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Fender Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe

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Buy Now: https://goo.gl/ca7Ke9 Welcome back to PGS, today we're looking at the Tele Thinline Super Deluxe. Fender gives this resonate, semi hollow Telecaster a sharp dressed look with binding all around, block inlays and a RW topped maple neck with painted headstock. The unique voice of the lightweight Thinline Telecaster is amplified by a pair of Fender Fideli'Tron mini humbuckers, pickups with a touch of single coil character and extended low end punch. This MIJ factory special run Thinline Super Deluxe uses a rare combo of a 25.5" scale, 7.25" radius board with wide vintage frets and a modern "C" profile. Topping it all off is a vintage style Strat hard tail bridge surrounded by a stylish silver pickguard in the thinline tradition.
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Text Comments (244)
riki rex (2 months ago)
2011-2012 ..when the guitar starts disappearing ... and they will try bastardizing or crossbreeding good ideas in the hope to save the boat from sinking, like headless chicks running around their R&D offices... too scared to lose face if asking for help from who could give it... pathetic
Seth Thomas (3 months ago)
Why does the into sound just like marcy playgrounds rock and roll heros
Landon Jackson (4 months ago)
Love this guitar
Dave Suddreth (4 months ago)
Are the pickups potted? If not, this guitar will squeal like a pig at high gain
Nemesis Prime (5 months ago)
This double binding black and sliver beauty reminds me of John5's sig tele.
Deadendmileage Caesar (5 months ago)
Cause she's my best friends girl...
Baci302 (5 months ago)
My Best Friend's Girl! Nice
Dean Green (8 months ago)
imagine if that TL Tele was a floyd rose, 10r and a 24 fret 25.75 scale, FREEKING TOME MONSTER!!! there is a reason a 24.5 is called a student guitar or beginner, it lacks the tone of a 253/4, seriously, the tone is tight and welp, beginner, sorry to all those gibby doods but its simply no where near the full scale 24 fret flat radius guitars that can straight blow, you have a hard time with bends and speed runs on that curved neck, too much choke out, get a 12r 24 fret FR, and SMOKE them GUNS! if you think this is bullshit, find a nice solid state amp with a regular cleans nothing at all. then plug in a short scale vs a regular with same pups, same guitar, yes you can get strats in short, mij.. you will see what I am talking about, the radius speaks for itself, the shorter your strings the less travel for the vibrations to run up and down the strings, common sense, still bullshit, try it against a freekin Ukulele then get back to us, longer the strings more tone, why those baritones RULE! however the huge strings make them impossible to run on for any length of time, just ask the king of shred himself, Glen Campbell, yes he was the original shredder, hum and Buck Owens had competitions, don't believe that get a hold of Alice Pooper and ask him if Glen could SHRED! yup, he played the baritone but the weight and run was just too demanding but the tone is in the eon
RNArizona (10 months ago)
Wow, that may be the best guitar demonstration that I've ever seen! Andy, you did a beautiful job showing off that guitar's capabilities to the fullest.
Plainglasswindows (11 months ago)
Damn that is beautiful. And then they sabotage the headstock.
Austin Lucas (1 year ago)
That sounds pretty great.
Vu La (1 year ago)
Andy's playing is awesome here...and the Humble Pie at the end..superb!
gdw3 (1 year ago)
My Best Friend's Girl!
Keaton Tait (1 year ago)
marguerita (1 year ago)
is the song at 4:00 improvised or an actual song? what’re the chords i love the sound of it
km5658 (1 year ago)
I'm a sucker for fenders with binding... I want this sooo bad!
Marc Ludemann (2 years ago)
Really great player and great sound!
Ken K (2 years ago)
Now that's a great tone. What amp are you using?
Eri Lee (2 years ago)
wildbilltexas, because the people who are making those models are Japanese Luthiers. It is not Fender USA but Fender Japan for this model
pretty cool i like it
dancesucker70 (2 years ago)
very neck heavy
Quimerateck (2 years ago)
Judd Austin (2 years ago)
not down with the 7.25 radius neck, but otherwise shes a beaut!
MrBen58862 (2 years ago)
I'm not a Fender guy, but man I've never heard a demo quite like this, superb!
Nick Pedersen (3 years ago)
Leo Nidis (3 years ago)
I got this only cos it was dirt cheap and looked special and jackpot! The cleans on the neck pickup are just as good as on the american deluxe strat hss i used to have(obviously diffrent). It sounds better distorted on the bridge pickup,much fatter!the previous owner changed the bridge and added a bigsby,dont have any use for it now but ill get to it.
k m (3 years ago)
I luv the sound of that tele. and dude ur my favorite demo player on the net.
