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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Easter Eggs - Dark Secret & Tribute

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Easter Eggs video, we'll discuss a dark secret and a tribute that Gamefreak added into the games. LIKE the video if you enjoyed! Discord: https://discord.gg/VkNY97K Twitter: https://twitter.com/maxxanthony_
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Text Comments (102)
meah dacallos (3 months ago)
I subbed and i want a copy cuz i dont have one
Pixel Master (9 months ago)
Umm that's not dark at all..
Catarina Eisiminger (10 months ago)
Don't think the gym is an easter egg????
Jonny Juicer (10 months ago)
Also in your room, if you turn on the TV then you can see thereby box making a reference to the popular 90's movie "Stand By Me"
Santana Bangz (10 months ago)
Slowpoke that fat bastard
Error Sans (10 months ago)
Where's my usum
rick ellis (10 months ago)
Actually I have good news that Pikachu slowpoke a pukamuku are not the same go to Pikachu park and look at the hill
Nova Star (11 months ago)
Poor slowpoke, all it wanted to do was fish
Jalahn Swain (11 months ago)
I liked and subbed hope I get usum!!!
Elijah Nguyen (11 months ago)
Thats a kingdon hearts reference
Rex (11 months ago)
great vid most easter eggs i never knew
Hans Lalangan (11 months ago)
i have never have a copy of anything pls give me
Sugoi Steel Claymore (11 months ago)
So they got frozen. Never able to do their trail.
Abdullah Yeamin (11 months ago)
where is my usum?😆😒
Abdullah Yeamin (11 months ago)
What is easter egg?!!!
Gamer_Seal (2 days ago)
+Angelo Palazzolo Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more...
Lil Turd (2 months ago)
Angelo Palazzolo hahahahahhahahahahhahajajajjajajajajajajhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahabababbababahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahahahhaha.....not funny
Angelo Palazzolo (11 months ago)
What is love?
Morrigan (11 months ago)
This video would have been good if you didn't stutter all through it. =/
Emma Gordon (11 months ago)
I wanted Munchlax to be an option
Mr. Dilophosaurus (11 months ago)
R.I.P. Wii U
Mr. Dilophosaurus (11 months ago)
I thought I was the only one that saw team skull with a Wii u
Some Weegee Guy (11 months ago)
Ultra Sun Please!
IAmMissingnoMaster (11 months ago)
"Hey, hey! What do you guys think we should bring with us when we set out?" Ice Heals. Lots and lots of Ice Heals.
Krookakid 0104 (11 months ago)
I liked, commented, and subbed
Ashema Bahumat (11 months ago)
Only worthwhile one was the last.
Patricia Ann Martinez (11 months ago)
Andrew Guzman (11 months ago)
you actually see the pikachu pyukumyuku and slopoke at the pikachu ranch
Alexandru Marius Toma (11 months ago)
Thats why every guy in gamefreak has yellow eyes
Dr. N (11 months ago)
In the game freak office a worker ask you about different colors all are the original games
Lit Candle (11 months ago)
Wtf, Lusamine didn’t let them do their island challenge?! 😂😂😂
Arel Batista (11 months ago)
I subbed and liked! I hope I get usum!
Patricia Ann Martinez (11 months ago)
Arel Batista me too 😄😄😄
Arel Batista (11 months ago)
I subbed and liked! Hope I get usum!!
AwesomeBoy Trololol (11 months ago)
they are stuck with a Wii u LIKE MEEEEEEEEEE😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧
KBeast 123 (5 days ago)
Oof my Wii U touch screen doesn’t work so yeah OOOOF
Mr Cheez (10 months ago)
I dont have a Wii u or a Switch I just have the Wii
Destructo999 _ (11 months ago)
Chill with the emojis theyre stupid
Jjfire (11 months ago)
Hey I have a Wii U and it's not that bad so don't talk trash about it ok? thx
Vagabond Spy (11 months ago)
when is the giveaway for USUM? (I liked and subbed!!)
