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SHLS 2 25 2018

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Jalu3 (10 months ago)
Question, how does the bankruptcy of iHeartmedia impact DSP?
moses strathern (10 months ago)
Thank you for the delightful Mina and her beguiling yet restrained version of 'Tintarella di Luna' might one suggest as an adjunct to Mina, her South Vietnamese counterpart, Mai Le Huyen and her immortal hit, 'A Girl's Destiny' aka Duyen Phan Con Gai....
p0319 (10 months ago)
My god man! Take a throat lozenge!
slLLyhumans (10 months ago)
SHLS!!!! Finally!!!!!
Michael RS (10 months ago)
Meanwhile, as the world neither watches or cares, particularly the UN, South Africa is going the way of "Zimbabwe".

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