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AlbertsStuff funny Mexican voice & Spanish speaking compilation

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A compilation of AlbertsStuff in his funny Mexican-like voice talking, speaking spanish, and funny moments while doing this too! (I AM NOT A RACIST OR A STEREOTYPE IN ANY WAY I AM HISPANIC MYSELF!!!) Check out AlbertsStuff: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlbertsStuff Check this dudes compilation of AlbertsStuff too: https://youtu.be/K6Ox2CKCU-E (I used it in this video)
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Text Comments (6512)
LIKEABOSS Gamer (1 month ago)
EDIT: thank you all for 1M views, I appreciate for all the support during this channels short lifespan.
Génesis Rosales (1 month ago)
LIKEABOSS Gamer ok sorry I get serious about these things this vid is funny tho keep up the great work
LIKEABOSS Gamer (1 month ago)
El Salvador is cool as I’ve said, the title is intended to be a joke itself, sorry if there’s any misunderstanding
LIKEABOSS Gamer (2 months ago)
Kawaii Princess I know but the title was intended to be a joke, please don’t take it too serious
El Salvador is cool (2 months ago)
+Memes Troll I wasn't talking to you
Memes Troll (2 months ago)
+El Salvador is cool dude I'm just saying that not how you use the word I'm not trying to say something else
Julian Batted (5 hours ago)
Thats not albert the real albert doesnt cus and he has a better voice
Mr. Depressed (19 hours ago)
Angie Sofia (1 day ago)
"Yo chupo grande pene" we casi muero xd
Syd HH (1 day ago)
I laughed for 20 mins when he said “I suck big dick” XD
Daddy Msp (1 day ago)
0:32 Pucci h0le
Val14 (2 days ago)
I'm Mexican and this doesn't offend me at all...
saphi animations (2 days ago)
2:51 the best part lol
luna huerta (2 days ago)
I dont like when he is swering
Me gusta pucci h0le
R3D Cubez (2 days ago)
Omg we learned the word molesto in class and everyone burst out laughing
When u realize the amount of Spanish named accounts Albert has...
Wumbo Time! (3 days ago)
my grandmas birds name is Papito damn my life
pony player (3 days ago)
*me gusta pucci hole* me: omg thts ridiculous
Paulapow321 (3 days ago)
Somebody called him a bish
YOLA Bv (3 days ago)
I Actually Speak English And I Understand Spanish, But Coming For Albert Is Like Something Really Funny xD
Fire VyescheslaVoo (3 days ago)
me gusta Pucci H0le
0:32 I think um he wants some *-pucci-* h0le
shaheed109 (4 days ago)
He swears.. that’s new
*you guys are locko*
Leo Cruz (4 days ago)
SJpro PRO (4 days ago)
Lucky me I know Spanish XD
dirt bag (4 days ago)
mi gusta pucci h0le
wtf_jordie (5 days ago)
0:32 I've never laughed so hard in my lifeeee
Fortnite Memez (5 days ago)
Nuevo Mapa? *ban him for speaking Spanish*
Mr. Eli (5 days ago)
Who else saw Exorcist at start
Logan - Gacha Life (5 days ago)
hola soy uno
cool santi jayden (6 days ago)
video tan divertido
Naomi Zamora (8 days ago)
Nuevo maps men’s nuw map
sonja gacha (8 days ago)
0:30 . . . . . why
Lilly & jeordie Plays (8 days ago)
It’s so funny at 2:16
Bombastix (8 days ago)
vamps a otro..... ooo nooo
Gachakitty Girl60 (10 days ago)
What is that game where you talk to other people where Albert has to wait 906 seconds
Gardevoir fan Art club (10 days ago)
3:12 JuanAlvarez lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Iñaki Chávez Chávez (11 days ago)
This is racist brah I love his videos but he’s sooo racist
Je3u390 Roblox player (12 days ago)
Flamingo no cause words Albertstuff cause words
kebadachii (13 days ago)
I dont have time to wait 906 *segundos*
kebadachii (13 days ago)
The good days Of AlbertsStuff He used to say bad word Now he is devoted to *STOP SWEARINGGG!*
Ayan0623 (14 days ago)
Smokey Lopez (14 days ago)
2:14 man fuck you holmes i fuck you up holmes you guys locco i wasnt even trying to to nothing like that holmes
IMDEADNOW63 (14 days ago)
The funniest is in unturned
Logan (15 days ago)
Patrick Esquibal (15 days ago)
Quien es español xd Whos spanish xd
Sermor (15 days ago)
valt 560 (16 days ago)
0:45 he say ad word
Crazy Fox (16 days ago)
I love this so much!
