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12 Signs He's Not That Into You

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Drew Hillesland (6 months ago)
Your video is actually share Fair arguments and there are reasons why a man just is not into you. 1. Your social media feels like an obligation and you're career is not social marketing. Kylie and Kendall habits are the most unattractive unfeminine behaviors this world has seen and robs the true authenticity, personality and femininity a woman can offer. We can tell and see through your quality of living with fake exaggeration, being happy doing yoga, being busy, eating Donuts, doing it for the gram, masking the adversity and the things women with high self esteem and high efficacy would never do. Just don't do it. 2. You don't allow your mind to continue learning. If you are boring, status chaser, unempathetic, only take and never give back. It shows you don't value compassion or longevity based on a settling mindset and that's the easiest to weed out of women. The beautiful thing is that can always improve based on changing your lifestyle. 3. Pointing fingers at other men. There are many reasons this could go awry, but it's not your place to blame your failures with men to other men because of your past history. Most women don't have bad relationships with their father, grandfather or Uncle, even past boyfriends or classmates. Letting the media femininism portray your own self esteem shows you don't have backbone, low emotional empathy or confidence in standing up for yourself. It's a Directional trap preventing better quality of life or the community you wish to help improve.
Edda Justice (10 months ago)
Thanks so much for these lovely videos
Vin. V (11 months ago)
1. Everytime I post a whatsapp status and he replied personally everytime, does that mean I'm still consider the one who initiate the contacts or how?
Debbie King (11 months ago)
Safya 1975 (11 months ago)
Samantha TKO (11 months ago)
1 reason only not 11 He doesn't ring or text you. Simple.
Naomi Santana (11 months ago)
This is just common sense
Suz (11 months ago)
Any guy that is not really into you is not worth your valuable time. Don't waste your time on these types of men ladies. Great video Helena!
Suz (11 months ago)
You're welcome 😊
Mommy's Girl (11 months ago)
I have know this guy for about 2 months..we had a good connection in the beginning. We texted..we called ..we jokes. But he changed...it has been 2 weeks he ignored my call and my text. But strange thing is..he always check me out on social media..on my Instagram story. Just makes me wonder..what exactly he was thinking.
K G (11 months ago)
what if he only seems to care when there is a crisis?
Denise Siddon (11 months ago)
No priority, always name dropped, flirted and disappeared although he did good things for me. More bad than good. Glad I didn't waste any more time on this loser
Denise Siddon (11 months ago)
Should have seen this a year ago. Save time and energy
Lopez Jenni (11 months ago)
my always called everyday sometimes twice or more but he hasn't done something important or assisting me when am in need am only the one supporting him , please what can I do because I have told him so many times that am going to end up the relationship but he says no that he is going to change but still no change , please help me on what to do .
Lopez Jenni (11 months ago)
+Sarah Olson thanks
Sarah Olson (11 months ago)
End it. Stop talking about it and end it. If he cared enough he would have already changed. Really if he cared enough you wouldn't have needed to ask. You are easy and there. Like a comfort item.
Lee Bee (11 months ago)
I guess he’s not that into me.. Time to move on
Sometimes you have to

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