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6 Signs That He's Into You | Use These Secrets to Decode His Body Language

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When it comes to the body language of men, are you fluent or struggling with basic comprehension? https://secret.sexyconfidence.com/flirting-workshop/ ►►Subscribe here to learn more of my dating tips for women: http://bit.ly/2p50Jpw Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sexyconfidence1 Find us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialsexyconfidence/ Read more relationship advice articles on our blog: https://sexyconfidence.com/blog/ Learn how to attract "the one": https://secret.sexyconfidence.com/attract/ You're far from alone if you have trouble reading a man, but the truth is: The body language of men is really not that complicated. But if you're like most women, you completely overthink the signs a man is attracted to you sexually and don't even know how to read that he's even interested in you at all. Ladies, men are not trying to be cryptic with their body language! It's all a matter of knowing what to look for and how to interpret it. I'm going to be walking through a few different signals a man might throw on a date, and explain the body language of men so you can read them. You're welcome (in advance). Your Coach, P.S. Want to learn how improve your body language around men? Join me on this FREE training to learn how to flirt with confidence: https://secret.sexyconfidence.com/flirting-workshop/ Body Language of Men #1: He Tilts His Head To understand the body language of men, start listening! If a man tilts his head when he meets you, it is very likely that he is attracted to you. There's warmth in a head tilt. What to Do Back: If he's tilting his head at you, make sure your own body language indicates interest. Lean in when he talks, and make lots of eye contact. Body Language of Men #2: He Fidgets If he fidgets, he's totally into you. You've probably noticed that a lot of times when you were on a first date: the man kept fidgeting. And it might have been a turn-off to you because you thought it showed a lack of confidence. But here's something I'd like you to acknowledge: having the courage to step up and talk to you or ask you out takes a lot of courage. What to Do Back: Try this and see if his fidgeting diminishes: compliment him. It'll boost his confidence a bit and he might feel more relaxed. Then the nice thing is: once a guy feels confident around you, you're going to get to know the real him even faster, not that Nervous Nellie who is crazily tapping his foot against the table. Body Language of Men #3: He Touches You Where he touches you communicates different things. If he's touching your shoulder or your lower back, he's giving you signs that he's attracted to you sexually, that he's seeing where this could potentially go. What to Do Back: If he touches your back, lean into it to communicate that you are receptive to his touch. Reciprocate the touch sometime during the date. Put your flat palms on his upper chest or touch his neck. Body Language of Men #4: He Holds a Hug a Long Time The longer the hug, the more he's into you. If he's really holding on, he's taking that time for your bodies and your energy to connect with one another. So let that guy hug you long and hard! What to Do Back: Hug back! But realize a hug is not a hug is not a hug. Don't hug like a limp fish. Embrace his back firmly and warmly. Maybe snuggle into that space between his shoulder and neck. Let him break away first. Body Language of Men #5: He Touches His Face He wants to make sure he looks good for you! What to Do Back: Try flashing your wrists! Sounds crazy, but holding your wrists toward him indicates your own sexual interest. Why? Perhaps because way back before Daisy Dukes shorts women were covered head to toe in clothing...except their wrists (and ankles), so it was the only skin they could expose. Body Language of Men #6: He's Constantly Smiling He's smiling because he likes you! The easiest body language of men to interpret is a smile. Humans smile when they're interested, when they're happy when they're engaged. So if he's constantly smiling when he's with you, that's a big SCORE. What to Do Back: One of the best things that you can do to attract an amazing man is to smile at him. I call it smocking, smiling while talking. You may need to check in to make sure you're smiling at him, especially if his blue eyes are dazzling you and making you forget to smile. There you have it: 6 ways to read people and interpret the body language of men. These subtle nonverbal communication signs give you an indication of when you should keep talking to a guy (because he's interested) or when you should move on (he's not feeling it). What signs has a man given that you didn't know how to interpret? Leave a comment below and I'll decipher it for you! And if you want more help getting out there, attracting men, and flirting with guys, my free training will help amp up your game: https://secret.sexyconfidence.com/flirting-workshop/
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Text Comments (484)
Tara Kathleen (4 hours ago)
Ha ha ha... None... But 3 would be the closest... 😂
fruitycup of evie (6 days ago)
What if he keeps touching his hair like fixing it? Does that count as touching his face?
