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Dark Secrets Disney Channel Tried To Hide

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Disney works hard to keep their good image, but sometimes, they make mistakes. Here are all the scandals and dark secrets Disney Channel tried hide. SITES - EveryShow Review site: http://thewebnet.wixsite.com/everyshow/es-review Check out my site at: http://thewebnet.wixsite.com/hayden My show: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL22_AIIb5gcGVxvOtHOyFoCayhzgG8zU_ WIKI - Gracey 101 http://gracey-101.wikia.com/wiki/Grac... Jake and Hudson http://jake-and-hudson.wikia.com/wiki... SOCIAL MEDIA - Follow My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haydenwesterfield/?hl=en Follow My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hayden_life
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Text Comments (1818)
djdixkfkfkfk dkdksm (2 months ago)
Are you a guy or a girl
Ruby Michel (3 months ago)
The thumbnails kinda fucked up
Issac Thurman (4 months ago)
You need sitass
Lily Duckman (5 months ago)
How do you watch Wizerdz of Waverly place
Miss old Disney 90s early 2000s and 2010
adia 123 (6 months ago)
I wouldn’t want to audition for Disney it seems like too much going on
SoweKon _AT (7 months ago)
Boesy Bear (7 months ago)
Yo it's been 2 years there is no way the thumbnail is true
Famous Cason (7 months ago)
Click bait
Kim Epps (7 months ago)
Clickbait ugh 😑
TooDaStars (7 months ago)
I love this show but the clickbait is annoying.
Cxffee (7 months ago)
This is so clickbait I can look it straight up by that picture in the thumbnail to see that’s not her. Silly
Barrie Moore (7 months ago)
Disney = Evil = 😈
Janell Thompson (7 months ago)
I have one word, really
Nadia Reed (7 months ago)
Most of these aren't dark secrets
Amy Ruiz (8 months ago)
Wtf 4:26
Kadynce Howell (8 months ago)
All lies
Tripwowee (8 months ago)
R u a boy or a girl
JamieTheBoii (8 months ago)
I always watch Wizards of Waverly place
Mohammed Saka (8 months ago)
Semi Toys & Fun Reviews (8 months ago)
Lol so clickbait this girl is still little
kylee rae (8 months ago)
okay I know that clickbait is very well known and people use it a lot... but I don't think that it was appropriate when you made it seem like that little girls mom was in jail. that is not something to joke about and it could affect other people with family in jail. this was not an intentional hate comment but more of an " aggressive opinion". I hope that you can take this into consideration again this is not hate I do watch some of your videos here and there and I wish you good luck but I just wanted to let you know how this could affect other people.
Chellie Xx Liver Bird x (8 months ago)
Sounds CREEPY them all dating at night in Disney .......
Chellie Xx Liver Bird x (8 months ago)
Miley is a transgender she can't have a period, , that definitely wasn't blood haha any real woman can tell you that....
Official jojo 29 (8 months ago)
Click bait the picture is so wrong
9 9 (8 months ago)
Thumbs down 👎 due to thumbnail clickbait that’s NOT included in video.
Classy860 (8 months ago)
Wtf is up with the thumbnail I’m older than her and I’m only 13 she not grown ass adult tf
Whitney Davis (8 months ago)
i mean i understand y'all people want money and all but there is a reason why the diseny stars kept these type of things a SECRET
The Angie Bella (8 months ago)
The thumbnail 😂
Roshane Frazier (8 months ago)
Blue Ocean (8 months ago)
Janaiya Scott (8 months ago)
This fake
Nisa Yılmaz (8 months ago)
Even Poppy was a Disney Channel
TSL trUDnisiA (9 months ago)
Your fuckin clickbait is retarded
My Momskool (9 months ago)
Wait... So what about the thumbnail pic?
John's melanin queen (9 months ago)
Wtf kinda thumbnail?
Neh-Bih Sangbong (9 months ago)
Let's watch a Disney channel movie. 🎶🎵 Who remembers that DCOM intro? ✋
Quartz Universe (9 months ago)
That thumbnail😂
Shady Bench (9 months ago)
The clickbait is depressing
Lakayla Anthony (9 months ago)
Lavender Bananas (9 months ago)
This really makes me think about the representation on Disney. After hearing about Joe Jonas it made me realize as a kid I thought I was going to look like these people when I turned 13 or 14. The lies man....
Magmag 108 (9 months ago)
I can relate because I have dance every night for competition/ other classes and I had to miss my eighth grade dance
FURIOUS FIRE X (9 months ago)
DISNEY CHANNEL DIED A LONG TIME AGO like seriously after that's so raven wizards of waver lying place camp rock and the rest of that age Disney Channel died however some shows are still good but are just about holding up Disney Channel such as instant mom girl meets world was good....then it died and got cringy
Dan Boga (9 months ago)
Worlds most pointless video
Myles Everywhere (9 months ago)
The thumbnail was just.... no
That thumbnail tho 😂😂😂 im dying.
