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Casper Meets Wendy full dance scene

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The dance scene from Casper Meets Wendy All rights go to 20th century fox. I own nothing
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Text Comments (49)
Master MoJo (1 month ago)
9:23 Justin from Power Rangers
Music 7:50?👻👸
Ryan Walker (2 months ago)
The names boo James boo
Alexis Elise (4 months ago)
Is it wrong that I used to be in love with Casper?
Fadzai Simango (5 months ago)
😢☺My toddler-hood. And tween Hillary Duff's first film, I believe 😂😂😂 Haha. Ah, the 90s
m c (5 months ago)
I miss the 90s
Elizabeth Schiada (6 months ago)
It’s Justin Stewart!! Haha!
Ale (6 months ago)
“ I ... go lotta go kill some bugs” I just got the Starship Troopers reference lol
Emily Petsche (6 months ago)
5:34 What’s that song called?
davonte dixon (1 day ago)
Alexis Elise Thats not the same song. They were referring to the slow song being played by the jazz band 5 minutes and 34 seconds in
Alexis Elise (4 months ago)
Cathy Fisher- all to myself
Jac Doe (6 months ago)
Emily Petsche I honestly don't know.
rashune knight (7 months ago)
she was so cute back then
Karen Lone Elk (7 months ago)
Kaleb Whiteface (7 months ago)
Kaleb Whiteface (7 months ago)
Kaleb Whiteface (7 months ago)
Emily Petsche (7 months ago)
4:15 Ewwww
Richard Canipe (10 months ago)
gotta love that Ben Stein cameo!
Chase Barnes (11 months ago)
You look magical 🔮
Chase Barnes (11 months ago)
Oh you sweet skinny thing you
Chase Barnes (11 months ago)
Time to break some records boys
Chase Barnes (11 months ago)
Sorry lady didn't know snot polite 👃
dakitsu luna (1 year ago)
Hillary Duff is such a cute little girl x3
Eric Duran (1 year ago)
Dose anyone know the name of the song in 6:59 I'd like to know thanks
Why do I always get the fat guy- Fatso
Kaleb Whiteface (1 year ago)
rat (1 year ago)
The animation for Casper is so horrible the first movie was better
Jac Doe (1 year ago)
I wish another Casper movie was made Bc now the animation could look really good
verónica huerta (1 year ago)
song min 5:30?
Kaleb Whiteface (1 year ago)
Kaleb Whiteface (1 year ago)
Kaleb Whiteface (1 year ago)
Llkkooouycccdartt xxxr and has
Christian Rodas (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the band and song playing prior to 5:30?
Jac Doe (1 year ago)
Sadly no
Rich Tannis (1 year ago)
Fun fact: Casper and Wendy really are boyfriend/girlfriend in the Harvey comics
pyrostrike uk (1 year ago)
makes sense
Kaleb Whiteface (1 year ago)
Cccc is
Ryland Barnes Films (1 year ago)
What was the song playing during the dance?
Maxine Lowe (1 year ago)
Ryland Barnes it's called All to Myself by Kathy Fischer
Derris Bynum (1 year ago)
I loved this movie since my childhood Hilary Duff was so adorable and cute when she was young in those days What's the name of that song where her and Casper slow dance? this scene was so romantic I would slow dance with a girl to this song even if she's a ghost.
rat (1 year ago)
All To Myself by Kathy I think
Khoa Lee (1 year ago)
Hillary Duff cutie patootie
pyrostrike uk (1 year ago)
i remember when this first came out on video when i was a kid in the 90s the dance scene between Casper and Wendy was my favourite scene not just because of how cute and romantic it was but for how Wendy felt during this brief moment despite the horrible way her aunts treated her and the fact that she knew her life was in danger, for the first time, during this dance with casper, she felt happy, beautiful, special and carefree and, for a while, it nearly made her forget that Desmond Spellman was trying to find and kill her because of the moment she snatched
Jackson Carroll (1 year ago)
Yeah So Do I Used On Video When I Was a Kid
oooh19 (1 year ago)
Josh was cute
Alejandro Diax (1 year ago)
i love the possession scene
James Lisle (1 year ago)
Can you make the possession scene in slow motion?
Jac Doe (1 year ago)
I already did

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