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Period Q&A with AmeliaLiana! | Estée Lalonde

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Don't miss out and subscribe! » http://www.youtube.com/EsteeLalonde Subscribe to my vlog channel Everyday Estée » http://www.youtube.com/EverydayEstee ​​​IN CASE YA FORGOT THIS IS A BEAUTY CHANNEL! Go subscribe to Amelia! https://www.youtube.com/amelialiana Top 10 Makeup Items Under £10! http://youtu.be/HiRqve1Amd8 Amelia’s Period video: http://youtu.be/8hr3s8Wxscc QUESTIONS: First period story? What annoys you? Go to face mask? Period outfit? Favourite food? How do you fight food cravings? Mood swings? How do you deal with mood swings? ______________________________ MY LINKS » SECOND CHANNEL → http://www.youtube.com/EverydayEstee WEBSITE→ http://www.EsteeLalonde.com TWITTER → http://twitter.com/EsteeLalonde INSTAGRAM → http://www.instagram.com/EsteeLalonde SNAPCHAT → Essie_Button FACEBOOK → https://www.facebook.com/EsteeLalonde TUMBLR → http://esteelalonde.tumblr.com/ PINTEREST → https://www.pinterest.com/esteelalonde VESSEL → https://www.vessel.com/EsteeLalonde ______________________________ See what else I’ve been loving besides beauty products! http://youtu.be/W41QVrEvvBg This video is not sponsored. None of the above links are affiliate links.​​​ ABOUT ME » I’m Estee Lalonde and I hail from snowy Canada, but I now live in London, England! You can find me making weekly lifestyle and beauty videos on this channel...expect the occasional blathering tangent. Hit subscribe if you’re searching for easy makeup tutorials, cute outfit ideas, beauty product and makeup hauls, easy baking recipes and more!
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Text Comments (3039)
Victoria Alliaud (1 month ago)
WOOOOOWWWW you guys look so different
Leah Keeley (4 months ago)
Vampire teabags is a name for ur supplies
Louise Medin (8 months ago)
I still love this 😂🤗💕
Katy Smith (9 months ago)
I'm 13 and started my first period last month. I'm expecting it to be irregular and my 2nd period to take its time though. I'm the first out of my friend to get it and they are all like "oooh do you think I will get it soon?" And they have been so fancinated but litro they haven't even started puberty yet and their mum started when she was 16 so I'm pretty sure they got a while yet. Lucky bitches
Sinead Lamont (10 months ago)
T.O.M Time Of the Month xx
Taylor Rules (1 year ago)
Japan is ataking
I don’t know (2 years ago)
I eat Doritos and watch YouTube videos on my period but I only eat twice the serving size which is about 20 chips. When I want soda I'll drink water too.
I don’t know (2 years ago)
I was 11 and I woke up at 2 AM and there was SO MUCH blood. I had to clean it up and thankfully we had just learned about periods at school the week before and they gave us pads so I didn't have to use a tampon. My cousin said they gave them really light and tiny ones but ours even had wings.
I don’t know (2 years ago)
On my first period
Cameron Martinez (2 years ago)
Uncle Tom and Aunt Flo are in town Japan is fighting Red Sea Time of month I need a red pen I'm moving to Japan next week And finally the one me and my friends use: I'm dying.
Nidaa Nida (2 years ago)
PMS is very real, yesterday I almost cried in my yoga class because an old woman couldn't hold a pose and I really felt bad for her -_- Today I am on my period :/
Megan Louise Sharkey (2 years ago)
i just say, oh im on my period
Gülsu Bartan (2 years ago)
Niagara Fall
Delaney Piantanida (2 years ago)
Aunt Rose
Hannah Rasmussen (2 years ago)
Please do a part 2 :-D
Erika Bruna (2 years ago)
my friends and I will ask each other "hey can I borrow a red pen?"
Katy Smith (9 months ago)
We can't say that because our school uses red pens loads and sometime we actually need a red pen 😂
Asja Dizdarević (2 years ago)
Annie Peterson (2 years ago)
Ooh I like that idea
Raegan Bailey (2 years ago)
Japan is attacking
Aliya Huet (2 years ago)
I refer to it as 'Shark Week' or quote from Lord of The Rings: "A red sun rises. Blood has been spilled this night."
Anousks Clarke (2 years ago)
My friend started me saying I've got my p's
Rachel lol (2 years ago)
Our code is red alert
Izabel Borges (2 years ago)
Please do a part 2!!
Autumn Turner (2 years ago)
if u need a pad or tampon u can say u need a red pen
〈〈Bea〉〉 (3 years ago)
I like to say "The red Ferrari parkes in my Garage"
Lotus Love (3 years ago)
Code red :x
Kelsea Megan (3 years ago)
Code words - Satan and Japan - simply because when satan came to my friend she was wearing white jeans 😂🇯🇵 red - blood
Becca Campbell (3 years ago)
My code word is "the red flag is flying". Really unoriginal, but it gets the job done. :)
Laura Jelbert (3 years ago)
have u guys got any tips on how to get period stains out of clothing and bedding and have you guys ever had the situwatcion when u at work school or college and it like gone through your protcion and through your jeans or what ever ?
