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Magic City | Magic City Season 2 Premiere Trailer | STARZ

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In season 2 of Magic City, Miami heats up! Nothing at the Miramar Playa Hotel is what it seems. Returning to STARZ this summer. Watch Magic City now on the STARZ app: : http://starz.tv/WatchSTARZYT Subscribe now for more STARZ clips: http://bit.ly/1kalhP0 Miami Beach, 1959. As Ike Evans rings in the New Year at his luxurious Miramar Playa Hotel, Castro's rebels seize Havana. Miami is turbulent, but the Kennedys, the mob and the CIA all hold court here. Owner Ike Evans is the star of the hotel. But at what price? Ben "The Butcher" Diamond financed Ike's dream, and now his life is a façade...just like the Miramar Playa. With diving clowns by day, and escorts at night, nothing's what it seems in Magic City. Like STARZ on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1lnXKi1 Follow STARZ on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1mcpP7b Magic City | Magic City Season 2 Premiere Trailer | STARZ http://bit.ly/1mkHKgZ
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Text Comments (269)
same alrawe (4 months ago)
..(,")\.(".) / .../\...../\ ._| |_ _| |_
Rich Williams (5 months ago)
Life before Negan.
s. Aguilar (9 months ago)
What happened to it being free on tv HhAHa
VirtuaL Pet (1 year ago)
Bruce Hood (1 year ago)
Best shows always cancelled. I don't get Hollyweird.
bose Timo (1 month ago)
they don't want too much of the truth to come out...
Mary Rocha Alvarez (1 year ago)
the fucking song!!!!
Kimberu jane (2 years ago)
the song please!
callie snow (2 years ago)
absolute incredible show....where is Season 3. ..please!
The Pink Controller (2 years ago)
We have musical types that can rip the music from there and at least put together a remix or something? LOL Since STARZ is just ignoring us.
Cloudyy (2 years ago)
Make a S3 pls One of the best shows ever !
Joe Coffee (3 years ago)
HERE IS WHAT DISAPPOINTMENT IS: someone finally comes out with a good show...... And then it gets cancelled. this is the best gangster story since the Godfather. and the dumb morons cancelled it..... DUUUHHHH
Joaquin Santana (3 years ago)
Esta es la canción The Features - whatever gets you by
Jonathan luciano (3 years ago)
+joaquin santana callate maricon!
larry marquez (3 years ago)
release the goddam song already!! its been a year!!
Gjergj Neka (8 months ago)
+Marija Veljovic 4 years 😴
Marija Veljovic (1 year ago)
3 years
MinaChar21 (3 years ago)
Godfather9814 (8 months ago)
tizme me was such an awesome show, I just think what hurt it was that not many people had starz so they couldn’t watch it until the dvd set came out. If it was on hbo it could’ve been the Miami version of the sopranos!
tia mia (8 months ago)
Godfather9814 me 3
Godfather9814 (9 months ago)
MinaChar21 you and me both!
dragonzombie01 (4 years ago)
Will this song ever be released?! Ive been waiting over a year now!
Jonathan luciano (3 years ago)
+dragonzombie01 more than a year!
Aj Johnson (4 years ago)
Why haven't they still released the song?😫
K1NG GAMING (4 years ago)
All i heard was: "Pears are good until they aint" is anyone else having this problem
Manuela restrepo (4 years ago)
Que canción el? Ya salio alguien me pasa el link de ella por favor leí en algunos comentario que no ha salido cuando sale ?
Nadia espinoza (4 years ago)
necesito saber como e llama la cancion!!
Eden Taylor (4 years ago)
Sean Hastings (4 years ago)
1:12 You're welcome.
MCJAZR97 (5 years ago)
they gotta bring this show back I got real sucked into it now its gone. 
Francisco Quezada (5 years ago)
Where can i get this song??
Jenzi (4 years ago)
They still haven't released it. And it's kinda pissing me off lol.
Antonio M (5 years ago)
just found out about this show and you tell me it's cancelled? -.-
Lucas Howard (5 years ago)
Shareefa - kill em all. it is currently unreleased
antuan donzell (5 years ago)
1:38 - 2:21 Ricky Rozay
Stacey Jackson (5 years ago)
ohh ok well sorry about that a friend of mines on here wrote me and said it was
Jon Thurman (5 years ago)
No, it's not.
