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2 10 2018

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impactfoto (11 months ago)
Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. How about just plugging the thing straight into the wall?? No need to worry about batteries dying. SMH.. lol
lagunacomputer (11 months ago)
"Beating the shit outta Power 106" ...lol awesome
Talbot Eric (11 months ago)
Two Buck Chuck Pinot Grigio + Fresca (no sugar, no caffeine) + a splash of punch / pineapple juice + ice = palatable wine cooler. Still, "my gut is who I am." (Kids In The Hall)
ocneal (11 months ago)
Bryan, I missed last nights show (2/10/18) because I was sleeping. Is there a link to a podcast or something. Thanks - Neal in Anaheim
Andre K. (11 months ago)
Go to.: https://kfiam640.iheart.com. than look for podcast, dark secret place. You have to install ihartradio for It to work. You're welcome.
jerry (11 months ago)
Heh, yeah, like I'm going to switch to vodka. Riiiight! It's gonna stay whiskey and soda for me, Bryan. (Much less sugar than vodka and any mixer.)
Son of Liberty (11 months ago)
You might want to point out that Turkey "got rid of" the bulk of their (US) trained office corp during/after the uprising. Best equipment in the world is useless in the hands of the untrained. Lt. Suites, you should know that Turkey deployed the cream of their military and it is being destroyed due to not having the cream of the officers anymore.
Brad Herring (11 months ago)
keep those batteries charged!!!! :)
TubularBra (11 months ago)

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