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Stihls newest Tool's of 2019- blowers, chainsaws, weed eaters, & more

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Sneak peak at Stihl's new power tool roundup. From chainsaws, back pack blowers, battery powered tools, lawnmowers, concrete saws and more. Many of them will be released later this year and into 2019. My camera gear used to shoot this video: https://amzn.to/2RFIpNY Stihl chainsaw sharpener-really COOL!- https://amzn.to/2QEAbEk Stihl protective chaps: https://amzn.to/2QGLAUd
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Text Comments (1046)
Brian D Hinz (10 hours ago)
Yeah , show us the pressure washers ...
VICtorian071 (3 days ago)
The electric trimmer is useless for contractors, as the battery life even on the largest battery gives you around an hour run time on the contractor size trimmer. I do use the hedge trimmer with no problem though.
Gaylene van Eldik (4 days ago)
That was pretty kool info 'Dirt Monkey" the one & only ;0 Cheers for your awesomeness videos!!! It's a definite "YES" from Hubby & I for the "Pressure Washer"s" Look forward to 'watching your safe, but crack up ANTIC'S.... Just watched "Best and Worst Lawnmowers of 2018 & 2019". What a laugh being "Kicked out by Management" ;O looked LIKE YOU and Mate let it rip and had a rip roaring time...! KUDO'S TO YOU BOTH..! HUBBEE.. and I are looking at the "Zero Turn Mowers" . At the moment The "Husqvarna Z 246"...but I love THE Weibqang ProtoType lol Cheers from an Envious 50 yr Young Gal & my STUD Hubby ;)
Thanks for the great comments Gaylene and thanks for watching !
Jimmy Jones (4 days ago)
why you mash up the grass like that? TWIT
C F (4 days ago)
Husqvarna all ready Had the pack back power pack. Just say copy cat... robot mower husqvarna already had it. From Sweden. Stihl, is behind in innovation. It's nice to see them joining in on it.
William Bramhall (5 days ago)
William Bramhall (5 days ago)
David Nguyen (6 days ago)
Garbage. Their blower are a joke. Just plain weak. This battery backpack tether is seriously a joke. I can already see people cutting off the cord with their trimmer. This guy said the battery blower last 17 min run time. With that amount of cfm and battery, what the hell you you suppose to do with it?
Hosa shanchez (8 days ago)
run time seems to be for residents/ non commercial
John S (8 days ago)
Yes pressure washers would be good
Raymond Jayme (9 days ago)
i want that mower, and yes please bring the video of the pressure washers.
propertyservices1 (10 days ago)
Did u fire Aaron?
somlic (10 days ago)
Face guard to weed wack.. lawl...
Rodney Widger (11 days ago)
This was Amazing and Yes to power washer video. It would be cool to know on a lot of tools, where the line is from each one DIYer to professional. Homeowners and how often they would use a tool vs pro using it almost daily. ps love your videos, been a subscriber for about 5 months now, always amazing Thank You and God Bless you too
Thanks for the ideas Rodney! & thank you for subscribing, glad you're here 😀
James Folkersma (11 days ago)
Sure would
Lewis Mitchell (13 days ago)
Would be nice being the gardener there you would problay get to test out new stihl
Lewis Mitchell (13 days ago)
Stihl gloves
Enrico Discacciati (14 days ago)
Casey Dagit (14 days ago)
Please also cover the importance of pressure washer pump oil in addition to other maintenance
Thanks Casey!
djay4487 deved (15 days ago)
Sean McConnell (15 days ago)
R PILK (15 days ago)
absolutely pressure washer!!!
Will do, thanks for watching !
Casey Dagit (15 days ago)
Yes on pressure washers.
4WD ADDICT (16 days ago)
Pressure washer yay!
shawn smith (18 days ago)
Allan Kellar (19 days ago)
ALPHA PLAYZZ (20 days ago)
Anyone else get a stihl ad?
Tom Harries (20 days ago)
"Go bass ackwards" lol. i say things backwards too occasionally
Patti Soto (20 days ago)
Show me the pressure washers video!
I'll keep that in mind, thanks!
