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Eli Shows You The Stargate! | The Kino Files | Stargate Universe

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Eli Wallace (David Blue) gives a tour of the gate room, his favorite room in the whole ship. For more exclusive content such as behind the scenes featurettes, cast interviews and retrospectives across the entire pantheon of Stargate’s storied history, go to https://bit.ly/stargatecommand Stargate Command includes benefits like full episodes, exclusive comics, fan quizzes and more. Subscribe to this channel for new exclusive trailer releases, classic clips, behind the scenes, and more original shows featuring cast and fans. Subscribe and Smash the Notification Bell!
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Text Comments (7)
rascally rabbit (7 months ago)
see you all [email protected] pacific on stargate command for live streams 2018
rascally rabbit (7 months ago)
home is where you lay your hat ..er 'kino' Sept2018
SomeRandomPerson (1 year ago)
No home for you :/ not yet lol
abcdefghijklmnop1397 (6 years ago)
My fav. characters: 1) Eli 2) Rush 3) Grear (<-- however you spell his name)
Tony Evans (7 years ago)
@Knighthawk001 not flat - rather round
Warren H. (7 years ago)
Help Save Stargate as a whole by joining the facebook page SaveSGUAgain!
NoPenguinsOnKharak (9 years ago)
I think no. Rush better, much better.

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