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Stihls newest Tool's of 2019- blowers, chainsaws, weed eaters, & more

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Sneak peak at Stihl's new power tool roundup. From chainsaws, back pack blowers, battery powered tools, lawnmowers, concrete saws and more. Many of them will be released later this year and into 2019. My camera gear used to shoot this video: https://amzn.to/2RFIpNY Stihl chainsaw sharpener-really COOL!- https://amzn.to/2QEAbEk Stihl protective chaps: https://amzn.to/2QGLAUd
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Text Comments (1103)
Mike Benoit (1 day ago)
Yah show us pressure washers
Mike Benoit (1 day ago)
How much for the electric chain saw
Mike Benoit (1 day ago)
Cool electric powered Still tool
Mike Benoit (1 day ago)
Hi Dirt Monkey are you related to Gene Morin from Landtec Landscaping in Manchester CT
Matt Varner (4 days ago)
So in 30 years when all these batteries are dead, and all that 3D printed crappy plastic is dried up and cracked.. my old 038 from the 80’s will still be running
Mike Ohitekah (6 days ago)
He was paid to say that. More impressed my ass. Throw his ass in a big job and give him an electric or gas. Lying POS
Joshua Weldon (8 days ago)
Time is money, putting on that battery for those trimmers is just to much time in my opinion. Great video.
Thanks Joshua!
Ray Vinette (11 days ago)
Two Thumbs up on the Pressure washer vids.
Thanks for watching Ray !
Matthew Carrier (11 days ago)
I would love to see a video about pressure washers
Mark Isa (14 days ago)
power wash
B MC (16 days ago)
I cried while watching this. It's like heaven.
David Keene (19 days ago)
Love it!
Thanks David !
ShadowPBPBC (21 days ago)
:33 DIBS!!! pair of F-18's GREAT VIDEO THANKS answers about 25 questions my company owners have about electric equipment. too bad i already tested and talked to the stihl reps at the green expo in 2017 and answered all those questions plus another 25 i had myself last year.
Thank you !
Ben Harrison (22 days ago)
Stihl pressure washer - yea
ian beck (24 days ago)
hey I live in Virginia
Aaron Gold (25 days ago)
Electric is great for power but if im running a 40 site mowing route, a 30min run time wont cut it.
mickey17y (26 days ago)
Pressure washer
Hernan Guevara (26 days ago)
Yeahhhh pressure washer please!!!!
Zek Tatum (1 month ago)
Martin Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Yes Do a sthill pressure washer rewied 👍
Roy Nelson (1 month ago)
Hell yeah man this is a badass video and would love to see the pressure washing video I think I already have LOL I've seen this video probably four or five times😝😜👊👊👍👍👍🤙🤙
Craftsman Dude (1 month ago)
Sears trimmers have that flip choke
Vitus Hoeltzenbein (1 month ago)
the blue angels
esteven miranda (1 month ago)
you mean more knowledge about cool tools, bring on the pressure washer 101
John Bailey (1 month ago)
I heard the hedge trimmer bog down a bit but he said the engine will go in reverse hummm I thought you said its was running on a battery. If it was running off a battery like you said it does not have a engine because a engine runs on gasoline. Hummm maybe im wrong ?
penrith70 (1 month ago)
love the Stihl equipment its the best out there Your videos rock next video I would like to see is that all your new Equipment the you bought from these shows you went to Keep up your good work
Good suggestion, glad you like the videos!
MONO KATHARO (1 month ago)
I just am, the great owner of a KMA 130R and AR 3000 battery...it's absolutely briliant....thanks to you !
Carl Boydson (1 month ago)
Yea, great channel. Good advice on all topics. God Bless YOU too!
Thank you Carl!!
Ian Holt (1 month ago)
Ian Holt (1 month ago)
DeAlt makes a 20v mad string trimmer. I love mine!
That's great Ian, thanks for watching !
