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4 Ways to Wear Over The Knee Boots | How to Style Over The Knee Boots | Outfit Ideas + Lookbook

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Subscribe to my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/irievibe10 Lookbook starts at: 3:11 Boots: https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=521108641&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=532012371&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=513146331&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 Look 1: Sweetheart Top: https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=543133879&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=537778009&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=533381838&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=603468813&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 Jeans:https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=533064916&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=541324140&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=533089032&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 Look 2: Night Out Top:https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=602758816&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=614444004&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=602757991&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 Skirt:https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=535241662&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=537677369&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=513534757&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 Look 3: Spring Chic Jacket:https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=451462208&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=616079430&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=511668840&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 Dress:https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=533112246&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=533069928&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=616597693&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 Look 4: Edgy Chic Denim Jacket:https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=602871463&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=617797517&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=617592543&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 Leather Jacket:https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=451462208&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=616079430&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=511668840&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 Dress: https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=537317565&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=541098330&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=513529927&pid=uid4025-35316595-4 FOLLOW ME.... INSTAGRAM | http://instagram.com/naomiboyer SNAPCHAT | Boyernaomi BUSINESS INQUIRIES | [email protected] Music By: Argofox-Phlex- Take Me Home Tonight https://soundcloud.com/argofox/phlex-take-me-home-tonight
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Text Comments (164)
theymusthatetesla (10 hours ago)
....your neck is going :(
Allan Wright (6 days ago)
Nice over the knee boots
Ke'sha Shaw (8 days ago)
love it
Irene Leos (13 days ago)
Second outfit is my favorite!!
Naomi Boyer (11 days ago)
thank you!
Eliana Rodriguez (25 days ago)
I loved the second look!
vanessa salazar (1 month ago)
I love everything you’re the best ! 😍
Lovesnow C (1 month ago)
Bowed legs
Mijin Choe (1 month ago)
You almost ALWAYS look amazing but OTK boots aren't that flattering on you. No one can rock every trend. Sometimes, one has to forgo some trends. I feel like OTK boots on you look like really thick socks on your legs.
Kaleis A (1 month ago)
Just found your channel. Loving it so far! I swear, you have the prettiest hair ever. I mean... You're beautiful overall but I just think your hair is gorgeous. #hairgoals 😁 Sending lots of love! Xo!
You - incredibly Stylish and Chic Dame. I'm sure of it.
Amanda (1 month ago)
My dad thinks that wearing high knee boots are considered you looking like a prostitute
AVANI S (1 month ago)
Will black knee high boots good with black short fullsleeve dress
Acquo Of Sweden (2 months ago)
Try with the coolest high wellingtons ever from ACQUO https://acquoofsweden.com/
Chris Hough (2 months ago)
The black leather mini outfit is my favorite!
Always True (3 months ago)
Really stylish. Thanks👍
Z. JF (3 months ago)
You make them look so classy -- which is what i was looking for <3 thank you!
Stacey Christians (4 months ago)
Oooh all so pretty thank you. Have but didn't know how to wear them
Mareya Kyla (5 months ago)
Thank you for this video big sis💖💖💖. I am just 15 years old and I've been bullied cause I don't have fashion, your video just suddenly appeared in my youtube. Thanks for the ideas💖 I'm going to wear one of your ideas on our christmas party💖💖 Godbless
Mareya Kyla (5 months ago)
Naomi Boyer I love you too💖💖 thanks for replying my comment
Naomi Boyer (5 months ago)
Don't let ANYONE make you feel bad. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE YOU!!
kitty-cat (6 months ago)
That floral dress looks amazing on her. ♡
Mary Chen (8 months ago)
I only think the 2nd pairing looked okay. The over the jean just chopped your look into pieces.
