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TYPES OF SOFT AESTHETIC // How to be Aesthetic (Find yours) Part.3

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Hey Guys! TYPES OF SOFT AESTHETIC // Part 3 Part 1: https://youtu.be/3XKuPyq10V8 Part 2: https://youtu.be/dJ6pzIvvc2w Part 4: https://youtu.be/8sMh3xA6RH0 Part 5: https://youtu.be/GImtd6SDoXY Part 6: https://youtu.be/9XXICLPgVfQ For each one, I said -Inspiration -Colors -Style -Must Have -How to edit (apps) Aesthetic: - Soft Grunge - Pastel Gothic - Soft Dark - Soft White S O C I A L + Instagram : @alegio98 + Instagram Editing : @giogenius_ +Musical.ly : @giogenius + Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.se/alegio777/ + We heart it :http://weheartit.com/alegio98 + Snapchat: Blvck_genius C O N T A C T + Any questions, inquiries or collabs : [email protected] S U B S C R I B E + Subscribe to my channel here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgEs... E D I T W I T H + Wondershare Filmora M U S I C + RetroVision - Puzzle T H A N K Y O U Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Leave any future video ideas you would like to see in the comments below!
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GioGenius (3 months ago)
Part 1: https://youtu.be/3XKuPyq10V8 Part 2: https://youtu.be/dJ6pzIvvc2w Part 4: https://youtu.be/8sMh3xA6RH0 Part 5: https://youtu.be/GImtd6SDoXY Part 6: https://youtu.be/9XXICLPgVfQ
Riesiruu’ (2 months ago)
GioGenius z
xi suga (4 days ago)
Im a Grunge and a Soft Dark
ItzKaydenHere (4 days ago)
Vuduy giang (10 days ago)
le trash (12 days ago)
I see cole sprouse I click
rem (14 days ago)
My aesthetic is not in the video...
subable _10 (15 days ago)
Omg finally found mineeeeeee!! It’s soft grunge!!
Bangtan Birb (15 days ago)
*my aesthetic is just standing in a corner of a room listening to kpop tBH*
iiHeavenii (15 days ago)
& soft white #):)
iiHeavenii (15 days ago)
Here im soft dark & soft grunge
Juniper Zikasta (16 days ago)
My aesthetic is literally soft white. My mom just buys me clothes and my outfits basically describe soft white. I don't even hate it, I think soft white is beautiful! :D ( but it a BIT boring.. :P)
Aesthetic Indigo (16 days ago)
I’m soft dark 🖤
rivialle tsukishima (17 days ago)
Oh yo I follow that guy with the pink /blue hair from pastel
Lil & Na (17 days ago)
Plant mom?? :,(
Daisy Williams (19 days ago)
I feel like my aesthetic is a mix between soft grunge and art hoe. I love sunflowers and the colour yellow! <3 if I had enough money I would definitely wear the outfits too🤣
What’s a hipster? Grunge who? Cole sprouse can be my aesthetic and that’s that.
// Hell0 M a Y a \\ (21 days ago)
Is pastel gothic the same as Yami Kawaii, because from this video it doesn't look like it.
Ashley Hansen (18 days ago)
It's similar but different. Pastel goth is more goth inspired whereas yami kawaii is more menhera/medical inspired. -Signed, a pastel goth.
Emily Riley (22 days ago)
Soft white is great
NCBB AlexC (24 days ago)
Idk but I always use teal and orange oof
ActionwithAra (25 days ago)
I think I’m a soft grunge/ pale indie aesthetic 😂
꧁Gabriel Alvarado꧂ (25 days ago)
I am staying like my self, being unique and not like other insecure people searching their personality in a video. 🤗
malkshakes (26 days ago)
we really out here being the first comment n shit
Cute As Heck (26 days ago)
1:17- 💜💭pastel goth 🥀🖤 1:22 - 💞🍬pastel gothic 🥀😈 inspirations 1:28- ✨💗 pastel gothic 🖤👻 colors 1:34- 🦄🌨 pastel gothic 🌚💜 style 1:39 - ⚡️💞 pastel gothic 🥀🖤 must haves 1:44- 💜✨ pastel gothic 😈💜 editing
Pufferfish Cake (26 days ago)
Still cant find my aesthetic
Davina Baumert (27 days ago)
I love this Videos! ❤❤
AlyDeer (27 days ago)
I’m a simple gal I see Cole in the thumbnail I click 🤠
ღGalaxy Sparkleღ (1 month ago)
Idk what my aestethic is but pls try to figute out what most looks like Outfits: Hoodies Sporty things Branded sneakers,clothnes Chockers Military pattern clothnes I love to have: Cute notebooks Cute Lights in room Many pillows Plants Colors i mostly wear,use: Black White Gray Blue Pink Baby pink And i dont use editing apps but i love blueish filters and gray filters
rainclouds and snow (1 month ago)
Pills👏and👏smoking👏are👏not an👏aesthetic Stop romanticizing addiction smh 🙄
Patrick Skar (1 month ago)
Soft grunge...
