago)
Good vid.. But one question are you sitting a bicycle with no seat as you spin around?
STR Rider (1 year ago)
Let’s see is you can do a video with HJC RPHA 70, Shark spartan, Shoei GT Air.
Dangleplums (1 year ago)
Is this just for the whistling noises? Can that really damage your ears? I didn't realise it was so loud it has never really bothered me
Snurre86 (1 year ago)
2:04 Is that 32C or 23C?
Sxlky (1 year ago)
The S2 looks so nice
Chris Evans (1 year ago)
I'll use the 1st helmet in fall and winter
Kimeters (1 year ago)
even these helmets are all at the long-exposure hearing damage threshold. wear ear plugs on everything.
Sircade (1 year ago)
Make a vid on best gear for a 50cc scooter
darrell mount (1 year ago)
earplugs are the best alternative, you can use the money you save for a weekend get away complete with motel room and enough cash to see the sights.
Kirk Kramer (1 year ago)
Shark EvoLine series 2 or 3 are best ( I.M.O )
Sean (1 year ago)
My old Shark helmet was silent riding on my half fairing 05 SV650 sport. The turbulent wind blasts hits me right my shoulders and up.
kimidam (2 years ago)
Those "turbulators" & "triangle bumps" are actually called Vortex Generators. You can find them on the leading edges of aircraft wings as well and their purpose is exactly as the name suggests and as you eluded to, to break up the airflow and generate low pressure turbulent vortices.
Skyerzen (2 years ago)
check out the Shoei GT-Air. I have the Qwest and I think it's quieter.
Mega Dave (2 years ago)
thanks again dude ! you need your own moto show ! Such a professional feeling on these vids . keep up the good work friend ! 👍👍
Peter Baldwin (2 years ago)
Did you look at the Shark Spartan? It's super quiet - and light...
Mr. Finger (2 years ago)
Your one of the few persons I heard complain about the Schuberth's ventalation, were the vents even fully open? :p
Richard DePas (2 years ago)
Switched the Schuberth C3 from a Scorpion EVO900. The C3 is louder than the EVO900 and fogs worse than the Scorpion with their special coatings. Will be switching back. For comparison, I am riding a K1200LT with more of an upright riding position.
C M (2 years ago)
Hey Ryan! Thanks for all the great reviews on gear! I have been binging on them lately :) I am looking at a new helmet and the two most important features are a flip down sun visor and that it is quiet. I am currently looking at dropping big money on a Shoei GT-Air, but I noticed it isn't in the list here. Is it that you just haven't tried out that model or did it not make the cut for other reasons? Also, could you point me at any other options slightly cheaper? Thanks!
Black70Fastback (2 years ago)
the quietest helmet on this list is still VERY close to the the threshhold where hearing loss begins at 85 decibels remember HEARING LOSS IS PERMANENT. so wear earplugs with all helmets.
Prince of the Ravens (2 years ago)
So, this is probably a dumb question, and I will probably get made fun of. But, I have a Qwest, bought it based on your reviews, that being said, I get pretty claustrophobic in it. Any ideas to help with this? I was fine in the store, but once I got home and used it a few times, well... Halp!
Prince of the Ravens (2 years ago)
Yeah, it's better with the shield open. Thanks! I'll give that a try! I love your videos and reviews, top notch. Glad I found your channel.
FortNine (2 years ago)
Not a dumb question! It actually affects a lot of riders. I assume it's better when you ride with the face shield open? If that's the case, try riding like that with sunglasses to protect your eyes. After a while, you'll get used to the helmet and be able to close the shield comfortably. ~RF9
paradoxiCk (2 years ago)
Hey Ryan, great video as always! Now that you mentioned earplugs, I was thinking that u could do video on best earphhones to use under a helmet! (since most of us dont have money for sennas and cardos...)
Jd B (2 years ago)
There is no such thing as a quiet helmet. Just buy earplugs.
sam jam ham mammogram (6 months ago)
You need both. If you have a loud helmet even earplugs wont be enough
Brewslee (2 years ago)
What about Shoei GT Air ? It's older, but people are saying its very quiet ?
Chris C (1 year ago)
Pytte it's not $5-600 quiet. I have one. Most comfortable liner though. Built in sun shield is why I bought it
Ray McLellan (2 years ago)
Hey F9 guys. Any chance you'll be bringing in NoNoise earplugs brand at any point? got mine from Twisted Throttle and I like em but want to find them at vendors I regularly use
Ray McLellan (2 years ago)
FortNine freaking eh!! now to wrangle up the cash for the other 2 things I need and I'm in business!