Naomi Boyer (8 months ago)
thanks for letting me know
Jadey Rai (8 months ago)
Wow stunner you look like Nicole scherzinger 😍
Yolanda Young (9 months ago)
I love how you Rock every single outfit 👌👌 Thank you for sharing I Love your videos!!!! 💕💕💕
genute vadeikyte (9 months ago)
Gerai tavo intelektas pripazysta tuos rubus atrodai stilingai grazi.❤❤❤👍🌹🌹🌹
Ashley Marshall (10 months ago)
I’m confused a little bit does she know style
Andreia Williams (10 months ago)
Hate these outfits
longlegladies (10 months ago)
Over the knee boots/thigh high boots are to die for. They can be worn with everything. I will say this to the petite ladies wearing them with jeans make you look like even shorter. I like the trend better with short dresses and shorts so we can see some leg lol. I could be bias because I’m six one
Mayra Nieves (10 months ago)
I love the last dress. I can't find it😟
mandytyler (10 months ago)
llok 2 is ace xxx
Jordyn Speaks (10 months ago)
How tall are you?
Naomi Boyer (10 months ago)
Caitlyn S. (11 months ago)
I need to get a pair. Had a pair but returned cuz couldn't get to stay up!
Naomi Boyer (10 months ago)
i know! it can be super annoying!
Samantha Patino (11 months ago)
I have the highlands in black and I'm 5'7 they hit me mid thigh too
layjanae (1 year ago)
rosana nipilaca (1 year ago)
Hi I'm your subscriber I'm just wondering what color is your hair i like it
rosana nipilaca (1 year ago)
Naomi Boyer thank you for your reply I appreciate it cos its a bit hard for me to find what hair color I must to get i have brown skin like you and same height as you 😊
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
it's just a very dark brown with ashy blonde balyage
BootsAreSoSexy (1 year ago)
Hey, Naomi; just now verrry eagerly and happily not only SUBSCRIBED to your YouTube channel, but ALSO just as happily and eagerly posted your REALLY GREAT video on my FACEBOOK page---since I seem to have A LOT of friends on Facebook who likewise luv, luv, luvvvvv (as I do) the MUCH TALLER thigh- and crotch-high Fashion Boot styles and are always eagerly watching various Thighboot-Styling vids such as yours (to get perhaps new ideas of HOW to wear their thighboots). Hope you make and post more Thighboot-Styling vids in 2018, since you obviously have a really terrific eye for both beautiful BOOTS, as well as for other types of beautiful CLOTHING and ACCESORIES. Xo Joannie H. (IDAHO) www.Facebook.com I.D.: Joannie Halloran"
BootsAreSoSexy (1 year ago)
Btw: I think your PERSONALITY is every bit as terrific as your STYLING SENSE, Naomi...
xgracefulsimmerx (1 year ago)
that was really helpful, i have the same boots
elia1789 (1 year ago)
How tall are you? I want to see how high knee boots will look on me
Estella0707 (1 year ago)
Over the knee boots are definitely not for short girls 👎🏻
DencyVee (1 year ago)
I love this!! Check out how I styled mine on my channel ❤️❤️
Z0mbi3Peach (1 year ago)
Boots of any sort are my favorite shoe style and I've always thought thigh highs were so classy and sexy. I grabbed a tan pair with a peep toe, 5 or 6 in. heel (could be wrong) and they lace up in the front from toe up to thigh and idk how to style them whatsoever. They were only $5 at my local Plato's Closet and I was not leaving that day without those boots haha. Any suggestions? I have a few pairs of thigh high boots and they're gorgeous but are rarely worn because idk how to style them with more than one outfit. I had a serious face palm just now when I saw your first outfit. I've got the same top but it's mustard with warm and rich fall toned floral. Almost did the combination myself.
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
hey love!! lucky you with the affordable find!! those are always the best!! so glad we found each other on here:)
Lucy Hernandez (1 year ago)
I'm 4'9 will this boots fit me okay ? since I struggle finding them 😐😐
Rodolfo Lupin (1 year ago)
Che carina!!!!!!!!
Milanoo Milanoo (1 year ago)
Love the black leather mini-skirt outfit as well as the jeans jacket coordi one~ :)
mack W (1 year ago)
Hello, I like your clothes and the way that you wear them! The boots are very sexy and kinky and they look good with your clothes! But in general what kind of footwear is the most likeable for you to wear?
Random YouTuber (1 year ago)
worst fashion on the entire internet perhaps ???? like, who the fuck wears a leather jacket over their shoulders ??
Deborah Martinez (1 year ago)
Are you on poshmark?