아이수민 (9 months ago)
He just made up a story about Miley Cyrus 😑 Plus the blood is fake smh
Kayla R. (9 months ago)
That thumbnail though 😂
Iska (9 months ago)
that thumbnail i am dying
Thomas Tyler (9 months ago)
Hide them.
SmileyMelon (9 months ago)
None of these are really that dark...
Suse J (9 months ago)
So who is in the thumbnail?
Ricky Williams (9 months ago)
Not real 🙄
Asia Rosado (9 months ago)
The thumbnail 🙄😂🤣
Tommyallen Hixsonjr (9 months ago)
Marcus McFarland (9 months ago)
Very insightful video!
Abdul (9 months ago)
The thumbnail is clickbait. It hasen't even been that long
Maddie gacha channel (9 months ago)
What is wrong with y’all the one who plays Judy in kc undercover is still a kid
Evan Obar (9 months ago)
The thumbnail made me queef, pee, and diarrhea my pants.
Evan Obar (9 months ago)
RedAwesomeBatman 5000 yes??
RedAwesomeBatman 5000 (9 months ago)
So your a girl?
aaronclark100 (9 months ago)
theories in kids shows
Pretty Baby girl!!wym (9 months ago)
DARK secrets
red the pet king (9 months ago)
Sonia Williams (10 months ago)
The thumbnail😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
RB Grooves (10 months ago)
Rip x
crakcain (10 months ago)
That's photoshopped on the white pants but okay
Mack Edward (10 months ago)
some of them are lies not all of them liar
FLAWLESS QUEEN Zy (10 months ago)
Shayla Garrett (10 months ago)
The thumbnail though
irrelevant trash (10 months ago)
1:58 He predicted future Fortnite dances
First Name (10 months ago)
Nostalgic vibes
Youtuber Counter (10 months ago)
People trying to uncover secrets for disney or whatever, Is ruining our childhood So whats the point
Aubacodo K (10 months ago)
the thumbnail is fake for clout judy is only 11 or 12 shes not a 40 year old woman in jail
Wenditha Bryan (10 months ago)
Jacksen was 30 playing an 18 yr old ...wow did not see that one coming
LORD DOJA (10 months ago)
That thumbnail tho 😂😂😂
Why are you lying soooo much
Thatstrawberry Girl (10 months ago)
so this is what i hate about these kind of revealing things on youtube: your not suppose to share peoples personal buisness and your so nosy to find out everything just for likes,subscribers,and views if i was reveild i would be mad all you are is being nosy
Emmanuel Molen (10 months ago)
The thumbnail LMAO😂😂😂😂😂
flazundra byers (10 months ago)
she went to jail
Aquarius Star (10 months ago)
That thumbnail is not accurate.... The guy in the orange is yes a guy not a female and he's from Memphis
Lois Lane (10 months ago)
They should have banned it we dont need cartoons teaching our kids about Homosexuality thats a lessons that needs to be taught at home tf
Seveyna Garritsen (10 months ago)
Not Charlie true
Jane e (10 months ago)
Oml the thumbnail thi
Margaret White (10 months ago)
Why they got this 30 something queen next to this child. Not related...I wouldn't admit to it...He's from Memphis and killed a teenage girl over a dude he wanted.
HeyItsLexi (10 months ago)
That thumbnail is low key mean to JUDY lol like the before and after was just mean😂😂
cold hearted (10 months ago)
Why didn't you show what you were talking about?
Andre Corrales (10 months ago)
The thumbnail is soooo fakeee
Eclipse Entertainment (10 months ago)
Worst clickbait ever.
happiness 77 (10 months ago)
La'Quassia Robinson (10 months ago)
y'all is lying too much
BELIEVE in CHRIST (10 months ago)
In the name of JESUS I speak to you. The disney kids are products. disney is after the subconsciousness, of our children. The trauma that the disney children have undergone, is hidden only to the conscious mind. They look like typical teenagers, but they have so much more to tell. They were taught to conceal trauma. They are mind controlled, and they are trained to put up a act in front of the cameras, even when not acting, this mean during interviews, public appearances, etc. Everyone has to understand, that their jobs are not to entertain, but to train. And we as parents, enforce the programming by encouraging our children to dress, sing, act, speak, live, like them. So, when we as parents, don't see the truth, and we are raising our children, how will the children know the truth? We can only see through this deception, with the guidance of JESUS CHRIST. You probably want to ask, is it that serious, It is, because the big picture is that of spiritual origin. GOD BLESS!!!
Nathan Hicks (10 months ago)
The person that is talking Know you don’t want people to watch Disney channel so shut up
Princess white (10 months ago)
Your so dumb all your trying to do is make money
ItsRøse (10 months ago)
*the thumbnail is me every morning*
Rollers Playhouse (10 months ago)
*The one with judy from K.C undercover that is so wrong oml* 😂
Abok Deng (10 months ago)
Leah (10 months ago)
Y.F.D !!!!! (10 months ago)
Can you go to the movies with my family for Christmas Eve and Christmas day and
Y.F.D !!!!! (10 months ago)
She has been in da shower then they
Y.F.D !!!!! (10 months ago)
Y.F.D !!!!! (10 months ago)
Love you too 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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