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Bambi in Forest mud and water, nice WAM

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The original movie is 23 minutes long and takes you with Bambi into the forrest, where she tries to find all the muddy and wet spots. She is wearing a black wig in the beginning, but soon her blond hair comes out. A tight jeans and a white bomberjacket / downjacket make it a perfect outfit to go with her high leather boots. Great wam! You should do it also: just go into the woods and enjoy nature close-up!
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Text Comments (14)
muddyfeet1000 (2 months ago)
Love to see you do this in Hunter boots
Thigh Boots (1 year ago)
Very sexy! Please, thigh boots in deep mud!!!
heelrubberboots (2 years ago)
lovable muding in western boots
Mike Konrad (9 months ago)
Valentina Balluk (5 years ago)
Fabulous figure
Gnyffe Gnyffesen (5 years ago)
crotchboots (6 years ago)
i bet that water at the end was really stinky
Beautywam (6 years ago)
Very nice video, great work!
Levinous (6 years ago)
I'm just curious: Why the wig?
Jackie Sherry (6 years ago)
Funny how her hair changed in the middle of the video. I wished I was there with her. Lots of fun.
doudoupino2 (6 years ago)
Dry,wet or muddy, your jeans look AMAISING, WOW...
muddyfeet1000 (6 years ago)
sanrita santa (6 years ago)
very beautiful jacket is more in this video:P I love jackets nicer clothes in the mud
blabla bloblo (6 years ago)
nice her feet stayed dry in her boots when they jump in puddle and mud ??

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