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United House Of Prayer For All People. Cult Or Legitimate Church?

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A gorgeous structure no matter what goes on inside.
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LISA MARIE (2 days ago)
Ashley Pinkney (25 days ago)
It’s not a cult we are a church 🙄. Y’all just judging off the front of the church. I attend uhop does that make me brainwashed or a devil worshipper... no cause I’m not I am a child of God. Don’t believe everything on the internet
Chosen Won (25 days ago)
Valerei Renfro (28 days ago)
where is this place? So I don't ever go there.
Chosen Won (28 days ago)
Gee Are (3 months ago)
Cult. The psychology behind the cult mentality, both leader(s) and follower(s): https://thoughtcatalog.com/shahida-arabi/2018/06/the-dollhouse-5-roles-you-play-in-a-narcissists-harem-or-love-cult/?utm_content=buffer7427a&utm_medium=thoughtcatalog-main-social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=social.
Spiritual Warrior (7 months ago)
it s the church of Satan
Myla's Teddy Bear World! (7 months ago)
that looks scary
Joanna Edwards (8 months ago)
that church looks scary and demonic probably full of wicked ass demons and witch Craft
Chosen Won (7 months ago)
Beautiful Mathis Congrat's. This is an open forum where opinions and comments vary. I'm glad you found what you believe to be meaning.Thanks.
Beautiful Mathis (7 months ago)
Chosen Won I never made an at comments when people say negative stuff about others religion, yes I am not I had left for my own reasons nothing that was going on in church but wanted to try different & did, but then returned for because I know what I was looking for trust me i got it & nobody has EVER kissed the Bishops hands ain't none of that. In every church you have all walks of life coming into the Lords house. The Bible says judge not & you will not be judge. I don't knock nobody's opinion & I don't get into debates about religion, but when I see some things that are not of the truth it's repulsive & degrading. We own our properties contrary to public opinion. There is nothing scary let alone demonic about The United House Of Prayer For All People.
Chosen Won (7 months ago)
Good for you.
almightycam (7 months ago)
Chosen Won ain’t nothing wrong going there I go every other weekend on Sundays and its coo nothing suspect its coo
Chosen Won (7 months ago)
Beautiful Mathis Are you a member?
Milo Myers (11 months ago)
most of yall need to read the book of john jesus himself said his work is finished for he will send another comforter. Jesus also said if u receive whom i send you receiveth me n if u receiveth me you receiveth whom sent me
Lakita (1 year ago)
My in laws are members and have been for a long time. I wanted to visit and go for myself. I didn't want to cast judgements based off what others had to say. So I went a couple of times back in 2006 and 2007. The bishop at that time came to the convocation in VA in 2007. Me and my husband along with his whole family went (we wasn't married at the time). It was an experience I'll never forget. When I 1st got there, the band was playing and I'm like "ok". They sound really good. The food was delicious but when the bishop came out w/ them long nails, he had a strong demonic spirit . To me, he was waving those finger nails like he was casting spells on the ppl. He came out and ppl were shouting and dancing (like any black church) but what had me shook was the fact that he looked directly at me and waved those nails at me and I sat frozen in fear. After service, he was asking me was I ok and I was like um yea. I believe in Jesus Christ the son of the living God. I remember telling my mother and she was pleading the blood of Jesus b/c I was scared that mad put a spell on me. Fast forward now, I allowed my daughter to go w/ my in laws a few more years, now she doesn't go anymore
blackdynimite 231 (6 days ago)
First of all Back in that time Daddy Madison was bishop and he never had Long Nails and he was always in good spirits he always shouted and brung love and joy everywhere he went the United House Of Prayer is not a cult and cult is a Organization where everyone does what one man tells us to do but everyone don’t do what he tells us also cult have upside down cross explain plus the only Spirit we follow is God and Jesus Christ the bishop is just the leader of the church and is preparing us to be closer with God and I’m quite sure there were a couple thousand people there I’m sure he wasn’t looking at you he might have looked in your direction but that doesn’t mean he was looking at you only.
frederick adams (4 months ago)
But honestly Sweetheart. When did having long nails become a Sin? And did you know in order to see the good in anyone you have the ability to see through the flesh. Now if lies were told in that service I could understand. But if all the Preacher did was give you the truth and the whole truth. Then you aren't the only one upset about that.lol Stay Blessed and Study to find yourself approved. Its all about the Word of the Lord. When those from the outside of The United House of Prayer is making it about a Man. Those that truly know whats going on know its Totally About Working for the Lord in Spirit and In Truth.
