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Sun Ra - The Magic City

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Sun Ra - The Magic City Ra-clavioline, p; Walter Miller-tp; Ali Hassan-tb; Marshall Allen-as, fl, picc; Danny Davis-as, fl; Harry Spencer-as; John Gilmore-ts; Pat Patrick-bs, fl; Robert Cummings-bcl; Ronnie Boykins-b; Roger Blank-d; James Jacson-perc. Rehearsal, New York City, around Sept. 24 1965.
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Text Comments (58)
manlypedro75 (1 year ago)
first ever listen... completely random... this is SPECTACULAR!
Dennis D'Alesandro (1 year ago)
the first sun ra id ever heard sometime back in 1994 or 95, been hooked and obsessed with ra ever since!
Rodney Holmes (2 years ago)
I have this cd. Absolutely magical ( no pun intended). I'm hard pressed to find ANY music of Sun Ra I don't like.
lwhatever2 (2 years ago)
originaltera (2 years ago)
thanx for the upload
MoonRa1969 (3 years ago)
&@#%ing amazing I want to have a lucid dream to this SOMEDAY I WILL FIND YOU SUN RA SUN RA SUN RAAA!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU
JadeWarrior666 (3 years ago)
+MoonRa1969 what the fuck
MoonRa1969 (3 years ago)
This is the album cover of my profile pic Eh eh *wink wink
TheSUNRA21 (3 years ago)
Amazing! One of the greatest Sun Ra tracks ever!
alireza meykadeh (2 years ago)
TheSUNRA21 m
xray40k (4 years ago)
Sick track.
Phosphocop (4 years ago)
This awesome track recalls me the great movie Le roi et l'oiseau , The king and The mockingbird, by Paul Grimault and Jacques Prevert
citherplayer (4 years ago)
wizardry and a view on the other world -  yes, we are constantly looking for ...
mark kimbrell (4 years ago)
a suite of music dedicated to his home town---fantastic!!!
Vinil Review -Bim (1 year ago)
not good memories from his hometown
Joshua Olin (4 years ago)
Yo, wer is my interocitor?
WafflesInTheHouse (5 years ago)
18:02 Woah cool use of reverb. Wow, this is '65. Just think about that for ONE SECOND.
WafflesInTheHouse (5 years ago)
15:00 awesome when everyone kicks in
mono tronics (5 years ago)
i listen to ra almost religiously every night before i go to sleep-funnily enough his avant/abstract stuff as opposed to his more trad stuff.I listen to that when im hyper.
Matthew Keenan (5 years ago)
This is a fantastic sound quality. I had this album back in the 1970s, a plain black and white album cover on the esp label. Sun Ra and his arkestra I think are one of the most crucial collection of musicians in all of black music. His range was so all encompassing, from Fletcher Henderson to beyond.  
i don't know why some people are getting all up in arms over this.. Jazz IS/WAS black music! What is wrong with saying that? A lot of great styles of music originated with black people I don't see how thats racist lol. Give credit where credit is due. I guess people are just incredibly sensitive nowadays and have to find something to get offended by every where they go/in everything they read!
Karl Young (1 year ago)
Matthew Keenan - It seems like there’s an argument here over a rather silly distinction - Sun Ra’s music was most certainly created by and for black Americans (read any of a huge number of quotes from Sun Ra, e.g. in the great book A Pure Solar World, where he clearly was proposing, through music, to provide a better “space” for black Americans than the world of apartheid that they currently lived in), but none of that means that, given how amazing and creative he was, his music wasn’t also transcendent in a universal sort of way.
Stanley Gemmell (1 year ago)
And his much later, more polished work as he closed in upon tradition. Live at the Village Vanguard '91 just proved that he was a master musician whose early work was no fluke but the product of studied and inspired musical reasoning. He is so innovative he often needs defending! HAHA cheers :-D
Adrian Johnson (1 year ago)
Matthew Keenan precursor to the Art Ensemble of Chicago and The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians.
Snooze McNoose (2 years ago)
SakuraBear77 fuck off kid
Mag LamPlum (5 years ago)
Jazz Time!
Ron Dee Wright (5 years ago)
Malcolm Wolfe (5 years ago)
The Dead tended to transcend noisy quality recordings too, the excellence of the performances shine through the medium. that's an almost lost, very very fine art.
intheupperroom (5 years ago)
I love this music! Harry Spencer, who played alto sax on the Magic City LP, is one of my best friends. He is still performing and teaching private lessons as well as serving as a music instructor at The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware. Harry is such a great person and lives his music. Here is a clip of Harry with one of his students on my television show. There is more on Harry on my channel under URFuture Artists playlist @ the intheupperroom channel. Please subscribe! Thanks
ChildhoodTimeMachine (5 years ago)
I cannot believe I have recently just found out about Sun-Ra and his music. Everything I've heard by him is mind blowing! Thank you for uploading this and other Sun Ra songs Pharomba!
Adrian Johnson (1 year ago)
ChildhoodTimeMachine if you want to read a book about this mystical man check out Space is the Place: The Life and Times of Sun Ra by John Szwed.
good music to listen before you sleep...
corey james (6 years ago)
you can say that again lol
1958Shemp (6 years ago)
Some of this almost sounds like dub. [!]
rd hawk (2 months ago)
CORRECTION "dub" almost sounds like this piece made in 1965.
ThePaulHealy (6 years ago)
a gaggle of extraterrestrial flutes wing their way across Cro-Magnon frontiers.
Floris (6 years ago)
Dis Sun Ra on a bitch
KingJames3000 (6 years ago)
that was one of the most beautiful comments I've seen in a while
perogulate (6 years ago)
@satyr68 yeah. So goes the spontaneity. It does homogenize the sound I guess. I've noticed atonal music sometimes can benefit from homogenization like that. Not always. Gorgeous piece.
drroxxo1 (6 years ago)
/mu/ called they want their pretentious music back
poeticlegacies (6 years ago)
I'm not about to report this, but does anyone know if this is public domain?
Adrian Johnson (1 year ago)
poeticlegacies It's from the galactic domain that's for sure.
Reinier Gamboa (6 years ago)
in a galaxy far far away from pop music
phillfoote (6 years ago)
when people ask whos sun ra this is the answer i give them
Pharomba (7 years ago)
Absolutely to the point, your comment, thx! Listening to newer and better produced LPs such as "Unity" (which appeared on the italien Label HORO) display the beautiness and power of the arkestra.
be4tbybl4ck (7 years ago)
really enjoying the ride. nice trip!
The Rake (7 years ago)
Amazing, thank you for sharing this.
Pharomba (7 years ago)
@Robinsonization: Nice comment, thx! It's a shame that most people don't know about good music, especially the one Mr. Ra produced.
Joe Orbin (8 years ago)
This is the one, folks...THIS IS IT. Crank this up LOUD and blow the minds of everyone within earshot. It'll be good for them.

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