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Stargate Atlantis Interface Simulation

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Stargate Atlantis Official Interface Simulation Screen.
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Tele Tech Tips (8 months ago)
The link >>> https://www.tomperys.cz/shop/en/stargate/23-stargate-animations.html It is about 2.5 GB and after you unzip the file it is about 7.3-7.5 GB
Augur89 (7 months ago)
thanks for sharing the link. I found an atlantis interface simulator, which is very nice as well. it looks like that: https://youtu.be/c9XiUVQf_PA download link included
Stargate isAmazing (10 months ago)
@The Kongoro Mouri, I have been searching for this MGM USB & DVD forever or for any other source that has these amazing screensavers... Can you please tell me more about the origin of these files, I would love to have them, but you seem to be the only one to have these screenused animations... Please help me ;D
Adrien Treflest (1 year ago)
c'est le logiciel Midway simulator 2008 V0.0.4
Adrien Treflest (1 year ago)
merci de ta correction (zappé le point d'interrogation lol)
The Kogoro Mouri (1 year ago)
Pas du tout, c'est les animations officielle de MGM ;)
Thicc_Twitch (1 year ago)
how to run this without a touch divice ??
Daynox1st (1 year ago)
Nice interface but could do without the music... Maybe just interface sound effects.
Hello, I don't find the simulation on Startage Atlantis dvd. Where is it?
The Kogoro Mouri (1 year ago)
I doesnt have upload it or downloaded. It's on a MGM USB & DVD
Cory Bernhardt (4 months ago)
The Kogoro Mouri Where is the damage report for diagnostics, the failsafes
Stargate isAmazing (1 year ago)
Ok, thanks for the answer :D ! Can you maybe tell me what DVD & USB or where I can buy it? This is so cool...
Stargate isAmazing (1 year ago)
Hey @The Kongoro Mouri, I am not sure if you are still activ and if you will ever see this comment, but I you do see my comment, please answer me ;-). Where did you get these AMAZING Stargate Interfaces from? How can I get these? Is it possible to download them somewhere or form where did you get these?
Pierre Bordes (2 years ago)
Is there a real interface program which can be download ? I want a interface... Not a screensaver...
Pierre Bordes (2 years ago)
i don't understand... it's a screensaver or a interface ? where can i find it ?
Kai King Streams (3 years ago)
whats the download link
Jeroen Lagaet (4 years ago)
where can i download this?
Chris Becker (4 years ago)
Great job! I'm using this as my live wallpaper on my phone!
__ akawa (4 years ago)
Bonjour pouvez-vous nous donné un lien de téléchargement s'il vous plait
Mc (4 years ago)
bonjour pouvais vous me donner un lien ou autre pour telecharger cette simulation svp je suis un  tres grand fan.
SpiderXX1989 (4 years ago)
link or files pls :D
klukule (4 years ago)
where can i download this?
Zeph (4 years ago)
+The Kogoro Mouri can we get a download link please/?
Jan-Eric Niedermüller (4 years ago)
Can you answer me please
Jan-Eric Niedermüller (4 years ago)
hi i bought this files but when i start the exe then comes only the buttons and when i click a button then i must choose the file. i chosen the files But there comes nothing just a big red cross how did you install the files that you can click the buttons?????
Ozone (4 years ago)
WoW! It looks fine, Have you a download versión?
gordon stephan (5 years ago)
I could be your screensaver download somewhere that would be really great
Marc Béhin (5 years ago)
Beautiful ! How did you do it ? Flash ? Is there a way to have this on my computer ? (Screensaver, program ?)
The Kogoro Mouri (4 years ago)
hello, its .exe using .mov video files.
TheWraith (4 years ago)
a few of them are in scr form using internal SWF here http://www.stargatetributes.blogspot.co.uk/p/screen-savers.html
Marc Béhin (5 years ago)
+The Kogoro Mouri The Official Vidéo Screen ? is it something that we can buy ? or download ? never heard of it but it sure looks awesome ! :)
The Kogoro Mouri (5 years ago)
its the official vidéo screen, its .Mov file launched with an .exe flash system (so its a little interactive, can swith to othe annimation with a mouse clic)

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