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SeaDoo Sea Scooter

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Rox Talks (11 months ago)
You need to get this to boys trapped in the Thailand cave!
Ralph Rutherford (1 year ago)
David Gonzalez (1 year ago)
i got one fpr sale. sea doo
ReΔper452 (2 years ago)
esta nuevo solo utilizado una vez
Quiero vender un motor de buzo cuanto cuestan
mkozzokm (3 years ago)
I could get out and run faster..... HA!
Fredy Habermacher (3 years ago)
HumanFarmCitizen (4 years ago)
They look so stupid, with all that shit on!
HumanFarmCitizen (2 years ago)
@samuel bowyer You can only hope... hahaha In a ditch? Why? Naughty, naughty, I think someone has watched one too many action movies....someone that could potentially be a man child, if I may say so!? I disagree, calling me stupid based on a couple of half arsed YouTube comments I wrote shows a pretty poor sign of your own intelligence. Especially with a name like Samuel bowyer.....(hahahahahahaha).....and putting it on the net.....Stupid!
jamezz34 (2 years ago)
+samuel bowyer lol
Sammy GG (2 years ago)
+HumanFarmCitizen you just might be the stupidest person I know, without ever even meeting you. Hope you're laying in a ditch somewhere gasping for air!
jamezz34 (3 years ago)
+TheTruthQuest123 erm...different context
HumanFarmCitizen (3 years ago)
+TheTruthQuest123 The seals look stupid the day they joined the military , never mind wearing diving gear! Try looking at freediving/spearfishing gear for open or coastal waters...Simple yet affective to explore the wild life and as a bonus, the limited gear tests your strengths in those conditions....
AnclaTV (6 years ago)
Swanx0308 (6 years ago)
is that a school of wahoo or barracuda?
HighvoltageGamerK (6 years ago)
Ive got one i use it in our pool
lakecountrymoto17 (6 years ago)
I have one and a bladefish as well....they work great! 1 hr of run time + For freediving they rock!
ScubaShawnn (7 years ago)
brent0529 (7 years ago)
Ill bet to a big ass fish these people look like big bull frogs.
turki1409 (7 years ago)
how much is it ???
Riot Productions (7 years ago)
your false!!!!!!! carlos was here fixing my bushes half hour before jesus

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