Ted Mac (3 years ago)
Another incredible mij Fender! I just ordered one in white, Got a great deal from "Willcutt guitars" too! (900.00 and free shipping!) lots of dealers are asking 1,119.00 I knew I had to have one of these just from my experience with Fenders made in Japan lately. This will be my 3rd mij and let me tell you, They are SMOKING my USA made Fenders, No contest! This will go perfect beside my MIJ Thinline Strat! The craftsmanship on the thinline strat is so good you cannot help staring at it! Of course the tone and neck are absolutely incredible! Keep them coming Fender Japan!
Eric S (2 years ago)
+Jordy Quintero where?
Jordy Quintero (3 years ago)
Got mine for 700 with a free hard case and gig bag everything new
Chris Ostrom (3 years ago)
Man, watching you rock the cars is one of life's true guilty pleasures...
michl blender (3 years ago)
as you play,all the guitars have a good sound!
lokotron1 (3 years ago)
is it american made?
mediastarguest (3 years ago)
One of the besy looking guitars I´ve seen. Looks really beefy but refined.
Aaron Rodriguez (3 years ago)
sexy guitar, its a shame there is not lefthand version of this :(
Rabatavus (2 years ago)
add me in. I saw a elite thinline today and felt like crying. beautiful guitars
buck aeron (3 years ago)
This is cool especially with TV jones pickups. Its twang like crazy. The snarling of a tele is unquestionable.
TheJofrica (3 years ago)
Wow that is a classy looking guitar
It looks ugly,but sounds great.
Clark Dale (4 years ago)
I have already bought this guitar, and is one of the best Fender guitar I have ever tasted, (I own Cunetto strat) because of: 1. The tune: clear and full of harmonics. 2. Comfortable: the bridge and the neck are absolutely gorgeous of playing. 3. Mesmerised: the appearance in person it's amazing and really special guitar. 4. Its sound playing clear is great and playing with distortion it's fucking astonishing.
Jon Bullock (3 years ago)
+Clark “Tearain” Dale - Great review. Thanks!!
ForViewingOnly (4 years ago)
Lovely guitar. I just don't think the 7.25" radius fret board is for me. I wish Fender had made it 9.5" for a more modern feeling, general-purpose setup. But that's just my preference.
Big Rick's Haberdashery (3 months ago)
half the world plays with no radius now, you get used to the tele neck 7.25" quickly as people say a real workhorse
FraJa1980 (4 years ago)
I like these thin line guitars but that F hole bothers the hell out of me, it's in the wrong place compared to other f hole guitars, it should be a little lower with the centre of the hole around the bridge area instead of around the pickup.
jose angel Hernández (4 years ago)
what type of music is that?
nkmcfrln (8 months ago)
Tyler Desrosiers Yeah it’s Rock N’ Roll but you’re so into it that you can’t tell him that it’s Elliot Easton from the Cars and the name of a song that was all over the radio along with many others from The Cars first two albums.
ricomajestic (2 years ago)
+jose angel Hernández The Cars
Spencer Ludman (4 years ago)
+Tyler Desrosiers haha best comment ever
_t-d_ (4 years ago)
That's rock and roll son.
mel stevens (4 years ago)
I have one its made in Japan only 100 made 50 white 50 black !!!!!!!!!!
robert cleary (4 years ago)
It's your profile picture
egotripband (4 years ago)
very nice playing..does the guitar have a maple cap?
Ben Salzmann (5 years ago)
I really appreciate Andy's guitar demos... for once a guitar demo that isn't just some guy playing a solo for 5 minutes in various pickup positions! Throw some chords in there! Yes!
Rodrigo M.A. (4 months ago)
Andy's got the best demos out there
Robert Comer (5 years ago)
What is the song he plays in the begining
Its called "my best friend's girl" by the cars. Pretty nice song
wildbilltexas (1 year ago)
Why cant Fender make this a regular model, with a Squier version too? Awesome demo!
Alejandro Rada (5 years ago)
I really like the way you play. Tasty, natural & groovy.  Actually I think that's the best playing to test a guitar.
pigjubby1 (5 years ago)
Really nice tune at 2:10.
KwakZedRider93 (5 years ago)
Well said, stratman323!!
BioDiver (5 years ago)
5:10 I just splooged
stratman323 (5 years ago)
"7.25 neck radius doesn't allow bending strings". Really? It's a shame nobody told Hendrix that, he seemed to cope OK. As did all the other legendary players who bent strings quite happily on a 7.25" radius neck. Two possibilities - either the set-up was at fault. Or maybe the fault lies with you. What do ya reckon?
odinmp5 (5 years ago)
Brian Torres (5 years ago)
is that "My Best Friends Girl" as the opening riff?
Ian Garas (8 months ago)
Brian Torres yes!!
Thomas Pisani (5 years ago)
I bought the Thinline Jag. Sent it back. 7.25 neck radius doesn't allow bending strings and the bridge was gawd awful, replaced with another, guitar looked great, and sounded great, but couldn't use it at gigs, mostly cause of the dead notes when playing a lead part and string bending was needed. I paid $1499. for it! way too expensive! Didn't even come with a case. Watching this video, the guitar plays well, but not when you get it home.
