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Make this cute little Japanese bag

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Have fun making this cute Japanese inspired bag out of one fat quarter of fabric. Its just the right size for your purse and mobile ... and would make a fantastic gift with some homemade biscuits in it. Download the pattern and instructions from www.fatquarterfun.com.au
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Text Comments (22)
Barbara Dankos (2 years ago)
What is the web site?
Lynne Freeman (2 years ago)
thank you yes yes I was looking for this exact bag. thank you so much.. great video!!
Glo F (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tutorial. But I'm having trouble downloading the pattern. Is the website down for maintenance? Please help, I love the pattern. Thank you.
susie su (3 years ago)
Laura Barba (3 years ago)
Great bag thanks
Nili Marcia (5 years ago)
Thank you for your sweet and easy tutorial.   I just finished my first bag in a lavender Japanese style fabric which I quilted. It came out very well thanks to your clear instructions.
Chic Francisco (5 years ago)
God bless your video.  :-)
Marie Dempsey (6 years ago)
diagonally opposite would be the other side!!!!
maria elena magallan (6 years ago)
muy linda gracias!!!
smiley rani (6 years ago)
Nice one ..can u tell me the measurement of the fabric...thanx in advance
Pradeep Khanna (6 years ago)
very very nice thanks
Something Yarny (7 years ago)
OMG the pattern to print is $5.00??? I found a free one, thanks for the tutorial though! :)
carylanne rosten (7 years ago)
darling bag, and great instructions. Why haven't you come back to teach us a new trick? I really enjoyed this one. I see others are watching after 2 years. Carylanne From Texas USA
Lvefood cook (7 years ago)
where is the link to download?
kitkat7829 (7 years ago)
love this bag but can,t find to download
Tati (7 years ago)
how is this even remotely "japanese"...
MabryMakesArt (1 year ago)
How are French fries remotely "French"? - Why even post a negative comment?
ok250682 (7 years ago)
I love both fabric design you used. Very pretty. And it looks so easy for you to make those bags in 10 minutes. :)
Robert Hess (7 years ago)
Great little bag. What a clever idea. Thanks.
Catherine Drew (8 years ago)
nice bag , easy to understand tuition, , thank you
scrappyjuls (8 years ago)
Good job...love your video I'm going to try and give it a try..can't find the website to download the pattern could you please post the website? Thank you Scrappy
Zimmranx (9 years ago)
aww cute imma try this too ^^

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