Laura Jelbert (3 years ago)
+Camilla Fuglevig thanks I normal try cold or warm water then put some vanish with it but I'll try that next time thanks
bandedits xx (3 years ago)
My code word is " red alert " me and my friends are like " uhhh it's red alert "
Jessica Jaso (3 years ago)
I was ten almost eleven
oh also get insoma can't sleep on my period that also annoys me.
I get moodswings and cravings back cramps and nausea that three things annoyed me.
Cece Mol (3 years ago)
i was 11 when i got my first period and mine and my best friends code for it is "bitch week" because our brothers call us the moodiest bitches ever!!
Areej Stacker (3 years ago)
My down there hurts and it's so red ' but no period yet ,, I have all the other signs .
Those TNS Girls (3 years ago)
me and my 2 bffs say 'peppers' like red peppers
KLou Kool (3 years ago)
+Amy Whitewood lol😂
Those TNS Girls (3 years ago)
and then boys are like, "why u talking about vegetables for?"
Those TNS Girls (3 years ago)
I was 12
Kayamoure Noelle (3 years ago)
I like calling it the week of red rain, or shark week, hahahaha xD
BJÖRN Bushcraft (3 years ago)
My wife says: "Aunt Ruby is visiting this week".
Mairead (3 years ago)
"Do you ever dunk tea in biscuits?" 10.46 :'D You girls made me laugh so much in this video x
No N (3 years ago)
im on my koolaid
ingrid johnson (3 years ago)
Should I be worried if I'm 13 and haven't got my period?
CrushedPotatoes (2 years ago)
+Michaela Berk Don't worry it's different for everyone. I had mine at 11, and my best friend at 17...
Michaela Berk (3 years ago)
+ingrid Johnson no. everyone gets their period at different times. I'm also 13 and I haven't gotten mine either
No N (3 years ago)
no u shouldn't
Talia morrison (3 years ago)
I got mine today
Kiera Collins (3 years ago)
Painters and decorators... It disgusting but yeh...
Hailey Flowers (3 years ago)
Shark week
Niyah Giles (3 years ago)
I started mine 1 month ago
Mane Sophia (3 years ago)
my favourite codeword: the kommunists are coming
Jaime de Moissac (3 years ago)
I had my first period yesterday at school then right after I had gym class.
Jaime de Moissac (3 years ago)
Me and my friend have secret sayings like "CODE RED NEED TO CHANGE" 😂 or "NEED A PILLOW or STICK 😂😂
Rhianna Sterling (3 years ago)
Code red😂x
Mackenzie Baynton (3 years ago)
in my family we say the little red corvet has pulled in to the drivway
Ashleigh Farrell (3 years ago)
The painters are in , have the curse and coming on are some sayings xxxxxx
Ashleigh Farrell (3 years ago)
Also the rag and the Red Sea or attracting vampire
Tara Snell (3 years ago)
Can you do another video like this!
Martha Elizabeth (3 years ago)
Riding the Crimson wave (period slang)
Alice Martin (3 years ago)
period talks really shouldnt be called 'girl time' actually!!! lots of girls and women dont get periods for many reasons and many boys/non-binary people DO get them so!!
Tea Norman (3 years ago)
Essie where's your neckless from?
Shobhadevi singh (3 years ago)
Where did she get Da Clip?
Kira (3 years ago)
"Do you ever dunk tea in biscuits" 😂😂😂
Anousks Clarke (2 years ago)
Laura Sandoval (3 years ago)
Shelby Dockter (3 years ago)
My best friend and I call her Ria. Guess who's here? Ria! Ria's being a bish. Ria is gone. And everyone thinks we're talking about a person 😂😂😁
Those TNS Girls (3 years ago)
Mademoiselle Ivy (3 years ago)
I call it La luna (The moon🌙✨)
Bella Currie (3 years ago)
shark week
Billie Radford (3 years ago)
A code for period in Spain is "la muerte roja" witch means "the red death!"
FunSizeMarsBar92 (3 years ago)
I always say that the painters are in :P
Zobia W (3 years ago)
"Red wine season"
Samantha Erin (3 years ago)
Another term is cousin dot
s lynn (3 years ago)
I got my first period on the 24th of December. I had freaking cramps on christmas day & I remember how freaking miserable I was lying on the couch with cramps & tons of painkillers feeling like I hated the world. Ugh! Now every christmas I get a "little present" as my friends & I like to call it...nice
Viktória Žigraiová (3 years ago)
+s lynn I got mine first period on the 24th of December too! :D now my boyfriend calls christmas "my first time birthday" I should never told him that story lol
Rachael McRobb (3 years ago)
me and my friends say we are surfing the crimson wave! (its from clueless)
Sssophie (3 years ago)
Lol I thought it said 'Subscribe + Flow' at the end there
Elizabeth Swan (3 years ago)
Japan is attacking ! You will know what I mean when you look at they're flag !
