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TYPES OF SOFT AESTHETIC // How to be Aesthetic (Find yours) Part.3

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Hey Guys! TYPES OF SOFT AESTHETIC // Part 3 Part 1: https://youtu.be/3XKuPyq10V8 Part 2: https://youtu.be/dJ6pzIvvc2w Part 4: https://youtu.be/8sMh3xA6RH0 Part 5: https://youtu.be/GImtd6SDoXY Part 6: https://youtu.be/9XXICLPgVfQ For each one, I said -Inspiration -Colors -Style -Must Have -How to edit (apps) Aesthetic: - Soft Grunge - Pastel Gothic - Soft Dark - Soft White S O C I A L + Instagram : @alegio98 + Instagram Editing : @giogenius_ +Musical.ly : @giogenius + Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.se/alegio777/ + We heart it :http://weheartit.com/alegio98 + Snapchat: Blvck_genius C O N T A C T + Any questions, inquiries or collabs : [email protected] S U B S C R I B E + Subscribe to my channel here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgEs... E D I T W I T H + Wondershare Filmora M U S I C + RetroVision - Puzzle T H A N K Y O U Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Leave any future video ideas you would like to see in the comments below!
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Text Comments (587)
GioGenius (12 days ago)
Part 1: https://youtu.be/3XKuPyq10V8 Part 2: https://youtu.be/dJ6pzIvvc2w Part 4: https://youtu.be/8sMh3xA6RH0 Part 5: https://youtu.be/GImtd6SDoXY Part 6: https://youtu.be/9XXICLPgVfQ
Pooo_sloth01 (19 hours ago)
i like mystard yelloe things!
Callie May (1 day ago)
I just clicked this because of Cole sprouse
Lizel YT (2 days ago)
Soft grunge xD / pastel goth
Star’s Life (2 days ago)
1:25 ok but he cute ❤
Irene x (2 days ago)
Hehe,not soft,but grunge
Anna Ivaldi (3 days ago)
3:23 qualcuno ha notato che giogenius è italiano/italiana😂😂 io lho scoperto solo ora
GioGenius (3 days ago)
Si sono italiana ahah 😂
Bette Lou Files (4 days ago)
I’m like...an art hoe...soft grunge and vintage
Bubble Winchester (8 days ago)
I've watched all your videos and I can't find my aesthetic in any lol
Soft grunge is meee
Anna C (8 days ago)
bunny poppins (9 days ago)
soft white and soft dark
bunny poppins (9 days ago)
soft white and soft dark
hobiseok (10 days ago)
soft dark
Keira Murray (10 days ago)
sOfT gRaY
Grace's life (10 days ago)
Soft grunge is me BTW I'm small YouTuber
Strqberriez Z (11 days ago)
Everything in this is me
Max King (14 days ago)
im realizing now the aesthetic ive been into for years is soft dark not suprising tbh i wear black or grey 25/8
s t a r (15 days ago)
i looove soft grunge
cece roths (16 days ago)
soft dark
Wolf arii (17 days ago)
Im mainly Grunge (and soft) Art hoe Indie pale And some pastel sprinkled in there
whAt (17 days ago)
roblox aesthetic please
AnnoyedOreo Unicorn (18 days ago)
I saw Cole sprouse and said that’s my aesthetic
Zoya - (20 days ago)
Must have: *Cigarette* ummmm
Kawaiicat 499 (21 days ago)
I’m the soft white xD
Ida Kristensen (22 days ago)
- soft grunge
Shaunelleskie Zings (22 days ago)
Soft Grunge is so sierra burgess
Kate L. (24 days ago)
I feel like soft grunge is a mix of grunge and vintage
RedAnimates (27 days ago)
I'm the soft dark with pastel
tokyolights (27 days ago)
aye I’m soft grunge (:
bat nordic // (28 days ago)
you should not influence smoking on your channel smoking kills.
bat nordic // (27 days ago)
+GioGenius in what way
GioGenius (27 days ago)
bat nordic // nope it’s a metaphor
bat nordic // (27 days ago)
+GioGenius well its kinda the same thing. If people have cigarettes for aesthetic they will end up lighting them.