Lakita Butler (11 days ago)
Sandra DiBiaso (13 days ago)
I totally picked 3.
Moon Girl (15 days ago)
Head dilt Fidget Touches you Timing of the hug Constant face touch Constant smile You’re welcome
Vintia (17 days ago)
Yes I read his body language
Kitkat Crazieness (20 days ago)
I read the body language correctly.
elalaouisosseynabil (22 days ago)
Girls, don't do anything to change yourselves after watching this video! You're beautiful as you are 😍 Personally, I feel like I was getting nowhere with all the different YouTube channels though until I tried the course at ReelingHimIn.com 🙏 That really taught me how to actually captivate a man with more than just my looks to make him fall in love. Finally got a BF that loves me!! 😍 #thankgod4hubby I think following a structured course like that is the way to go, you can learn for free on sites like Youtube but it’s all over the place and you’ll mostly be learning random tips rather than techniques and methods that can actually accelerate your relationship. A step by step approach is better than just learning random stuff IMO. Good luck ladies! :)
Kakussa Samuel (23 days ago)
Yes omg
Angelica Romero (28 days ago)
Thx u for this video! I enjoyed it! :-)
Jean Doe (30 days ago)
Damn as an introvert I cant relate. 😂😂😂
Arlette Bautista (1 month ago)
To be honest...none of the intros where flirtaious..they where kinds cringy and weird a least to me 😂
s dizzle (1 month ago)
There was no survey that showed up.
Sophie Shinning (1 month ago)
what about long distance relationships? there is no hug, no touching. could you make a video on that ?
Massy Wall (1 month ago)
yes the last one was the most sexy
S S (1 month ago)
3rd one
Aishwarya Dham (1 month ago)
What if a guy keeps his hand on a girl's shoulder?
Carla (1 month ago)
My experience has been that if he’s not nervous it’s because he places no importance on the outcome. He’s most likely a player and it’s just a numbers game for him.
Cee Dee (1 month ago)
I picked the first one to just mess with him XD
Madison_ Life_lol (1 month ago)
Yeah I picked number 3😂
nicole Crawford (1 month ago)
These videos have me weak 😂, thank u
Malibu (2 months ago)
From a first impression you seem to be a simpathic person. You also say you sexy single ladys, well I am a sexy lady in a happy relationship. I also have a big huge annoying crush and I have no clue what to do about it. I did had a chat with my boyfriend told him how I feel, thought about a open relationship. Bdw this crush that I have feels just like a big big annoying weight that I carry and I just would love to get rid of it. Help help , if you have any suggestions that would be amazing !!
olgayurisdaughter (2 months ago)
Where did you guys meet on New Year's Day?
Char Harv (2 months ago)
Need to stop saying a park. It's just wierd.
justine mathers (2 months ago)
Well no3 might be cringey but guess what? Some girls go for it,whatever floats your boat😍
Angelbreeze (2 months ago)
lol good thing I like the fidgety slightly dorky ones XD
Angelbreeze (2 months ago)
lol when you liked #1 the best XD
Hoa Sam (2 months ago)
I like no.1 bcos I thinks no.1flirtious intro is cute & attractive I like in guy who's nervous fidgeting shy quite around me.😄😃😍👍
Patricia Jones (2 months ago)
the video is blurry then clear
Genica Suerte (2 months ago)
Yes I read his body correctly😋
Martinez Yvonne (2 months ago)
They were all cringe 😂😂
mandy18573 (2 months ago)
None of the three Intros are Flirty Or sexy. Lol. Would scare ME off. Hahaahh 😉
Himmat Badal (2 months ago)
If he touches his cock on his pants and repeats touching he is really into you
Anonymous Potato (3 months ago)
The first and only time I talked to my crush was 3 days ago and it was only for 15 minutes lol😂😂
Tuty Trang (3 months ago)
What about lickin lips T^T
Jongdae08 Ji (3 months ago)
The thing is the guy I am into right now is a Sales rep... It’s a given they would smile a lot and look you in the eyes. Great help! Next time I am meeting him, I’ll check these other gestures.
