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Style Of Eye & Tom Staar - After Dark (Hard Rock Sofa Remix)

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Buy After Dark & remixes on iTunes: http://bit.ly/AfterDarkEPiTunes https://www.facebook.com/tomstaar https://www.facebook.com/staartraxxmusic https://www.facebook.com/styleofeyeof...
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Text Comments (9)
CFLLR (5 years ago)
im first
Audun Karlsen (5 years ago)
The lyrics sounds like justified cheating. I LIKE IT!
Allan Thomas (5 years ago)
hard rock sofa kills it as usual :D
Simon (5 years ago)
Russians know how to do it right x)
CFLLR (5 years ago)
bailar01 (5 years ago)
Hard Rock Rottingmøbler :D
T0k3nZee (5 years ago)
They just dont stop being the best
Cédric V. (5 years ago)
Hard Rock Sofa <3
Juan Mendoza (5 years ago)

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