Bob The Explorer (11 months ago)
It’s werid that the player in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is taller than in Sun and Moon
Bob The Explorer (11 months ago)
Bethany Wallbank To me it feels like they have gotten taller
Bethany Wallbank (11 months ago)
Carlos Garcia wait they're taller in USUM?
hillaford Drake (11 months ago)
you don't love rotom. you're in danger. I'm sad. (only some people will understand this)😂
Pikachu car sounds (11 months ago)
I do
WFR Flops (11 months ago)
I liked and I subbed
I destroyed Lusamine for freezing the pikachu
Victini 1924 (11 months ago)
As for the Wii U, that was in Sun and Moon. You also missed a Wii U. There’s one in Guzmas old house.
Fastman McQueenboi (11 months ago)
Thanks for teaching me this information
Jadyn Pitt (11 months ago)
How has this guy only got 5K subscribers. He has been making helpful Pokemon content for years. Oh well, keep up the good work man. I'd suggest you put advertisements on your videos.
AZB - (11 months ago)
He made a new channel
Jadyn Pitt (11 months ago)
You've reached hundreds of thousands of views at times and you've probably missed out on a grand at least altogether. While I respect it man I feel bad to see you missing out on the rewards you deserve.
Azazel The Demon (11 months ago)
At first I thought the three frozen Pokemon were all of the type null's
cool kid 101 (11 months ago)
No Dislikes yea
Light Warior (11 months ago)
Light Warior (11 months ago)
DOUBLE YOU* but I forgot you thanks my fam
Calum Coldwell (11 months ago)
Light Warior forgot W mate
Johny Paul (11 months ago)
Pikachu slow poke and pukeamutto are probably not died I think there just frozen but alive
JonathanW Network (11 months ago)
Keep it up!!
Garred Blum (11 months ago)
After you beat the game you can find pikachu, pyukumuku and slowpoke at pikachu valley. So they escaped aether.
Jack Mackay (3 months ago)
Garred Blum
Mr_ Majikku (8 months ago)
And Mimikyu.
Anoni-Mousse! 0941 (9 months ago)
Erica Loves Umbreon (10 months ago)
And before you beat it...
CrystalFox13 (11 months ago)
The first one really isn't an Easter egg. The main character *always* has the newest console. And the second one is more of a reference.
Sylv The flame (11 months ago)
Nice video as always,
Zoe Haider (11 months ago)
Everybody loves Easter eggs!
Andrew Dimino (11 months ago)
Was he crying when he talked about the game freak thing?
o DarK (9 months ago)
Andrew Dimino idk
CrystalFox13 (11 months ago)
Andrew Dimino He was laughing.
Chris Creates (11 months ago)
There’s another If you go to the ultra ruin you’ll find out that it’s a ruined Hauoli City
Stevedoescraft Crafter (3 months ago)
I always wondered what city Guzzlord Destroyed
Mr_ Majikku (8 months ago)
Yea, P R E E T Y dark..
DRAGEN RAID (11 months ago)
Alex Runnebaum it's the song backwards
Alex Runnebaum (11 months ago)
Yea, that why the theme of Ultra Ruin is a slowed and distorted Hau’oli City theme
This would’ve been good if you let us read it ourselves instead of us having to try and figure out what you’re saying
Family Rousseau (11 months ago)
moifernam (11 months ago)
Do a video of about how to get a shiny in ultra warmhole
moifernam there’s no actually way to do it, there’s just a chance. All you need to do is go through a wormhole and you always have a chance to find a shiny
Lachlan _Rolo (11 months ago)
Pikachu looks stoned
Jorge 123 (11 months ago)
Lachlan _Rolo I
Steven Linda (11 months ago)
Ice stoned
Lachlan _Rolo 7
SoraNyx -best boi- (11 months ago)
Lachlan _Rolo HA
Monk Dip (11 months ago)
Maxx your videos are so good keep it up
Mourad Sofian (11 months ago)
Intresting :)
Hannah Moon (11 months ago)
Great vid as always.
Spencer Leyva (11 months ago)
liked and subscribed
Ashik Rajkumar (11 months ago)
Kirby fan (11 months ago)
Ashik Rajkumar Nope sorry
Nuclear Nerds (11 months ago)
First comment
Kirby fan (11 months ago)
Chrunchinapplez Vlogz Nope sorry
Josiah Dalpezzo (11 months ago)

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