Inger G. (3 months ago)
I just love the face touching thing 😍😍😍... It's just so sexy
Tristana Wolff (3 months ago)
About the touches, does friendly touches count too? if it's coming from someone who's not particularly my friend...
Kotori Minalinsky (3 months ago)
Anna Breithaupt (3 months ago)
Do these norms exist across cultures or are they just based on norms for American men?
Samantha Monterroza (3 months ago)
I am two why you winking at me or calling me a sexy lady I am very scared
Taya T (3 months ago)
Maybe it is my childhood memories but I’ve always felt the guy touching his face leaning his neck is just a player, when just meeting a girl. My bff had those kind of guy friends acting a tough guy.. That gesture turns me off, too obvious.
Sebatian Hensley-Son (3 months ago)
Or if a guy fidgets he might also have adhd like myself
Esther Yan (3 months ago)
Best speech ever
MrsAlmightyKey (3 months ago)
Lmao #2 is me just in female form lol
Deanna Kohut (3 months ago)
Yes, read it!
SlightlySweetScorpio (3 months ago)
All 3 were horrible 😂😂😂
calcium sipper (3 months ago)
i touch my hair constantly bc im insecure as HELL i do all the time, i dont think that means something tbh
Xarre S. (3 months ago)
Meh I'm done with this. I don't think guys like me because I usually intimidate people and Im so much of a conversation killer. I have a crush on my friend, but he seems to feel uncomfortable around me. I have a bf too, and I'm not really sure if he's genuinely interested because I dont even get to see him. Online relationship problems. I guess Im just too ugly and too boring for others' company. Ill just marry myself.
T Y (3 months ago)
I love this video
T Y (3 months ago)
Number 3
Rebekka Spiller (3 months ago)
Wahhh, I always attract narcissists - I don't get the cute twitchy ones :(
Twitchy lol lolol
Kiki Kira (18 days ago)
Tania Bernal (3 months ago)
Baud elaire (3 months ago)
Who else find fidgeting cute?
Lil Ravi (3 months ago)
2 was the best no doubt
Johntell Jackson (3 months ago)
Norma Deluna (3 months ago)
blossom life (3 months ago)
Yes I read his body language correctly I choose 3
Hel lo (3 months ago)
Emma Black (3 months ago)
Jessi Dawkins (3 months ago)
my bf doesn't like no one touching him....
Jessi Dawkins (3 months ago)
my bf don't even likes to hug
Shaunda Lindsay (3 months ago)
Ahahahaha YIKES! creepyville on all three. I said the 1st one because he was too shy to look in your eyes and gave that uncomfortable, I like you, I'm a stalker, body language.
AlyeahLol (3 months ago)
My guy does all of them 🤧😍
Melissa Owen (3 months ago)
None of the above. 😂😂😂👌
outreach movement (3 months ago)
Girl always love the toxic boy ,Because they know how to fake confidence "arrogance" and how to play the role of a mysterious boy to make the girl think that he is 'special 'and forthemore they are the best type of boys who have high communication skills Infact ,There is a big difference between a naughty boy and a smart boy , bad boys seems smart but they are very fool , Seduction is an such an easy task
Allison Taylor (3 months ago)
What about touching on the knee? Like knees touching knees, sometimes I know it can be accidental, but what if it happens alot? And putting a hand on her knee while sitting next to each other?
Lexie Mae (3 months ago)
I’m divorcing my husband because does NONE of these
Mattie Davis (3 months ago)
Don't touch me in beginning, or hug.