Rochelle Jackson (5 years ago)
The song is eminem-survival
Matthew St Vincent (7 months ago)
Rochelle Jackson *no it is not.*
janelle barth (5 years ago)
tell abut it
Cori Harvey (5 years ago)
This show and spartacus werent recognized enough.
WHYELFILES (5 years ago)
/watch?v=UVtCfMCLISc <<< Magic City Music Video!!
WHYELFILES (5 years ago)
/watch?v=UVtCfMCLISc <<< Magic City Music Video!!
Alejandro Castillo (5 years ago)
Eh estado buscando ese tema y no lo encuentro, se llama "I Kill Em All " .....
jose gamboa (5 years ago)
como se llama la cancion que aparece al final del video
Estrellita Legaspi (5 years ago)
Thanks for canceling this show. I've just cancelled my subsciption to STARZ.
Valentina Meza (5 years ago)
alguien me puede decir como c llama esa cancion
Maggie McEneaney (5 years ago)
Great Show - SHAME On Starz for not renewing - Don't know you have a winner until you lose it - Anyone that watched was hooked. Why didn't you have more people watching??? Never saw a promotion. Got into it from a co-worker. Such crap on TV and you cancel a winner????? POOOR Management.
Billy DiMeo (5 years ago)
This show was cancelled not because it wasn't good, but because of Starz and their terrible marketing department. Nobody knew that this show even existed. It had great acting, a great set, and above average writing, but you no matter how many times I brought this show up to people, they NEVER heard of it. Not to mention that this a trend with starz. GET A BETTER MARKETING DEPARTMENT BEFORE ITS OVER.
Godfather9814 (9 months ago)
Billy DiMeo should’ve been on hbo since that’s a massive audience
Lonely Star (5 years ago)
Before I found out the amazing show was cancelled i said to myself, "this episode was so good it could've been a series finale". Not even 5 seconds afterwards I learn on the internet it's over smh:(
Sean Hastings (5 years ago)
yo tambien le he estado buscando y no esta
Kamakija (5 years ago)
So why is this show canceled?
SamStam12 (6 months ago)
Kamakija STARZ said it was too expensive and they wanted to devote time/money into other projects
MHolmes6ix (5 years ago)
I'm up to season 2 episode 7 I think. I don't know
Minh Cam (5 years ago)
Watch online itvmovie.eu
This show is gangster as fuck, great show and it better not get cancelled..
Wasil Ahmed (5 years ago)
When 'Kill Em All' gonna drop?!
Sebastian Betancourt (5 years ago)
kill em all shareefa
Cheliz Mors (5 years ago)
Quiero el nombre de la cancion?!
Delvis Rojas (5 years ago)
entonces nadie sabe como se llama la cancion?
Phungria YouTube (5 years ago)
How isn't Rick Ross registrated on Magic City trough IMDb but still participates on the series?
Donovan Wilkins (5 years ago)
When is this song gonna be released ???????
Flo Slobodiuk (5 years ago)
No esa es otra nada que ver
Flo Slobodiuk (5 years ago)
Ya sabemos pero nadie la encuentra Si la encontraste mándame el link please
Flo Slobodiuk (5 years ago)
Nadie sabe :( es una incognita (?)
Flo Slobodiuk (5 years ago)
Yo tampoco la encuentro :( La trate de encontrar con Shazam pero no la encuentra :(
leo (5 years ago)
first i need see the season 1 xD
Sir Duke EMG (5 years ago)
It doesn't to release.
S. Pilgrim (5 years ago)
0:38 - "I am the fucking shark!" I like the way he said that.
yasely rijo sandoval (5 years ago)
la canción nunca va a hacer encontrada
Sir Duke EMG (5 years ago)
Kill em all - shareefa
Karen Noguera (5 years ago)
what the name of the song
Mason Pippenger (5 years ago)
The song!!>>>>>>
GentleEsther (5 years ago)
It's REALLY good. The first episode in S1 is more of an introduction to everyone and episode two is where the story really gets laid out for us. The extremity and alliances, plotting, romance, etc. is much heavier by the third episode. Give it a chance. :)
GentleEsther (5 years ago)
Everyone is entitled to their opinion yet there are many who'd agree that Magic City was quite suspenseful, political, gangster-like, etc in a good way.
thatkidevan (5 years ago)
@Chloe Simpkins i don't think it's released yet.
