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Crispy Thin Potato Chips | Mcdonald's Style, French Fries | How to Make Crispy French Fries Recipe

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Crispy Thin Potato Chips | Mcdonald's Style, French Fries | How to Make Crispy French Fries Recipe #CrunchyChips #Fries #BrightCrafts Don't forget to Subscribe, Share and Like: Follow us On Facebook: https://goo.gl/rGBVzN Follow us on Instagram: https://goo.gl/SWZf3s Follow us on Twitter: https://goo.gl/kjdmEZ Follow us on Google+: https://goo.gl/wtCqzE If You're new to My Channel the content is full of DIY, Do It Yourself, Life Hacks, Cleaning Hacks, DIY Ideas, Kitchen Tips, Creativity, Crafts, Tips, Tricks, Projects, Experiments and much more. This channel Bright Crafts cover it all. Here's a little about my Background. I have a passion for all types of lifehacks and tips. I have an expertise in these tips. I think every housewife and also man have these types of vital skills because its the basic need to do it yourself. If you can't hire people to do all the things for you then you are the right place to learn it online. If you have any question feel free to ask because we are available 24/7.
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Text Comments (47)
Shafaq Naz (5 months ago)
Main nai try kiya h it is true
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Thanks dear
Umidullasha Makanadar (28 days ago)
Kapde pe laga daag kaisa nikala chaiye
Bright Crafts (27 days ago)
Kis chz ka dagh
Zobia khan (2 months ago)
Good tio
Fatimairfan 123 (3 months ago)
In cold water yeh hot water
Muhammad Ashraf (4 months ago)
Kitni derr sirke main rakhna hai
Bright Crafts (4 months ago)
5 min
Mark Boutelle (5 months ago)
What are u saying?
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
I"ll add caption for you its not in english language
Mohammed Khutubuddin (5 months ago)
Wow you good idea
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Imran Ellahi (5 months ago)
Bhai ap phly kdr ty......... bht shukrya
S N (5 months ago)
Sirka aur namak k pani se nikal kar chips ko kapray se dry karna hai ya basket main daal kar rkhna hai aur air dry karna hai????kionk agar pani se nikaal ker direct garam oil main daalain gay tau bohat dangerous ho sakta hai.itnay oil k cheentay urtay hain jo pass khara ho ga woh buri tarha jul sakta hai.admin please aap koi bhi totka batatay huway ahtiaat se kaam lia karain.khas taur pee jub cooking tips dain tau uss ko aik baar azma ker phir bataya karain taake uss k side effects agar koi hon tau viewers ko woh bhi bata sakain.
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Basket mein dal kr kr len
Wah nice
Soniya Jaseem (5 months ago)
Waow great idea.....ur tips are always rocking
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Depend on ke pani kitna hai agr to ak litre hai to ak table spoon dal den
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Mian Ahmad (5 months ago)
Kitna dalna hy sirka?
Mian Ahmad (5 months ago)
Seerka kitna dalna by?
Asadali0347123 Asad (5 months ago)
Really kis nay try kiya yah Sach k rhy hai?
Shafaq Naz (5 months ago)
I will try
Sumera Bawani (5 months ago)
Sahi bne chips
ALLAH is En0ugh for me (5 months ago)
Very nice tip
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Abdul Rehman (5 months ago)
اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ‎ بھاٸی میں نے آپ کا کپڑوں میں سرکہ ڈالنے والا ٹوٹکہ کیا تھا اس کا بہت اچھا رزلٹ تھا واٸٹ شلٹ تو بہت اچھی طریقے سے صاف ہوگی جزاك اللهُ‎
Arshman Khan (5 months ago)
Sirkay ko kapro my dhalny sy Kia hota hy.plz rep
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Walikumsalam ameen and thanks
M Jumshed (5 months ago)
Wao what a good idea
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Samina Naz (5 months ago)
nechorain keya matlab? namak or sirkai walai pani sai nekal ker dobara dhona nahe hai keya ?
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Ni usy jusy dry kr len matlb wo pani na laga rahy dhona ni hai
muhammad asif (5 months ago)
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Thanks dear
facts tv (5 months ago)
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Ziyauddin Imran (5 months ago)
Asslamalikum Hamare wheat flour k roti Sahi ni banrahi h corners phat rahe h ache se hum malish bhi Kar rahe h and oil bi dal Kar dough Bana rahe h plzzz roti Bina koi crack k achi bane tips dijiyr
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Ziyauddin Imran (5 months ago)
+Bright Crafts Thank u
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Apki gandum jis ka ta hai wo new hai ata change kren
Kamran Arman (5 months ago)
Excellent .
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Simrah Mustafa (5 months ago)
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)
Thanks dear keep sharing ❤️
Anum Uzair (5 months ago)
+Bright Crafts wao bhuat achee tip hy mai ny try kea hay its amazing
Bright Crafts (5 months ago)

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