Emily Hannah (3 years ago)
+Essie Button when I started my period I was 12 and in South Africa at the time and thousands of miles away from home it was horrible x
Candy Cane (3 years ago)
I started mine when I was 11 lol
Emma Bates (2 years ago)
Candy Cane me three January 1 2016 yeah me
Anousks Clarke (2 years ago)
Leslie C (3 years ago)
Me too
daisy (3 years ago)
Caprice x (3 years ago)
Me too
Dj Sprinkles (3 years ago)
My friend is like "omg, it's my shark week..." Lol
Holly Bronwyn (3 years ago)
Thing is, when it all ends, you miss it. :(
Austra Reinholde (3 years ago)
+Holly Bronwyn What? Nooo!
sprinkleofzoella&alfie (3 years ago)
tom is here or coming
jada c (3 years ago)
"The red river's flowin'" 😂
Sophia Osmond (3 years ago)
Satans sacrificial waterfall😂
Jaime Timms (3 years ago)
Haha I've heard the sync thing before! But me and my girlfriend spend most of our time together and we've been together for quite a long time now, and we haven't synced!
ally Haskell (3 years ago)
Code word is taylor swift ( cause if her album red) microphones are tampons, pads are sheet music, and the vagina.... Its self is the stand. Taylor swift is stabbing be in the back The microphone Is not in the stand correctly😂😂😂
sadie sadie (7 months ago)
jada c (3 years ago)
Omfg 😂😂😂😂😂
Kenzie (3 years ago)
my friends call it shark week
Kayla Henault (3 years ago)
Coad red code red
April Tindall (3 years ago)
Name for a period: The red badge of courage
Marissa Koppen (3 years ago)
Me and my friends say "tom" is here (time of month)
Jessica Hiwat (3 years ago)
i always use japan is atacking (look at the vlag)
A Smug Seal (3 years ago)
I get that code words for periods are kinda funny sometimes and that especially young girls like to use them but honestly, there shouldn't be this secretive vibe to it in my opinion lol Its absolutely *nothing* to be ashamed of, or something you should seek to hide. It is the most natural thing on earth. Of course I don't mean people should openly tell everyone about how their vaginal state is atm and what consistency the blood had they just found in their panties, XD  just saying that people should be able to say I'm on my period without any stigma to it maybe? Without shame, without any negative emotions, without code words that kind of imply that it is something embarrassing or disgustig. :)
Sofie Jorgensen (3 years ago)
Slang for period: Mass murder south of the boarder.
Anousks Clarke (2 years ago)
Celine Moran (3 years ago)
Riding the crimson wave #cluelessquote
Megan Tan (3 years ago)
this made me die😂😂😂😘 one other period slang is riding the cotton pony 😂
Anne Selseng (3 years ago)
Hahhahaah essie button eating a button, haha died.
Sophia King (3 years ago)
Goodlies (3 years ago)
Hahahha I got my first period while living with my dad too! .. Awkward 😂
Persiaa (3 years ago)
I have my field day tomorrow and I only use Pads. I'm gonna get wet. I can't use tampons HELLPP
Josy Gomez (3 years ago)
TOM is in town :D lol
CHloE748 (3 years ago)
Either someone is chewing food and I want to strangle them, or I'm sitting there crying at baby commercials... #womenproblems
Jessica Thumen (3 years ago)
In sweden we say "Lingon veckan".. and it translates to "Lingon berry week" :)
Leslie Case (3 years ago)
I got my period at 11. Also here are some names for your period. Tom time of the month,riding the cotton pony,hippy hoppy the flow bunny's on its way.
Nicole Teo (3 years ago)
I agree with in-sync "red"!
Elsie Brett (3 years ago)
I was 11 is that bad
Kelsey Smith-Foy (3 years ago)
+Knipp Udd yeah when we were doing sre, one of our teachers said she had a friend, and her daughter started when she was 7, and she had to go to the doctors and they had to try to stop it or something? Idk but yeah 😬
A Smug Seal (3 years ago)
+Jessica Hewitson 7 is far too young tho...? I've heard 9 which is shitty for the young girl too but 7..? :<  something must be wrong if a little 7 year old starts to bleed :O
Jessica Hewitson (3 years ago)
Not at all you can have it as early as 7 and if your a late bloomer like 16.
Daisy Talavera (3 years ago)
What me and my sister call it when we get our period is the curse of old suzy
Shannon Lanchbury (3 years ago)
I have just discovered you, I am so glad your amazing, made me laugh so much!!!
Victoria Lammek (3 years ago)
so funny and so true
DistinctlyNikki (3 years ago)
Oh my goodness, this is your funniest video yet! <3
Louise Hamilton (3 years ago)

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