Buy&Hold (1 month ago)
I want to buy a Cordless Vac! I live in the Burs so, don’t have a lot of land but, leaves and such always get all over the place! I don’t want gas powered as it’s more crap I gotta get from the store/gas [email protected]!
don hardjo (1 month ago)
i like this and pressure washers yes . because i am from SURINAME and stilh is always in my local store the best brand the same as DEWALT
im sure they love when you kill large areas of grass make huge dead spots for them
Michael Rice (1 month ago)
Yes on pressure washers....yea
frost iscold (1 month ago)
pressure washer video yes
Brian Walker (1 month ago)
Great video’s mate, you do an excellent job of letting you’re viewers know all about the latest tools and equipment and yes, l want to see a video on pressure washers.
Thank you Brian !
Mark Russell (1 month ago)
Pensacola? (Angels)
ManyHammers (1 month ago)
F18's, Must be in Va Bch! I used to drive past Stihl a lot back in the day! Go Navy!
Peter Bowman (1 month ago)
thx. like the vid. More please. Stihl website has very very little. Your vid has WAY MORE INFO! Also would like to see 4 mix trimmer comparison.
Peter Bowman (1 month ago)
Would love to see someone just show & tell specialty tools, like you did with that weed trimmer digging the dirt. You have a good way of explaining and showing, and that can convince buyers.
Thank you Peter and thanks for the suggestion !
vegass04 (1 month ago)
Oh if I had the money.....
Tyler Garris (1 month ago)
I wonder what type of poison they put in the air just then
Travis Knight (1 month ago)
How did you like Va Beach? Knew exactly where you were
Douglas Vause (1 month ago)
yes to pressure washers -thanks!
Maximaniac72 (1 month ago)
Battery powered stuff is great...until the $$$ battery pack needs replaced.
Steve Sula (1 month ago)
Yes on pressure
liam mallaby (1 month ago)
sthil should make a stump grinder for chiansaws and combi systems
garry dossous (1 month ago)
I just opened a landscaping company. I would like to buy some tools made by this company. Can you guys give me their phones #?
Paul Goodchild (1 month ago)
stihl battery cow horn brushcutter plug socket next to handle so rubbish can get in socket as stihl not got cover for it
Sgtqman19 (2 months ago)
We run 4 fs94r. The cruise control or whatever needs to go. None of us use it or like it. Make the handle more ergonomic.
D Nation (2 months ago)
I thought I was going to finally be on board with the batteries, especially when the pack is on your back, but there are definitely safety aspects to consider if a trigger is always active. I would much rather pull the cord on a reliable 2 stroke to start, and not deal with accidental trigger pulls when it is off.
T Tttt (2 months ago)
Junk, dont but the interchangeable unit
Brian D Hinz (2 months ago)
Yeah , show us the pressure washers ...
VICtorian071 (2 months ago)
The electric trimmer is useless for contractors, as the battery life even on the largest battery gives you around an hour run time on the contractor size trimmer. I do use the hedge trimmer with no problem though.
Gaylene van Eldik (2 months ago)
That was pretty kool info 'Dirt Monkey" the one & only ;0 Cheers for your awesomeness videos!!! It's a definite "YES" from Hubby & I for the "Pressure Washer"s" Look forward to 'watching your safe, but crack up ANTIC'S.... Just watched "Best and Worst Lawnmowers of 2018 & 2019". What a laugh being "Kicked out by Management" ;O looked LIKE YOU and Mate let it rip and had a rip roaring time...! KUDO'S TO YOU BOTH..! HUBBEE.. and I are looking at the "Zero Turn Mowers" . At the moment The "Husqvarna Z 246"...but I love THE Weibqang ProtoType lol Cheers from an Envious 50 yr Young Gal & my STUD Hubby ;)
Thanks for the great comments Gaylene and thanks for watching !
Jimmy Jones (2 months ago)
why you mash up the grass like that? TWIT
Husqvarna all ready Had the pack back power pack. Just say copy cat... robot mower husqvarna already had it. From Sweden. Stihl, is behind in innovation. It's nice to see them joining in on it.
