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100 Years of Fashion: Women ★ Glam.com

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Get ready for a trip down fashion’s memory lane. In 2 minutes, we’re highlighting top style trends, from 1915 to today. ★ Visit Glam now for more videos like this: http://www.glam.com 100 years of fashion in two minutes—it’s possible! Tune in as we revisit some of the biggest trends of all time. From jazz age sass, to Coco Chanel-inspired chic, to the psychadelic 70s, this is one history lesson you don‘t want to miss! ★ { Model } Lolly https://www.instagram.com/lollyhowie/?hl=en ★ { Music Tracks } on Premium Beat - It Was All in Your Mind by Senbei Are U Man Enough by Olive Musique Party at Gatsby's by Olive Musique All Night by JAM Studio For more videos like this, visit us on Glam: http://www.glam.com Visit us for more! http://www.glam.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Glam Friend us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/byGlamInc Check us out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/you.are.glam/ Get inspired on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/glampins/ Add us to your circle on Google+: http://bit.ly/glam-googleplus”
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Text Comments (6003)
Mason S (1 day ago)
The early 2000's clothing for men and women were so gross lol. Clothing now a days is quite nice tho.
David Heller (2 days ago)
Where is the cyborg style its 2018 😂?
David Heller (2 days ago)
🕳 in jeans 👖 2015?
Elizabeth Bentley (2 days ago)
2000’s fashion is prolly the weirdest n most awkward looking style of any decade, people always made fun of the 80s back then but like i cant imagine not realizing those clothes looked tacky af even tho i was wearing it too lol like i guess some 2000’s fashion was weird in a cool way but mostly its just wack
hannah grace (5 days ago)
2005 Issa no
SirParcifal (6 days ago)
30s & 40s were the best
Praneel Ramanan (10 days ago)
I am not a fashion expert but women's all decades fashion clothes still looks good
marnie (11 days ago)
i live for 1915-1965! though i gotta say, the eighties were wild and i am hERE FOR IT
Silver Wolf (11 days ago)
2015 just rocks on her. Tho '45 looks gorgeous too.
1985 and 2005 is total disaster
My favorite is 1995 I do like the first green dress tho.
YAN 0627 (14 days ago)
Shouldn't 1955 be the world of the New Look?
War on Drugs Group (14 days ago)
Stop removing the gloves! if u gonna put them back goddamn it.
DaKnight94 (15 days ago)
Avii Wallesten (15 days ago)
women with gloves...fire
Minerva DUCLOS (16 days ago)
Excellent résumé très instructif : et je retrouve beaucoup de souvenirs (look années 80 et 90!) Aussi, tous les look sont classes et féminins, c'est très inspirant. Toutefois, j'ai une nette préférence pour la période 1915-1945, après, beaucoup , beaucoup moins ;)  Merci!!!
Namz (16 days ago)
1:20 Umbridge?
xxrosmayxx (17 days ago)
I'm stuck in 2005 that's not how it was~
Danny (18 days ago)
I liked everything before 2000. When women actually dressed modest, instead of walking with their left ass cheek swinging around.
Estelle Lieutard (18 days ago)
Je préfère la mode 95 !!!
Linus Sommer (19 days ago)
2015 looks worst
depressedsquid (21 days ago)
1945 Is my favorite 😍😍
1945 is the best for me
Jocelyn Smith (23 days ago)
1985 made me look at my mom and say, "you grew up in this era?" XD
Playa de Barbies (23 days ago)
1:29 My fave.
Brent Hill (24 days ago)
45 yes 55 clown 2015 climbed out of a dumpster
Feltho FPS (24 days ago)
how about 2100 :D , what a fashion looks like
Matteus Pascalhid (24 days ago)
Mikee Diaz (24 days ago)
Can anybody tell me where I can find that dress in 1995?
biel_zikorions ü (26 days ago)
1945 ❤😍 acho lindo de mais as roupas que as mulheres usavam mdsss
Cats Plays ROBLOX (26 days ago)
1975 and 1995.
Vincent Vega (27 days ago)
1935 wins
Winter _ (27 days ago)
She looks like Gigi Handid
Mathilde (27 days ago)
The 90s
Al Cortes (28 days ago)
Most accurate version of 20s fashion in any of these 100 years of videos.
fun (30 days ago)
1915 & 25 women's were so classy, elegant and stylish.
Ratnesh Kumar (1 month ago)
Kay matlab h
Teeya’s Life (1 month ago)
I like 1845,1995 I don’t like 1955,2015
Morgan Olfursson (1 month ago)
Damn she went from class and dignity personified to vapid and vulgar in 100 years .
Deependra Gupta (1 month ago)
I liked all decades dressing style. I don't know why. I think that women is beautiful that's why all dresses looks beautiful on her.