J S Gilbert (20 days ago)
Great video, although I actually heard him say actually, 16,384 times. Actually.
Ty Smith (20 days ago)
Show me some pressure washers!
I'll keep that in mind, thanks 👍
Matt Weaver (20 days ago)
William Marcum (21 days ago)
What ever happened to part two of the "echo experiment"?
Kelly Keith (21 days ago)
John EM (21 days ago)
why does a German company that's made in USA have china export tags on them?
Greg Stickler (21 days ago)
I purchased two stihl whipper snappers and I blower They all broke down in 12 mths Their excuse was incorrect fuel mix The only problem with that was my other tools were shindaiwa and they kept going for yrs So got burnt badly and won’t chance them again except for their chainsaws
charles gilbert (22 days ago)
Does the chain saw let you plug into the battery back pack
djony10 (22 days ago)
Want pressure washer, long due on my list
Rick Saffery (22 days ago)
Please post your pressure washer footage. Seriously, don't monkey around!
Howard Meyers (22 days ago)
Edges plese
Randy Gregory (22 days ago)
ronnie szymula (23 days ago)
Yes to the Pressure Washer.
Coby Lee (23 days ago)
Queen Elizabeth II (23 days ago)
*Why am I watching a Stihladvertisement?*
Kansas Gardener (23 days ago)
A battery pack the size of Boston on your back! Lol
edgar griffith (23 days ago)
Add the pressure washer knowledge Bro!
I'll keep that in mind, thanks Edgar!
P ShowBizz (23 days ago)
Of course we want to see Stihl's new pressure washer.
Mission Dan (24 days ago)
Got to say it, dirt monkey is the only channel i genuinely trust to review, you have experience of so many tools as a comparison.
Very nice of you to say Mission Dan, appreciate it !!
Dale Felger (24 days ago)
Anything stihl makes a good video
Dr Snooz (24 days ago)
Yes! I like the tool news vids. There's a lot happening in the tool world right now and there's no good way for a lot of us to keep up. The vids are good. I don't need reviews, or face-offs, just some way to know what's happening in the industry and who's doing what, what's working great, etc. Thanks!
Awesome, thanks for watching 👍
Justgolden (24 days ago)
I recently found my absurd addiction to pressure washing things. Pressure washer vid please !
Haha I'll keep that in mind!
Steve Wilcox (24 days ago)
Stihl is going for the pro battery stuff now they gonna have to. Their stuff looks great seems to run great I like my Ego stuff for home use though no need to retool yet lol. I was waiting to see you edit the movie so as soon as you turned on a tool say the blowers then we would hear the blue angels as the output lol.
allen quintana (25 days ago)
Pressure washer yeah!!
Sounds good!
Matthew Mountz (25 days ago)
Let's see the pressure washers, sounds interesting. Thanks!
John Hechsel (25 days ago)
Let's see those pressure washers! Sometimes the electric ones seem so much more practical but hardly ever strong enough to get the job done in a timely manner.
David Morris (25 days ago)
Hey Now I know the right tool for the job. I'll go get the Stihl electric weed eater next time I have to dig a bunch of fence post. Yeah, lol
SEBE (26 days ago)
That's just plane annoying
Ethan Williams (26 days ago)
I like the idea of the electric tools but I think the return on investment will take too long. I own the mid range electric weed wacker with 2 300 AH batteries and it was about $650 and its does ok but not anywhere near what an FS 55 will do. For the price of that backpack battery and weed wacker I can buy 4 KM 131's with the weed wacker attachment. I was able to get the only BR 800 in my area and so far that's been a great machine.
J Y (27 days ago)
yes-pressure washer!
Gordon Murphy (28 days ago)
show us more on this backpack battery tech... if i could throw on a power unit and power all my implements that would kickass!
pollax troy (28 days ago)
Honda make the best strimmer. Sorry.
Logan Simpson (7 days ago)
Your stupid
Roman Grib (28 days ago)
Pressure washer of coarse interesting yes yes yes
Dennis C (29 days ago)
We demand pressure washer info now! ... please.
I'll keep that in mind, thanks!