aesthetic stars (1 month ago)
I pick soft white! :o
Emily’s Tutorials (1 month ago)
I’m soft white
Holly12lioyd3 123 (1 month ago)
my style is.... everything in the video i love them and i wear all of them
Potato Gaming (1 month ago)
I’m a simple person, I see Cole sprouse, I click
Mar Ble (1 month ago)
You never do retro
sunfløwer- (1 month ago)
I’m definitely a mix of soft grunge and pastel goth except I hate the color pink
Malia Northquist (1 month ago)
I'm like a mix between grunge & soft dork lmao
Berenice Martinez (1 month ago)
Okayyy, so with all these aesthetics I guess I’m a combination of them. My favorite colors are Blush Pink, Light Blue & Royal Blue. But most of the time I’m in love with the idea of wearing pink. I also like pastel colors, but I don’t really own any pastel colored clothing, I’m into playing a acoustic guitar (not like rock, since I’m Hispanic 😆, I mean ykk the ones to play corridos 😆🤙🏽). I also enjoy art, yeah like painting. I used to be into roses but not so much since it’s been used too much, now I like sunflowers, I’m starting to like the idea of skateboarding, oh and you should also know that Vans is my favorite shoe brand. & the way I dress is kind of like hype beast, basically I wear hoodies, ripped & non ripped jeans, crops, (not always) n yeaah . Wow it’s weird huh, you probably wouldn’t care but I just wanted to throw this out there ,
Berenice Martinez (1 month ago)
Ohh & I also have that Hispanic dressing style, can’t forget were I come from 💪🏽🤠👢.
Caitlynne Mariee (1 month ago)
i hate how i still havent found my aesthetic ughhh
Siriuslyfangirl (1 month ago)
How is someone able to only Wear white all the time?? They must wash their clothes all the time lol
busterdog3 (1 month ago)
My aesthetic (gimme a name for this) - light blue and yellow - flowers, flowers galore - books - scents: freshly baked goods and coconut - smoothies - casual, cute, comfy outfits - puppies
W h o s h i i (1 month ago)
Minimal, soft white, soft dark,
iAlysxa (1 month ago)
What do you call someone who loves yello and sunflowners and by yellow I mean mustard yellow 😆
Painter InTheWeekend (1 month ago)
im a simple girl i see Jug i press
S A R A H (1 month ago)
lana (1 month ago)
Smoking is not a fucking aesthetic
Velvet Jaz (1 month ago)
smoking is asthma-thetic
Abby Ayala (1 month ago)
omg i LoVE thE SmOkinG AesTHeTic
Chaostia 66t (1 month ago)
Cole sprouts is an aesthetic in itself
みmami (1 month ago)
im a normal person, i see cole sprouse i click.
chilihotdogz (1 month ago)
GuyS iF yoU waNt tO bE aesThetIc yOu nEeD to pOp piLlS ofC and sMokE anD gEt a Good Ol paIr oF wingS
ɪʙxɴʏ (1 month ago)
I like vintage stuff- old things. Books..cameras, clothing. I don't thrift for old clothes I go to costume shops- or find white dresses that I can style.
NEON ANGEL (1 month ago)
Can you do a vintage style Also could you maybe include some of these -old buildings -tea -sketchbooks -short brown hair (fluffy) -calm -glasses -white/cream colours -winged eyeliner (You don’t have to if you don’t want to it’s just a suggestion but I would really appreciate if you did❤️)
_Saesaerom TV (1 month ago)
GioGenius (1 month ago)
No its not mandatory
Myui (1 month ago)
I like autumn colors. And small spaces with comfy beds and lots of fluffy pillows. Cow fur prints. I also like sunflowers, photography and cozy thing like blankets, oversized hoodies. I like brown long hair, brown eyes,freckles and boyfriend jeans. What am i?
Ur creepy Uncle (1 month ago)
U forgotten E GIRLS
CCchoco World (1 month ago)
Soft Grunge ❤️
xLønełyMøøn (1 month ago)
I saw cole sprouse so here I am
/ Rxsegold \ (1 month ago)
i’m a simple girl, i see cole sprouse, i click.
Immarley (1 month ago)
I’m soft dark except the smoking
VioletGrapes (1 month ago)
Why isn't there any white and black - art girl - digital thing style...? Oh well I'll make my own! B&W artist: Inspiration: * Doodling * Lots of notebooks * Cute silver Laptop with drawing tablet * Earphones Clothing: * black leggings * Striped shirt or dress or anything! * Dress over striped shirt or white shirt * Black and white bracelets * plain Black shirts * Shorts so you can wear black leggings under them. Must Haves: * Cute keyrings ;3 * Drawing tablet or sketchbook * Pencil case * Backpack ( any ) * laptop everywhere! Apps: I don't have a phone yet so.... ;-; Im 12.