DarkestTV Vlogs (1 month ago)
1945 is so cute😍
As1052 (1 month ago)
1915 and 1935 are the best imho
Amelia Stone (1 month ago)
The dress from 1965 looks like something Umbridge from Harry Potter would wear. Because of the colour.
Fred C. Wilson III (1 month ago)
My favorite is the 1900's.
Astilbearin (1 month ago)
1945 best
Jumpier Wolf (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who absolutely despises the jeans she was wearing in 2005?
Moon Dragon (1 month ago)
1975 or 1965 win
Darien Rogers (1 month ago)
We need to bring hats back
Figura Sombría (1 month ago)
85 Is horrendous -_-
baby mode (1 month ago)
The 2015 2in for me
Rebekka Poder (1 month ago)
ok, but the 70s outfit is so gorgeous like wow
Nazi卐 (1 month ago)
I liked untill 1955.
Nazi卐 (1 month ago)
1915 is the best.
phoxlane (1 month ago)
Oh god 2005
Warsaw Pact Socialist (1 month ago)
1985 looks like a prostitute
Sh'Kinah Faleolo (1 month ago)
The 000s = the worst decade for fashion
Denise T (1 month ago)
Aside from what she's wearing, 90's fashion was really really bad
Urika (1 month ago)
I'm the only one who likes 1925 lmao
yoongi makes me soft (1 month ago)
I wish they would include de 1800
Daddy Robert (1 month ago)
one day ill start dressing up like women in 1915s did
Kenzie_ PLAYZ_ RBLX (1 month ago)
I like 60s 40s and 30s
プー太郎、 (1 month ago)
Uhh this is very on point
Johannes Walther (1 month ago)
I like 1935, 1945, 1965
Mace Windu (1 month ago)
if only open hair would have been more popular
Mace Windu (1 month ago)
in the 20s i wouldve run from women
DeutscheSoldaten15 (1 month ago)
1935 and 1945 are by far the best.
One Southern Elf (1 month ago)
1945 is the best
Linda Ollerenshaw (1 month ago)
Look out 1965 Elle Woods is here
d idit [DΞΔNtrbl] (1 month ago)
왜이렇게별로 안와닿지? 우리나라가 아니여서 그런가ㅋㅋ
Jadyne Roblox (1 month ago)
Nowdays it’s literally just wear a almost nothing
seppuku performance (1 month ago)
do the same with vaginal hair! it worth!
Rob Perlic (1 month ago)
45 is the best... President ever
Petrichor Point (1 month ago)
1915 and 1925 is my favorite in this. Would like to stitch a dress for myself like that.
аля шеф (2 months ago)
аля шеф (2 months ago)
аля шеф (2 months ago)
аля шеф (2 months ago)
Holly-may Sumner (2 months ago)
70s is bomb
John Iglesia (2 months ago)
Kristýna Nečková (2 months ago)
1995 and 2015 win
Achuchu Bam (2 months ago)
i like the silhouette of 20s and 50s
Majeed Ahmed (2 months ago)
Are you serious guys
Pauli (2 months ago)
Lol, the 80s with the hair spray
AmazingLifeStuff (2 months ago)
XXI century rocks!!
Hip Hop 90s (2 months ago)
1925 is the best
leane FAISANT (2 months ago)
Rosa Bianca (2 months ago)
The last outfit: how to kill a body!! To wear so, you have to be a giant with two legs long like a railway😳 Very, very better the '45, '55 and '75 outfits. Respect for body proportions, please!
WillyTheComposer (2 months ago)
I like the 40's and the 70's. In different ways and for different reasons.
Luiza Lima (2 months ago)
Why tho 80's... Why tho
Cool Girl0387 (2 months ago)
90's fashion trends are way more cool than today. I like the 1975 and 1995 style. Edgy.
The Waaagh! Productions (2 months ago)
I wish women could just stay within the boundaries and dress like 1915-1965. STAY IN BOUNDARIES!!!!
Tommy M (2 months ago)
1945 wins for me
Disposable_Teen (2 months ago)
1995 : Beautiful girl 1935 : Beautiful woman
Disposable_Teen (2 months ago)
1935 ❤️
Leyla Hermont (2 months ago)
Las de lo 80 era las mas desarapadas
Tudor Ionel (2 months ago)
85, 95, 05 and 2015 are the worst.
Trinh Tran (2 months ago)
isn't 1960's suppose to be more psychedelic fashion? Seemed pretty tame in colour
Elia Hakobyan (2 months ago)
1:46 omg poor girl what hapened to Her face
暗血之夜darkness (2 months ago)
I think .1945 is.beautiful(ouo)
Cute Killer RBLX (2 months ago)
None of them won.
M A (2 months ago)
1945 looks cool without the coat and the makeup

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