Juan Mendez (29 days ago)
Which toy you are going to give away to your favorite follower.?
Rusty Dusty (29 days ago)
I had a forest fire on my land n the dry soil was also burning.i used a stihl chain saw to cut through the dirt n roots to help in digging a deep drain. Do u have or can u make a attachment blade to fit on a weeding machine to cut through the dirt n roots?
nutjobdad (29 days ago)
You chewed up my lawn like that i would kick your ass.
Pucho Garcia (1 month ago)
Yea. On the presherwasher
Pucho Garcia (1 month ago)
Whats the prices
Joseph Greer (1 month ago)
What about a comparison between the Stihl & Milwaukee battery chainsaws?
Chris P (1 month ago)
Battery tools are toys I’m surprised at still lets see this battery stuff work on my block where I use saws and bars for hours non stop with no “plugs” to charge with
Saqib Riaz (1 month ago)
Thanks Saqib, will keep it in mind
Daniel Jacob (1 month ago)
Pressure washer vid plz!!
Richard Moore (1 month ago)
94r trimmer is junk...
Logan Simpson (7 days ago)
No it isn't
Alan Normand (1 month ago)
Your A teaser, sure we wast to see the power washer!!
Patrick Gambsky (1 month ago)
That knob was malfunction on that robotic lawn mower. Sthil you better fix that problem. Because I'm not impressed with your products.
Jake Johnson (1 month ago)
Playing with power tools and watching the Blue Angles has to be the best thing in the world
Ed G (1 month ago)
Liked the video. Let's see the pressure washers.
John Klein (1 month ago)
Yes pressure washer please
Victor Amezquita (1 month ago)
Yes pressure washer video please
Hannes Arnarson (1 month ago)
yeah baby
Alan Macartney (1 month ago)
Yip, defo pressure washer 👍
BMR Studio (1 month ago)
Orange machine is good! :)
014Chevy (1 month ago)
Bs where in va!
Keith Marshall (1 month ago)
would like to see the pressure washer vid, esp if any belt drive/CAT triplex (pump) units
Evan vlogs21 (1 month ago)
The new stihl pressure washer look very well mad. I saw it we we went to go buy another chainsaw
Evan vlogs21 (1 month ago)
My dad recently bought a stihl electric chainsaw he say it’s bad ass he cut a big tree with one charge
David Nguyen (6 days ago)
So what if you're on a job that needs to cut 10 trees? Do we have time and wait for 10 charge? Battery are a joke
Allen Sadicario (1 month ago)
Thanks again always a good show
Appreciate it Allen, thanks
Mark Savage (1 month ago)
pressure washer yeah
TheRealStrikerofLife (1 month ago)
hell yeah presure washer
L L (1 month ago)
My hometown! :) Hope everyone there treated you well!
Boiled Octopus (1 month ago)
Quite possibly the most annoying cringeworthy video I've watched on YouTube
Max Himmelberg (1 month ago)
Beste Grüße aus Deutschland
Kyle J (1 month ago)
What length of time does the back pack battery last when connected to the weed eater? On full power mode
Sweet Grass (1 month ago)
Pressure washing video would be good and be well timed.
Cameron Crane (1 month ago)
Husqvarna made the backpack battery pack like....2 or 3 years ago and maybe even more but I am interested in the backpack blowers and maybe the string trimmers but I'm not sure yet. The husqvarna 525ls is staring at me too
Steve Garr (1 month ago)
Def publish pressure washer vid! I live in Arlington, VA; and after living in NoDak, I picked up a lil of that northern accent, don'tcha know!
daniel moisescu (1 month ago)
just get to the point, omg such an annoying video
Jesse McGill (1 month ago)
I like your product reviews so i would hella want to see that video. Going to check pricing on that battery stuff now and see if I should start collecting their products. Also, you should consider affiliate links to earn more money or use that money and donate to a charity.
Thanks Jesse, appreciate it !
Tennessee Jeff (1 month ago)
Yes. Pressure washer rule!!
chickmagnet225713 (1 month ago)
Ill stick to my Battery powered Ego mower, Ego Edger, & Power head tools. Sthil is still a ways off imo

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