Chloe Simpkins (5 years ago)
But I looked for it and can't find it lol maybe you'll have more luck c:
Chloe Simpkins (5 years ago)
Kill Em All-Shareefa
TheKillerMarine (5 years ago)
What song is that?
deexon 347 (5 years ago)
Why would you compare this show with Sopranos ? :D
ximena faneite (5 years ago)
si alguien tiene la canción, por favor den el enlace para descargarla. Xfaaa
compilados de videos (5 years ago)
dicen que se llama shareefa- kill em all pero yo no la encuentro u.u
Nadia espinoza (5 years ago)
como se llama la maldita caion qe promocionan en el trailer =)
Isabella Travieso (5 years ago)
some people like it , some dont , leave it alone -.\
CAMILO L (5 years ago)
valen callampa...niuno se sabe la cancion...
Ed Wood (5 years ago)
compared to the sopranos this show is dry as a popcorn fart
Edgar Hernandez (5 years ago)
kill em all -shareefa
Daniel W (5 years ago)
What id the song called
Francisco Marin (5 years ago)
gente el nombre de la.cancion es esta kill em all - shareefa. Guys the song name is kill em all -shareefa ( im sorry for.my bad english)
Laranaimid Vieyra (5 years ago)
1:13 la cancion por el amoooooor de dios!!!! cual es?
Phillip Okoye (5 years ago)
it gets better around 3 or 4 episode.
compilados de videos (5 years ago)
la cancion se llama Shareefa - Need A Boss ft. Ludacris creoXDD
BAD GAMER of CoD (5 years ago)
i never got to see the first episode on the internet, where can i find ?
Saa'd Al-Alami (5 years ago)
Ricky Roazyyyyyyyyy
PsyQo Fezzi (5 years ago)
What's the song called
Jarrad Williams (5 years ago)
I thought I was the only that was bored with this show. That was the only reason I got Starz Package. I think I'm gonna switch over to HBO.
leo (5 years ago)
This serie is good? I watch the first episode of the first season when came out, totally boring. Im a boardwalk empire fan
Cristopher Reyes Rijo (5 years ago)
la cancion que quiero es donde el lleva la botella de champan al mujer que no le abre la puerta
AdPetit (5 years ago)
Parece que la cancion no puede encontrarse, pero intenta bajando el soundtrack de la serie a ver si la consigues!
LazarusStirs (5 years ago)
Why does STARZ always censor female frontal nudity. Last night they did it again. The girl in the scene was supposed to be"nude" but was wearing the most laugh out loud looking merkin (fake pubic hair) . They did the same thing all the time in "Spartacus". You can't say it's about historical accuracy since the men in Spartacus were shaved and many women in Magic City have implants. Really bizarre paying for a cable station that shows penis but always censors the female frontal nudity.
Michelle Pearl (10 months ago)
Bro, if you wanna see a vagina, just watch some porn lol
Just Red (5 years ago)
On twitter Magic City told me Its called "Imma Kill 'Em All" by Royce. It hasn't been released yet.Dont believe me? look on twitter.Follow me on twitter @Kyle16Martinez.
Lane Gehrman (5 years ago)
Actually saw it titled imma killem all by shareefa
Lane Gehrman (5 years ago)
Shareefa killen them all
Just Red (5 years ago)
so im not the only one looking for the song! its like that avalon car commercial song.. it will never be found :(
David Peck (5 years ago)
Song was specifically made just for this trailer
ximee mj (5 years ago)
Que canción es esa alguien mee puede decir?
Gerardo Rodriguez (5 years ago)
rick ross?
Alexander Morgart (5 years ago)
Can some one post a link to the full song?
vballjv14 (5 years ago)

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