Dib (5 years ago)
Ernest Karchmit (5 years ago)
its a beauty but itself isnt good, too much money for what it offers
AVEIL (5 years ago)
And I was hoping they'd increased the neck radius! Great for chording, but I bet getting full bends w/no "fret-out" are a challenge. I don't understand that; at least put jumbo frets on it if you're going to use such a small radius (7.25"!!). But that's the radius Fender always uses for its "Thinline" Telecasters. I do love the look--I wish Fender would do a little more stuff like this in the way of aesthetics. A bit pricy though, IMO. There's a lot of competition in this price range.
DentingLeopard (5 years ago)
EpicCreati0n (5 years ago)
anyone know the price?
Maafa 1619 (5 years ago)
I love both vintage frets and 7¼" radii... on a neck the size of a baseball bat, but then again I'm a grown man.
primeDecomposition (5 years ago)
LOL! Awesome slam.
Telerado (5 years ago)
Yay, 7.25 radius for choked notes and vintage frets no one digs
Jason Rumley (5 years ago)
Everywhere I look online it says sold out. Anyone know if these were only available for a limited time?
Charlie C (5 years ago)
It's my next guitar.
FollowingFollowers (5 years ago)
To me it's almost the perfect telecaster!!!!
Fishy Fingers (5 years ago)
I wonder how Lollartron pups would sound in that gem. Mmm..
Quinn O. (5 years ago)
Some ibanez's actually have thicker necks than tele's
NapsterRulez (5 years ago)
the cars xD!
fdgzdfgg (5 years ago)
beautiful ;)
Alex Murray (5 years ago)
Not sure what it is, but messing around with the chords to U2's "Stuck in a moment you can't get out of" might get you close...
NACHOOFF (5 years ago)
What a biutiful sound.
Isaiah (5 years ago)
I prefer smaller radius boards because they feel better for chords. At least for me. Also, they feel better with higher action.
DaveHangley (6 years ago)
But with the bridge pickup and the amp settings it has a pretty sexy crunch.
DaveHangley (6 years ago)
Well, someone sure woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Personally, I think I might prefer the tones of the standard Tele - have to dig around and check more vids of the thinline - but damn it looks good!
Ziece4 (6 years ago)
Hey, fuck you :).
Maafa 1619 (6 years ago)
You lost me at "modern C shape." Why do they keep putting Ibanez necks on Telecasters. But oh well, I'll just keep building my own Teles. See ya, Fender.
Maafa 1619 (6 years ago)
Just buy a pointy thin-necked metal-douche guitar.
Ziece4 (6 years ago)
How heavy can the distortion go without it mukking up?
kingstumble (6 years ago)
Don't usually go for blingtastic guitars such as this but the sound has won me over.
Jon OldhAM (6 years ago)
Just finished a strat with a warmoth boat (V) neck and its the most comfortable shape I've played.
djt1967ss (6 years ago)
sounds as good as it looks
Hoopermazing (6 years ago)
You lost me at "c shaped."
Scott Sliwinski (6 years ago)
Andy What amp and/or pedal was used in your first song at the start of the video?
William Edgard (6 years ago)
Can somebody please tell me what is he playing @ 2:12 ?
Isaiah (6 years ago)
I like 7.5 inch radius necks for slide. This thing would be a slide monster.
camrobomusic (6 years ago)
paul1060 (6 years ago)
really nice guitar, sharp, but why wouldnt they make this a 12" radius ....not the "choke at the top" 7.5 radius fretboard.
Jesse Smit (6 years ago)
0:00 When i wake up yeah i know i'm gonna be I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you When i go out yeah i know i'm gonna be I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you
Good sound!
Andrew Nathan Hall (6 years ago)
How do these pickups compare to the wide range humbuckers on the '72 thinline?
camrobomusic (6 years ago)
Dat price is too good to be true!
Columbo S. (6 years ago)
Not at all! if i could get myself a lefty one of these for that price id have 2 of em!
wihaga satya khresna (6 years ago)
Andy... Please stock the lefty version of this guitar... please..
Kevin O'Neil (6 years ago)
Sounds Robben Ford-ish. Can't place the name tho.
TJ Nugent (6 years ago)
Are these Fender pickups the same size as TV Jones, in case you would want to replace them?
Terry Haefs (6 years ago)
Is this guitar available in a left-handed model?
Neale Scott (6 years ago)
Pickups sound great
Daniel Betts (6 years ago)
What's the name of the song he's playing at about 4:00 minutes in?
goldenhopper (6 years ago)
Japanese teles give me wood,
MUSIcMaN587 (6 years ago)
Andy is killin' it on this one
Eric Hodge (6 years ago)
When will it be available again at the shop? I went in and they were both gone!!! I want to get it so bad!

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