Antoine Walker (1 year ago)
Where do you get your boots?
Nayely M (1 year ago)
Antoine Walker their like 800 dollars. Stuart witzman or something like that
Chi Chi Ann (1 year ago)
Hi Naomi, Is the colour Topo or taupe? Thank you :)
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
it's topo:)
dodobeauty (1 year ago)
WITHE TEETH! natural?
isadimisa (1 year ago)
Hey beautiful, these outfits and your hair looked amazing! Would love to try out your style! I bought the similar boots but they slide down so quick, how do you stop yours? X
Michal S (1 year ago)
You look very beautiful and sexy in those boots and clothes. You have stunning long boots.
Rahul Yadav (1 year ago)
nice ideas...., but aren't they hot ( temperature) in summer ?, also would love to see leather OTK boots too
lucas767676 (1 year ago)
fantastic outfits
BJ Jordan (1 year ago)
Next time.....show us from the back.....cute video and stylings
TurkeyBurglar Jones (1 year ago)
BJ Jordan fuck off creep
Nimfa Tamparong (1 year ago)
Thank u so much for this video,i have 2 pair of overknee boots but have no idea who to wear them:)
Damaris Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Obsessed with your videos...I'm binge watching 😂😂
Michelle Bravo (8 months ago)
Damaris Gonzalez i’ve probably watched 10 in a row!😅😂
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
i appreciate you!
Pauline Lemercier (1 year ago)
Hello! I've watched it and I have a question : according to you, do you think we can still wear over the knee boots in the spring day time? I have similars to yours and I have only wore them a few times because of the weather :p
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
I think if it's cold, you should be fine! At night time is fine too !
Kylie K (1 year ago)
LOVE this vid and your style! (: subbed asf
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
hi kylie!! thank you!!
aprill moua (1 year ago)
Just subscribed and binged watched a handful of your videos! I am a first time mom to my beautiful daughter who will be 4 weeks old in a couple days. I appreciate all of the tips on fashion! Can't wait to use em and feel like my pre-pregnant self! Thanks!
aprill moua (1 year ago)
thank you! xoxo
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
aawww CONGRATS!!! you will look lovely!!
Katerina Blag (1 year ago)
Hi, is there a video about your hair? What kind of extensions do you use and are they clip-ons? Also the color is very good - is it just highlights?
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
hi katerina. I don't use extension, i just have a lot of hair and yes, they are just highlights
Onthatile Mashao (1 year ago)
Absolutely love the 2nd and 4th look!! OMG!!!
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
thank you!!
Solovely_verdin (1 year ago)
What size did you end up getting your jean jacket in? 😍 love every outfit!!
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
size small. thank you babe!!
Asna Aleem (1 year ago)
you're 5'1. I'm 5'1 and you gave me some serious inspiration :D I otherwise always feel that I'm too short :( thanks for this :*
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
hi beautiful!! glad i could help in any way!! you are my inspiration too!
Jasmine G (1 year ago)
I really love that outfit with the leather skirt.
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
thank you babe!
Genesis Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Seriously thank you for this video!! I have the same boots that I got since December and only worn once since I have no clue what to wear them with
Jill Simi (1 year ago)
thought I was the only one. Got mine two months ago still in my closet now I got ideas.
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
aaawww thank YOU babe!
10 Ways To Wear It (1 year ago)
I'm so glad I subscribed to this page. You're beautiful and your style is fantastic. California girls rock!
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
i'm glad we found each other!
Mirna Fuentes (1 year ago)
Thank you for the Telling us the color of the boot it really helps us. So many videos out there and all they say is the name of the shoe but not the color thanks love
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
oh good!! thank you love!
Stephanie Cyz (1 year ago)
Starts at 1:20. :). Not to rush.
Ker (1 year ago)
work those boots! ♡♡♡♡
Emma Heimerman (1 year ago)
LOVED look #4!
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Hi Emma!! thank you!
Ayesha Akhtar (1 year ago)
I've been thinking about getting these boots! What size/width did you get?
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
I have thought about it long and hard too and finally caved! I got a size 7.5. I think the width is just regular.
