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My House Shall Be Called a House of Prayer- Jim Cymbala

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Jesus said, "my house is a house of prayer." So why are most churches non-praying places? Jim Cymbala shares how his church the Brooklyn Tabernacle became a praying church in New York. He also shares his own journey of having a wayward child, and how God spoke to him through that experience.
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Elaine Hamilton (1 year ago)
This is powerful!
Sharon Mooney (3 years ago)
Oh, praise God for the deliverance of the Word of God. I can testify to the power of prayer and the intervention of God's hand in my life and the lives of my family. Thank you for giving us Truth and praise God for the miracle of prayer in your family.
France Chabot (3 months ago)
Sharon Mooney amen 🕊 Beautiful Day in His Holy Presence 🥰👏👑🍇❤️ Jesus loves you so much 💕💦🌹✝️
Lynn Johnson (5 years ago)
Robert Bhojwani (5 years ago)
God touches me whenever I listen to this message. So I listen to it again and again.
France Chabot (3 months ago)
Robert Bhojwani amen 🕊
Guntars V (5 years ago)
in the name of Jesus and in the power of the Spirit
Jediknight (6 years ago)
Absolutely beautiful, praise be to god for preachers of the truth and truly godly men and women. Keep up the good work

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