Detroit: Become Humid (16 days ago)
0:32 me Gusta Pucci hole
Spanish is the mexican launguage. If you mean it like ethnicity, then ok. But if as a language, that is offensive.
Funtime Art (16 days ago)
Is it all Spanish idk which mexican
Axe Bot (16 days ago)
Florida man plays roblox (and other games) impersonating a Mexican.
Cuauhtemoc (16 days ago)
MegaHercegovina 1 (16 days ago)
if you pause at 0:05 you will see a scary face
Detroit: Become Humid (16 days ago)
Me Gusta Pu... Wait that's not spanish
Gold Plays (16 days ago)
froot doggo (16 days ago)
0:32 Albert almost said a bad word
Coммedy (16 days ago)
hahahahaha nice I love u Albert
Mike Emats (16 days ago)
Noo why she say bad word or this like her voice??
{ Rãgę Xâvier 777 } (16 days ago)
I’ve never heard of Albert saying bad word in every video XD
Ned (16 days ago)
mi gusta pu- OH WAIT
*me gusta pucci h0le*
Angel So (16 days ago)
gaming bro Garcia (17 days ago)
Trying to copy. vuvux
Cana Alberona (17 days ago)
4:17 You need to make the full song that was Le epic.
Daniela Martinez G. (17 days ago)
0:24 I’m offended ;—;
Flostal Zhu (17 days ago)
I take Spanish and I’m proud to understand
Melvin T-P (17 days ago)
THANOS (17 days ago)
iiHarpyii x (19 days ago)
0:33 xDDD
Isabella Sanchez (19 days ago)
Hola como te llamas
noob (20 days ago)
Hola i am....uno
Natalie Gill (20 days ago)
0:33 LMAO
TailoS (21 days ago)
hola me adoptas si azul
Dianna may (22 days ago)
Suicide Mouse (22 days ago)
2:51 [email protected]@88{(@!)@)\)¶Hyahaiaiaai
Leon (23 days ago)
*me gusta pucci h0le*
Anthony Garcia (23 days ago)
0:31 XDDD
Autumnistical. (24 days ago)
Sorry but i don't speak.. *CURSING*
_rrainbow_ (25 days ago)
''me wusta pucci h0le''
BananaGrass (25 days ago)
Flamingo (26 days ago)
Midnight Maiden (1 month ago)
4:52 XD
1:23 what the fuck is albert swearing?
ralsey undertale2 (1 month ago)
lileryy (1 month ago)
0:32 lol
Zen Tron (1 month ago)
2:15 *I miss old albert*
master yobama Is great (1 month ago)
Doggo (1 month ago)
What game is that at 0:12?
Vienna Gacha (1 month ago)
Wait why is a cussing is this is the old days?
Vienna Gacha (1 month ago)
Me: *Hears Albert say papuito* Me: *sings Papuito*
a8 (1 month ago)
0:54 Papito bueno 😂 I CANT
my name a Jeff (1 month ago)
0:44 Albert cusses this is the only thing people wanted to see
Kilye Sims (1 month ago)
he speaks in portuguese too.
Madness Combat Grunt (1 month ago)
Why most of the english people confuses the different types of spanish with Mexican Spanish? Jesus Christ
Candylife isdabest (1 month ago)
WOW i did not know this side of Albert O.O
Carelle (1 month ago)
Me gusta puc--- *THATS NOT SPANISH!!!*
I'm Yeol (1 month ago)
Weon ,pasan los años y no supero esto JAJJAJS
Rampaging Dakotaraptor (1 month ago)
you should say, "HOLA, MÈ LLAMO ES ALBERT. Y TU?" then the dude says "MÈ LLAMO VAHSISBDBEKH. COMO ESTAS?" Then you say "YO ESTOY ASI ASI, Y TU?" Then the dude being the 8 year old he is says "EWWWWW ERES UN ESTUPIDO IDIOTA. PINCHE PENDEJO" then he leaves. pinche pendejo/pendeja is a bad word XDDDD
Rampaging Dakotaraptor (1 month ago)
molesta doesnt mean the english word, its a completely different meaning in spanish, its not anything to do with bad stuff at all.

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