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Church of Jesus Christ House of Prayer in Washington D.C. Slide Show

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http://www.churchofjesuschristhop.org Church of Jesus Christ House of Prayer 2012 Convocation in Washington, D.C. This church video is representation of the strength and dedication of the Holiness Church celebrating its Annual Convocation. This year the trip combined the Convocation with a Family Vacation traveling by Bus, and Van with the entire House of Prayer Churches from Louisiana and Texas to Washington D.C. Our Bishops, Pastor, Elders, Prophetness, Ministers, Missionary's, Deacons, Brothers, Sisters, Childern, and the whole house of faith enjoy the sites from State to State. Take a look at this grand event in a modified version because we had such a good time, and saw so many things across the country traveling that we could not capture everything in one video. Enjoy!
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