KaiyoPlatinum (1 month ago)
Soft White here!
chéri mary (1 month ago)
Lmao, I don’t have just one aesthetic, I have soooo many :D
Farzana Alizadeh (1 month ago)
I cant find mij aesthics😭 i mostly wear oversised sweaters with jeans and sneaker the color is mostely grey and black en others dark colors but no pastel colors like pink and i hate croptops i just like things over my but
yi pronounced like yee (2 months ago)
I like soft grunge but I’m more of an art hoe
venuz (2 months ago)
Soft grunge in this one
itS rEwINd tIme (2 months ago)
Lol i only clicked because i saw Cole Sprouse in the titilw
Magpie Fairy (2 months ago)
I relate to so many aesthetics. I’m a freaking mess... heck. Anyway, I made my own aesthetic and it’s like fairy, fantasy, woodsy, mystical and mystique. I call it the “Mystique” aesthetic. But I wanted to list me and my friends and brother’s aesthetics, here we go.: Me- Mystique Elliot (Brother)- Galaxy/Space Icecream: Soft Dork (really unique, dorky clothing that’s super cute, like a pastel-minimal-weird-vaporwave mashup) Alex: Pastel Gothic Violet: Soft Dark Kate: Pink and Pearly (her style and clothing is very simple, but really cute) Jasmin: Hypebeast and Grunge Aiden: Turtle Aesthetic (minimalist and soft grunge, but a lot of red and green. really nice!) Caden: Hypebeast with a hint of vaporwave My cat: just really salty and likes to bite me
Magpie Fairy (2 months ago)
Please don’t use drugs and cigarettes as “aesthetic things”. These are things that shouldn’t be used as aesthetic, I love your channel but please, thank you.
Møøndust (2 months ago)
MY aesthetic is stiLl Pastel Art hoe
brownde (2 months ago)
I'm late but this really helps me !! I really love ur videos !♥
Dwpcheng Chang (2 months ago)
Clicked cause of Coleeeee !!!
X Alexa Playzx (2 months ago)
Its so cool,but your music triggers me😩
Genesis Acevedo (2 months ago)
I'm soft white like if you are too💖💖💖
i'm sad (2 months ago)
Im a mix
Bette Lou Files (2 months ago)
Thank you for helping me realize what I am......IM SOFT GRUNGE! :D
Sophia Pham (2 months ago)
mE dYIng oF LUnG cAnCer *_aesthetic_*
• 1-800-BERRIES • (2 months ago)
Came for Cole Sprouse...
Adele Therese (2 months ago)
Pills and cigarettes are not aesthetic
YellsAtLawn 54 (2 months ago)
Mystical Kitty Kats (2 months ago)
What do u use to edit with?
Ava J. (2 months ago)
I’m soft grunge with vintage ♥️
I still haven't figured out my own aesthetic but I just realised that my ex's is soft grunge lol
Madalyn Johnson (2 months ago)
Oh I’m definitely soft grunge
Might be my aesthetic ★art hoe ★ vintage ★ indie/pale ★soft grunge
Annika Fleming (2 months ago)
I found my aesthetic it’s none of these it’s “really fucking stupid”
qupidd (2 months ago)
Can someone help me find my aesthetic? I'm very curious! I like like green, yellow, and red. I like big hoodies and sweaters, and I LOVE video games, and food- and I like animals. Someone help ;-;
Elliot Alderson (2 months ago)
finally found my aesthetic (soft grunge )
shiloh skamperle (2 months ago)
soft grunge is mine
silkpup (2 months ago)
Will someone help me find my aesthetic I've watched so many of these and can't find mine (Some things you may need to know) ~I wear a lot of big hoodies and skinny jeans ~I really want chess vans ~My apartment has a very lumberjack feel ~I own a lot of autumn clothes and knick knacks ~I read a lot
Akari Chan (2 months ago)
Soft White
Kalina Popova (2 months ago)
Do you actually know whqt aesthetic is cuz that us not
Jones (2 months ago)
Soft Grunge & Soft Dark
I’m not gay I promise (2 months ago)
Aesthetic : something you find beautiful *CIGARETTES ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL*
JustGinger Plays (2 months ago)
The background music reminds me of the channel snow
addison tea subliminals (2 months ago)
I’m a simple girl,I see Cole sprouse I click..
3/8/19 Ily!!! (2 months ago)
Its good to know that I’m not only fangirling over Cole Sprouse😍❤️❤️😂
Regina Bautista (2 months ago)
Cole sprouse 💓
it's rosé (2 months ago)
Soft dark 👌💀❤❤❤
It’s Maya (2 months ago)
my friend is sodtbwht
Arime Lexime (2 months ago)
So, my aesthetic is as follows.. Grunge~ 7/10 Soft Grunge~ 4/10 Soft Dark~ 8/10 Vintage~ 2.5/10 Weird~ 4/10 Space~ 4/10 Ocean~ 4/10 Blood~ 7/10 Death~ 6/10 Vampire~ 7/10 Kawaii Pastel~ 3.5/10 Nerdy~ 2/10 .....Im so fucked up XD

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