Misty Spirit (3 months ago)
He tricked me into looking at his shoe then he gave me a "so called punch" that was only a tap on the sholder 😂
Steliana Jasmine (3 months ago)
You look like my history teacher, but more handsome
Aya Jones (3 months ago)
Wait... so do I take the survey or keep watching???
Silent Jaguar (3 months ago)
Right on 🤣🤣🤣
kimmi (4 months ago)
Non of them is sexy. 1st is weird 2nd is weird too 3rd is overactingly weird n scary
Sophia Kim (1 month ago)
Hahahahahaha xD
Krishnaa pandia (2 months ago)
So true... 😂😂😂😂
G H (2 months ago)
Omg hahah when he asked which one I’m like I prefer none
Antonio Biorato (3 months ago)
Margaret Batson (4 months ago)
Nope my hubby isn't into me.
CiCi Chambers (4 months ago)
3 was kinda douchey lol I’d laugh
Nelly Mowry (4 months ago)
That moment he says ‘Nervous Nelly’ and you’re name is Nelly 😂
Brianna Gendron (4 months ago)
The guy i like, i keep catching him smiling at me and when our eyes connect he smiles later.... And I look away my face all red. He can make me laugh and smile without trying. I love his laugh😂😂😂, his smile, his voice, and all of his compliments. He compliments on how I look, how smart I am, etc. He doesn't push me into telling him anything. Ok ok, I'll get to the point before I get carried away. I really like him and I'm hi pingnhe likes me back. I have hard with contact cause my last ex physically abused me, so it's hard.
kalina (4 months ago)
A fidget room....
Brown Eyed Honey (4 months ago)
Yes I read it correctly
I Don't Know Elisa (4 months ago)
I just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday ffs
L L (4 months ago)
Met a guy at club and he came on to me strong with kisses and touchy hands but he gave me a big strong hug and lifted me up when we parted. He texted me everyday for two weeks then we met up again. He greeted me with a hug. He was very cuddly and kissy and when we parted again he gave me lots of hugs and kisses on the lips. Can there be something this early on? Its only been a few weeks. Im confused.
Rebekah Nelson (4 months ago)
I think it was number 3 because it sounds a bit more sexy on a bit nicer it was it like number one was there no not that nice number to sound a bit arrogant and a bit pushy and a bit nasty nastiest
KAIJU MECHA (4 months ago)
Just because he likes u, it doesn’t mean he gonna chase u!
Denise R (4 months ago)
No 1 was the best, 3 was weird
Tia Synti (4 months ago)
A guy I know, does touches his face when he's around me, but he has a girlfriend.
Alex California (4 months ago)
The actors for the scene shown on Tip 4 had absolutely no chemistry! And I mean none... She looked very uncomfortable.
Alex California (4 months ago)
I always over think things...
Vanshika Khemka (4 months ago)
The webinar is actually showing as media not supported in my phone can you do something about it..
Elva P (4 months ago)
What about his staring at you without blinking for a long time across a table? Found it rather spooky !!
ka por (4 months ago)
how you only got like 300k subscribers ? you're great!
Nenette Javines (4 months ago)
puppy time Channel 2 (4 months ago)
Sunshine Park (5 months ago)
The third one was the most sexy
Katieisha Joseph (5 months ago)
All 6 tips are one hundred percent true. Can't get it any better
Rasha Sharif (5 months ago)
I did it right because of the wink lol wink wink :P
Brianna Gendron (4 months ago)
I can't wink 😢
jollya justin (5 months ago)
my ex use to touch his face alot when he talk to me i thought he was thinking about sex so i keep telling him stop doing that why you keep touching your face and he said i dont know hhhhhhh
Sharita Dhanradj (5 months ago)
Nope! I chose 1🤣
Indira Bhattarai (5 months ago)
Tamra Vandever (5 months ago)
Ahaha.. funny. Obviously #3 but i liked #2. Omgoodness😲 Great videos bro

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