GioGenius (28 days ago)
bat nordic // I never said smoking, I said cigarettes it’s different
DE TODO UN POCO (28 days ago)
Alice Nicholson (28 days ago)
what music do you use at the end of your videos.
1950s. Greaser (29 days ago)
its obvious what i am, read my name again. GREASER!😂😎
r1tro (1 month ago)
i feel like the closest aesthetic i have is soft grunge owo
Jose G. (1 month ago)
soft dark <3
Yuri (1 month ago)
Yet i still did not find my aesthetic, Jk i like nature,city,food and meme aesthetics
BB STANDX (1 month ago)
Mine is soft dark. How about yours?
DawnPlayz (1 month ago)
Ain't farting you I'm farting you is what I hear
I think I’m soft grunge and soft white all mixed up 😂.
Klanceismyspiritanimal (1 month ago)
I'm soft grunge?
rena ean (1 month ago)
saw cole at the thumbnail, i click
Shookth Theresa (1 month ago)
I see Cole, i click
Artsy plants (1 month ago)
Im whaching aesthetic videos at 2am help me!
II II (1 month ago)
*me = art hoe* *i am also kinda soft grunge*
I think it would be cool if you changed the music according to the style and get rid of that weird that weird techno stuff in the background.
ughwaffle k (1 month ago)
the music isn't working
Jiminie BTS VT (1 month ago)
(Part 1) kawaii pastel and vintage, (part 2) mnimal, indie/pale and nerdy/geek. (Part 4) soft white. Can't choose just one ;__; Thank you for your videos. They are amazing
it's Ourania (1 month ago)
It's simple... I saw Cole Sprouse and I click it
Emma Slaby (1 month ago)
that outro music is my aesthetic
My aesthetic is not in this video It's BEACHY Maybe include in Part 4 Inspiration: Palm leaves Ocean waves The Beach Colours: Idk ( I don't know the names of some colours) Must haves: Beach pics Palm leaves Surfboard Editing: Idk (I'm not a tech geek) Hope u include this in part 4!!!! Lots of ARMY love💜💜, A JIMIN Stan
Ocean msp (1 month ago)
Saw Cole clicked so fast
Zoey Cardinal (1 month ago)
Definitely a Soft Grunge.
sad doggo (1 month ago)
Where can I find some shops (also online) with soft grunge clothes? Help pleaseeeee
GioGenius (1 month ago)
sad doggo Boogzel! You Can also have a discount with code “Giogenius”
Jaylen Richardson (1 month ago)
Someone help me find my aesthetic I’m so confused smh I love pale colors, but also dark colors😂, I love ripped jeans, vans, and I’m such a nerd smh. I love to read, and play every single Nintendo game in existence. I live for Harry Potter lmao. Parrots and cats are my life. I love to sing and write. I also love clean, sharp, minimalist things. I also love to paint and draw
fluffn (1 month ago)
Jaylen Richardson You dont have to categorize yourself into just one aesthetic. Just do what you like and go with the flow!
yerin pie (1 month ago)
i’m soft grunge, art hoe and soft dark 🤠
Sunset Hobi (1 month ago)
1:16 Or you could call it yumi kawaii
Dreamy Nightcore (1 month ago)
My aesthetic is nature 😘 whats yours?
Kyanna’s life (1 month ago)
500th comment
vιѕυarrpυdυ (1 month ago)
im already watching this third video and instead of finding my own aesthetic, I'm matching my friends and classmates' own aesthetics lol
Claire Playz Games (1 month ago)
*GrUnGe AeStHeTiC*
Jocaste's Adventures (1 month ago)
nice video
green absinthe (1 month ago)
boy... I think I am soft dark I smoke but I don't find it aesthetic bc lol, it isn't
Luxi Gaming (1 month ago)
I really suggest you move the cigarettes. This is encouraging people to do so smh
R W I T (1 month ago)
Soft dark I guess.
