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Olympia Moto Sports Men's Airglide 5 Mesh Tech Jacket

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Kevin Collins (7 months ago)
@Daniel - I thought Kevin did an excellent job presenting the product. I picked up one today in the neon yellow scheme, and the quality is clearly top-notch. And I bought it locally and still saved $30 over Amazon cost. Win/win!
Daniel Balfour (1 year ago)
MIght be a good idea to get a professional videographer to film your product features and possibly some editing people. A talking head with a jacket in the background does not make for a very compelling presentation of your product and its many features.
Corey R (1 year ago)
Trying to decide between this Airglide 5 and the Expedition as a do it all jacket for cruiser riding. I like the idea of not dealing with flaps on the Expedition, however, I wonder how warm this jacket can get if you cannot close off the ventilation. Also, I've read that the Expedition can be difficult with all the zippers and features. Any help making this decision?
olympiamotosports (1 year ago)
Hello Cory - If you plan on doing allot of riding in temps below 45 to 50 degrees than consider the Expedition as it is a true 4 season riding jacket. Our drop down vent panels are very easy to operate. Yes, there are more zips to deal with but if 4 season is what you're looking for, this overall system is the way to go. You can check out product demo videos on our website at www.olympiamotosports.com Regards, Kevin, Founder, Olympia
Rhunyen (2 years ago)
My old AirGlide 2 (black) and liner are still kickin' after about 80k miles or riding in all-season (as in ALL 4 seasons) dual-sport, touring, canyon carving and commuting. However, the rain zipper pull finally came off 2 years ago, so I grabbed an AirGlide 2 (hi-viz) and love it. Lots of compliments and have about 45k in it. Will gladly buy the AirGlide <insert version here> when I need to. Great all purpose jacket for sun, rain, hot, cold, wind, etc. I did upgrade the back protector as that's the only disappointing part of the AG4.
DH (2 years ago)
I've always worn the rain liners on the outside of Olympia's jackets.
CyclingGuy75 (2 years ago)
When he says "The Best" he is right. I've had my Olympia Odyssey for 3 years now and it still fits and looks like new. I've made the mistake of buying a 3-4 season jacket locally and it is ready to be replaced after 2 years. I'm going with an Olympia next time for sure.

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