FortNine (2 years ago)
Well isn't this a coincidence, we just added them last week. https://fortnine.ca/en/nonoise ~ NeilF9
Joe Power (2 years ago)
my icon helmet is insanely loud, if i didnt wear earplugs id be deaf in a week
Black70Fastback (2 years ago)
dont be fooled by the video. you have to wear earplugs with every helmet. hearing loss begins to happen at 85 decibels. even the quietest $1000 helmet in this video achieves 82 decibels under ideal laboratory conditions. In the real world with varying head and neck sizes, you'll go deaf wearing that one without earplugs as well.
UnsungThermidor (2 years ago)
AHHHHH this makes the decision so much harder. Its a battle between the S2 and RF-1200. I decided after a 2 and a half hour trip to replace my Simpson Ghost Bandit which was absolutely horrific to ride in even with Ear buds and my music at max volume I could still hear it. My only issue with the Schuberth is I have no place to try them on properly. Do they fit like the 1200?
Jim M. (2 years ago)
There is a ear plug on the market that is especially made for riders called Ear Peace. I ordered a pair of them and have to say they are without doubt the best ear plugs I've ever used. As for quietness they are on par with the same ones of a similiar design that you get at any drug store or sporting good store. However where these are superior is comfort. You can wear these all day and hardly notice your even wearing them. They cost 19.99 which I know is expensive but you have to consider the comfort.factor. I love them and will definitely order another pair if needed.
Reveal The World (1 year ago)
Jim M. Do have them as well, unfortunately what's been revealed that initially they designed for musicions and not for bikes.
Kornholeeoo (2 years ago)
Love the videos you provide. Great information. I will have to disagree with you on the Schubert about the ventilation. I just bought the E1. You know the helmet. It's a C3 pro for Adventure riders with the elongated chin and sun visor. First, let me say I have a big ole fat head and I sweat a lot. The back of my head stays wet with sweat for hours after a shower unless I stand in front of the AC for 20 minutes. I rode in 70 degree weather with 85% humidity today and I could feel the cool air on the top of my head at speeds as low as 15 MPH. I ride a 2017 Harley Davidson FatBoy S with the largest wind shield they make. So I get very little wind in my face. Still, the E1 was cool enough that after a 20 minute ride to the restaurant, my head was dry and cool when I took off the helmet. That is a first for me. No it doesn't have rear exhaust ports. They are inside the helmet in the back. You can see two little holes and the exhaust vents inside the helmet. It works. I just sold my HJC Harley version modular helmet because it was too hot, to loud and I sweated like crazy in it. I washed it before I sold it, for sure. I was using my half shell just to keep my head from sweating so much. And the E1, quiet it is. It is the first helmet I can wear with no ear plugs. My FatBoy has the 110 engine and I have V&H BigShot mufflers and they are loud. No plugs needed even with the visor raised. It really is that quiet. You are correct about the pin lock working great. I can close off all the vents and huff and puff all day long with NO fogging on the pin lock. The drop down sun visor is fogged up, but not the pin lock visor. I did see a tiny bit of fog at the very bottom of the visor below the pin lock. But opening up the front vents and that tiny bit of fog went away in an instant, as did the fog on the drop down sun visor. Now I can stand up on the pegs and get above my wind screen and the air flow is even better, so for those with no wind shield, this helmet will work great. I have the 2XL size and it is very snug and very light. It is by far the best helmet I have ever owned. Period. I rode with it in the rain, 50 degrees and 100% humidity and no fogging on the pin lock. My HJC would fog up in all weather, every day. I don't know how Schuberth did it, but they did. And I got mine off EBay from a seller in the Netherlands. $539.00. Shipped to my door in 6 days. I was a little scared with it being so inexpensive that I was fearing it might be a knock off. But no, it's the real deal. You don't have to pay $899.00 for this lid if you do your homework. Anyway, just wanted to share this with you and any others who might be considering the C3 Pro or E1 from Schuberth. The sun visor on top could have been a little more sturdy. It does buffet behind my large wind shield. But when I stand up and get the helmet above the screen, the buffeting stops and it is stable with the air flow hitting it. Love this lid. Thanks for the review. Hope my two cents helps someone thinking on buying it. Ride safe!!!
pib (2 years ago)
Will be there a video with a title: top 5 quiet helmet under 250 or 200 dollar?

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