Chosen Won (1 year ago)
Interesting. Thank you.
Latoya Oliver (1 year ago)
Some of you people on here are fools how can u just sit here and bash a church y'all need to do your research I've been a amber all my life and will continue to be a member get your life and go see for yourself stop taking what u read as truth cause 99% or the time your false research is wrong I love UHOP AND ALL OT HAS DONE FOR ME
Chad Gross (2 years ago)
I not a cloned I from heaven way people cloneding them for jesuschrist rules
Chosen Won (1 year ago)
+Chad Gross Great!
Chad Gross (1 year ago)
+Chosen Won jesus heal me just by say by the Stripes of Jesus I'm heal
Chad Gross (2 years ago)
+Chosen Won is ever body is dead in hollwoods and cloned out of this world
Chosen Won (2 years ago)
Good for you.
Nicolas Griffin (2 years ago)
cult noun "A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object." How people are pulled into scam is beyond me.
Chosen Won (2 years ago)
+Nicolas Griffin They need a place to belong to I guess.
Nicolas Griffin (2 years ago)
Chosen Won (2 years ago)
I think my ex-wife was a cult. LOL.
Shedon Chambliss (3 years ago)
Phophet walker you wouldn't know a prophet if you saw one that punked you I bet you call him sweet to your wife if you married in sh should slap some sence in to you
otani cheley (3 years ago)
ppl always got something to say but never can prove true doctrine about how it is a cult or cloned. Sound  like somebody bored and just giving opinions which isn't worth 2%
Chris Dorsey (2 years ago)
or they have no lives.....
christopher benson (3 years ago)
Yeah ok so whats it all about then??????????? Sorry mate but all you have done is zoomed in and out of a church and then stuck it on Youtube without explanation etc.
Chosen Won (4 years ago)
Please explain.
Nathaniel King (1 year ago)
Marquisha. That's not how uhop is run. You need to pay closer attention
Chosen Won (2 years ago)
Good for you. It was a question I asked you stupid bimbo.
Marquisha Booker (2 years ago)
we believe in the almighty god maker of heaven and earth we believe in jesus christ his only begotten son who was concieve by the holy ghost and crucified for the redemption of the sins of the people so that all men will have the right to the tree of life.... so know your facts before posting crap about us
Chosen Won (3 years ago)
That's a POV. An opinion. It's faith based. Nothing is factual. A personal decision.
Tami Hayes (3 years ago)
You can always accept Christ as your Savior!
Chosen Won (4 years ago)
I'm not a Christian.
Chad Gross (1 year ago)
just say I belive in jesus hreat that God have raised Jesus Christ from the dead now I am save Romans 10
Chad Gross (2 years ago)
chosen won I not a cloned I am from heaven
Prophet Walker (4 years ago)
its not to late.........
Jammar Clement (4 years ago)
What house is that??? It looks kinda like Columbia Motherhouse
Chosen Won (1 year ago)
+Chad Gross Thanks.
Chad Gross (1 year ago)
+Chosen Won I be to Ohio not to that chruch praise jesuschrist
Chosen Won (4 years ago)
8700 Cedar Ave. In what's called the Fairfax neighborhood near Cleveland Clinic.
Chosen Won (4 years ago)
It's in Cleveland.
J MH (4 years ago)
The word United was added during the term of Bishop Grace to state that we were of one doctrine. Go to uhopfap.org to read the creed
al c (2 years ago)
+J MH I heard united was added for legal reasons under McCollough to prevent others from using the HOP name to profit from. You see H>O>P is in the bible~ adding the U makes it a copyrite
Chris Dorsey (2 years ago)
ppl cant grasp that term...... the man him is jesus servant..... god is working through him.... no ordinary man can do this work.
Prophet Walker (4 years ago)
very true...be blessed                 prophet
J MH (4 years ago)
Have you ever been to the House of Prayer to testify of the joy promise in isaiah 56:7. Or are you a dead soul looking to criticize the church
Er t (8 months ago)
J MH n
tisland (1 year ago)
LOL. How do you determine legitimacy ir not based off the architect which happens to be beautifully structured?
Chosen Won (2 years ago)
Chris Dorsey (2 years ago)
+Chosen Won i can see u really curious just go to a nearest uhop near you and ask those questions..... dont let ms dumb ass on here defer you..... yahwee or w/e your name is.... esteena wannamaker.....
J MH (4 years ago)
God does it right. U know that

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