William Bramhall (2 months ago)
William Bramhall (2 months ago)
David Nguyen (2 months ago)
Garbage. Their blower are a joke. Just plain weak. This battery backpack tether is seriously a joke. I can already see people cutting off the cord with their trimmer. This guy said the battery blower last 17 min run time. With that amount of cfm and battery, what the hell you you suppose to do with it?
SHTF ! (2 months ago)
run time seems to be for residents/ non commercial
John S (2 months ago)
Yes pressure washers would be good
Raymond Jayme (2 months ago)
i want that mower, and yes please bring the video of the pressure washers.
propertyservices1 (2 months ago)
Did u fire Aaron?
somlic (2 months ago)
Face guard to weed wack.. lawl...
Rodney Widger (2 months ago)
This was Amazing and Yes to power washer video. It would be cool to know on a lot of tools, where the line is from each one DIYer to professional. Homeowners and how often they would use a tool vs pro using it almost daily. ps love your videos, been a subscriber for about 5 months now, always amazing Thank You and God Bless you too
Thanks for the ideas Rodney! & thank you for subscribing, glad you're here 😀
James Folkersma (2 months ago)
Sure would
Lewis Mitchell (2 months ago)
Would be nice being the gardener there you would problay get to test out new stihl
Lewis Mitchell (2 months ago)
Stihl gloves
Enrico Discacciati (2 months ago)
Casey Dagit (2 months ago)
Please also cover the importance of pressure washer pump oil in addition to other maintenance
Thanks Casey!
djay4487 deved (2 months ago)
Sean McConnell (2 months ago)
R PILK (2 months ago)
absolutely pressure washer!!!
Will do, thanks for watching !
Casey Dagit (2 months ago)
Yes on pressure washers.
4WD ADDICT (2 months ago)
Pressure washer yay!
shawn smith (2 months ago)
Allan Kellar (2 months ago)
ALPHAPLAYZZ (2 months ago)
Anyone else get a stihl ad?
Tom Harries (2 months ago)
"Go bass ackwards" lol. i say things backwards too occasionally
Patti Soto (2 months ago)
Show me the pressure washers video!
I'll keep that in mind, thanks!
J S Gilbert (2 months ago)
Great video, although I actually heard him say actually, 16,384 times. Actually.
Ty Smith (2 months ago)
Show me some pressure washers!
I'll keep that in mind, thanks 👍
Matt Weaver (2 months ago)
William Marcum (2 months ago)
What ever happened to part two of the "echo experiment"?
Kelly Keith (2 months ago)
John EM (2 months ago)
why does a German company that's made in USA have china export tags on them?
Greg Stickler (2 months ago)
I purchased two stihl whipper snappers and I blower They all broke down in 12 mths Their excuse was incorrect fuel mix The only problem with that was my other tools were shindaiwa and they kept going for yrs So got burnt badly and won’t chance them again except for their chainsaws
charles gilbert (2 months ago)
Does the chain saw let you plug into the battery back pack
djony10 (2 months ago)
Want pressure washer, long due on my list
Rick Saffery (2 months ago)
Please post your pressure washer footage. Seriously, don't monkey around!
Howard Meyers (2 months ago)
Edges plese
Randy Gregory (2 months ago)
ronnie szymula (2 months ago)
Yes to the Pressure Washer.
Coby Lee (2 months ago)
Queen Elizabeth II (2 months ago)
*Why am I watching a Stihladvertisement?*
Kansas Gardener (2 months ago)
A battery pack the size of Boston on your back! Lol
edgar griffith (2 months ago)
Add the pressure washer knowledge Bro!
I'll keep that in mind, thanks Edgar!
UNSPOKEN WORD (2 months ago)
Of course we want to see Stihl's new pressure washer.
Mission Dan (2 months ago)
Got to say it, dirt monkey is the only channel i genuinely trust to review, you have experience of so many tools as a comparison.
Very nice of you to say Mission Dan, appreciate it !!
Dale Felger (2 months ago)
Anything stihl makes a good video

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