JiminNeeds Sum Jams (1 month ago)
Finally found my aesthetic it's between soft dark and soft white Those two mixed Thanks for making this video
dis be a fake name (2 months ago)
Images at 0:21 1:20 2:40 and 3:42 are all thinspo. Images used by people to motivate themselves to starve. Sorry for being a buzzkill, beautiful just could cause and ED relapse if someone else reocgnised them
Your Mom (2 months ago)
Indie, nerdy, soft grunge that’s me
Itz_ Lay-Lay! (2 months ago)
Pastel gothic is cringe
I like soft white tbh
60% Soft White 40% Soft Grundge
sm0ky (2 months ago)
i don’t really like that you put cigarettes there. i mean, it’s super bad for your health, so you definitely don’t need it to be “aesthetic” or whatever. i’m soft grunge btw.
rhïannon (2 months ago)
soft white folks????
heyvels (2 months ago)
2:44 BIG NO
Twenty One Franks (2 months ago)
I wanna do soft grunge or just grunge, but have girl got no money
ωнιяl (2 months ago)
Definitely soft grunge
MARIA BOSANYI (2 months ago)
Im soft dark🖤
J u l i a (2 months ago)
Soft Grunge :)
iiLivewirez (2 months ago)
Soft grunge
Khansa Pindrakati (2 months ago)
Me when I saw cigarettes in ''must haves'': IM ONLY ELEVEN AND MY PARENTS WOULD KILL ME
antisocial (2 months ago)
soft white God thank you for making me find my aesthetic
broken eyes (2 months ago)
My kind of aesthetic: - Pastel colors - Plants - Jeans - Swaters - Short boots
εѕρσιя (2 months ago)
Girly/fancy? Where is my aesthetic :(
mello keehl (2 months ago)
honestly about the smoking and drug use thing like i dont think its portrayed as a good thing in society maybe in small communities online but honestly most of the world tends to hate addicts and smoking/taking drugs doesnt make you a bad person BUT telling people cigarettes are a must have is kind of stupid
mello keehl (2 months ago)
like taking pills and smoking isnt cool like if u wanna see ur own addiction as aesthetic its unhealthy but not evil but like telling others to do tht stuff to fit a certain aesthetic like hhh
raeneslynn (2 months ago)
definitely soft grunge💕
blackpink in your area (2 months ago)
i like all the aesthetics, but i might say i'm into soft grunge.
Problematic__bitch (2 months ago)
Im like 100% soft dark, 100% minimalistic and 100% soft white.
Maybe I’m Nice (2 months ago)
I actually love soft white, the pictures are just so perfect for me 🤠🤠🤠
XXX CHAN WE (2 months ago)
Smoking is asthma attacking aesthetic
Ramen Noodle (1 month ago)
Little Hoe sksksskksks
Danah Alshehry (2 months ago)
make a unif aesthetic cuz thats mine
Ally (2 months ago)
I hate when people are like “how to be aesthetic” or “types of aesthetic” like you can be your own aesthetic search up the definition people god🤦🏽‍♀️
Lana Angela (2 months ago)
im seriously every aesthetic.
Ava Noelle (2 months ago)
my style is definitely soft grunge.
Sofia (2 months ago)
Got me salty, because most of the apps are not on android :)
Charlee Franks (2 months ago)
Still literally none of these are mine😅 My aesthetic is beachy, adventurous, and happy go lucky🌲🏞🐾
XDshasha BanksXD (2 months ago)
My style is pastel gothic xx
oursparklingplanet (2 months ago)
Personally, I have a sorta common aesthetic. It's common on the internet but not in real life, as far as I've seen. I have a pastel kawaii aesthetic. My colors are baby pink, pastel purple, pastel yellow, pastel blue and white. My favorite type of music is cute and soft/innocent concept kpop. My must haves are Sanrio, fluffy things, pastel décor, magical girl anime and kawaii clothing. I love pastel colored... anything. ^^
Lulla Bee Edits (2 months ago)
I want soft grunge
Momorizz Hirai (2 months ago)
omg soft dark and soft white together will be cool

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