Bethestha Sanjana (1 year ago)
were did u buy this
Arleth Lopez (1 year ago)
I love the way you styled them 😍😍😍
MagesticGirl (1 year ago)
Love Stuart weitzman! I have them in black but they're not as comfortable as everyone make them out to be lol it's so gorgeous though!
lifewithaco (1 year ago)
You are SO cute--I love all the outfits you put together and it makes me want those boots EVEN MORE (the light grey is soooo pretty). Just gorgeous, great ideas!
Carrie Harris (1 year ago)
Naomi, you are really great and beautiful. Your outfits look really awesome on you. Those are some great outfits to go with thigh high boots. You gave quite versatile outfits.
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Carrie Harris thank you Carrie!! I so appreciate it! Thank for watching!
Nair Martins Gaines (1 year ago)
new subscriber! you are so cute and show great tips!
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thank you nair! I appreciate it!
alan doyle (1 year ago)
great looks and love those boots on you look so good
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
thanks alan!
FLISTUBE (1 year ago)
LIFESAVER! I've just bought some thigh highs in a blue velvet and had nooo idea how to style them! Thank-you for this video! Also, you're so beautiful :) would you mind checking out my channel? I'm new to YouTube and would really appreciate the love! 😊 😍 xx
Stew Ball (1 year ago)
Wow! Fantastic. All of your outfits are rockin' those boots!
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Alaina Walker (1 year ago)
idea: 4 ways to wear the Black legging. (if you wear them ;-)
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Perfect! I just added that to my list. Thanks for the idea and thanks so much for watching!
Ruby Keyvani (1 year ago)
So gorgeous! I LIVE in OTN boots in the winter! I have way too many pairs haha
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Hi Ruby! I wish I could invest in more, it just doesnt get cold enough in so-cal! Thanks for watching!
Mac n Teens (1 year ago)
Just came across your channel. Really like your style :) New subscriber!!
Jesus Armendariz (8 months ago)
Naomi Boyer
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
AAAWWW thank you so much!
RIWAJ (1 year ago)
4 ways to slay, ok girl
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Hahaha thanks for watching!!
Andreas Bünte (1 year ago)
Wow, Naomi, you are so beautiful !!! Your outfits are really absolutely great (and very sexy) - in these OTK boots you look bomb ! Thanks for this video, I love it. I`ll be your fan now...
Carrie Harris (1 year ago)
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Yay!! So happy I gained another subscriber. Thanks for watching!
bootslover boots (1 year ago)
i love those boots also because they are really very very long!!
Taylor Toney (1 year ago)
Omgg! You styled them soo cute :)
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thank you!
bootslover boots (1 year ago)
in evry outfit you get your amzing superlong grey boots you look amazing wow!
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thank you!!
gina torres (1 year ago)
In love!! Amazing looks, my fav 1 and 2 👏🏻👏🏻
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thank you, Gina!
Hanna Mai (1 year ago)
I love all ur vloggs. Keep it coming !
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thank you hanna!
la Re (1 year ago)
Look 2!😍😍😍
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thank you!
sandayyvip (1 year ago)
Do you think these would look nice with black over the knew boots?
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Yes do it!!
sandayyvip (1 year ago)
I love this style with boots. I'm obsessed with over the knee boots
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thanks! So am I! I sometimes wish Cali weather was colder so I could use them more often!
Carmina Velosa (1 year ago)
I love look 2*****
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thank you!!
deedee lebowski (1 year ago)
love them all, you have great style
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thanks deedee!
trinibagogirl (1 year ago)
Love these vidz so much :) Great ideas. Thanks!
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thanks trina!
Hayam Bakir (1 year ago)
Love look 4 😍
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thank you!
AYLIN OKANDAN (1 year ago)
Very nice style 🤗😘
AYLIN OKANDAN ваесершллоонгпгршплеер ргп7хрпх
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Thank you!!
V V (1 year ago)
God I wish I were petite!! I'm a petite girl trapped in a big girl body. All these looks are my taste but just look to overdressed when I wear them unfortunately. I love your taste though 😊
Naomi Boyer (1 year ago)
Well I'm sure you look great in whatever you put on! Thanks for taking time to watch!
nishani3 (1 year ago)
Really like your style aesthetic!

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